Philadelphia High School Football City Records
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   Includes players for Public, Catholic and Inter-Ac schools.
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   Through 9/4/2022
  One more addition in 2022 (receiving TDs game)

Category No. Player School Year(s)


Game 8 Joe Mackenzie Penn Charter 1891
  8 Hector Scott Bartram 1983
Season 45 Mike Waters Imhotep 2015
Career 87 Eddie Gaskins Frankford 1994-97
*Game 48 Hector Scott Bartram 1983
Season 306 Pat Kaiser SJ Prep 2002
Career 536 Eddie Gaskins Frankford 1994-97
*-breakdown of Mackenzie's eight TDs in 1891 unavailable; TDs were worth four points in that era


Game 453 Reed Marko Gtn. Academy 2007
Season 2,813 Curtis Brinkley West Catholic 2002
Career 7,413 Curtis Brinkley Rox./W. Cath. 2000-03
Game 53 Alex Holcombe Gtn. Academy 2006
Season 372 Mike Elentrio Judge 1983
Career 1,007 Curtis Brinkley Rox./W. Cath. 2000-03
*Game 8 Hector Scott Bartram 1983
Season 42 Mike Waters Imhotep 2015
Career 84 Eddie Gaskins Frankford 1994-97
*-breakdown of Mackenzie's eight TDs in 1891 unavailable; TDs were worth four points in that era


Game 498 Paul Dooley SCH Acad. 2013
Season 3,051 Kevin Caldwell Franklin 2014
Career 6,887 Kyle McCord SJ Prep 2020
Game 55 Ed Hughes Ryan 1978
Season 389 Sean McGovern Dougherty 2000
Career 910 John Harrison La Salle 2005-07
Game 31 Chris Kane La Salle 2012
  31 Paul Dooley SCH Acad. 2013
Season 200 John Harrison La Salle 2006
Career 532 John Harrison La Salle 2005-07
Game 7 Sean Grieve Gtn. Academy 2002
  7 Paul Dooley SCH Acad. 2013
  7 Anthony Russo Wood 2014
  7 Semaj Jones SJ Prep 2022
Season 41 Kevin Caldwell Franklin 2014
Career 88 Kyle McCord SJ Prep 2017-20


Game 284 Moriba Perry Overbrook 2017
Season 1,208 John Laumakis SJ Prep 1989
Career 2,624 Marvin Harrison La S./SJ Prep 2017-20
Game 15 Don Clune O'Hara 1969
  15 Ryan Golin Conwell-Egan 2007
Season 80 John Laumakis SJ Prep 1989
Career 156 Jimmy Herron La Salle 2012-14
Game 5 Liam Rowan Penn Charter 2022
  4 Mike Casey N. Catholic 1966
4 Bob Smith Neumann 1970
4 Gerry Smith Neumann 1975
4 Dan Rizzo Kenrick 1982
4 Mickey King Dougherty 2000
4 Tyler Yerk Gtn. Academy 2002
4 Akil Stokes Germantown 2002
4 John Decker Hav. School 2003
4 Colin Buckley La Salle 2011
4 Thaddius Smith O'Hara 2012
4 Christian Summers Bonn-Pren 2012
4 Sean Coleman La Salle 2012
4 Curan Simmons Prep Charter 2013
4 Jordan Johnson SCH Acad. 2013
4 Denn. "DJ" Moore Imhotep 2014
4 Jimmy Herron La Salle 2014
4 Dahmir Ruffin Carroll 2017
4 Moriba Perry Overbrook 2017
Season 20 Rapheal Rodriguez Franklin 2014
Career 37 Marvin Harrison La S./SJ Prep 2017-20


Game 14 Greg Davis Gtn. Academy 1997
  14 Antonio Chadha SJ Prep` 2020
Season 94 Marty Higgins Carroll 2000
Career 321 Nick Visco Wood 2012
Field goals
Game 4 Dan D'Orazio O'Hara 1986
Season 13 Greg Davis Gtn. Academy 1997
Career 26 Pat Kaiser SJ Prep 1999-02
  26 Mike Bennett La Salle 2007-09
Longest 54 Tom Laurich Wood 2003
Game 11 Marty Higgins Carroll 2000
Season 89 Tim Carroll W. Catholic 2008
Career 258 Nick Visco Wood 2012


Scrimmage 99 many players
Catch 99 Ron Bryant King 1985
99 Chris Rhone Gratz 1988
99 Chris Sharkey Bonner 2006
99 Tysheem Johnson Neum.-Gor. 2018
Throw 99 Marc Wilson King 1985
99 Robert Alston Gratz 1988
99 Craig Love Bonner 2006
99 Rausheen Lively Neum.-Gor. 2018
Kickoff 102 John Gallagher Hav. School 1967
Punt 100 Tim O'Neill West Catholic 1980
Interception *109 Tyrek Smith West Catholic 2004
  *109 Dishon Solomon Dobbins 2011
Fumble 100 Jeff Pinkins Southern 1980
Blocked FG 87 Scott Yancey McDevitt 1975
  87 Blake Gunther Malvern 2011
Unblocked FG 89 Andre Shirley King 2011
#Non-Rush 95 Robert Hall Future 2013
*-scoring rules limit distances to 100; INTs made 9 yards deep in EZ
#-picked up teammate's fumble 8 yards deep in end zone; original line of
scrimmage was Future's 5 . . . credited with 95 yards, but no rush.


Game 4 many players
Season 15 Jim Casey Judge 1982
15 Dave McDonald Ryan 1992


Pts. scored
Game 127 Penn Charter 1915
Season 775 W. Catholic 2008
Pts. allowed
Game 127 Friends' Central 1915
Season 476 Future 2014
Combined pts.
Game 127 Penn Charter 127 Fds. Central 0 1915
Season 997 W. Catholic 775 PF/222 PA 2008

Miscellaneous Records/Accomplishments
Most rushing yards, back-to-back games: 713, Curtis Brinkley, W. Cath.,
  2003 (399 vs. North Cath., 314 vs. Carroll)
Highest percentage of plays directly involved: 92.5, Brian Mitchell, North

  Catholic vs. Conwell-Egan, 2002 (62 of 67 -- 15 runs, 47 passes). He
  finished the game by being directly involved in 42 consecutive plays (and
  all 40 in the second half). He passed for 166 yards; ran for 85. North
  snapped the ball 77 times, counting conversions. He was directly
  involved in 72 -- he also punted seven times for a 34-yard average (long
  of 50), tried a 34-yard field goal (blocked) and was successful on two PAT
Highest percentage of plays directly involved to start a game: 95.7, John
  Harrison, La Salle vs. SJ Prep, 2006 (44 of 46 -- 42 passes, 2 "runs" on
  sacks.) La Salle ran only three more plays after Harrison and the first unit
  left the game -- all losses by backup RBs.  

Most consecutive points scored, when available: 74, Justin O'Brien, Judge,
  2001 (he scored the 74 points before and after missing two games with a
  broken wrist)
Most TD passes, back-to-back games: 12, Sean Grieve, Gtn. Academy,
  2002 (five vs. Central, seven vs Hun)
Most defensive TDs, game: 5, Episcopal, vs. Chestnut Hill, 2004 (47-yard
  interception by Tim Ivory; 21-yard fumble by Peter Wichmann; 42-yard
  fumble by Brian FitzPatrick; 22-yard interception by FitzPatrick; and
  99-yard interception by Jim Byrne).
Longest interception TD: 109, Tyrek Smith, West Catholic, vs. Penn Wood,
  2004; and Dishon Solomon, Dobbins, 2011 vs. Lincoln. (rules covering high
  school stats do not permit TDs of more than 100 yards, but this was the
  official distance.)
Longest rushing TD: 108, Robert Hall, Future, vs. Central, 2013 (rules covering
  high school stats do not permit rushing TDs of more than 99 yards, but this was
  the official distance. The play began at Future's 5. QB Ron Wade fumbled while
  trying to pass and Hall picked up the ball eight yards deep in the end zone. The
  official scoring: one carry for no yards for Wade; no carry for 95 by Hall.)
"Shortest" interception TD: minus-9, Brandon Chatmon, Imhotep, vs. Comm
  Tech, 2012. (In a AA semifinal, on a play that began at the 4, CT QB Zaki
was chased by three Panthers to the back of the end zone. Just
  before stepping over the end line, Jamison whipped a shovel pass that
  hit Chatmon, barely still on the field of play, in his belly. He gained possession
  an instant before HE stepped over the end line and was credited with a TD.)
Only player to throw a TD pass to himself: Jim McCormick, SJ Prep, 2004
  (Against La Salle on Thanksgiving, on a play starting at the 5, he threw and
  then caught a pass that was batted by a defensive end. By rule, he was
  credited with a TD pass and reception.)
Most years between titles, coaches: 18, George Stratts and John McAneney.
   (Stratts won in 2000 at O'Hara, '82 at Dougherty. McAneney won in '83
   at Northeast, '65 at West Catholic).
Most rushing yards for a QB, game: 265, Dan McCormac, Wood, 1987
Most rushing yards for a QB, season: 1,512, Brian FitzPatrick, Episcopal, 2004
  BROKEN IN 2008 . . . 1,639, Curtis Drake, West Catholic, 2008 (West played
  16 games that season; Episcopal played 10 games)
Most consecutive games scoring: 48, Pat Kaiser, SJ Prep, 1999-2002
   (Kaiser made his varsity debut in the Hawks' 3rd game of the '99 season,
   missing a PAT. The next week, he hit FGs of 19 and 28 yards to provide a
   6-3 win over La Salle, then scored in every game thereafter. He finished his
   career with 525 total points, including 306 as a senior.)
Most rushing yards by a non-RB asked to run the ball for the first time all season:
   281, Pat Devlin, Wood vs. Conwell-Egan, 2006
   (With Matt Little unavailable with a broken arm, Devlin switched from WR to
   RB and broke the school record of 265).
Most punt-return TDs in a game and season: 3 and 6, Ramon Odom, Roxborough,
   returned three punts for TDs vs. Freire in 2006, finalizing his season total at 6.
Fewest passing yards in a season, team: 46, Communications Tech, 2007
   Three players combined to go 6-for-41 for 46 yards over nine games. Ackeeno
   Jolly led the Phoenix in receiving with two catches for 43 yards.
Most fumble-return TDs in first game under new rule: 2, Chris Rhone, Gratz
   In 1988, new rules permitted the defense to return fumbles. In Gratz' opener vs.
   U. City, won by the former, 20-8, Rhone scored the game's first TD on a 39-yard
   return and the last on a 43-yarder. In that era, Pub teams did not start game action
   until the next-to-last weekend of September. Rhone was the first player in city
   history to score on a fumble return. (Judge's Dave Stauffenberg came close to a
   fumble-return TD one week earlier, but was tackled at the 2 after a 40-yard rumble.)
Most players scoring the same number of points in one game: 10, Gtn. Academy, 2009.
   In its '09 opener, GA beat Boys' Latin, a future Pub school making its varsity debut,
   by a score of 60-8. Ten players scored six points apiece. Austin Kevitch, Ryan Crane,
   Keith Braccia
and Marcus Anthony ran for TDs; Jake Beil, Brian Erb, Noah Kennedy
   and Joe Nebiolo caught TD passes; Ryan Dolan scored on a punt return; and Voltaire
   Escalona did his part by hitting six of his nine PATs. (Kevitch threw two TD passes.
   Braccia and Joe Taylor fired one apiece.)
Fewest pass plays called by a former star receiver making his coaching debut: 0, Rich
   Drayton, Central, 2009.
   In rain, wind and mud, Drayton, a first-magnitude pass-catcher for Central (class of
   '87), allowed DeVonne Boler to throw no passes as the Lancers edged Dobbins, 6-2,
   in their opener.
Most points scored in overtime in a game that was 0-0 as regulation ended: 46, by
   Dobbins and Roxborough, 2009
   As regulation ended, Dobbins' Kevin Gransby missed a 36-yard field goal. The teams then
   scored 6, 6, and 8 points apiece through the first three OTs. Roxborough went first in the
   fourth and Martin Culbreth posted an interception. On third down for Dobbins,
   Terrance Stafford ran 3 yards to end it. (Roxborough again played a scoreless regulation
   the next week vs. Penn, then won in two OTs, 14-8.)
Most TD receptions in OT: 3, Martez Lyles, U. City, vs. Overbook, 2009
   Regulation ended at 12-12. As UC won, 40-34, in four OTs, Lyles made leaping catches
   of left-corner fades from Michael Adens in the second, third and fourth OTs. (He owned
   just two catches for the season before the OTs began. Also, Adens had just two TD passes.)
Most meetings between teams in one season: 3, McDevitt vs. West Catholic, 2009
   These teams actually met THREE times in a FOUR-week period -- regular season, semifinal
   playoff, first round of subregional playoffs. West won all three.
Only coach to retire with a perfect record: Dennis Ginenthal, Olney
   In 2010, with the regular coach, Barry Strube, out on administrative leave, Ginenthal, an assistant
   for 38 seasons at Olney, Northeast, then Olney again, guided the Trojans to wins over King
   and Edison. He then retired, leaving the team to another assistant, David DiEva.
Most consecutive years that a school's kicker wore the same number: Dougherty, 13, 1976-88
   These guys all wore No. 21 --
Greg Cowhey (1976 to '78), Bob Hudoka (1979 to '80), Bill Wright
(1981 to '83), Bob Wright (1984 to '85) and Bill Eddis (1986 to '88). Don Greenleaf wore 20 in 1989.
Shortest time span for interception return TDs by one player: Brian Rodgers, McDevitt vs. Judge, 1996
    Rodgers' fun began with a 29-yarder. On Judge's next possession, on play No. 3, Rodgers scored
    on a 42-yarder. (In this game, McDevitt coach Pat Manzi notched his 100th career win.)
Most consecutive TDs by one player -- 16, Cedric Madden, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.
    The streak ended on Forrest Rall's 5-yard reverse vs. Penn Charter in the season's next-to-last
    game; Madden handed him the ball. The Blue Devils did not score again vs. PC, nor against Malvern
    in the finale. Madden finished the season with 24 of Blue Devils' 27 six-pointers and 23 of the 25
    scored on rushes.
Best Example of a Player One-Upping His Brother -- Matt Welsh, McDevitt, 1973
    In a 13-10 win over Wood, Matt, a junior, made seven catches for 191 yards. His brother, Tom, a
    senior, was the QB. He passed 8-for-13 for . . . only 188 yards. The other completion, to fullback
    Charlie Heiland (both TDs on rushes), went for a 3-yard loss.
Most Identical Performances to Start a Season -- Three, Father Judge, 1977
    The Crusaders won by 14-0 scores against Roman, McDevitt and La Salle. In each game, Brian
ran for two touchdowns and Chuck Bushbeck kicked two PATs. 

