Alignment for Phila. Public League Basketball, 2011-12

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   The Philadelphia Public League has contracted from from 68 to 66 teams for the 2011-12 season,
and the five divisions are now based on recent results instead of classification.
   Teams play each member of their divisions in league games.

Division A Division B Division C Division D Division E

Bartram  4A

Del-Val  2A Audenried  2A Bodine  2A CAPA  2A
Boys' Latin  3A Dobbins  3A Bracetti  2A Bok  3A Douglas  1A
Comm. Tech  2A Eng. and Sci.  3A Central  4A Carroll  2A Elverson  1A
Constitution  1A Fels  4A Esperanza  2A Edison  4A Future  2A
Frankford  4A FitzSimons  2A Franklin  3A Franklin Towne  3A GAMP  1A
Gratz  4A Franklin LC  3A Hope  2A Kensington  4A New Media  1A
Imhotep  2A Freire  2A King  4A Lamberton  1A Palmer  1A
MC&S  1A Germantown  3A Masterman  2A Mastbaum  3A Parkway NW  1A
Phila. Elec.  3A Lincoln  4A Mastery North  2A Mastery South  3A Parkway West  1A
Prep Charter  2A Robeson  1A Northeast  4A Randolph  2A Phila. Acad.  2A
Southern  4A Straw. Mansion  2A Olney  4A Roxborough  3A Rush  1A
Vaux  2A University City  3A Overbrook  4A Sayre  2A Sankofa  1A
  Washington  4A Palumbo  2A Swenson  3A Science Lead.  2A
  West Phila.  3A World Comm  1A     


By division . . .
A -- all 12.
B -- 12 of 14.
C -- 9 of 14.
D -- 5 of 13.
E -- 4 of 13.

By classification (minimum) . . .
A -- 8 of 14.
AA -- 13 of 23.
AAA -- 8 of 15.
AAAA -- 8 of 14.