William Penn Charter School
Boys Lacrosse History

  Penn Charter fielded its first lacrosse team in 1968 under coach Robert "Jake" Roak, who
coached the team through '73. Senior Bob Fass scored the team's first goal in a loss to
Germantown Academy and scored the decisive goal, in overtime, in the team's first win,
over George School.
  The team played in the private school division of a Philadelphia-area league through 1976.
It won state championships in 1974, '75 and '76 with title-game wins over Harriton by 4-3,
Harriton again by 11-10 and Abington by 11-10, respectively. Lacrosse became an official
Inter-Ac sport in 1977.
  Aside from Roak, the Quakers have been coached by Joe Perrott, Henry "School House"
Lane, Steve Yingling, Chris Teare, Tony Resch
and Pat McDonough.
  The league members: Episcopal Academy (EA), Germantown Academy (GA), Haverford School
(HS), Malvern Prep (MP) and Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (SCH), since 2013.
  Thanks to John Burkhart, Joe Perrott, Tony Resch, Bob "Boober" Aitken, John
Michener, Dave Butler, Harry Sankey, Bob Rosania, Tim Dowling, Tim Wall, Bill Gallagher
Jr., Jim Still
and Jeff Krane for their help!
  **Profiles of championship teams at bottom of page.**

Through 2019 Season

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Captains and All-Star Honorees (Numerous Lists Currently Unavailable)
  Captains   First Team All-State All-Americans
  (Prior Seasons Unavailable)   (Prior Seasons Unavailable) (Prior Seasons Unavailable)
1973 Rick Hess      
  Bob Marquess      
1974 Dave Butler   Craig "Mole" Bower  
  Edgar Lobley      
1975 Craig "Mole" Bower   Bob "Boober" Aitken Craig "Mole" Bower, M
      Craig "Mole" Bower  
1976 Bob "Boober" Aitken   Bob "Boober" Aitken Bob "Boober" Aitken, A
  Mike Andris   Joe Happe  
  Nick Sommaripa   Nick Sommaripa  
    First Team All-Inter-Ac    
1977 J.R. Castle     Joe Happe, A
  Joe Happe      
1978 Rob Egan Rob Egan, A Rob Egan, A  
  Tom Groshens      
1979 Corky Andrews Corky Andrews   Terry Dowling, M
  Terry Dowling Rick Bedford    
  Jim McGarvey Scott Eder    
    Jim McGarvey    
1980 Mike Concordia      
  Glenn Tilley      
1981 Vince Della Valle      
  Tim Dowling      
  Tony Resch      
1982 Chris Roak     Chris Roak, A
  Jim Walker     Peter Ortale, M
  Adam Wall     Joe Donnelly, G
1983 Joe Donnelly     Peter Ortale, M
  Jim Happe     Joe Donnelly, G
  Peter Ortale      
  Tim Wall      
1984 Mike Hirshland      
1985 Chris Morton      
  Rusty Zepernick      
1986 Dave Krauss None    
  Matt Miller      
1987 Mark Christman None    
  Nate Gerrie      
  Tom Livezey      
1988 Chris Donnelly      
  Jeff McGuckin      
1989 Michael Sheward      
  Greg Summers      
  Paul Wolfson      
1990 Rich Dressler     Rich Dressler, G
  Bill Gallagher      
1991 Bill Gallagher Bill Gallagher Bill Gallagher  
  PJ Kane      
  Bill Young      
1992 Matt Donnelly      
  Tood Goulding      
  Dan Kelley      
  Pete McDonough      
1993 John Garvey      
1994 Anthony Balsamo      
  David Bolno      
1995 Anthony Balsamo      
  David Bolno      
  Andrew Hayes      
1996 Pierce Austin      
  Craig Kaufman      
1997 Colin McDonough      
  Brendan Moore      
1998 Will Hiesinger Will Hiesinger    
  Matt Kelley Matt Kelley     
    Joe Nejman    
1999 Ryan McGorman Unavailable    
  Joe Nejman      
  Scott Roslyn      
2000 Eric Goldman Billy McKinney    
  Jordan Seiken Zandy Reich    
    Andrew Tan    
2001 Billy McKinney Billy McKinney   Zandy Reich, A
  Zandy Reich Zandy Reich    
  Andrew Tan Andrew Tan    
2002 Henry Bartlett Henry Bartlett    
  Stu Brown Stu Brown    
  Brad Roslyn David Gaunt    
    Tony McDevitt    
    Ryan Still    
2003 Henry Bartlett Henry Bartlett   Henry Bartlett, A
  Tony McDevitt George Castle   Ryan Still, M
  Ryan Still David Gaunt    
    Tony McDevitt    
    Ryan Still    
    Denis Whelan    
2004 Bruce Tan Jack Forster    
  Jason Windmoeller Jason Windmoeller    
2005 Colin Hitschler Eric Muller    
  Will Pappas Derek Still    
  Derek Still      
  Paul Sweeney      
  Bruce Tan      
2006 Rob Kolansky Eddie Bambino    
  Kevin McGarvey Rob Kolansky    
    RJ Lyons    
    Kevin McGarvey    
    Eric Muller    
    Joe Rauchut    
2007 Eric Muller Eddie Bambino    
  Joe Rauchut Eric Muller    
    Joe Rauchut    
    Colin Still    
2008 Eddie Bambino Blaise Fullen   Colin Still, A
  Ryan McGarvey Liam Resch    
  Colin Still Colin Still    
2009 Dan Carr Steve McVeigh    
  Steve McVeigh Mike Rauchut    
  Mike Rauchut      
  Joey Volgraf      
2010 Jim Lamb John Moderski   Joey Sankey, A
  Greg Laudadio Joey Sankey    
  Dave Martina Tyler White    
  Joey Sankey      
2011 Joey Sankey Tyler White   Joey Sankey, A
  Tyler White      
2012 Shane Carr Shane Carr    
  Jackson Tamasitis Tyler Earley    
    John Moderski    
2013 Eric Berger Charlie Giunta    
  Charles Giunta Dean Roseman    
  Kevin  Murphy      
  Ray Vandegrift      
2014 Nick Bambino Sean McKee    
  Stephen Gottlieb Drew Murray    
  Drew Murray      
  Dean Roseman      
2015 Rob Keehfuss Rob Keehfuss    
  Frank McGlinchey Sean McKee    
  Patrick McInerney Christian Teuber    
  Christian Teuber      
2016 Drew Gallant Sean McKee   Sean McKee, G
  David Gottlieb Cody Sweeney    
  Jake McCain      
  Sean McKee      
  Cody Sweeney      
2017 Alex Malitas Luke Stansfield    
  Dylan Schwartz Gavin Tygh    
  Luke Stansfield      
  Mac Wilson      
2018 Blake Target Sam Keyser Gavin Tygh, M Gavin Tygh, M
  Terence Thompson Carson Marano    
    Blake Target    
    Gavin Tygh    
2019 Terence Thompson Sam Keyser Carson Marano, G Gavin Tygh, M
  Gavin Tygh Carson Marano Gavin Tygh, M  
    Gavin Tygh    


