Philadelphia High School Basketball
Public League 2011-12
Division E Team Photos

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Front, L to R -- coach Will Mega-Ashantee, Ernest Gibbs, Teair Tart-Spencer, Quamir White, Duaerien Jones, Richard Gaines, assistant
Rob Wharton.
Back, L to R -- assistant Ernest Ford, Zaunquay Shannon, Donte Winfield, Amir Davis, Malik Burbage, Azir Price, Rashaad Hall.

Front, L to R -- manager Datwon Hester, Dean Grant, Dion Hundley, Larry Webster,  Malik Hashim, Henry Johnson, Mike Pearson.
Back, L to R -- videographer Zana Johnson, Terrell James, Akiel Allen, Steffon Henry,  Darrel Harris, coach Pete Canale.

Front, L to R -- Rohim Dang, Dwayne "Say What?" Gilbert, Eric Moody, Ahtiff Govan-Wheeler, Andre Bennett-Hardy, Aatif Clark.
Back, L to R -- Khalil Moore, Keenon Johnson, Anthony Mitchell, Michael McCracken, Marquis Singleton, John Fieffe, coach Al Greene.

Front, L to R -- Kameron Gilfillian, Kyree Gardner, Domonique Williams, Davone White.
Back, L to R -- coach Henry Hunt, Dominick Morales, Tahir Bey-Combs, Eric Pell, Nick Miles, Chauncy "Baby Barkley" Scott, manager
Jahreeson Caines, assistant Marceille "June" Lafosse Jr.

Front, L to R -- Nasir Johnson, Rashawn Ladson, Shavoy Murray, Zakur Williams, Luis Martinez, Dache Talbert.
Back, L to R -- coach Isaiah Thomas, assistant Preston Tilghman, manager Malika Tender, Shyheim Ladson, James Jefferson, Drew Jones,
Jaleel Williams, Juwan Milliner, Stephon Brandt, Anthony Downing, managers Rayon Heard and Felicia Richards, assistant Darrius Rowser.

Front, L to R -- Anthony Moore, Dan Gehm, John Kinning-Graves, coach John Creighton, Anthony Galdo, Matt Galdo, Isaiah Riddick.
Back, L to R -- managers Ayana Palmer and Ely Elmerini, Javon Campbell, Dion Hammond, Nicholas Tuller, Will Madden, Andre Mejia,
Zach Singer, Syr Munoz, Kelvin Aizipura, ???, manager Pertrise Harris.

Front, L to R -- Bryant Turner, Vilme Joselin, Michael Atkins, Jack Presant, Charles Ganges.
Back, L to R -- assistant Mark Anderer, Rodney Taliver, Marcus Bryant, Najee Parker, Khalif Brawley, Colin Robinson, coach John Dunphy.
Missing -- Mike Lauer, assistant Ted Furman.

SCIENCE LEADERSHIP (Photo by Paul Sirochman)
Front, L to R -- Zayd Alsardary, Tyler Hankinson, Haneef Nelson, ballboy Emmanuel Kouadio, Rick Kinard.
Back, L to R -- coach Matt Kay, Raekwon Smith, Nadif Bracey, True Black, Andrew Chalfen, Sam Sirochman, Jakobi Howard, Mustapha Idriss, Sam Kabangai, managers Jareese Long and Brooke Thompson, assistant Roger Bracy Sr., Roger Bracy Jr.