William Penn Charter School
Girls Basketball History

  Penn Charter's first coed class graduated in 1992. The girls basketball team played a non-league
schedule in the 1990-91 season, then joined the Inter-Ac for the 1991-92 season.
  The league members: Agnes Irwin, Baldwin, Episcopal Academy, Germantown Academy,
Academy of Notre Dame, Shipley (left league after the 2005-06 season) and Springside
(now known as Springside Chestnut Hill Academy).

1990-91 Through 2017-18 Seasons

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PC Girls Basketball . . . Captains, All-Inter-Ac Honorees, Leading Career Scorers, Champs Thumbnail
  Captains First Team Second Team Leading Career Scorers    
1991 Rachel Steinbrook     Hannah Fox 2016 1,813
  Megan Gallagher     Virginia McMunigal 2006 1,573
1992 Rachel Steinbrook     Melissa Knight 2001 1,535
  Megan Gallagher     Aleesha Powell 2011 1,510
1993 Megan Gallagher     Ayanna Matthews 2016 1,433
  Sue Burke     Dianna Thomas-Palmer 2012 1,122
1994 Sue Burke

*** Please Take Note ***

Steph Straup 1999 1,074
  Megan Evans   ** Inter-Ac First Picked All-League Teams      
  Megan Miller for Girls Sports in the 1997-98 School Year.**      
1995 Megan Evans          
  Katie Miller     1997-98 Champs (7-0) *GS-Pts High
  Tori Marabella     Coach    
1996 Katie Miller     Paul Lynch    
  Tori Marabella     Assistant    
1997 Allison MacCullough     Kelly Heineman    
1998 Colleen Lynch Colleen Lynch   Student Manager    
  Melissa Schuck Steph Straup   Patrick Sasse    
1999 Steph Straup Melissa Knight   Starters    
  Jennifer Albright     Colleen Lynch 7-101 21
2000 Mary Rogers Melissa Knight   Steph Straup 7-86 16
  Andrea MacCullough     Melissa Knight 7-77 19
  Amy Straup     Melissa Schuck 7-28 7
2001 Steph Miller Melissa Knight   Jaime Ruth 1-4 4
  Melissa Knight     Primary Sub    
2002 Rachel Prowler Jennifer Fabbi   Jen Albright 4-10 4
  Carol Ann Fabbi     Others    
  Carol Seider     Brandi Alexander 3-14 7
2003 Dominique Browner Jennifer Fabbi   Amy Straup 2-11 6
    Virginia McMunigal   Andrea MacCullough 1-3 3
2004 Ashley Bolton Virginia McMunigal   Mary Rogers 1-2 2
  Jenn Fabbi     *-games scored 7-336 56
2005 Marie McKenna Virginia McMunigal        
2006 Virginia McMunigal Virginia McMunigal        
  Julie Bown          
2007 Audra Hugo None        
  Bridget McDugall          
2008 Kayla Torrey None Aleesha Powell      
  Nora McGukcin          
  Caroline Huber          
2009 None Aleesha Powell        
2010 Nikki Guynn Aleesha Powell Dianna Thomas-Palmer      
  Aleesha Powell Brianna Butler        
  Kendall Stokes          
2011 Aleesha Powell Aleesha Powell Dianna Thomas-Palmer      
  Kendall Stokes Brianna Butler        
  Brianna Butler          
2012 MaryKate O'Brien Dianna Thomas-Butler        
  Dianna Thomas-Palmer          
  Danielle Sienko          
2013 Katie O'Malley None        
  Nicole Wentz          
2014 Kristina Kubach Ayanna Matthews Hannah Fox      
2015 Nicolette Napoleon Ayanna Matthews        
  Jessica Soens Hannah Fox        
  Caroline Jones          
2016 Taylor Zahairagunn Ayanna Matthews        
  Hannah Fox Hannah Fox        
  Ayanna Matthews          
2017 Mireyah "Rey" Davis None Lexi Hnatkowsky      
  Lexi Hnatkowsky   Mireyah "Rey" Davis      
  Julie Webb          
2018 Kait Carter None Kait Carter      
  Emma Maley          
  Abby Manion          
2019 Kait Carter          
  Emma Maley          
  Abby Manion          
  Carmen Williams