Philadelphia High School Basketball
Public League Playoff Recaps, 2011-12

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Class AAAA
  Frankford 62, Kensington 49:
Chris Lewis claimed 10 rebounds and scored eight of his 18 points in a 15-9 third quarter. Imire Taylor added 14 points. Jaleel Robinson (14) led Kensington.
  Washington 49, Lincoln 42:
The Eagles scored the final eight points and Nafece Edwards (22 points, six assists) was involved with the first six -- two free throws, steal/dunk and assist to William Davis. Kendale Truitt had 14 points, 11 boards. Lincoln's Michael Bowlers claimed 14 rebounds.
  Olney 48, Gratz 40 (OT): The Trojans won the extra session, 9-1, after Isaac Guy forced it by scoring his only points on a dunk at 0:05. Shakeem Stevens had 17 points.
  Southern 54, Northeast 41: Malakiah "Max" Hunter, still a student at Furness (dropped basketball), scored all 19 of the Rams' fourth quarter points en route to 28 total. Louis Myers added 18 points. Only three guys -- Daquan Bohannan (20), Deryl Bagwell (13) and Yusef Savage (eight) -- scored for Northeast.
  Central 63, Overbrook 62: Chace McCall scored his only points on a jumper with 5.6 seconds left, and it happened to win the game. Kyle Lafferty tallied 18 points and Chris Bing notched five rejections. Raymond Mills (16) and James Harrison (15) topped 'Brook.
Class AAA
  Dobbins 67, Bok 53: Dequan Jackson scored 11 of his 21 points in the fourth quarter while Robert Edwards shot 5-for-5 en route to 10 points. I-Meir Martin (16) and Sean McLean totaled 30 points for the Wildcats while football headliner Jihad Ward swept 17 rebounds.
  West Phila. 66, Roxborough 52: Desmond Sams (21) shot 6-for-7 at the line in the fourth quarter. Marquese Hill added 16 points. Josh Collins (21) and Samson Akano (18) led the Indians.
Class AA
  Comm Tech 66, Phila. Academy 52: Frosh Samir Doughty netted 10 of his 16 points in a 21-6 third quarter. Jamiel Hines (21) led PA.
  Prep Charter 45, Hope 36: No Husky scored more than 10 points, but Raheem Liggins added 12 rebounds and five blocks to his five. Shakoor Woodson had 16 points for Hope.
  Esperanza 63, Mastery North 62: Khalil Keel's blocked shot at 0:01 preserved the Toros' first playoff win. Shaquille Bowman (17), Abdoulay Gakou and Keel (15 apiece) paced the scoring. Najere Johnson (18) powered MN.
  Freire 77, Sayre 58: Carlton Wright totaled seven rebounds, five assists and three steals, and scored 17 of his 26 points in the second half. Hakim Williams (20) and Ikeem Dickerson (15) topped Sayre.
  Masterman 75, Straw. Mansion 54: Mike Sturdivant (26) and Gary Bryant (24) were whirlwinds as the Blue Dragons stormed to victory. Karon Keene (15) led Mansion.
Class A
  World Comm 56, Parkway West 50: Fa'Teem Glenn (15) scored eight fourth quarter points. Larry Webster (21) sparked the visitors.