Here are some other things that MIGHT be records . . .
Most punts blocked in one game: 4, Ken Adams, Southern, 1963 vs. West Philadelphia
Best performance on onsides kicks: 3-for-3, Sean Mitchell, Conwell-Egan, 2004
   (The Eagles recovered his kicks vs. Carroll, McDevitt and Truman.)
Most yards to go on fourth-and-goal in an overtime period: 40, King, 2003
   (Against Lincoln, an offensive interference call and a 15-yard loss on a swing
   pass, tackle by Joe DiGrazio, helped to give King fourth-and-goal from the 40!
   Daniel Tucker intercepted a Hail Mary pass at the 4.)
Most unsuccessful conversions, game: 7, Central, 2003
   (In a 42-0 win over West Phila., the Lancers failed on every conversion attempt.
   The first two failures came on kicks. Then it was pass, pass, run, pass, run.)
Highest percentage of TD catches, career: 67.9, Akil Stokes, Germantown, 2001-02
    (Nineteen of his 28 career receptions went for TDs.)

Only D-lineman to post a "dream-game performance": Matt Brazil, Conwell-Egan, 2002
   (Against McDevitt, he had at least one stat in five major categories -- sack, TFL,
   interception, fumble recovery, forced fumble.)
Most yards to go on fourth-and-goal: 70, Overbrook, 2002
   (The opponent was Edison. The sequence began on the 9. A procedure call moved
   the ball to the 14. Quarterback Neil Fisher then kept retreating and bobbing and
   weaving and retreating some more and finally dumped the ball, drawing an
   intentional-grounding penalty. The ball was placed on the 'Brook 45. Fisher threw
   an incompletion, then was dropped by Brad Parker for a 15-yard loss. On fourth
   down, coach Ken Sturm declined to show all-time brass. Keenan Brooks punted.)
Longest interception return not resulting in a TD: 99, Jorrell Durham, Central
   (In a 2000 PL quarterfinal vs. Franklin, Durham made a goal-line interception and
   was tackled on the Franklin 1 by Maurice Samuels.)
Biggest weight differential from starter to substitute: 210
   (In a 2000 PL game vs. Washington, 355-pound Job Lawson started at nose guard
   for Frankford. His replacement was 145-pound Stephen Skinner.)
Strangest TD by a "receiver": Jose Pagan, Edison
   (In a 2000 game vs. University City, Edison QB Antwine Robinson threw a pass to

   Jose Pagan. Troy Berry intercepted 7 yards deep in the end zone and tried to
   return the ball. He got to the 3, was hit and fumbled. The ball rolled a yard deep
   into the end zone where Pagan recovered for a TD.)
Highest number of TD passes that went to only one guy: 11, Kareem Jeffreys, Bok
   (In 2000, all 11 of Jeffreys' TD passes went to Ramon Mills.)
Most TDs in an eight-touch span: 4, Franklin vs. Bartram, 1999
   (Bartram's Billy Dougherty threw a 20-yard pass to Antoine King. Jermaine Smith
   returned the kickoff 88 yards. Bartram went nowhere and Ernest Admiral returned
   the punt 63 yards. The next scrimmage play produced Dougherty's 57-yard pass
   to Rashan Brown.)
Most consecutive fumble returns for TDs: 2, William Waters, Franklin, 1999; and Elijah
   Akbar, Gratz, 2007.

   (In a game vs. West Phila., Waters returned fumbles on consecutive scrimmage plays
   for TDs of 7 and 19 yards. Akbar's TDs, vs. Chester, covered 12 and 36 yards.)  

Most varieties of TDs in a five-game span: 6, Ricky Lannetti, Judge, 1999
   (He scored eight TDs in six manners -- three rushes, a reception and returns of a

   fumble, kickoff, interception and punt. It's possible Lannetti is the only player in
   city history to score four varieties of return TDs in the same season).
Most total yards on six TDs in a six-minute span: 308, King vs. Roxborough, 1998
   (The fun began with a 55-yard pass from Mark Barnett to Obi Abara (Roxborough),
  then continued with a 75-yard kickoff return TD by Andre "Smurf'' Wilson (King),
  a 90-yard punt return TD by Rasheim "Feet'' Wright (King), a 44-yard kickoff return
  by Abara and a 44-yard interception return by Christopher Dorman (King).)
Most drops of the coin for a pre-game toss: 3, Bill Dougherty, 1997
  (Yes, he dropped the coin three straight times before the Conwell-Egan/North
  Catholic game. The next week, he let the coin fall straight to the ground.)
Only QB to earn more receiving yards than passing yards on play: Joe Tyer, Judge, 1997
   (Against Wood, Tyer threw a left-side hitch pass to Jim McKenna. McKenna then
  circled into the backfield and handed off to Tyer at the 40. Tyer raced along the left
  sideline and was bumped out of bounds at Wood's 24. McKenna was credited with a
  catch for minus-5 yards. Tyer was credited with 36 receiving yards with no catch and
  a completion for 31 yards.)
Most actual yards covered on a conversion: 44, Penn Charter, 1995
   (Against Gtn. Academy, after a penalty, Mike Soens was ready to kick a 35-yard extra
   point when a bad snap forced a change in plans. Soens scrambled back, picked up
   the ball and heaved a pass from GA's 44. Steve Ley caught it on the 2 and walked into
   the end zone.)
Heaviest player to kick a field goal and compete a pass, same season: Joe Torrente, Dougherty,
1995 (260 lbs.)
Heaviest player to kick a field goal, Matt Yeck, Central, 1997 (325 pounds)
   (On September 19, Yeck thumped a 37-yard FG as the Lancers topped Mastbaum, 38-19,
in their opener. Yeck finished the season with two FGs and 19 PATs).

   (The pass completion, off a fake punt, was a 10-yarder to Austin "Sonny" Nagle.)
Tallest/heaviest player to throw a pass and rush for a TD, same season: Mike McGlinchey,
Penn Charter, 2012 (6-9, 275)
   (In the final moments of a loss to Malvern, the Notre Dame commit, a first cousin of
   Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, took a shotgun snap and whipped an incompletion far
   downfield. Two weeks later, vs. SCH Academy, he carried three times for 26 yards
   and posted a 1-yard TD. He'd started the season at tackle, then had moved to TE.)

Fewest TD passes in season after great start: 0, Tim Karamis, Wood, 1995
   (He threw four in the opener, a 35-6 frolic past Germantown Academy, but none

Best example of late hustle in midst of disaster: Kevin Czaban, Gtn. Academy, 1994
   (With GA trailing Penn Charter, 44-0, in the waning moments, Czaban, a freshman
   center, hustled 27 yards behind the line of scrimmage and outbattled two other
   players to recover a fumble.)
Players who've thrown a TD pass, caught a TD pass and run for a TD in same game: Bob
, West Catholic, 1962; Scott Mangini, McDevitt, 1990; Kevin Averette,
   Washington, 1991; Kendell Thomas, Edison, 2007; John Harrison, La Salle, 2007;
   Jimmy Herron, La Salle, 2012: Jimmy Herron, La Salle, 2012 for a second time
   (in AAAA semi); Jylil Reeder, Fels, 2013.
   (Mangini and Averette were RBs; Thomas and Harrison were QBs. Herron served
   in all three spots.)

Most varieties of jerseys worn for a varsity game: 6, University City, 1992
   (Against West Phila., the Jaguars wore two varieties of black, three of gold and one
   blue jersey, by freshman lineman Omar Lewis. It was a Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills replica
   jersey. "They said to wear what we wear to practice," said Lewis, who, like the guys
   in gold, saw no action. They were JV callups.)
Most dropped TD passes in a five-play span: 3, Roxborough, 1991
   (Against Central, Christian Sedgwick threw perfect passes for would-be touchdowns
   of 35, 35 and 23 yards. All were dropped in the end zone.)
Best punting performances by left-footers wearing No. 87: Mike Roberts, Carroll, and
Harry Binck, Bonner.
   (In a 1991 game, Roberts punted four times for 176 yards (44-yard average) and Binck
   punted seven times for 256 (36.6).)
Only player to post TDs of 90-plus yards to open and close a game: Rick Burns, Egan, 1982
   (Against Neshaminy, Burns took the opening kickoff 92 yards for a score and tallied
   again with 0:17 left on a 99-yard interception return . . . In 2011, Ryan's Mike Palmer
   came close to equaling this feat vs. Roman. He returned the opening kickoff for a 90-yard
   TD and caught a 95-yard pass from Mike Anusky with 1:27 left.)

Most TDs in final 2 seconds of a game: 2, Central vs. Roxborough, 1983; and Conwell-Egan
vs. West Catholic, 2001

   (Roxborough took a 15-14 lead with 2 seconds remaining when Matt Hanson ran 1 yard
   for a TD and then passed for two points to Steve Rodgers. Roxborough opted for a
   squibbed kick. Jon Irvine picked up the ball and ran 53 yards for a TD as time expired.)
Conwell-Egan's Vince Salvatore caught a 9-yard TD pass from Derrick Savage with 0:02
   left vs. West Catholic. C-E tried an onside kick. Robert Ramsey stepped forward, caught
   the bouncing ball and ran 47 yards untouched for a TD, ending the game (West 33, C-E 14)
Youngest player to score a TD: Scott Hunter, Northeast, 1989
   Hunter, a freshman wingback, was 13 years, 9 months, when he ran 3 yards for a TD
   on Sept. 8 vs. West Philadelphia.
Most players named Johnson used by a team in a game: 6, Germantown, 2003.
   The Bears used six Johnsons vs. University City on Nov. 21. Akeem ran for 46 yards
   and two TDs. Jarell started at guard. Christen caught a 50-yard scoring pass. Gabriel
   had an interception. Justin had a fumble recovery. Phillip played special teams. All six
   were unrelated. (In 1963, West Philly's team included seven players named Williams.
   All seven -- Columbus, Craig, Floyd, Joe, Karvin, Leroy and Robert -- were unrelated.
   Just can't be sure whether all appeared in the same game. This coincidence was sent out
   by the Associated Press and tidbits appeared in newspapers around the country.)
Most ambulances in action at one time: Two.

   In a 2004 PL semifinal at Northeast, Dobbins' Cedric Graham suffered a broken arm.
   While Graham was about to leave the premises in an ambulance, play resumed and
   Dobbins' Michael Harris suffered a broken ankle. A Dobbins assistant ran toward the
   first ambulance yelling, "Yo, don't go! Wait! Another's kid hurt!" A second ambulance
   arrived and drove in as the first one waited to leave. Both players were taken separately
   to nearby Jeanes Hospital.
   This record was tied in a 2008 opener in Ocean City, N.J. Late in a loss to O'Hara,
   Carroll's Dillon McClernon and Sean Crossen banged helmets while trying for a sack.
   They rode to Shore Memorial Hospital in separate ambulances.  

