Philadelphia High School Football

50-Year All-Star Teams by Geography, 1970-2019

  These teams represent my opinion of the best players in the Public/Catholic/Inter-Ac Leagues,
by geography, from the 1970 through 2019 football seasons.
While acknowledging that such discipline is difficult to achieve, I have tried to make decisions
strictly based on what players accomplished in high school. Also, the order on previous lists was
maintained while new guys were slotted in.
  More than basketball and baseball, football is replete with late bloomers, who get bigger and
stronger and find their niche and even go on to long NFL careers.
  Note: Gratz was placed in North Philly for football so the total number of schools would be
slightly higher.
  Thank you for your interest in Philly football!
 -- Ted Silary

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NORTH PHILA. 1970-2019
  North of Vine Street, West of 5th Street
L Seth Betancourt SJ Prep '09
L Ray Haynes Dobbins '84
L Jim McKenzie SJ Prep '05
L John Connors SJ Prep '01
L Andre Taylor Franklin '96
Rec. William Fuller Roman '12
Rec. Javier Buffalo Franklin '15
QB Frank Costa SJ Prep '89
RB D'Andre Swift SJ Prep '19
RB Kyle Ambrogi SJ Prep '01
RB John Cason Roman '79
MP Marvin Harrison Roman '90
MP Joe McCourt Roman '00
K Pat Kaiser SJ Prep '02
P Derrick Millhouse Dobbins '91
L Roderick Coleman Gratz '94
L Scott Paxson Roman '00
L Jewhan Edwards Roman '07
L Raquan Thomas Gratz '15
L Matt Parkhurst SJ Prep '03
LB Victor Hobson SJ Prep '97
LB Raheem Brock Dobbins '96
LB Brian Tracz SJ Prep '03
B John Reid SJ Prep '14
B Greg Castillo SJ Prep '07
B Ondria Sanders Franklin '79
  North of Vine Street, East of Broad Street
L Tom McHugh Judge '82
L Jorge Oquendo Olney '85
L Imani Bell Dougherty '95
L Jameel McClain Washington '02
L Walt Parrish Frankford '78
Rec. Darrell Miller Frankford '76
Rec. Mike McCloskey Judge '78
QB Marc Baxter Mastbaum '90
RB Eddie Gaskins Frankford '97
RB Blair Thomas Frankford '84
RB Lawrence Reid Dougherty '75
MP John Zeglinki Ryan '73
MP Kevin McCoy Frankford '86
K Dave Jacobs Washington '74
P Dennis Gallagher Washington '76
L Sharrif Floyd Washington '09
L Rich Schonewolf Ryan '84
L Deion Barnes Northeast '10
L Michael White Dougherty '78
LB Gene McAleer Ryan '92
LB Charles Way Northeast '89
LB Lee Felice Frankford '74
LB Rich Taber North Catholic '70
B Chafie Fields Mastbaum '94
B Bruce Perry Washington '98
B Marc Foster Lincoln '84
  North of Hunting Park Avenue, West of Broad Street
L Mike McGlinchey Penn Charter '12
L Ryan Smith Roxborough '97
L Yasir Durant Imhotep '15
L JohnCarlo Valentin Imhotep '15
L Mark Hrubar Central '88
Rec. D.J. Moore Imhotep '14
Rec. Rich Drayton Central '86
QB Mike Samuel Penn Charter '93
RB David Williams Imhotep '12
RB Edward Saydee Penn Charter '18
RB Rashad Campbell Chestnut Hill '07
MP Paul Dooley SCH Academy '14
K Ryan Bradby Penn Charter '18
P Mark Skoczynski Penn Charter '86
L Kenyatta Rush Central '85
L Heleaince Gates Del-Val '10
L Joe Younge Central '70
L Joe Happe Penn Charter '76
LB Damon Bethel Roxborough '88
LB Lance Johnstone Germantown '90
LB Carlos Bradley Germantown '76
LB P.J. Maley Penn Charter '85
B Ibraheim Campbell Chest. Hill '09
B Will Parks Germantown '11
B Deandre Scott Imhotep '13
  South of Market Street and/or West of Schuylkill River
L Marques Slocum W. Catholic '04
L Oliver Strickland W. Phila. '87
L Charles Kennedy Bok '99
L Erik Williams Bartram '81
L Scott Oster Neumann '94
Rec. Jaelen Strong-Rankin W. Catholic '10
Rec. Jerry Smith Neumann '76
QB Curtis Drake W. Catholic '08
RB Curtis Brinkley W. Catholic '03
RB Rob Hollomon W. Catholic '08
RB Michael Gold Bartram '76
MP Paul Northern Bartram '97
K Steve Frangipani Southern '80
P Ernie Cimadamore Neumann '78
L John DiFeliciantonio Neumann '72
L Bryan Anderson Bartram '97
L Kadeem Custis Neum.-Gor. '08
L Jihad Ward Bok '11
LB Tom Dunfee Bartram '77
LB T-J Waters W. Catholic '11
LB Julian Graham Bartram '94
LB Manny Carlis Bartram '83
B John Maddox W. Catholic '05
B David Martin Bartram '76
B Michael Russell Bok '92
  Bucks/Montgomery Counties
*-Located in Montgomery County During Careers
L Chris Conlin McDevitt '82
L Mark Zataveski McDevitt '90
L Ryan Bates Wood '14
L Derick Pickett McDevitt '88
L Mark Nori Gtn. Acad. '91
Rec. Jimmy Herron La Salle '14
Rec. Sean Coleman La Salle '12
QB Brett Gordon La Salle '97
RB Steve Slaton Con.-Egan '04
RB Jarrett McClenton Wood '14
RB Desmon Peoples Wood '11
MP Tom Seger Egan '80
K Nick Visco  Wood '12
P George Winslow La Salle '81
L Keith Conlin La Salle '90
L Colin Thompson Wood '11 
L *-Dolph Tokarczyk Episcopal '83
L Frank Taylor Wood '11 
LB Zaire Franklin La Salle '13
LB Jake Cooper Wood '14
LB Phil DiMaria McDevitt '87
LB Michael "Pup" Turner Gtn. Acad. '90
B *-Chris Flynn Episcopal '83
B Brian Quigg McDevitt '87
B Sean Grieve Gtn. Acad. '03
Chester/Delaware Counties
L Ed Monaghan Bonner '84
L Dan Haggerty O'Hara '76
L Will Barker Hav. School '04
L Gerry Feehery O'Hara '77
L Matt Lowry O'Hara '04
Rec. Maurice Stovall Carroll '01
Rec, Dox Aitken Hav. School '15
QB Mike Mitros Bonner '94
RB Kevin Jones O'Hara '00
RB Chris Downs Malvern '97
RB Corey Brown O'Hara '09
MP Anthony Walters O'Hara '05


Gus Fernandez St. James '72
P Brendan Carney Malvern '01
L Burt Grossman Carroll '84
L Ray Kane Carroll '90
L Jeff Vanak Carroll '00
L Herb Beck Malvern '74
LB Matt Galambos Hav. School '12
LB Mike Hemmert Bonner '94
LB Keith Maguire Malvern '18
LB Brian Mattaway Carroll '00
DB Mike Mayock Hav. School '75
DB Derrick Downs Malvern '95
DB Tim Chambers O'Hara '80