William Penn Charter School
Baseball History (Rick Mellor Era)

  Rick Mellor, a 1969 grad, was Penn Charter's baseball coach for 33 seasons
1979-2011. His career record was 451-218 overall and 206-123 in Inter-Ac play
(a game in 1983 vs. Haverford School was canceled).
  His teams won 11 I-A championships -- outrights in 1981, '86, '94, '95,
'97, '05 and '09; shareds in '79, '85, '87 and '88 -- and one private school state
championship in 2002.
  Rick was also officially listed as the co-coach in 2012 with Jon Cross. He has
declined to be recognized for that season's wins and has stated that he had only
minimal involvement with the program.
  Below are the names of Rick's assistants and all players who were part of
Rick's teams through their senior year at PC (and going forward under Cross
and/or David Miller). Also listed are the number of seasons as starters, based
on Inter-Ac play, and primary positions.
  Thanks to Rick, John Burkhart, Ed Foley and Brian McCloskey for their
primary help and to others who confirmed bits of info. 

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Assistant Coaches in the Mellor Era
  Devenney Kenny    
  Gallagher Bill    
  Gubicza Tony    
  Hart Paul    
  Kuchemba Adam    
  MacFarland Charlie    
  Magee Jim    
  McCloskey Brian    
  Murray Hench    
  Ryan  Mike    
  Sasse Gerry    
Players With Team Through Senior Year, Mellor Era
Year Last Name First Name *Years Primary Pos.
*-Years as Starter Based on Inter-Ac Play in Mellor Era  
1979 Chaple Mike   OF
6-4 / 12-9 Mancer Kirk One P
  Mercer Rick One INF
  Nagle Curt One 1B
  Slider Ray One OF
  Vorraso Bob One INF
1980 Amaro David Two OF-1B
7-3 / 14-6 Caras John   INF
  Enters Ben   OF
  Hunter Todd   INF
  Jackson Bobby   INF
  Manno Mike One INF-P
1981 Barile Ernie Two OF
10-0 / 18-2 Curcio Jay Three OF
  Foley Ed One 1B-P
  Gubicza Mark Three P-OF
  Kelley Larry Two INF
  McNally Bob Three C
1982 Castellani Mike One OF
6-4 / 11-8 Giongo J.V.   OF
  Harris Tom One INF
  McCloskey Brian Four INF
  Mullen Jay One 1B
  Pascali Mike Two OF
  Wagner Greg Two P
1983 Amaro Ruben Three INF
6-3 / 11-5 Block Alan   INF
  Copestick Frank One 1B
  Constantine Jay One OF
  Kelly Tim Two C-OF
  Jacquinto Anthony   OF
  MacFarland Wayne One 1B
  Malandro Ed Four OF
1984 Angel  Brian   1B
7-3 / 13-4 Arrigale Carl Two 1B
  DiGiovanni Joe One C
  Foley Dennis Three P-INF
  Herbert Chuck Two OF
  McGarvey Joe One OF
  Warner John   PH
  Zeleznik Bob One P
1985 Burke Tom Two INF-P
9-1 / 17-2 Christman Wayne One 1B
  Deans Rob Two P-OF
  Dougherty Chuck One OF
  Dowling Mike   INF
  Lewandowski Steve   INF
  McNally Brian Two INF-1B
1986 Brown Steve   OF
10-0 / 21-3 Capriotti Joe One 1B
  Corapi Tony One OF
  Floirendo Steve Three C
  Healy Dave Three P-1B
  Horgan Mike One OF
  McKinsey Scott Three OF
  Shoemaker Mark One P
  Shragher Mike   OF
1987 Benzing Brendan One OF
7-3 / 15-5 Burke Scott Two INF
  Dimond Jamie Two INF
  Jacquinto Pete One OF
  Mangine Steve   OF
  Skoczynski Mark Three INF
1988 Cubbin Craig Two OF
8-2 / 16-4 Farnese Andrew   INF
  Jones Ben One INF
  Michel Jim Two P
  Murphy Paul Two P
  Nanni Chris Two C-OF
  Sgrignioli Joe One
  Spratt T.A. One INF
1989 Cooley Mike Two INF
5-5  7-7 Murphy F.X. One P
  Longstreth Tom One OF
  Nanni Dave Three 1B-P
  Tokarczyk Justyn One 1B-OF
  Wilson John One OF
1990 Gray Eric One C
4-6 / 6-11 Kushner Steve   INF
  Mohan Neil One OF
  Reagan Dave One OF
  Sgrignioli Mike   C
