Inter-Ac League Basketball Master Schedule, 2014-15

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Day/Date Away at Home Time
Saturday Jan. 3 Germantown Academy at SCH Academy 1
Opening Tripleheader Haverford School at Episcopal 2:30
at Phila. Univ. Malvern at Penn Charter 4
Tuesday Jan. 6 Penn Charter at Germantown Academy 5:15
  Malvern at Episcopal 3:45
  SCH Academy at Haverford School 5:15
Friday Jan. 9 Episcopal at Germantown Academy 7:30
  Malvern at Haverford School 7:30
  Penn Charter at SCH Academy 7:30
Tuesday Jan. 13 Haverford School at Penn Charter 3:45
  Germantown Academy at Malvern 4
  Episcopal at SCH Academy 5:30
Friday Jan. 16 Haverford School at Germantown Academy 7
  SCH Academy at Malvern 7:30
  Penn Charter at Episcopal 7:30
Tuesday Jan. 20 Episcopal at Haverford School 3:45
  Penn Charter at Malvern 4
  SCH Academy at Germantown Academy 5:15
Friday Jan. 23 Germantown Academy at Penn Charter 7:30
  Episcopal at Malvern 7:30
  Haverford School at SCH Academy 7:30
Tuesday Jan. 27 Germantown Academy at Episcopal  ppd to 2/6 3:45
  SCH Academy at Penn Charter  ppd to 2/6 3:45
  Haverford School at Malvern  ppd to 2/6 4
Friday Jan. 30 Malvern at Germantown Academy 7:30
  Penn Charter at Haverford School 7:30
  SCH Academy at Episcopal 7:30
Tuesday Feb. 3 Germantown Academy at Haverford School 3:45
  Episcopal at Penn Charter 3:45
  Malvern at SCH Academy 5:30
Friday Feb. 6 Germantown Academy at Episcopal  from 1/27 7
  SCH Academy at Penn Charter  from 1/27 7
  Haverford School at Malvern  from 1/27 7:30