Only offensive player to gain yardage with a punt "reception": Robert Bettis, Edison, 1992.
   In a game vs. Mastbaum, Edison's Steve Wallace chased down a bad snap, avoided a
   rush and punted a low line drive. About 10 yards away, the ball drilled Bettis in the
   stomach. He held on, turned upfield and wound up with a 6-yard gain.
Punt "return" of zero yards for a TD: Forrest Pearson, Mastbaum, 1992.
   In that same game -- yes, the SAME GAME -- Edison's Raul Valentin saw a snap sail
   far over his head. He picked up the ball in the end zone and punted it sideways into the
   far corner. Pearson fell on the ball for a touchdown. (This made national news. USA
   Today mentioned the play, then Pearson and Mastbaum coach John Murphy were
   interviewed by Jim Lampley on a national radio show . . . The same thing happened in
   2001. Edison's Keenan Nelson punted the ball at the goal line. It popped straight up and
   bounced a yard deep, where Franklin's Bryant Jennings recovered for a TD.) . . . The
   same thing happened in 2011. Southern's Sandy Little punted the ball from the end zone.
   It popped up, to Little's left, and was caught on one bounce, in the end zone, by Franklin
   DT Demetrius Town.
Most long TDs lost to penalties in one game: 3, Antoine Brown, Mastbaum, 1993

   Again in a game against Edison, Brown lost a 58-yard score on a punt return, a 29-yard score
   on a run from scrimmage and another 58-yard score on a punt return. He did score on an
   89-yard kickoff return. (Note: two plays after Brown's 29-yard run was wiped out, a motion
   penalty nullified a 27-yard scoring pass from Mike Glover to Morris Kennedy. Another
   note: Brown had two more TDs nullified by penalties in a 1994 game vs. Edison).
Most total turnovers in games at refurbished stadiums with new artificial surfaces on
back-to-back days: 25, 2005
   On a Thursday night at Germantown's Ben Johnston Memorial Stadium, there were 14 in

   Imhotep's 8-6 win over Southern. The next night, at Widener's Quick Stadium, there were
   11 as O'Hara beat West Catholic, 14-12. Those were the first games on the new surfaces.
Successful PAT kick with something other than a football: Dan Juliano, Neumann-Goretti, 2005
   As Juliano swung his leg to kick a PAT vs. Bartram, his right cleat flew off. He barely made
   contact with the ball, which dribbled toward the line of scrimmage. The cleat soared into the air
   and perfectly split the uprights.
Fewest yards gained on drive with numerous plays: 17 on 16, Kennedy-Kenrick vs. West Catholic, 2005
   The Wolverines' drive, which began at their 30 and died out at West's 6, was kept alive by penalties.
   West was hit with 47 yards in penalties, including a double personal foul on a punt that moved the
   ball 30 yards to the West 29.
Fewest number of tackles on scrimmage plays through three quarters: 0, Freire Charter, 2005
   Franklin ran just four plays through the first three quarters of a 36-16 win. All went for TDs.
   In order, Franklin scored on two runs by Maurice Dantzler (45, 54 yards) and one apiece by
   Rodreen "Chief" Howell (60) and Frank Anderson (18). Also, after the first score, the
   scoreboard clock inexplicably ran non-stop and Franklin ran just 10 plays for the game (all
   rushes). Freire ran 37.
Craziest game (for many reasons): Wood 35, Conwell-Egan 0, 2005
   This one was played on a Monday night at the Northampton Twp. athletic complex. It rained
   very hard throughout and the winds were strong. Twice the lights went out in the first half,
   causing delays of 12 and 14 minutes. Wood's Chris Lorditch scored thrice on returns, going
   76 and 32 yards with back-to-back punts and 75 yards with the second half kickoff. Wood's
   Ryan Dolan came within 1 yard of a fumble-return TD (his run began at the 28). The QBs
   combined to go 0-for-6; Wood's Joe Kosich was 0-for-2, C-E's Kevin Schafer was 0-4.
Most surname syllables involved for guys on a touchdown pass: 9, Father Judge, 2005
   In a game vs. Roman, Justin DeCristofaro (five) threw a scoring pass to John
Most yards covered on a successful conversion run: 23, David Allen, Penn, 2005
   In a game vs. Freire, a personal foul and procedure ball moved the ball to the 23. Allen went
   the distance on a keeper.
Best clutch performance by a VERY late arrival: Pat Creighton, Northeast, vs. Bok, 1998
   Creighton, a midfielder, began his afternoon by helping Northeast tie Central, coached by his
   father, Jack, in a soccer game. Then he ran down the steps to find two minutes left in the football
   game. As time wound down with the score tied, at 6-6, coach Harvey "Brew" Schumer told
   Creighton to go get dressed. Creighton said later, ``I went up to the locker room with a backup
   running back; I don't even know his name. I put on his football pants. He put on my soccer shorts.
   My soccer jersey was under my football jersey." Bok went first in OT and lost a fumble. On fourth
   down, Creighton ended the game with a 23-yard field goal.
Longest distance between a guy's best-worst punts in a game: 91 yards, Jeff Capriotti, Washington,
   In a semifinal vs. King, Capriotti uncorked an 81-yard punt with the wind and one for minus-10
   yards against it.
Weirdest results on consecutive passes: In a '91 playoff vs. Ryan, Judge's Joe Affet caught his own
   deflected pass on one play, then had his next pass, a middle screen, caught illegally by lineman Mike
   Ries. When Ries came off the field, assistant Bill Koch told him,
"At least you were open."
Most unsuccessful conversion attempts after a TD: 3, SJ Prep, vs. Carroll, 1993
   This happened after Prep took a 12-6 lead in a game it lost, 13-12. A defensive penalty negated
   Scott Palanjian's missed kick. An offensive penalty negated Jess Sodaski's successful run. Then,
   on an unplanned double-pass play out of a scramble, Palanjian threw incomplete to Pat Pluck into
   the end zone.
Most consecutive scrimmage plays producing TDs: 3, Gratz vs. Overbrook, 2001
   Overbrook's Omar Sanders ran 20 yards, Gratz' Tyree Watson ran 59 yards and Sanders passed 54
   yards to Tariyk Joseph. Gratz's Robbie "Beano" Spivey then returned the kickoff 75 yards (to make
   it four TDs in a 76-second span.)
Most interesting kickoff sequence: Orlando Okebata, Univ. City, 2001
   Against Edison, Okebata first caused a 5-yard penalty because his mouthpiece wasn't in (also, his chin
   strap wasn't buckled), then kicked the ball out of bounds for another 5-yarder. Then, from his own 30,
   he sent a kickoff over Keenan Nelson's head and into the end zone for a touchback.
Best performance on two-point conversions: Frankford, 8-for-8, 2001
   Kicker Shane Kelly was off playing soccer as the Pioneers played Southern. So, Frankford went for
   two every time and never failed. The other two points (of 66) came on a safety.
Most disastrous decision for a final play-call (almost): Northeast coach Harvey "Brew" Schumer, 2002
   Because a kneeldown would have stopped the clock sooner and given Franklin a chance for one more
   play, Schumer ordered a run by fullback Mark Pasley. As Pasley struggled for extra yardage, Franklin
   d-back Jestin Brisbon, also his team's top runner, stole the ball and took off. He was tackled about 70
   yards later, a step from the end zone, by tailback Stanley Ebron. Northeast won, 17-14. Said Schumer:
   "I would have hung myself in the locker room. Next time we'll take the knee and take our chances."
Sometimes a 25-0 lead is not a good idea: In Week Four of 2006, Carroll mounted a 25-0 lead against
   Wood, then lost, 26-25, as backup Mike Cattolico threw a 7-yard TD pass right after Carroll's 95-yard
   interception return for a TD was nullified by a penalty. A day earlier, University City rolled to a 25-0
   edge over Southern, then had to hang on to win, 25-20. UC's Derrick Boggs scored once on a fumble
   return and came within 2 yards of doing so a second time.
Shortest time span for a three-TD sequence: 25 seconds.
   In 2006, in the waning moments of the first game played on the new artificial surface at Gratz' Marcus
   Foster Memorial Stadium, Gratz' Brandon Baxter ran 20 yards; Frankford's Ervin Goodson returned
   a batted/bobbled onside kick 65 yards; and Gratz' Rasheed Bulknight returned the kickoff 83 yards.
   (This feat was almost equaled in 2011, as Northeast played host Washington. The outburst began with
   a Northeast TD on a 40-yard pass from Harold Alexander to Christopher Gary. Washington's Donald
(86 yards) and Northeast's Anthony Quail (82) then exchanged kickoff-return TDs.) 
Most yards accumulated with three early TDs of different varieties: 192, Brian Brinkmann, SJ Prep, 2006.
    On his first three touches in a 55-0 win over Bonner,
Brinkmann went 76 yards with a kickoff, 62 with
    a punt and 54 with a reception.
Most consecutive TDs scored from same yard line: 4, Imhotep vs. Freire, 2006
    Imhotep's first four TDs in a win were scored from the 5-yard line - Khalief Evans' run, twin Khaleel's
    run, Khalief's run, and a pass from Gerald Bowman to Andreas Roberts. The odds? One in 100
    million! There was almost a fifth consecutive 5-yard TD. Khalief Evans lost a yard on a run, then
    Julius Legg
passed 6 yards to Khalief.
Fewest punts attempted in a gigantic loss: 0, Freire vs. Imhotep, 2006
    With punter Isaac Yorro unavailable and no backup trained, Freire coach Nelson Walker tried
    fourth-down conversions no matter what. So, Imhotep took over after non-punts on its 40 and on
    Freire's 31, 34, 42, 30, 40 and 27 en route to a 50-0 win.
Most return TDs by someone returning punts/kickoffs for only the third game in his career: 3, Courey Burrell,
    Lincoln, 2006. Against U. City, Burrell went 84 and 70 yards with kickoffs and 62 yards with a punt.
    He also scored on a 34-yard pass from Charles Boyd. His 70-yard return came on an onsides kick that
    bounced too far downfield.
Best emergency performance by someone brand new to football: Chris Webster, Ryan, 2006
    At 3:30, 2 1/2 hours before Ryan was scheduled to play La Salle, while working at a Soccer Post store
    in the Far Northeast, Webster received a telephone invitation from injured kicker Bill George to be his
    replacement. Webster, a deep sub sweeper on the soccer team, received permission from his boss to leave
    early (with pay), rushed over to Ryan (the team buses were late; the game didn't start until 6:40) and then
    hit two PATs in the Raiders' 14-12 upset victory. Also, he averaged 49 yards on his four kickoffs and sent
    one into the end zone.
Fewest yards passing in a four-game period: 0, Penn, 2006.
    Daniel Philpot and David Allen combined to go 1-for-3 for zero yards. No passes were thrown in two
    of the games.
Shortest time span for sequence involving two TDs/two safeties: 96 seconds, Penn Charter vs. Malvern, 2006.
     Seventeen seconds apart before halftime, PC tallied on Sean McNally's 3-yard run and a safety.
     Nineteen seconds apart after halftime, Malvern notched a safety and
Joe Hoban's 10-yard TD reception
     on a pass from Ryan Nassib.
Worst act of treason by an animal: A rabbit, West Phila., 2006
     A rabbit, living in weeds behind the baseball batting cage in the southwest corner along West's sideline,
     spent the entire game roaming University City's sideline. The instant the game ended in UC's favor, 8-0,
     he/she/it scrambled back across the field to the weeds.
Best performance by someone brand new to returning: Courey Burrell, Lincoln, 2006
     Burrell, a tight end, was given return duties for Game No. 6 of the season. Over the next four, he scored
     four times on kickoff returns and once on a punt return.
Easiest kickoff assignment: Pat Guerin, Egan, 1979.
     After scoring a late TD against Bensalem, Egan watched in amazement as Bensalem was hit with FOUR
     consecutive personal foul/unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. After the PAT, the refs marched the ball
     from Egan's 40 to Bensalem's 45, then 30, then 15, then 7 1/2. We're guessing Guerin had no trouble
     reaching the end zone.
Most turnovers in a 12-play span, especially in beautiful weather: 5, Bok at Imhotep, 2007
     The sequence began with 9:58 left, when Bok's Ackeem Clarke forced and recovered a fumble. Two
     plays later, Imhotep's Daniel Jones recovered a fumble. Three plays later, Bok's Calvin Moultrie made
     an interception. Three plays later, Bok had the ball on the 1 and QB Darnell Goddard tried a sneak. The
     middle was jammed up, so he stepped back and headed for the right corner. He did a flying leap, but lost
     the ball and Imhotep's Jeremiah Kendrick recovered on the 1. Three plays later, Bok's Daquon Johnson
     made an interception. FIVE turnovers in 12 snaps and 5 minutes, 5 seconds!! (Wait, there's more. Bok went
     three-and-out and punted. On Imhotepís second play, Andreas Roberts fumbled and Bok's Anthony Rivers
recovered. So, thatís SIX turnovers in 18 snaps and 7:53!!)
     Look below to see how this record was smashed just a short time later . . .
Most points averaged with almost no offensive output: 8.3, Neumann-Goretti, 2007
     Through three games of the season, N-G had a higher scoring average (8.3) than its total average number of
     rushing yards (8.0) and passing yards (7.3). Hakeem Johnson owned all four of the Saints' TDs (two on
     rushes, two on kickoff returns).
Most other varsity sports played, fall season, by football player: 2, Michael Gorman, SJ Prep, 1992; and Matt
, McDevitt, 2007
Gorman was the starting right fullback for the Catholic League Southern Division soccer playoff champs,
     a part-time wide receiver and early-season kicker in football, and in cross country he helped the Hawks win
     the Pennsylvania prep school championship.
     Kicker Pat Doyle suffered an injury in the opener and Shervin was given the job after a short tryout. He was
     already a stopper on the soccer team and one of the top three performers on the golf team. (This was the CL's
     first year as a paper member of the PIAA; golf had moved from spring to fall.) Shervin's first point came 9/15
     on a Game Three PAT vs. North Catholic.
Most consecutive plays producing turnovers: 5, Gratz vs. Mastbaum, at Northeast, 2007.
      This was a true all-timer. Maybe even a WORLD record for any level of football. Think about it: turnovers
      (all lost fumbles, by the way) on FIVE consecutive plays. And the weather was beautiful. Here we go . . .
      On the gameís third play, Mastbaum's Rasheen Tookes dropped a pitchout and Gratz' Muhammad Dudley
recovered. Next play: Gratz' Hal Chambliss dropped the ball and Mastbaum's Jamil Thomas recovered.
      Next play: Mastbaum's Hason Franklin you-know-whated and Gratz' Elijah Akbar made a scoop and return
      for 15 yards to the 10. Next play: No fumble. Woo-hoo!! But, a 10-yard scoring run by Dudley, on a reverse,
      was wiped out by a holding penalty (Because the penalty was behind the line of scrimmage, that play did not
      count as a "play." Next play: Mastbaum's Donald Vodopija sacked Dominic Marrow for an 11-yard loss and
      Mastbaum's John Turner recovered. Next play: Tookes coughed up the rock and Dudley recovered again.
      It was craaaaaaazy! But the lunacy was hardly over. Five plays later, Vodopija again caused a fumble and
      teammate Andrew King recovered. So, thatís six lost fumbles in 10 official plays. You want more? Four plays
      later, against the wind, with the line of scrimmage the 14, Mastbaum's Robert Fitzhugh sent a punt pretty
      much straight up. The ball bounced backward and settled on the 1 for a minus-13-yarder. Chambliss ran 1
      yard for a TD. Oops. There was motion and the ball was placed at the 6. Chambliss carried four more times
      in a row and finally scored from the 1 on fourth down.
Longest actual distance between interception TDs on the same day -- 104 yards (10/20/07)    