Class AAAA
  Fels 43, Southern 42: Danil Mateo hit five free throws in the fourth quarter and two with 0:30 remaining helped to give the Panthers their first postseason win since 1992. TJ Scott scored 11 points and Malakiah "Max" Hunter (14) topped Southern.
  Washington 45, Frankford 43: Kendale Truitt's layup at 0:16 raised his point total to 22 and broke a 43-43 tie. Frankford's last shot rolled off the rim. Tyree Tucker (12) and Shaquil Rone (10) reached double digits for the losers.
  Olney 43, King 37: Soph Shakeem Stevens had 12 points and seven assists, Tim Jackson claimed seven rebounds and Darius Wallace scored five points in the fourth quarter. Gerald Scott (11) paced King.
  Bartram 70, Central 61: Gary Gordon, who missed the first month of the season with a torn meniscus (right knee), hustled for 14 points, nine rebounds and four steals, and he had five apiece of points/boards in a 24-12 fourth quarter. Sixth man Malik Noel added 18 points and five steals. Kyle Lafferty tallied 14 points for Central before fouling out with 4:22 left.
Class AAA
  Phila. Electrical 82, Dobbins 64: Emmanuel Brown (five assists, four steals) and Hakeem Baxter halved 34 points and David George added nine boards/three blocks to eight points. Dequan Jackson (13) did it for Dobbins.
  University City 52, Franklin 47: Diante Lunsford was impactful with 15 points, seven rebounds, five assists and six steals. Little-guy guard Marcus Lyles scrambled for nine rebounds, seven assists. Sharif Saunders had 14 points for Franklin.
  Boys' Latin 68, Franklin LC 51: Maurice "Doo-Wop" Watson packed 17 of his 23 points into a 45-35 second half. He also totaled seven assists. Carlos Taylor (17) and Yahmir Greenlee (16) helped out. George "Tony" Ellis (14) led FLC.
  Eng. and Science 73, West Phila. 43: Tajhere McCall hustled for 26 points, six assists and four steals, and received similar assistance from Dijon Eggleton (15, four, three). Brandon Brown grabbed 10 boards and shot 5-for-5 from the floor. Desmond Sams (10) reached doubles for the Speedboys.
Class AA
  Del-Val 61, Prep Charter 58: Fateem Brockington (17) hit a free throw with 0:10 left, thus assuring PC would have to go long to force OT. Khayri King added 13 points. Laquan Stephens (18) led the losers.
  Imhotep 77, Masterman 51: Khyree Wooten had seven assists and scored 12 of his 23 points in a 23-6 fourth quarter. Nigel Grant (21 points) and Shakur Nesmith hit the glass with 11 and nine, respectively. Gary Bryant (16) paced Masterman.
  Comm Tech 59, Esperanza 34: The Phoenix dominated the third quarter, 20-4, as Terrell Parker posted 11 points. Shaquille Bowman (22) powered the Toros.
  Vaux 63, Freire 52: Rysheed Jordan exploded for 30 points and saved 12 for a 23-11 fourth quarter. He also contributed seven apiece of rebounds/assists and two apiece of steals/blocks.
Class A
  Constitution 104, World Comm 56: Savon Goodman dominated to the tune of 41 points and 21 boards . . . in just three quarters. Daiquan Walker added 28 points (four treys) and 10 assists. Soph Quamier Johnson (29) paced WC.
  Robeson 77, Sankofa 72: The Huskies led early by 21, then needed a trey by Marquise Richards (wearing pink sneakers) to provide a hint of late-game comfort at 74-68. Richards had 27 points, three steals. Acquil Craft-Brown mixed 17 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists and five steals. Sub Tydeus Ellison (22) and Dache Talbert (21) led Sankofa, still without a senior class (next year for that).
  Math/Civics/Sciences 87, New Media 44: Jeremiah "Lump" Worthem had 16 points and nine boards while getting inside help from Quadir Welton (11 boards). Deep sub Will Williams created a late-game stir with five assists. Eric Moody managed 11 points for NM.
  Lamberton 75, Palmer 70: DJ Alexander (21), Kevin Cooper (17) and Anthony Fagan (15) led the way as the Blue Devils claimed a playoff win for the first time since 2000. Fagan had 10 points in a 27-21 fourth quarter. Hoven and Trebor Adams halved 22 boards and Fagan (10) was right behind. Quamir White dropped 23 Palmer points.

Class AAAA
  Fels 66, Washington 60: Njiay Kelly was 4-for-3 at the line in the fourth quarter while posting 12 of his 18 points. TJ Scott (16) and Casey Bell (11) also reached double figures for the Panthers. William Davis (24), Nafece Edwards (15) and Kendale Truitt (13) turned that trick for Washington.
  Bartram 51, Olney 44: Gerald Evariste was credited with 20 rebounds and seven blocks and Tarrieck Williams (13) led a balanced scoring attack. Gary Gordon's assist total matched his point total (10). Fred Frazier (12) led Olney.
Class AAA
  Phila. Electrical 66, University City 60: Hakeem Baxter (21) and Emmanuel Brown (17) halved 18 points in a 29-18 third quarter while Brown and Davian Joseph snagged eight rebounds apiece overall. Khayri Washington (15) paced the Jaguars.
  Boys' Latin 62, Eng. and Science 59: BL lost all but one point of a nine-point lead over the final 1:40, but Yahmir Greenlee's hard drive produced a layup at 0:17 and E&S could not connect on a right-wing trey at the buzzer. Maurice "Doo-Wop" Watson collected 30 points, five boards, six assists and seven steals while Greenlee's numbers were 21, five, two and three. Fresh off a commitment to Holy Family, guard Tajhere McCall paced E&S with 18 points and seven rebounds. Dijon Eggleton added 16 points and six assists.
Class AA
  Comm Tech 66, Imhotep 61: Bus problems caused CT to arrive a half-hour late and then the teams combined to commit 41 turnovers and go 38-for-77 at the line. End result -- the three-time defending Pub champions went down. Terrence Brown shot 5-for-6 and 12-for-15 for 22 points and was the only CT player not to have four fouls by the third quarter; just one fouled out. Sub Briheam Anthony hit three treys en route to 11 points. Khyree Wooten (19) and junior Brandon Austin (16), who'd committed to Penn State five days earlier, paced Imhotep, which had gone 66-3 against Pub opposition -- counting the regular season (49-3) and playoffs (17-0) -- over the last four seasons, with state titles in '09 and '11.
  Vaux 77, Del-Val 64: Junior guard Rysheed Jordan (16) raised his career point total to 1,015 and James Cole scored 15 of his 24 points in a 27-18 third quarter. Fateem Brockington (27) was explosive for D-V.
Class A
  Constitution 99, Lamberton 49: Savon Goodman snagged 17 rebounds and reached 40 points (41) for the sixth time on the season. Daiquan Walker mixed 18 points with eight assists and Amonie Holloman drained seven treys for 21 points. Kevin Cooper (18) and D.J. Alexander (13) led Lamberton.
  Math/Civics/Sciences 79, Robeson 53: Basil Thompson (17), Malik Starkes (13) and Abraham Massaley (12) all tallied seven points in a 25-9 first quarter. Quadir Welton finished with 13 rebounds. Nate Hargust (14) was Robeson's lone double figure scorer.

