2015 Catholic League Regular Season Baseball Schedule

Philadelphia High School Baseball
2015 Catholic League Regular Season Schedule

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Divisions based on enrollment no longer exist.
All one league.
AAAA -- Judge, La Salle, Roman, Ryan, SJ Prep.
AAA -- Bonner-Prendie, Carroll, Lansdale, O'Hara, Wood.
AA -- Conwell-Egan, McDevitt, Neumann-Goretti.

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Games at 3:45 unless noted.

Mon., March 30
La Salle at Neumann-Goretti N-G
Judge at Carroll 4/8  Judge
O'Hara at McDevitt O'H
Roman at Lansdale Roman
Conwell-Egan at Ryan C-E
Bonner-Prendie at SJ Prep 3/31  Prep
Wed., April 1
Lansdale at Wood Wood
Neumann-Goretti at Conwell-Egan N-G
Carroll at Bonner-Prendie Carr
Judge at Roman 4/14  Roman
Ryan at O'Hara O'H
SJ Prep at La Salle La S
Tues., April 7
SJ Prep at Neumann-Goretti N-G
La Salle at Carroll 4/6  Carr
Bonner-Prendie at Roman B-P
O'Hara at Conwell-Egan C-E
McDevitt at Lansdale Lans
Wood at Judge Wood
Thurs., April 9
Neumann-Goretti at Wood 4/14  Wood
Conwell-Egan at SJ Prep Prep
Roman at McDevitt Roman
Judge at Lansdale Judge
O'Hara at La Salle La S
Carroll at Ryan Ryan
Mon., April 13
Judge at Neumann-Goretti N-G
McDevitt at Wood Wood
Ryan at Roman Roman
SJ Prep at O'Hara Prep
Carroll at Conwell-Egan Carr
Lansdale at Bonner-Prendie B-P
Wed., April 15
O'Hara at Carroll Carr
Neumann-Goretti at McDevitt N-G
Roman at Conwell-Egan Roman
La Salle at Lansdale La S
Bonner-Prendie at Judge Judge
Wood at Ryan Wood
Tues., April 21
O'Hara at Neumann-Goretti 4/22  N-G
Bonner-Prendie at Wood 4/30  B-P
Carroll at SJ Prep 4/24  Prep
Judge at McDevitt Judge
Ryan at Lansdale 5/4  Lans
Roman at La Salle La S
Thurs., April 23
Neumann-Goretti at Carroll N-G
La Salle at Wood Wood
SJ Prep at Roman Prep
Lansdale at Conwell-Egan Lans
McDevitt at Bonner-Prendie ppd to 5/12
Ryan at Judge Judge
Mon., April 27
Ryan at Neumann-Goretti N-G
Lansdale at Carroll Carr
Wood at O'Hara Wood
McDevitt at Conwell-Egan C-E
La Salle at Bonner-Prendie La S
SJ Prep at Judge Prep
Wed., April 29
Conwell-Egan at Wood Wood
Lansdale at SJ Prep Prep
Ryan at McDevitt Ryan
Roman at O'Hara O'H
Judge at La Salle La S
Neumann-Goretti at Bonner-Prendie B-P
Tues., May 5
Roman at Carroll Roman
Wood at SJ Prep Wood
La Salle at McDevitt La S
O'Hara at Lansdale Lans
Conwell-Egan at Judge Judge
Bonner-Prendie at Ryan Ryan
Thurs., May 7
Roman at Neumann-Goretti Roman
Carroll at Wood Carr
SJ Prep at McDevitt Prep
Judge at O'Hara Judge
Ryan at La Salle La S
Conwell-Egan at Bonner-Prendie B-P
Mon., May 11
McDevitt at Carroll
Wood at Roman
La Salle at Conwell-Egan
Neumann-Goretti at Lansdale
O'Hara at Bonner-Prendie
SJ Prep at Ryan