       West Catholic d-back Rob Hollomon covered 105 (and at least 150 in all; though official stat rules limit
       the distance to 100) vs. Dougherty when he picked off a fade pass in one corner and zigged/zagged/zoomed
       to score in a diagonal corner. McDevitt linebacker Ed McGowan walked 1 yard into the end zone vs. Carroll
       after catching a desperation heave that followed a bad snap on a punt. This TD gave Holloman six varieties of
       TDs on the season -- rush, pass, returns of kickoff, punt, interception and fumble. You could say he had
       tallied in seven ways; one of his reception scores came on a hook-and-lateral play.
Most amazing first pass of a varsity career -- Steve Garrett, Franklin (9/11/08)
       Garrett, a backup tight end wearing No. 88, lined up at tailback in OT of the Electrons' 12-6 win over
       Roxborough and fired a 22-yard, fourth-down scoring pass to slotback Marquis White, normally the tailback.
       Why was Garrett given such responsibility? Earlier that day, Garrett had been spotted firing a Nerf ball in a
       gym class. "One of my fellow teachers told me, 'That kid has a really strong arm,' " said coach Ken Geiser.
       On the play preceding the TD, Garrett was going to pass. Roxborough players broke through the line and
       Garrett was forced to keep, gaining 1 yard. Thus, the element of surprise was still in effect. On his TD catch,
       White was double-covered and, if he had not made the catch, interference would have been called.
Most yards lost on six consecutive plays by one team -- 84, Edison (9/18/08)
       Against Southern, due to NO blocking, Bryant Keal was sacked on six consecutive plays spread over three
       series. He lost fumbles on plays No. 1 and 3. The losses, in order: 18, 9, 29 (fired the ball backward while
       being thrown to turf), 10, 5 and 13. Sean Allen notched four of the sacks and forced both fumbles. In all,
       Keal carried 12 times for minus-103 yards.
Shortest kickoff return for a TD -- 30 yards (10/10/08)
       After a safety, and trailing by eight points with just over a minute remaining, King tried an onside kick against
       Southern from the 20. Andrew Auer, in the second line of returnees, moved up as he saw what was
       happening, caught the bouncing kick chest-high, eased through two would-be tacklers and ran to the end zone.
Most yards kicked for one PAT -- 100, Tim Freiling, Northeast, 11/13/08
       After James Rosseau ran 1 yard for a TD, Northeast was hit with a dead-ball personal foul. Freiling hit the
       PAT from 35 yards, but Olney had been called for offside an instant beforehand. Freiling hit the next kick from
       30 yards, but Northeast was guilty of procedure. He hit the next kick from 35. Total distance of the kicks -- 100!
Best escape from the minus-yardage column -- Keith Page, FitzSimons, 2008
       As the Rams entered their last game vs. Future, Page, a quarterback had carried 27 times for minus-6 yards
       and seemed destined to finish the season below zero. Instead, he ran nine times for 172 yards and two scores in
       a 30-0 win. (He also passed for 67 yards and two TDs).
Most members of a team's starting lineup to earn first-team all-league honors -- ALL!!! Communications Tech, 2008
       All 15 of CT's starters were named first team All-Public in the Class A division. CT's Rob DiMedio was the only
       one of the division's five coaches to show up for the selection meeting. With the approval of PL football chairman
       Joe Stanley, DiMedio placed his starters in assorted spots on the 25-player list and then, over the next day, filled in
       with players whose stats he found on this website. He was unsuccessful in reaching anyone from the other schools.
Only players to earn first team all-league honors at three different positions -- Ed Monaghan, Bonner, (class of 1985)
and Daniel Jones, Imhotep (class of 2009).
       Monaghan earned All-Catholic laurels at DE in '82, LB in '83 and OL (and DE) in '84 (later played at Penn State);
       Jones earned All-Public laurels at OL in '06, DL in '07 and LB in '08.
Most years between direct coaching influence on a City Title victory -- 43, John McAneney.
       Johnny Mac was the offensive coordinator for Washington in 2008 (23-14 over La Salle) and the head coach for
       West Catholic in 1965 (34-18 over Southern).
Most tackles behind the line of scrimmage -- 10, Ackeeno Jolly, Communications Tech, 9/4/08
       Jolly, an end, made three sacks and seven other TFLs in a game vs. West Philadelphia. The 10 stops resulted in
       27 yards in losses.
Best way to keep a drive going -- keep punting.
       In 2009 vs. King, Edison twice kept a drive alive by recovering fumbles by punt returners. The recoveries went to
       Joaquin Melendez at King's 37 and to Tim Torres at the 9. Two plays later, Edison's Luis Ortiz dropped the ball
       while handing off and King's James Colburne recovered at the 10 . . . Wait, there's more. On third down, Torres
       was in the process of sacking Donavan Bowman in the end zone when Bowman tossed the ball forward. The play
       appeared to be a clear case of intentional grounding in the zone, and that would have resulted in a safety. The refs
       met and met some more and decided to call it a fumble. Melendez had made the recovery at the 2. Ortiz surged
       forward to score on the first play.
Most fair catches of kickoffs, game -- 3, Ryan vs, O'Hara, 10/18/09
       Lineman Jim Grbas made a fair catch at the 28 to start the game. He later did so again at the 35 (and was
       hammered by an O'Hara player, resulting in a 15-yard penalty) and Tom Price followed suit at the 30 in the fourth
       quarter. This record was broken in 2013. See below.
Most fumbles by one team, with none of them recovered by the opposition -- 8, Dougherty vs. West Catholic, 10/16/09
       Yes, the Cardinals dropped the ball eight times on a rainy night at Widener, but notched recoveries every time. (Also
       in that game, Dougherty mounted a 19-7 lead, then lost, 57-19.)
Weight of the heaviest player to score an offensive touchdown (maybe ANY kind of TD) -- 347, Jamil Morgan, Gratz,
       Late in what became a 62-14 non-league win over Boys' Latin, coach Erik Zipay put center Morgan at fullback and
       guard Tamaric Richardson at tailback. Richardson ran four yards to the 2, then Morgan rumbled in for the TD.
       Richardson, a mere 230 pounds, added the conversion run. (Morgan ran for another TD in the 2010 season, when
       his listed weight was 345.
Only family to total 199 yards (205, actually) on return TDs -- West Catholic's Hollomon brothers, Rob and Brandon.
       In 2007, in a regular season game vs. Dougherty, Rob returned an interception 106 yards for a TD (though scoring
       rules limit distances to 100). In 2009, in a playoff game vs. Dougherty, Brandon returned a punt 99 yards for a TD.
Most yards covered on two long playoff TDs in same weekend -- 188, Week Nine of the 2009 season.
       Brandon Hollomon had his 99-yarder on a Friday night, and that broke a city playoff record (95) that had stood since
       1922. The next day, Del-Val Charter's Brad Wilson caught an 89-yard TD pass from Sean Williams, and that broke
       a city record (86) that had stood since 1992.
Best trifecta of kicking moments -- Tim Carroll, West Catholic, 2009
       In a 44-22 subregional win over McDevitt, Carroll hit a PAT after the Burrs' first TD to claim the city career record
       with 158. He capped the Burrs' next possession with his first career FG (a 25-yarder) in just three attempts, then
       powered the kickoff into the end zone for just the second time all season.
Most men on the field -- 13, Edison, 2009
      During a 14-10 win over Boys' Latin, the Owls' offense was hit with the too-many-men penalty on consecutive plays.
      After the first flag, one guy came off and no one went on. So, yes! That meant there were 13 guys on the field for the
      first play!
Best rushing play that didn't start out as one -- Zeferino "Ziggy" Albino, Public, 1995.
       In the City All-Star Game, Albino, of West Phila., punted a ball almost exactly straight up. He then caught it, evaded
       some tacklers and posted an 11-yard gain.
Most completions/passes in back-to-back game by a Public League QB -- 36/67, Troy Johnson, Prep Charter, 2010.
       In the Huskies' first two games, Johnson, a sophomore, passed 18-for-31 for 233 yards and 18-for-37 for 202 yards
       in losses to Del-Val and Bok. BROKEN IN 2014
Most games decided by late fumble returns in the same stadium on the same day -- 2, at Germantown's Benjamin Johnston
      Memorial Stadium, Sept. 24, 2010
      In the afternoon game, Gratz defeated King, 34-28, as frosh DE Daqwan Freeman ran 84 yards on the game's last play
      with a stolen ball! In the night game, Del-Val beat Imhotep, 30-22, as sr. DE Heleaince "HG" Gates ran 66 yards with
      9:49 left to break a 22-22 tie.
Most visits by different ambulances to service injured members of the same team -- 3, Del-Val vs. Bok, 2010.
      Right before and right after halftime, DB Aaron Baker and DE Rasheed Cade suffered concussions. DT Khalif Smith
      did likewise on the final play of the game. All three wound up at Children's Hospital. Also, offensive coordinator Sean
      Groce received a call at halftime saying his son, Syree, 10, had suffered a concussion while playing for the Ivy Hill Saints'
      75-pound squad. Dad left to join son, also at CHOP.
Fewest kicks tried during a Catholic League game with numerous TDs -- 0, N-G vs. C-E, 2010
      This one ended with N-G on top, 26-20, after two OTs. Regulation ended 14-14. Though seven TDs were scored, neither
      team tried to kick an extra point.
Best average distance for TDs to finish a disappointing season -- 98.3, Gratz, 2003
       The Bulldogs scored one touchdown in each of their final three games, all losses, but distance was not a problem. Eugene
returned a kickoff 100 yards vs. Dobbins, Richard Sheppard caught a 96-yard pass from Kyle Whiting vs. Franklin
       and Vondell Parson ran 99 yards from scrimmage vs. West Philly.
Most consecutive plays on defense -- 30, Carroll vs. Academy Park, 2010
       Academy Park had the ball for the final 17 plays of the second quarter (missed field goal) and the first 13 of the third
       quarter (turned it over on downs).
Most points scored by running back in two-week period . . . with no yards gained! -- 10, Rob Davis, Del-Val, 2010.
       In Weeks 5 and 6 combined, vs. Bok and Future, Davis carried just one time for zero yards. But he ran for two conversions
       in Week 5 and for three more in Week 6 for 10 total points (conversion plays do not count in stats.) . . . Davis finished the
       season with eight conversions runs and no TDs and added three more conversions in 2011 before scoring his first TD, on a
       15-yard run, in Week Nine.
Shortest time between interceptions -- 8 seconds, Mark McLean, Prep Charter, 2010
       McLean made picks on consecutive plays vs. Mastbaum. He lost a fumble after the first one.
Most long-distance city records tied on the same weekend -- 2, Week One, 2011
       Against Lincoln, Dobbins' Dishon Solomon intercepted a pass at the back of the end zone and zoomed 109 actual yards for a TD.
       Against Ridley, Malvern's Blake Gunter picked up a blocked field goal and covered 87 yards for a score. (Other respective record-       holders in those categories: West Catholic's Tyrek Smith and McDevitt's Scott Yancey.)
Fewest combined rushing yards by guys who teamed to post five TDs -- 32, Washington vs. Overbrook, 2011
       In a 40-0 win, Haleem Sillman (three) and Alfonso Augustine (two) teamed forces for five rushing TDs. Sillman's totals: six
       carries for 22 yards. Augustine's: 5-10.
Biggest "lake" at side of the field -- approximately 100 yards by 10 yards, Week Two, 2011
       Major rainstorms overnight and that morning left a lake at 29th Street Stadium extending from end zone to end on the south
       sideline. The water was 3 to 5 inches deep from the west end to the opposite 30, then thinned out slightly from there. The home
       team, Franklin, was made to stand on the visiting sideline, with Boys' Latin. All game, just one play ended up in the lake as Franklin
       QB Michael Dixon was tackled by Chris Hudson and Mark Bowser. Click here for a pic.
Biggest weight differential between a team's kicker and punter -- 175 pounds, Olney Charter, 2011
       Dontae Angus, who kicked off for the Trojans, weighed 310 pounds. The punter was 135-pound Valsky Auguste.
Most lost fumbles in one half by one team -- 6, Olney Charter, 2011
       Against Mastbaum, the Trojans lost fumbles on six of their first seven possessions. No. 3 ended with a punt by Valsky Auguste.
       The ball bounced against Mastbaum returner Frank Quiles and Olney's John Whitehead recovered.
Worst decision by a punt-coverage team -- Southern, 1986
        With the ball on his team's own 1 yard line, Germantown's Rod Artwell popped up a punt that landed three yards deep in the end
        zone. Instead of recovering the ball for a TD, a group of Rams allowed it to trickle back to the 1, then they downed it. (And here's
        what happened thereafter: QB Ty Bradley fumbled the snap for a four-yard loss, was sacked for a nine-yard loss and threw a
        pass on which interference (for an automatic first down) was called at the 9. Fred King lost two yards and Bradley threw two
        more incompletions before connecting with Dondi Garrett for an 11-yard touchdown.)
Worst decision by a kickoff-receiving team -- Olney Charter, 2011
        Dobbins' Daquan "Day-Day" Brown hammered the kickoff deep and the nearest Olney return man never bothered to touch it.
        The ball was touched by Dobbins at the 5 and squirted into the end, where Mike Jones recovered for a TD. 
Most disastrous possessions in one half -- 8, Mastbaum, 2011
        In the second half of a loss to Furness, the Panthers experienced disaster on all eight of their possessions (three interceptions,
        four lost fumbles, one punt blocked).
Fewest yards gained by a guy who ran for three TDs -- 7, Will Parks, Germantown, 2011
        Parks, normally a wideout, moved to tailback in the Bears' goal-line package in a 24-12 win over Northeast. He carried five
        times for seven yards and TDs of 1, 1 and 3 yards. BROKEN IN 2013; SEE BELOW.
Most games in one weekend with back-to-back TDs on kickoff returns -- 2, Northeast/Washington and McDevitt/SJ Prep, 2011
        On Friday of Week Seven, at Washington, Washington's Donald Smith (86 yards) and Northeast's Anthony Quail (82)
        exchanged kickoff-return TDs. On Saturday night, at Plymouth-Whitemarsh, SJ Prep's John Reid opened the second half
        with an 89-yard return. McDevitt's Keith Young followed with an 86-yarder.
Shortest time span between two unusual TDs by the same player -- 23, by O'Hara DE Shane Johnson, 2011
        Against Carroll, Johnson blocked a punt, recovered the ball at the 1 and stepped into the end zone. On Carroll's second play
        thereafter, QB Sal Bello was preparing for a stretch-play handoff. Johnson snatched the ball right out of Bello's hands and
        cruised 28 yards for another TD.
Craziest conversion sequence -- Lincoln vs. Northeast, 2011
Lincoln holder Sincere Merced completed a pass to James Baldere, but kicker Amir Albarouki was called for a chop block at the
       12. From the 27, a pass from QB Miguel Sanchez was intercepted by Missiah Mason, but that play was negated by roughing
       the passer. From the 13, Albarouki was a shade right with a 30-yard kick.
Worst location for a trick play -- 3 yard line, Frankford vs. Washington, PL AAAA final, 2011
       With 9 minutes remaining and the score tied, 13-13, Frankford had the ball on its 3. A miscommunication caused a punt snap to
       go to up-man Aaron Allison instead of punter Eric Salguero. Allison's pass to no one was incomplete and Hakeem Sillman ran 3
       yards for the winning TD two plays later.
Entries for 2012 . . .
Only pregnant woman to see action (almost) -- King trainer Mary Keller, vs. Gratz, 2012
Right before halftime, as Gratz was preparing to run a play, coach Erik Zipay could be heard saying, "They've got a pregnant lady
        lined up at linebacker!!" Say what? Thinking that King DE Darnel Moore was looking a little groggy, Mary hustled out onto the
        field. One problem: She didn't alert the refs or ask anyone to call time and, somehow, no one seemed to notice her. Bingo! There
        she was, on the defensive side of the ball. Luckily, time was finally called and Mary, who's six months preggers, escorted Moore
        off the field. Mary wasn't carrying a trainer's bag and wasn't wearing anything that would ID her as a medical staffer, so all the
        Gratz people thought she was some overzealous mom protecting her son.