  Steinbrook Steve Two DH-INF
  Skwersky Adam One OF
  Wilson Dave One 1B
  Wojdon Ed Three INF
1991 Fitzpatrick Ryan   INF
2-8 / 8-11 Mahrt Russ One P
  McGonagle Dan One INF
  Murphy Tim Two P
  Ranieri John One P
  Scheid Sam One OF
1992 Atkins Andy One 1B
6-4 / 12-8 Malizia Joe   INF
1993 Batts Courtney Four INF
8-2 / 11-3 Brown DeWitt One OF
  Mahrt Nick Two DH-C
  O'Driscoll Trevor Two C
  Weigand Josh Two OF
1994 Corbett Brian One OF
9-1 / 14-2 DeMarco Rich Three INF-P
  Duffy Andrew   1B
  Levy Howie   C
  McLaughlin Jon Four INF-OF
  Samuel Mike Four P-OF
  Sposato Mike Four OF
  Sullivan Kevin   INF
1995 Heleniak Keith One OF
8-2 / 17-5 Maletta Frank Four P-INF
  Rosenstock Matt   INF
1996 Carroll Chris   OF
6-4 / 10-6 Gardner Andy   OF
  Hassler John Three INF
  Hayne David Two INF
  Kivlin Tom One DH
  Johnson Chris   OF
  Negron Domingo Three OF-1B
  Storm Larry One OF 
  Thompson Andy One INF
1997 Arizin Matt Three P-1B
8-2 / 17-6 Cake Ben One C
  Etish Scott Two INF
  Gottehrer Hap Three C-DH
  Hayes Pete One INF
  Hayne Jon One OF
  Larkin Pat Two OF
  Reifsnyder Claude One OF
1998 Bello Nick One DH
5-5 / 11-6 Bender Jeff   OF
  Carter Aaron One OF
  Ellis John One OF
  Gibbs Matt One OF
  Roslyn Marshall Two C
1999 Borish Mark One 1B
4-6 / 12-7 Briskin Ryan Two DH-INF
  Cappo Keith   OF-P
  Farnese Pete   INF
  Greenberg Dan Two 1B-C
  Kessler Matt   1B
  Larkin Joe Four P-OF
2000 Borish Josh   OF
6-4 / 10-6 Carroll Matt Two P-OF
  Cousin Kyle Four INF
  Greenfield Jason Two INF
  Mittica C.J. One DH
2001 Devenney Kenny Four OF
7-3 / 15-7 Elbaum Phil Three OF
  Hylan Andy One OF
  Peet Dave One INF
2002 Farnese Tom   INF
3-7 / 16-10 Greenfield Aaron Three C
  Kreider Kevin One OF
  McGarvey Mike   OF
  Mittica Aaron Two DH-OF
  Sasse Gerry Three P-1B-OF
2003 Baum Taylor Four 1B-P
6-4 / 16-7 Maley Mickey One OF
  Ryan Matt Three INF-P
  Samuel John One OF
2004 Brock Jon   OF
6-4 / 16-6 Morrone Ed   OF
  Mozes Dan   C
  Skinner David Two INF
  Thomas Corey One 1B
2005 Brock Chris One OF-P
9-1 / 19-5 Hollinshead R.J. Three C
  Nanni Ryan Four OF
  Spagnoletti Marc Three INF
  Zeglinski Zack Five INF
2006 Baldridge Andrew   1B
6-4 / 17-9 Decker Ted   INF-OF
  Entwisle Jim Two INF
  Hanna Alec   P-INF
  Rust Sean Three P-1B
2007 Adzick Mark Five   P-1B
3-7 / 13-11 Basile Mike Two INF
  Caramanico Tom One
  Goldman Billy Three OF
  Heinsheimer Josh   INF
  Incollingo Mario Two INF-DH
  Torrey Jon   OF-P 
  Zeglinski Sammy Three OF-INF
2008 Carroll Mike Three P
6-4 / 18-9 Kaesshaefer Scott   INF
  Smith Zack   OF-C
  Walton John Two DH-OF
  Wenger Ryan Three OF
2009 Amaro Rob Four 1B-INF
9-1 / 21-4 Fleming Doug Four C
  Harrington Steve Two 1B-OF
  Massaro Mike Two INF
  Nazarewycz Jack Two OF
  O'Boyle Billy One P
  Rhine Mark Four INF
  Ryan John Two OF
2010 Canuso Julian One OF
1-9 / 4-14 Foley Mick  Three 1B-P
  McDugall Dan One INF-P
2011 Ahmed Neil   OF
3-7 / 13-10 Amaro Andrew Two INF
  Friskey Robert Two OF
  Garnick Adam   INF-P
  Loughery John Two DH-INF
Players With Team Through Senior Year, Mellor Era/Beyond
Year Last Name First Name *Years Primary Pos.
*-Years as Starter Based on Inter-Ac Play in Mellor Era/Beyond  
2012 Colton Tucker One 1B
  Jennings Demetrius Four OF
  Koplove Kenny Five P-INF
  Lamb Nick Two OF
  Malandro Ed One OF
  Massaro Jared Three INF
  Regni Gian   INF
2013 Foley Ted Three P
2014 Cohen Steve Four P
  Della Valle Jordan Four C-DH
  Pagan T.J. Three  P