---- Profiles of Championship Teams ----
1974 State Champs     1975 State Champs     1976 State Champs  
Coach: Joe Perrott     Coach: Joe Perrott     Coach: Joe Perrott  
Primary Starters     Primary Starters     Primary Starters  
Bob "Boober" Aitken Attack   Bob "Boober" Aitken Attack   Bob "Boober" Aitken Attack
Craig "Mole" Bower Attack   Joe Happe Attack   Tom Groshens Attack
Joe Happe Attack   Greg Hartman Attack   Joe Happe Attack
Dave Butler Midfield   Andy "Add" Anderson Midfield   Mike Andris Midfield
Edgar Lobley Midfield   Craig "Mole" Bower Midfield   J.R. Castle Midfield
Harry Sankey Midfield   Harry Sankey Midfield   Mike Roughton Midfield
Walt Delevich Defense   Frank Roma Defense   Bill Larson Defense
Vince Furlong Defense   Nick Sommaripa Defense   Frank Roma Defense
Frank Roma Defense   Paul "Scrappy" Soulges Defense   Nick Sommaripa Defense
Craig Sabatino Goalie   Gary Dudek Goalie   Gary Dudek Goalie
Key Subs     Key Subs     Key Subs  
Stew Tonkinson Attack   Mike Andris Midfield   Bruce Dillard Defense
Benji Linton Midfield   J.R. Castle Midfield   Drew McConaghy Midfield
Nick Sommaripa Defense   Kevin Meehan Defense   Bill Mebane Midfield
      Hugh McMeehan Defense      
1981 InterAc Champs     1982 Inter-Ac Champs     1983 State Champs  
Coach: Joe Perrott     Coach: Joe Perrott     Coach: Joe Perrott  
Primary Starters     Primary Starters     Primary Starters  
Tim Dowling Attack   Jim Happe Attack   Jim Happe Attack
Jim Happe Attack   Chris Roak Attack   John Wall Attack
Bob Rosania Attack   Tim Wall Attack   Tim Wall Attack
Vince Della Valle Midfield   Dave Fass Midfield   Mike Hirshland Midfield
Jeff Krane Midfield   Peter Ortale Midfield   Tony Hollinger Midfield
Adam Wall Midfield   Adam Wall Midfield   Peter Ortale Midfield
Frank Donnelly Defense   Alex Fogel Defense   Chuck Cooper Defense
Walt LaMar Defense   Bob Rosania Defense   Rennie Rodriguez Defense
Tony Resch Defense   Jim Walker Defense   Sean Weston Defense
Joe Donnelly Goalie   Joe Donnelly Goalie   Joe Donnelly Goalie
Key Subs     Key Subs     Key Subs  
Chris Roak Attack   Bob Rech Defense   Brew Bassett Attack
Jeff Krane Midfield         Mike Biront Midfield
Peter Ortale Midfield         Evan Michener Defense
Jim Walker Defense            
1989 State Champs              
Coach: Chris Teare              
Primary Starters              
John Michener Attack            
Casey Murray Attack            
Paul Wolfson Attack            
Pat McDonough Midfield            
Ted Nusbaum Midfield            
Michael Sheward Midfield            
Fran Casey Defense            
Bill Gallagher Defense            
Greg Summers Defense            
Rich Dressler Goalie            
Key Subs              
Brant Imperatore Attack            
Michael Gomez Midfield            
Ken Klinger Defense