Shortest kickoff -- 1 yard, Mike DiFrancesco, Neumann-Goretti, 2012

       Against Furness, on an onside/squib kick, DiFrancesco stubbed his toe/instep right before making contact with the ball. The
       ball barely made it off the tee and stopped dead at the 41 yard line. Everyone stood silently, unsure what to do. Finally,
       DiFrancesco picked up the ball and gave it to the nearest referee.
BROKEN IN 2013 (see below).
Best kicking doubleplay with no help from the wind -- Phil Isaac, Roman, 2012
       Against Malvern, in Wildwood, N.J., Isaac hit a car parked across the street (north end of Maxwell Field) with a PAT. His ensuing
       kickoff landed on the back line of the end zone. (There was very little wind. Plus, it was blowing bay to ocean across the field.)
Biggest turnaround in a two-week period -- 105 points, Germantown, 2012
       The Bears lost their opener to Emmaus, 40-0, then dismantled Edison, 65-0, in Week Two.
Largest point swing in just over one quarter -- 66, West Catholic vs. Bonner
       The Burrs trailed at halftime, 24-0, then stormed to a 42-24 victory . . . and all 42 points were scored in the first 13:42. Tailback
       Greg White rushed for five TDs. The other went to Shaquille James on a pass from Antwain McCollum.
Shortest time span for three TDs by one team -- 33 seconds, Prep Charter vs. Roxborough
       With 2:46 left in the first quarter, Dian Volo scored on a 1-yard sneak. There was a fumble on the kickoff and Ronald Stokes ran
       it back 13 yards at 2:23. Roxborough's next scrimmage play produced another fumble and Anthony Wyche returned the ball 25
       yards for a TD at 2:13.
BROKEN IN 2013 (see below)
Most amazing lengths of first quarter and second half in one game -- 46 and 32 minutes.
        On the night when O'Hara beat McDevitt, 57-7, the first quarter lasted 46 minutes. O'Hara roared to a 40-0 lead in the first
        10 minutes, 58 seconds, thanks to six TDs and four PATs. The halftime score was 43-0. With the mercy rule in effect, the
        second half zipped by in 32 minutes. O'Hara's first six TDs came on drives that required just 14 plays. Total distance of
        the scores: 174.
Shortest time span for four scores -- 49 seconds.
        The scores occurred
early in the second quarter of Prep Charterís 59-6 pasting of Future -- a safety at 10:57 for PC; Anthony
returned the free kick for a 64-yard TD at 10:45; Futureís Khalir Blount returned the kickoff 78 yards for a TD at 10:31.
        On the next scrimmage play, Wyche ran 48 yards for a TD at 10:08.
Most consecutive unplanned forfeit victories -- two, Lincoln
        The Railsplitters topped Edison in Week Five after there were too many eligibility questions about those Owls attending Bracetti
        and playing for Edison via a cooperative sponsorship. That same week, the Olney-Southern game was cut by a brawl. Four Olney
        players were thrown off the team and the principal decided to forfeit the Week Six game with Lincoln.
Most turnovers in game involving city's top-ranked teams -- 12
        In Week Seven, No. 2 St. Joseph's Prep beat No. 1 La Salle, 24-16. Each team committed six turnovers, with three apiece of
        interceptions and lost fumbles. For Prep, John Reid (two) and Todd Jones posted interceptions while Tim Rafter (two) and Dan
recovered fumbles. Jones returned his pick for a TD. For La Salle, Mike Eife, Jimmy Herron and Trent Simmons
posted interceptions while Mike Koller, Herron and Ryan Coonahan recovered fumbles. Eife returned his pick for a TD.
Highest number of games involved in simultaneous endings of streaks -- 43.
        On Saturday night of Week Seven, while losing to SJ Prep, 24-16, La Salle parted company with a 21-game Catholic AAAA
        winning streak (counting playoffs) and Ryan beat Judge, 32-31, to leave behind a 22-game losing streak in that same division.
Highest number of forfeits resulting from brawls in a two-week period -- three.
        In Week Six, Southern's 32-8 win over Olney was halted with 7:50 left in the fourth quarter. In Week Seven, Overbrook's 22-0
        win over Bartram was halted with 2:05 left in the third quarter. Olney forfeited its next game to Lincoln; it was determined
        Southern's players had not only acted inappropriately (only in defense mode). Overbrook (to King) and Bartram (to Dobbins) also
        forfeited their next games.
Most frustrating debut for a head coach -- Jim Chapman, Bartram.
        In Week Seven, after serving unofficially as co-coach through the first six games with Mark Effendian (listed on School District
        records as the head coach), Jim Chapman took over and the Braves' 22-0 loss to Overbrook was halted by a brawl with 2:05 left in
        the third quarter. They also forfeited their next game (to Dobbins).
Largest player to throw a pass and run for TDs (two) -- Mike McGlinchey, Penn Charter.
        Listed at 6-8, 275, McGlinchey, a cousin of Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, took a direct snap in shotgun formation and whipped
        a long incompletion on the next-to-last play in the Quakers' 27-20 loss to Malvern. The Notre Dame commit split time in this game
        between tight end (four catches for 100 yards) and slotback. He then ran for one TD apiece in games vs. SCH Academy and Gtn.
        Academy to end the season.
"Shortest" interception TD -- minus 9 yards, Brandon Chatmon, Imhotep Charter.
        In Week Nine, Chatmon and two teammates rushed Comm Tech quarterback Zaki Jamison on a play that began at the 4. At the
        very back of the end zone, just before he stepped over the line, Jamison whipped a shovel pass right into Chatmon's belly.
        Chatmon gained possession just before HE stepped over the line and he was credited with an interception TD.
Most amazing quick burst of points -- 23 in 48 seconds, Carroll vs. McDevitt.
        Sal Bello passed 25 yards to Christian Ritter, Evan Harvey returned an interception 33 yards, Ryan Boornazian tackled the
        punter (bad snap) for a safety, Steffen Ramondo returned the free kick (a kickoff) 65 yards and Max Frederick hit three PATs.
Biggest yardage difference between a team's kickoff return TDs -- 46, Roman vs. Judge.
        William Fuller returned the opening kickoff 97 yards for a TD. Later, Chris Cruz went 51 yards with an onside kick.
Only players in city postseason history to account for TDs rushing/passing/receiving -- Bob Mahan, West Catholic, 1962 City Title vs.
Southern; Jimmy Herron, La Salle vs. Roman, AAAA semi.
        Herron caught a 25-yard pass from Chris Kane, threw a 68-yard pass to Mike Eife and ran nine yards. (It was the second time in
        2012 he accomplished the feat; also vs. Ryan in regular season.)
Only line-playing brother combo to score 1-yard TDs -- Roman's Kerry and Collin Shields.
        In 2010, Kerry rushed 1 yard for a TD vs. Roxborough. Against that same opponent in 2012, Collin, playing defense, picked up a
        loose ball on the 1 and stepped into the end zone for a TD.
Best record by members of one family in their senior seasons -- 34-1, the Tracz family.
        In 1973, Brian Tracz starred at linebacker as O'Hara went 12-0. In '03, his son, Brian, did likewise as SJ Prep matched that
        record. In '12, David, Brian Jr.'s cousin, starred at tackle as SJ Prep went 10-1. (The lone loss came in OT, vs. La Salle, in the
        Catholic AAAA final. That was game No. 10. A Thanksgiving win over Malvern concluded the season.)

Entries for 2013 . . .