(Doubleheader at Franklin)
  Comm Tech 58, Vaux 55:
Terrence Brown shot 9-for-14 en route to 19 points, sixth man Basil Malik contributed 13 points and Terrell Parker snatched 12 rebounds as the Phoenix claimed the AA crown. Rysheed Jordan (19) emerged as Vaux' only double figure scorer, but was unable to hit a late trey that would have forced OT.
  Boys' Latin 81, Phila. Electrical 60: Guard Maurice "Doo-Wop" Watson exploded for 41 points, thus claiming the No. 2 spot on the city's list of leading career scorers. With two free throws 1:34 before halftime, he tied and then passed 1955 Overbrook grad Wilt Chamberlain (2,206), who grew up around the corner from the gym, Shepard (nee Haddington) RC, used by BL for games and practices. Watson raised his total to 2,228. Backcourt sidekick Yahmir Greenlee added 17 points, five assists and four steals for the AAA champs. Hakeem Baxter (20) led the Chargers.
(Doubleheader at Southern)
  Bartram 57, Fels 49:
In the battle for AAAA honors, Terrieck Williams honored the memory of his deceased grandpop (one day earlier) by hustling for 10 points and 12 rebounds while sub Malik Noel sniped 5-for-7 en route to 12 points. Eleven came in a 17-10 second quarter. Gary Gordon scored 19 points. For Fels, Nijay Kelly collected 13 points and nine boards while Danil Mateo mixed 12 points with four steals.
  Constitution 72, Math/Civics/Sciences 51: In the A showdown, Savon Goodman hammered home six dunks while registering 24 points and his other numbers (14 rebounds, six assists, four steals) were also impressive. Fajion Jones bagged 18 points and 10 rebounds and Daiquan Walker dealt six assists. Two minutes before halftime, Craig "Poppy" Slade took a charge and one of his front upper teeth went bouncing along the baseline. He then headed for the hospital. Jeremiah "Lump" Worthem (12 rebounds) and Malik Starkes halved 30 points for the losers.

(Doubleheader at Southern)
  Boys' Latin 70, Comm Tech 59:
The Warriors rolled to a 17-6 lead in the first eight minutes and Maurice "Doo-Wop" Watson didn't score until the final seconds; Carlos Taylor (eight) and Yahmir Greenlee (seven) did all of the early damage. Watson did finish with 23 points (11 at line) and nine assists while Greenlee (18) and Taylor (17) were not far behind. Taylor led in rebounds with seven. Frosh Samir Doughty paced CT with 18 points and Tony Parker shot 5-for-5 and 4-for-5 for 14. His twin, Terrell, claimed eight rebounds.
  Constitution 76, Bartram 55: The Generals' win assured a championship game between teams with only seven seasons of combined Pub experience -- four for BL, three for Con. Sixth man Amonie "Moonie" Hollman shot 5-for-9 on treys for 15 points and most were perfectly timed to thwart Bartram rallies. Savon Goodman collected 27 points and 11 rebounds while Daiquan Walker showed versatility with 15 points, seven rebounds and nine assists. Gary Gordon (20), Malik Noel (13) and Jared Bryant (10) led Bartram, which surrendered 21 of the last 25 points mostly because it kept fouling and fouling and fouling, even long after even faint hope had vanished.

(At Community College of Phila.)
  Constitution 85, Boys' Latin 60: In an ironic twist, the Generals (18-9) likely became the Pub champ with the most overall losses while racking up the second highest victory margin (to Gratz' 26-point win over Comm Tech in 2006) in a final. ConHigh forced seven turnovers in the first 6:51 and seized a 13-4 lead on a steal/dunk combo by high-wire-act Savon Goodman (24 points, five dunks, 12 rebounds, six steals). Then, things only got better. Daiquan Walker totaled 15 points and seven assists to earn game MVP honors while Craig "Poppy" Slade, who'd missed the semifinals after losing a tooth in a quarterfinal, grabbed 10 boards and played shutout defense. His uncles, identical twins Mike/Mark (Lincoln football '79) and William "Randy" Slade (Dobbins basketball '85), had also won Pub crowns. Amonie "Moonie" Holloman (15) and Fajion Jones (13) also scored in double figures. Yahmir Greenlee (20; most posted during helter-skelter time) and Maurice "Doo-Wop" Watson (14), who in a quarterfinal had surpassed Wilt Chamberlain to become the No. 2 scorer in city history, topped BL. Roughly 80 percent of the spectators departed before game's end.