Longest "non-rush" -- 95 yards, Robert Hall, Future vs. Central, 8/30
play began at Future's 5. Ron Wade tried to pass, but the ball was knocked free. Hall recovered it eight yards deep in the
          end zone and raced 108 yards for a TD. Officially, Wade was credited with one carry for no yards while Hall netted 95 yards on
          NO carry. (He also scored on an 18-yard fumble return.) . . . In Week Four, vs. Boys' Latin, Hall scored four TDs -- in different
          manners: rush, reception, returns of kickoff and interception.
Most rushing yards in first game for new school -- 345, Samir Bullock, Ryan vs. O'Hara, 8/31
          In his first game for Ryan, after transferring from Judge, Bullock carried 27 times for 345 yards and three TDs. The Raiders
          posted just one other yard (on a pass by Mark Ostaszewski, who went 2-for-6).
Quickest two TDs by one team to start a game -- 19 seconds, Penn Charter vs. Fels, 9/7
          Freddie Perri returned the opening kickoff 77 yards for a TD. Fels' Michael Turnage caught the ensuing kickoff on Fels' 20 and
          began to backtrack while being swarmed. The ball popped into the air. It was caught on the 10 by Denarii Beard and he ran into
          the end zone.
Craziest last play of a first half -- La Salle vs. O'Hara, 9/14
          From O'Hara's 42, La Salle QB Kyle Shurmur whipped one long into the end zone. Thaddius Smith intercepted and tried to
          uncork a return. TE Charlie Hemcher, on the field for the first time all night (though he'd lined up in the slot), poked the ball free
          and WR Charles Headen recovered for a TD.
Most exciting performance by an opponent in the moments surrounding halftime -- Omar Truitt, St. John's (D.C.) vs Roman, 9/14
          On the next-to-last scrimmage play of the first half, Truitt returned an interception 98 yards for a TD. He then zoomed 95 yards
          for another TD with the second-half kickoff.
Only team to record three interceptions in consecutive-numbers order -- Roman vs. Bonner-Prendie, 9/20
          The Cahillites' picks, in order, were made by No. 1 (AJ Frazier), No. 2 (Dimetri Kelly, for a 22-yard TD) and No. 3 (John
, for an 80-yard TD on the final play of the game).
Only team to register interception TDs on consecutive scrimmage plays -- Gratz vs. Mastery North, 9/20
The first guy was linebacker Jaylem Sanders and the distance was 21 yards. Next up was end Skylar Wilkerson, and he
          covered 29 yards. Elapsed time: 17 seconds.
Fewest yards gained by a guy who ran for three TDs -- 3, Cedric Wright, Washington vs. Furness, 9/21
         With the ball at the 1 three different times, Washington's coaches opted for sneaks and Wright powered the ball into the end zone.
         He had no other carries. In 2011, Wright, then a sophomore, was Germantown's season-long QB starter. It was Wright who
         handed the ball to Will Parks, the previous owner of this record (7 yards on three TDs, vs. Northeast).
Most amazing very late comeback -- 27 points in final 3:15, Northeast vs. Fels, 9/27
         The Vikings, trailing by 19-0, got their first score with 3:15 left on Hakim Coles' 1-yard run. At 1:36, Natwan Curtis scored on
         an 8-yard pass from Coles, who then hit Gladimir Paul with the conversion pass. At 0:33.8, Curtis scored on a 25-yard pass
         from Coles and Tyler Gormley hit the PAT. At 0:00, Brian Green scored on a 61-yard interception return, finalizing the score at
         27-19. (Note: the TD passes were Northeast's only completions of the game.)
Fewest games played on grass fields -- Three, Week Six
         Incredibly, all 12 games involving Pub teams were played on turf. (Two games canceled due to forfeits -- Roxborough-Mastbaum
         at Northeast; Imhotep/Del-Val at Northwest Super Site -- also would have been played on turf). Played on grass: Penn Charter at
         Valley Forge MA, Episcopal at Lawrenceville (NJ) and Judge vs. La Salle at Springfield Montco.
Most visits to the end zone in one game -- 11, Greg White, West Catholic vs. Carroll, 10/12
         White scored five TDs and added three conversions in the Burrs' 50-21 win. He also lost three TDs to penalties. The yardage on
         the scores was 5, 13, 24, 9 (rushes) and 56 (reception). The conversions came on two rushes and a conversion. Lost to flags were
         a 96-yard kickoff return and rushes of 43 and 62 yards. The Burrs did not score on those three possessions, and those were the
         only times their offense failed all game.
Most penalty yards incurred by one team after setting up for first and goal -- 50, McDevitt vs. Conwell-Egan, 10/19
         "Only" 35 were marked off, however, because of offsetting personal fouls. Here we go: Stephen Leach ran for 3 yards to the 7;
         Leach ran for 1 yard to the 6 but three dead ball personal fouls (two vs. McDevitt) were called after a brief dustup, moving the
         ball back to the 21; Max Bryson passed for 18 yards to Vincent DiLeo, but a hold in the vicinity of the tackle moved the ball
         back to the 13; procedure moved it back to the 18; Bryson hit Gary Meakim for 15 yards to the 3; another procedure moved it
         back to the 8; Brendan Hanagan booted a 25-yard field goal.
Shortest time span for three TDs by one team -- 32 seconds, Southern vs. Fels in AAAA first-round playoff, 10/25 (breaking 33 by Prep Charter in 2012)
         With 7:20 left in the third quarter, Qazi Jones ran 20 yards for a TD. On Fels' first scrimmage play, Michael Riley returned a
         fumble for a 42-yard score. Jones recovered a fumble on Fels' next scrimmage play, then Terrell Miles followed with a 20-yard
         rush to the end zone.
Most passes batted down at/near the line of scrimmage by one team -- 9, Haverford School vs. Gtn. Academy, 10/26
         Niles Easley led the way with three. Mike Gindhart posted two while Mickey Kober, Eric Follman, Nick Helber and Chris
had one apiece.
Most consecutive first downs posted on pass interference calls -- 3, Future vs. Olney, 10/31
         In the fourth quarter, the Firebirds gained first downs on three consecutive plays, thanks to pass interference calls. Overall, they
         gained four first downs via PI and had just five total first downs for the game. Their QBs combined to pass 0-for-9.
Craziest line of scrimmage penalty sequences on the same day -- 2, Del-Val vs. Northeast and SJ Prep vs. La Salle, 11/8
          In a non-league afternoon game at Northeast, Del-Val was guilty of false starts three straight times, pushing the ball from
          the 5 to 2 1/2 to the 1 1/4 to the 22 1/2-inch line. At night, in the CL AAAA final at P-W, SJ Prep was guilty of encroachment
          on three straight plays. The ball moved from the 2 to the 1 to the 1/2-yard line to the 9-inch line.
Most impressive coming out party for a receiver -- Jordan Johnson, SCH Academy vs. Malvern, 11-9
           Entering this game, the Blue Devils' final game of the season, Johnson owned one catch for three yards. He then exploded for
           13 receptions for 240 yards (school record) and four TDs (tying the city record).
Most long-gain plays by one team ending at the 1-yard line -- 4, Imhotep vs. West Catholic, 11/15
           In the Class AA City Title, the plays were passes from Andre Dreuitt-Parks for 30 yards to Denniston "DJ" Moore (4-119),
           29 to Naseir Upshur and 45 to Moore, and a 21-yard run by Mike Waters (125 total yards). TDs followed.
Most fair catches of kickoffs, team -- 4, King vs. Wood, 11/16
           In the Class AAA City Title, Delane Hart (3) and Michael Lynch combined to set the record. Hart could have had four. He
           dropped the ball on one fair catch, but side judge Art "Chappy" Chapman inadvertently blew his whistle. Wood kicked off
           again and a bouncing ball was covered by a King player. In this same game, Hart (2-87) became the first Pub player to reach
           1,000 receiving yards in a season (1,073).
Shortest kickoff -- minus-4 yards, Joseph Walker, King vs. Wood, 11/16
            After King scored its lone TD late in the Class AAA City Title, star QB Joseph Walker, also the kickoff man, tried an onsides
            kick. He barely hit the ball and it spun backward to his right, where it was recovered by a teammate at the 36.

Most rushing yards over three consecutive games -- 955, Troy Gallen, Malvern, 2013
           The senior posted 372 vs. Episcopal, 333 vs. SCH Academy and 250 vs. SJ Prep. He also racked up 107 yards for 1,062
           scrimmage yards. (West Catholic's Curtis "Boonah" Brinkley had rushed for 951 in 2003).
Most interceptions by a defensive end in one season -- 6, John Nassib, Malvern, 2013
           The 6-6, 255-pound senior put his huge hands to good use, posting two picks in one game and one apiece in four others.
Strangest play to end a game -- Gratz vs. Fels, 11/7/13
On its final play vs. Fels, down by 38-36, Gratz had the ball on its own 27. A hook-and-lateral play was tried. Nydair Rouse
caught a pass from QB Musa Al-Sulaimani on the 31 and latereled to Shyheed Brown, who was standing on the 21. Brown
            threw backward to Al-Sulaimani, who was standing on the 3. Al-Sulaimani threw another forward pass, which was illegal, and
            the ball hit the ground, ending the play and the game. (Unaware that a play-ending whistle had blown, Fels'
Khalif Whitaker
            picked up the loose ball and took it into the end zone, thinking he'd scored a TD. Repeat: The play was dead. The game was
            over. The score was originally posted as 44-36 because DN statman
Keith Hines insisted he saw one of the refs signal a TD.
            Al-Sulaimani did not receive credit for two pass attempts on the play, but that would have been legendary, right?
Only player to score twice on kickoff returns of identical distances in the same game --
Luke Spahits, Wood vs. Berwick, 2013
            In a Class AAA state semifinal, Spahits scored twice on 75-yard kickoff returns. (It's likely he is the only player to score
            twice on kickoff returns of any distance in Catholic/Public postseason history, and the only Catholic League player to do so in
            any game over at least the last 35 seasons.)
Best late-season performance by a team that should have been downtrodden -- Ryan, 2013
            After losing to Judge in Week Seven, the Raiders were eliminated from playoff contention in Catholic AAAA. They finished the
            season with a 4-0 run. Therein, they beat two teams -- Wood in AAA, SJ Prep in AAAA -- that would go to on capture state
            titles, as well as the Pub's AAAA runnerup (Washington).
Most return TDs in a career -- 14,
Deandre Scott, Imhotep, 2010-13
            He totaled two as a frosh, five as a junior and seven as a senior. Breakdown: two apiece with kickoffs/fumbles, four with punts
            and six with interceptions.

Entries for 2014 . . .

Fewest passes thrown by losing team in a rout -- 0, Strawberry Mansion, 2014
            In a 42-0 loss to Olney, the Knights attempted no passes.
Most passing yards in back-to-back games -- 698,
Kyle Shurmur, La Salle, 2014
            In the first two weeks, he threw for 345 vs. North Penn and 353 vs. Bergen Catholic (N.J.)
Fewest yards gained on four receptions -- 8,
Derek Mountain, Haverford School, 2014
            Against West Catholic in Week Two, quick-hitters were well covered and Mountain had to settle for minimal gains. (In the next
            week, vs. Downingtown East, he turned three catches into 104 yards and two TDs.)
Most games played in Kentucky in one weekend -- 2, Week Two, 2014
            Imhotep played Trinity, in Louisville, and Mastery North played Johnson Central, in Paintsville.
Best display of sportsmanship -- Gratz coach
Erik Zipay, 2014
            In the second half of what became a 53-0 win over Fels, the Bulldogs scored three TDs. Each time, on the conversion, Zipay
            ordered his backup QB to take the snap, then take a knee.
Most overdressed ballboy in city history --
Timmy Weal, SCH Academy, 2014
            A deep sub not scheduled to see action, he served as the ballboy for the Blue Devils' Week Three game vs. Mastery North
            while wearing a full uniform/equipment, including his helmet.
Biggest scoring differential in back-to-back days of Public League games -- Thursday and Friday, Sept. 11-12
            Eight league games were played. Winners outscored losers, 321-6. Mastbaum was the only loser to score. (One more game was
            played on the 13th. Franklin beat Northeast, 39-20.)
Only team to turn five completions into five TDs; all to different receivers -- King, Sept. 12, vs. Lincoln
            The starting QB was Nasir Boykin, who finished 4-for-8 for 173 yards and four TDs. His TD grabbers were Mark McCray
(65 yards), Jayni Harris (35), Dominque McNeil (39) and Nasir Monroe (34). The backup QB was Terrell Pegues. His only
            pass yielded a 2-yard score to Nate Sutton.
Slimmest "breakage margin" of a 40-year-old record -- 1 yard, Joe Ruggiero, Conwell-Egan, 2014
            Against Upper Moreland, he posted 178 receiving yards to snap the school record (177) set by Jerry Riley in 1974.
Most yards gained on rushing TDs -- 286, Yeedee Thaenrat, Judge, vs. SCH Academy
             Overall, he ran for 377 yards (first 300-yard rusher in a losing effort). His five TDs covered 57, 35, 63, 56 and 75 yards.
Most consecutive times the ball was placed at the same yard line -- 6, Frankford vs. Gratz, Week Five, 2014
              After Gratz' Javon Whitfield was stopped at the 1, Frankford took over at its 1. Sequence: procedure, no gain for Mikey
, procedure again, no gain for Jermar Allen, procedure yet again, 1-yard loss and fumble for Ralph Hyland. Steve
recovered the ball for a TD.
Fewest games for a QB to reach 20 TD passes in one season -- 5, Kevin Caldwell, Franklin, 2014
              In a 40-6 win over King, three TD tosses gave him 20 for the season.
Most yards gained on TDs on consecutive plays that were nullified by penalties -- 153, Neumann-Goretti vs. Conwell-Egan, Week Five, 2014
              Aamir Brown lost a 73-yard rushing score due to a hold. Emil Moody lost an 80-yard receiving score because he grabbed a
              defender's face mask at C-E's 13.
Longest game in a which a program collected its first varsity win -- Palumbo, 2014, Week Five
               The Griffins needed three OTs to best Kensington. Dontez Jolly won it with a 10-yard run on first down after Kensington
               had been halted to start that session.
Only team to go 6-for-6 on two point conversions -- Del-Val, 2014, Week Five
               The Warriors posted six eight-spots for 48 points vs. Strawberry Mansion. Nasir Bonner, Shayne Smith, Dwine Walls
and Davik Miller ran for conversions. Walls added a pair of conversion catches.
Only team with three lefties in prominent spots -- Malvern, 2014
               QB Alex Hornibrook throws lefthanded. Center Dave Lynch snaps lefthanded. Kicker Dan Giannascoli boots leftfooted. 
Widest gap between conversion performances on same night -- seven, 2014, Week Five
               In a 62-14 win over Overbrook, Imhotep went 7-for-8 on two-pointers -- runs for Andre Dreuitt-Parks (two), Tyliek    
               Raynor, Mike Waters
and Amin Black; catches for Naseir Upshur and D.J. Moore. In a 30-13 win over Neumann-
               Goretti, West Catholic went 0-for-5 (all on two-pointers).
Most points scored in defeat -- 51, Penn Charter, 2014
               In Week Seven, the Quakers fell to SCH Academy, 53-51. In '13, SCH fell to Malvern, 63-50.
Weirdest pre-game penalty -- Prep Charter, 2014, Week Seven
               The Huskies were penalized 15 yards because coach David Hand was not present for the coin toss. The Huskies kicked off
               from their 25 and Palumbo's Dontez Jolly returned the ball 82 yards for a TD. PC stormed back to win, 48-6.
Only time Public League records were broken in back-to-back moments -- Imhotep, 2014, Week Seven vs. Dobbins
With 11:21 left in the third quarter, Andre Dreuitt-Parks, off a 50-yard TD to Denniston "DJ" Moore, claimed the Pub
               record for career passing yards with 4,194. 2010 Northeast grad
Malik Stokes had 4,170. Moore then kicked the PAT to
               raise his career total to 101 and broke a Pub mark, too. 2009 Washington grad
Will McFillin had 100.

Most scrimmage and all-purpose yardage -- 1,139 and 1,324, SCH Academy vs. Penn Charter, 2014
               In Week Seven, in a game won by SCH, 53-31, the winners racked up 554 from scrimmage and 82 on returns for 636. PC
               had 585 and 103 for 688. (In a game in '13, won by Malvern over SCH, 63-50, the teams combined for 1,080 from
               scrimmage and 232 on returns.)
Strangest conditions above the playing surface -- West Catholic vs. McDevitt, at Cheltenham, Week Seven, 2104
               In the first half, smoke from nearby fireworks displays (one at a carnival on Cheltenham's property; another across Easton
               Road at Arcadia University) created a haze in the stadium. In the second half, a dense fog rolled in and stirred memories of
               the Eagles-at-Bears Fog Bowl playoff in 1988.       
Biggest point differential in games covered by Ted on back-to-back days -- 91, Week Seven, 2014
               On Saturday, SCH Academy beat Penn Charter, 53-51 (104). On Sunday, Lansdale Catholic beat Conwell-Egan, 7-6 (13).
Longest would-be field goal -- Jack Soslow, Haverford School, 2014
               In Week Eight vs. SCH Academy, Soslow hit the left upright with a 47-yarder. HS has college-type goalposts and the ball
               hit halfway up. It would have been good from the mid-50s.
Most players to end a game with season yardage stats that were multiples of 100 -- 3, Episcopal/Penn Charter, 2014
               After a Week Eight game, Episcopal QB Ryan Whayland owned 1,300 passing yards. PC brothers Patrick and
               Jake McCain owned 500 and 200 receiving yards, respectively.
Longest game that did not end with an outrageously high score -- SCH Academy vs. Haverford School, 2014
               In Week Eight, HS triumped, 32-16, in 2 hours, 58 minutes. There were no major injuries.
Most TD passes in one half -- 7, Anthony Russo, Wood, 2014
              In Week Eight, playing only in the first half, he went 11-for-15 for 369 yards and seven TDs. Did not play thereafter.
Only time all schools in a league produced 1,000-yard passers -- Inter-Ac, 2014
              After Week Nine, all six I-A schools could boast of having 1,000-yard passers -- PC's Mike "Niko" Hnatkowsky (1,785),
              Malvern's Alex Hornibrook (1,711), SCH Academy's Paul Dooley (1,693), Episcopal's Ryan Whayland (1,357),
              Haverford School's Kevin Carter (1,225; off a 392-yard outing) and Germantown Academy's Kyle McCloskey (1,041).
Shortest two punts returned for TDs by same team -- Imhotep, Week Nine, vs. West Phila. (specifics to come)
Most completions/passes in back-to-back game by a Public League QB -- 44/72, Nasir Boykin, King, 2014.
              In Week Six, the sophomore passed 25-for-40 for 384 yards vs. Northeast, then 19-for-32 for 276 in a non-league game
              vs. Salesianum.
Worst week for competitive playoff games -- Week 10, 2014
              In a Class AA semi, West Catholic beat Conwell-Egan, 54-0, in the CL's biggest playoff blowout. In a Class AA semi, Prep
              Charter beat Palumbo, 62-0, in the PL's biggest playoff blowout. (Franklin's 63-6 win over Fels in a Class AAAA quarterfinal
              took the No. 2 spot, at 57. Del-Val's 52-0 win over Strawberry Mansion took the No. 4 spot, at 52.)
Most yards/TDs posted by a quarterback in games against the same opponent -- 920/12, Paul Dooley, SCH Academy, 2013-14.
              In '13 vs. Malvern, Dooley passed 31-for-43 for 498 yards and seven TDs. As a senior, he passed 21-for-33 for 422 and five.
              They rank as the top two yardage performances in city history.
Most conversion passes in a playoff game -- 5, Andre Dreuitt-Parks, Imhotep, Week 12
              In a 62-0 win over West Philadelphia in the AAA final, hit Khalif Clemons twice and these guys once apiece -- Tyliek
              Raynor, Naseir Upshur
and Denniston "DJ" Moore.
Only time city records were broken by teammates in the same game -- Franklin, 2014, Week 12 vs. Gratz
              In the Public AAA final, Kevin Caldwell's second of three TD passes gave him 34 for the season, one more than Brett
              Gordon posted for La Salle in '96. His third TD toss went to Rapheal "Macho" Rodriguez and that was No. 17 of the
              season for him; Dougherty's Mickey King had 16 in 2000.
Fewest plays run by one team in second half of a non-blowout -- 4, Mastery North, 2014, Thanksgiving week vs. Gratz
              The Pumas ran three plays in the third quarter (followed by a punt) and one (resulting in a turnover) in the fourth.
              Gratz won, 8-6. Gratz ran nine plays in the third quarter and 17 in the fourth.
Fewest passes in holiday game -- 3, Mastbaum vs. Future, Thanksgiving week
              On Thanksgiving Eve, at Northeast, Mastbaum beat Future, 30-20. Mastbaum's Derrick McLean went 0-for-1. Future's
              Jathan Jones went 0-for-2.
Most postseason points -- 140, Jarrett McClenton, Wood, 2014
              The Vikings played six games. McClenton scored four TDs in Nos. 1 through 4 and No. 6. He scored three TDs in No. 5.
              He also had a conversion run in No. 6.

Entries for 2015 . . .

Highest victory margin in three-pack of Thursday games -- 152, Week Three, 2015
              On Sept. 15, the scores were . . . Southern 54, Kensington 0; Imhotep 54, Boys' Latin 0; Washington 44, Roxborough 0.
Most Up and Down Night for a Quarterback -- Matt Romano, Ryan, Week Four, 2015
              In a game vs. Roman, Romano was guilty of six turnovers (four interceptions, two lost fumbles). But he also ran for two
              scores and passed for another as the Raiders won, 21-14, ending a 14-game losing streak vs. the Cahillites.
Weirdest First Win for a Coach -- B.J. "Butch" Hogan, O'Hara, Week Four, 2015
              These are some of the things that happened, via a story in the Delco Times . . . O'Hara topped Neumann-Goretti, 39-36
              on a 3-yard sneak by Tommy O'Hara with 1:29 left. Sixty-three of the points were scored in the second half. The teams
              combined for one first down in the first quarter. Right before halftime, with the ball on O'Hara's 6, N-G quarterback
              Brandon Pridgen had a brain cramp and knelt down instead of spiking the ball. In the second half, N-G's Amire Taylor
              notched a TD on a zero-yard punt "return." Ryan Taylor, stationed in the end zone, punted the ball straight up. Taylor
              jumped on it after the bounce. (Yes, both players were named Taylor. And, yes, O'Hara's QB was named O'Hara.)
Highest Yards-Per-Carry Average for a Guy Claiming a School Record -- Mike Waters, Imhotep, Week Five, 2015
              Against Mastery North, Waters carried six times for 264 yards. His first carry produced two yards. In order, his last five
              yielded seven, 73, 95, 36 and 51 -- all for TDs and all before halftime. His YPC average was 44.0, MUCH better than
              the No. 2 spot on that list -- 23.5 by O'Hara's Kevin Jones in 1998 (13-305).
Most Unusual Safety Sequence -- Lansdale Catholic vs. West Catholic, Week Five, 2015
              LC had the ball on its 16. Marlen Fenstermacher boomed an 82-yard punt to WC's 2. On third-and-11 from the 1, WC was
              called for holding in the end zone as Joshua Evans attempted a pass. Automatic safety.
Most Combined Plays for Direct Involvement for Quarterbacks -- 100, Tommy Toal (Haverford School) and Mike "Neeko"
(Penn Charter), Week Seven
              In a 41-40 game, won by HS in three OTs, Toal passed 24-for-42 for 268 yards and two TDs while rushing 14 times for
              49 yards and three TDs (56 plays). Hnatkowsky passed 19-for-31 for 243 yards and four TDs while rushing 13 times for
              47 yards (44 plays).
Biggest Total Point Differential in Two Games Worked by One Official on the Same Day -- 109, Harry Greer, Week Seven
              Greer served as the umpire in the afternoon at 29th & Clearfield (Imhotep beat Dobbins, 56-8) and in the evening at the
              Gratz Super Site (Gratz beat Kensington, 61-0).
Most Actual Yards Covered Without Scoring a TD -- 105, Todd Gregory, Boys' Latin, Week Seven
              Against People's Prep, of Newark, NJ, Gregory made an interception six yards into the end zone. He then zoomed down the
              left sideline and was tackled at the 1. It was the last play of the half.
Shortest Sliver of Football Action -- 6 minutes/7 scrimmage plays, Olney vs. Washington, Week Seven
              On Oct. 9, Washington at Olney was halted by lightning at the end of regulation with the score at 6-6. The teams finished
              the game on Oct. 20, again at Olney. The resumption started at 3:17 and ended at 3:23. Olney had the ball first. Will
              Hunter ran 1 yard for a TD on third down. (After a procedure penalty, the conversion pass failed.) Washington ran four
              plays and failed to score. The win gave Olney a 6-1 record for only the fourth time in school history (also '69, '75 and '06)
              and assured just the school's second visit to the playoffs (also '06).
Fewest Number of Scrimmage Tackles -- 2, Roxborough vs. Franklin, Week Eight
              Franklin ran just seven scrimmage plays while rolling to a 40-6 win. All three passes were completed to Javier Buffalo, who
              wound up breaking the city record for TD receptions (35) and yardage (2,385). Two rushing plays -- minus-18 on a bad
              snap; minus-1 on a bobbled snap -- were messups that ended with players flopping on the ball. Nyeem Jones ran twice and
              was tackled both times. The Electrons' other three TDs were scored on returns.
Shortest "Complete" Game -- 9 minutes and 9 seconds, Imhotep vs. Future, Week Eight
              By mutual agreement, this one was halted with Imhotep ahead, 40-0, with 2:51 remaining in the first quarter. The discussion
              among the coaches and referees occurred right after Future sent a punt straight up into the air. Imhotep's Prince Smith gained
              control on Future's 1 and stepped into the end zone for a TD. Amin Black had scored twice on interception returns.
Only Player to Score Seven TDs in One Half -- Raheem "Speedy" Blackshear, Wood, Week Nine
              In the Vikings' 56-0 win on Carroll's on-campus field, Blackshear tallied his seventh TD with 2:09 left in the first half. The
              seven TDs left him one short of the city record (Bartram's Hector Scott in 1983). Blackshear's TDs, in order, were runs of 3
              and 2 yards (he picked up a bobbled snap by QB Anthony Russo and advanced it into the end zone), receptions of 17, 5 and
              27 yards from Russo, a run of 3 yards and an interception return of 92 yards. Blackshear was credited with 12 yards on four
              carries and 49 on three catches.
Only QB to Hit Five Different Receivers for TDs in a Playoff Game -- Joshua Evans, West Catholic, Week 10
              In the Burrs' 46-0 win over Neumann-Goretti in a Catholic AA semi, Evans tied the city record for passing TDs in a postseason
              game with five. The six-pointers were posted by Amir Postley (5 yards), Ahmad Kent (28), Craig Jones (77), Amadou Barry
               (8) and Tahj Powell (9).
Strangest Scheduling Sequence Over a Two-Week Period -- Mastery North, Weeks 11 and 12
              Before Week 11, Public League chairman Ken Geiser scheduled MN and Franklin for a non-league game. MN backed out of
              that game and instead scheduled a game against Conwell-Egan for Tuesday of Week 12. It then backed out of that one.
The Only Time League Records From the Same Season Were Broken in the Same Weekend -- Week 12
              On Friday, Nov. 20, Wood's Anthony Russo fired his 34th TD pass of 2015, breaking the CL record of 33 by La Salle's
              Brett Gordon in 1997. On Saturday, Nov. 21, Imhotep's Mike Waters ran for his 28th TD, breaking the PL record of
              Frankford's Eddie Gaskins in 1997. That was also Waters' 30th overall TD, and that one broke Gaskins' overall record of 29.
              The efforts of Russo/Waters were posted in AAA championship games; Russo vs. Ryan and Waters vs. West Philadelphia.
Only Team With a Great Record to Finish With More Wins Than Completed Passes -- Northeast, 2015.
              The Vikings finished 12-1. They completed nine passes. Keith Moore went 6-for-38 for 139 yards and two TDs. Amir Paulk
              went 3-for-9 for 71 yards. Jaquan Amos went 0-for-1.
Only Team To Finish With Almost Twice as Many Interceptions as Receptions -- Northeast, 2015
              The Vikings completed nine passes. They intercepted 17. Jaquan Amos led the way with eight.
Worst Outcome for a Transfer -- Brandon Pridgen, Neumann-Goretti, 2015
              In 2014, Pridgen was Northeast's starting QB. For the 2015 season he transferred to N-G, which finished 2-9. His old school,
              Northeast, went 12-1 and advanced to the Public AAAA final.

Entries for 2016 . . .

Earliest Starting Time -- Carroll at Penn Wood
              On Sept. 10, a Saturday, due to a wicked forecast (mid-90s; heat index over 100), administrators decided to start this game
              at 8:30 a.m. Carroll lost, 21-14, and failed to score in the first half. For many, many years, the North Catholic-Frankford
              Thanksgiving game started at 9:45 a.m., almost exactly when this first half ended. In 1983, Frankford's Blair Thomas ran
              72 yards for a TD on the game's first scrimmage play. That happened at 9:48. (It's likely someone through the years returned
              an opening kickoff for a score, so it's possible an earlier TD was scored.)
Most Total Wins in Lengthy Winning Streaks That Ended on the Same Night -- 93, Sept. 16
              West Catholic's 43-game streak in regular season league games ended with a 28-6 loss to Conwell-Egan. Wood's 29-game
              streak in regular season league games ended with a 43-24 loss to SJ Prep. Haverford School's 21-game overall streak ended
              with a 27-24 loss to Perkiomen Valley. (Also, West Catholic failed to score an offensive TD in that loss to C-E. It had done
              so in 63 consecutive games.)
Longest Rushing Touchdown -- 99 yards, 25 inches
              On Sept. 24 vs. McDevitt, Neumann-Goretti QB Salvatore Emma ran up the middle for a touchdown on a play that began
              with the back end of the ball lined up over the front part of the goal line. Footballs are roughly 11 inches in length.
Craziest Finish Involving Field Goals -- Episcopal at Malvern, Week Eight, Oct. 14
              Malvern's Brandon Chiazza hit a 29-yarder with 0:49 left to create a 34-34 tie. Episcopal's Connor Ringwalt hit one from the
              same distance on the final play. Chiazza's hit off the right upright. Ringwalt's did so off the left upright.
Weirdest Season Result for Quarterbacks -- Lansdale Catholic.
              Michael Basilii threw 111 passes for the season . . . no TDs. Mike Dutkiewicz threw one pass . . . 27-yard TD to
              PJ O'Connor. They were the only Crusaders to throw passes.
Fewest Previous Yards Gained by Guys Responsible for a Team's TDs in a Playoff Game -- 15, Conwell-Egan
              In Week 11, two of the Eagles' most productive players were unavailable for the Class AAA City Title vs. Del-Val Charter.
              They won, 14-12, thanks to one TD apiece from rusher Terome Mitchell and receiver Daniel Green. Mitchell entered
              the game with four carries for five yards. Green had one catch for 10.
Most Impressive Little-Margin-for-Error Championship -- Germantown Academy.
              The Patriots tied Malvern for the 2016 Inter-Ac title with a 4-1 record. They were outscored in league play, 93-78, and
              notched their wins by 15 total points -- 3 over SCH Academy (in OT, a TD by QB Kyle McCloskey followed a field goal
              by SCH), 2 (vs. Episcopal, on a last-second field goal by Vince Capone), 7 (vs. Haverford School, McCloskey ran for all
              three TDs) and 3 (vs. Penn Charter, on a FG by Capone with 2.4 seconds left). They lost to Malvern, 45-15. That game
              took place between EA and HS.

Entries for 2017 . . .

Quickest Four-TD Outburst by One Team -- 1:49, Neumann-Goretti, Week Three.
              Against Interboro, the Saints overcame a 25-6 deficit to win, 54-25. The four TDs (with a two-point conversion mixed in)
              were scored by Jaron Macon (12 pass from Charles Britt at 3:33), Leddie Brown (9 run at 3:11), Tre'Sean Bouie (23 pass
              from Britt at 2:26) and Kharon Lloyd (18 fumble return at 1:44). Britt had a conversion run after Bouie's TD, so the
              outburst included 26 points.
Fewest Total Yards Covered in Three Consecutive Scoring Drives by One Team -- 19, SJ Prep, Week Three
              Against St. Peter's Prep (NJ), the Hawks scored on "drives" of 5, 8 and 6 yards -- run by Kolbe Burrell (5 yards), run by
              Marquez McCray (1 yard) and reception of Brandon Sanders (12 pass from McCray; one of the plays in the "drive"
              produced a 6-yard loss). The TDs were set up by a blocked punt, a bad snap and a 33-yard punt return.
Earliest Start for a 300-yard Passing Performance -- 1st, Danny Solecki, La Salle, Week Three
              With Isaiah Jones (knee injury) unavailable, Solecki made his first start vs. Malvern and passed 24-for-33 for 327 yards
              and four TDs. (If you know of other eligible feats, please speak up.)
UPDATE: This ties the accomplishment of St. James' Tom McNeely, who passed for 329 yards in his first start in 1984.
Longest Play Resulting in an Intentional Safety -- 18 seconds, Kyrin Jackson, Bonner-Prendie, Week Six
              Against McDevitt, holding a 20-14 lead with 56 seconds remaining, B-P decided to take an intentional safety. Jackson,
              primarily a receiver, wound up with the ball off a snap, retreated and raced around the end zone before being tackled at
              0:38. McDevitt's final possession ended with Ian Edwards' end-zone interception at 0:00.
Fewest Yards Gained on a Decent Number of Pass Completions -- 60 on 14 (4.3), Roman/Carroll, Week Six
              As Roman won, 6-0, Roman's Jeffrey Grosso passed 8-for-11 for 24 yards and Carroll's Kamal Gray passed 6-for-17
              for 36 yards. The game was played on turf in perfect weather.
Most TDs "Scored" by One Player on the Same Drive -- 4, Frankford's Jordan Price vs. West Philadelphia, Week Six
              In the fourth quarter, Price ran for TDs of 54, 5, 18 and 15 yards on the same drive. The first three scores were wiped
              out by penalties.
Most Amazing Number of TDs in Quick Order -- 5 in 6 touches/6 in 8 touches, SJ Prep vs. Roman, Week Seven
              Kolbe Burrell ran 31 yards for a TD with 8:14 left in the first quarter. Marques Mason, 41-yard run, 6:32; James
, 48-yard punt return, 3:58; Cherry 53-yard TD catch (wiped out by penalty 10-yards downfield); Marquez
, 53-yard run, 2:53; Phil O'Connor, 25-yard punt return, 1:06; Vaughn Hines, lost 1 yard on rush; Brandon
, 32-yard TD catch, 11:43 left in second quarter.
Most Holding Calls Against an Offense on One Series -- 4, Haverford School, Week Nine
               Against Penn Charter, the Ford were flagged for 14, 17 and 18 yards, setting up third-and-54 from their 30. They held
               again on the next play, but Ben Gerber was sacked for five yards and PC declined the penalty. Facing fourth-and-59,
               HS punted.
Most Consecutive Defensive TDs of Different Varieties -- 3, SJ Prep vs. Ryan, Week 10
                With 55.8 seconds remaining in the second quarter, Dawson DeIuliis recovered a blocked punt in the end zone. (Cooper
blocked it). With 9:03 left in the third quarter, Ryan's next possession ended when Bradley Cobaugh blocked a punt
                and Jeremiah Trotter Jr. returned it 23 yards for a TD. On Ryan's next possession, Gavin Dionisio tried a 33-yard
                field goal. All in one motion, Zach Bougess blocked/caught the ball and ran 78 yards for a TD with 11:46 left.
Most Interceptions in One Game by a Freshman -- 4, Tysheem Johnson, Neumann-Goretti, Week 11
                In the Class 2A City Title vs. Strawberry Mansion, the 5-11, 171-pound Johnson made four interceptions.
Most Amazing Coincidence Involving Receivers -- Bob Rosania and John Washington, Penn Charter
                In the last two games of the 1981 season, Rosania posted 160 receiving yards vs. Haverford School and 144 vs.
                Germantown Academy. In 2017, Washington posted 115 vs. SCH Academy in Week 10 and 122 vs. Episcopal in
                Week 11, thus becoming the first PC player to rack up double-100s in consecutive Inter-Ac games since Rosania. On
                the day of the Episcopal game, via Athletes Helping Athletes, PC's honorary captain was . . . Dan Rosania, Bob's son.
                John was brought to PC's attention when he played for the nationally famous Little Quakers youth all-star team. Bob is
                the LQ's executive director.
Longest Wait to Tie a School Record -- Penn Charter, 112 Years
                PC won nine games in 2017. It had not reached that number since 1905.
Most Interceptions by a Freshman -- 8, Tysheem Johnson, Neumann-Goretti
                He finished with eight, including four in one game (see three entries above) and seven over the last four games.

Entries for 2018 . . .

Most Unusual Late-Game Rally to Produce a Victory -- West Catholic, Week Two
                Against Paramus Catholic (NJ), West scored two late safeties to reverse a 16-14 deficit and claim an 18-16 win. Damen
                Studstill blocked a punt through the end zone for the first two-pointer. West's possession went nowhere and Tre Johnson
                launched a 50-yard punt to a spot slightly inside PC's 1. On second down from the 4, Johnson tackled the quarterback
                for another two-pointer. Respective times remaining for the safeties: 6:06 and 3:58.
Very Strange Two-Week Results Sequence -- Weeks Four and Five
                 La Salle entered Week Four with an 0-3 record, then scored 58 points vs. Haverford School. The Fords bounced back
                 in Week Five by scoring 69 points vs. Chester.
Most Consecutive Starts for Different Schools in City Titles -- Charles Britt, 3
                 He started at quarterback for Del-Val Charter in 2016, Neumann-Goretti in 2017 and Northeast in 2018.
Longest Wait to Tue a School Record -- Penn Charter, 112 Years (Again)
                 PC won 17 games over the 1905-06 seasons. It also won 17 over the 2017-18 seasons (nine, then eight).
Most Unusual Sequence to Wind Down Regulation in a Playoff Game -- West Catholic, Week 11
                 In a Class AA District 11/12 subregional final, played vs. fellow Catholic League member Bishop McDevitt, the Burrs
created a 20-20 tie with 16.8 seconds remaining in regulation when Zaire Hart-Hawkins passed to Damen Studstill
                 for a 5-yard TD on fourth-and-goal. Natan Fantahun was unable to hit the PAT. Don't hold it against him. His kick
                 had to cover 35 yards after West was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for taunting right after the TD. On
                 that tying series, West had first-and-goal at the 3 and then jumped offsides THREE straight times, thus pushing the
                 ball back to the 18. West won in two OTs, 34-33.
Longest Gap Between a League's Best Overall Records -- Inter-Ac League, 115 years.
                 Malvern finished 2018 at 11-0. Germantown Academy had posted that same record in 1903. (GA posted 10 shutouts
                 and yielded just five points on a field goal. (Yes, FGs were worth five points back then.)

Entries for 2019 . . .

Most Points Scored by a Catholic League Team in a One-Point Win -- Roman, 47.
In its first game under coach Rick Prete (8/24), Roman broke the record for most points scored by a Catholic League
                 team in a one-point win. The Cahillites, who trailed by 26-0, roared back to edge Pope Paul II, 47-46. Previous mark:
                 In a non-league, early-season game in '97, Kennedy-Kenrick beat Dougherty, 46-45. . . Also on 8/24, there was a
                 high-scoring two-pointer as Lansdale Catholic
, in coach Dom D'Addona's debut, beat Judge, 44-42.
Most Yards Averaged on Seven TDs Over Two Consecutive Games -- 58.3,
Ke'Shawn Williams, SCH Academy.
                 Williams scored four TDs vs. Roman, then three vs. Ryan (three). He totaled 408 yards on those scores for an average
                 of 58.3. In order: receptions of 11, 54 and 62 yards, 84 interception, 55 reception, 76 kickoff return, 66 reception.

Entries for 2021 . . .

                 Most Rushing Yards for a Quarterback Who Threw No Passes - 240, Mike VanHorn, Judge.
                 In a game greatly affected by rain and wind at O'Hara, VanHorn rushed 40 times for 237 yards and two TDs. The Crusaders ran 50 plays. Their opponent, SJ Prep, also threw no passes.VanHorn carried the ball on Judge's final
19 plays, 31 of the last 32 and 36 of the last 39.
                 Most Wins on Consecutive Days -- 2, Neumann-Goretti.
                 On Thanksgiving, the Saints smoked Southern, 54-0. Friday night, they defeated Danville, 28-0, in a Class 3A state quarterfinal.

Entries for 2022 . . .
                 Most Yards per Completion
-- 35.0, Samaj Jones, SJ Prep, averaged 35 yards per completion (12 for 420 yards) while throwing for seven TDs vs. St. Peter's Prep (NJ), tying the city record. He threw just 14 passes (30.0 per attempt).