William Penn Charter School
Girls Lacrosse History

  Penn Charter's first coed class graduated in 1992. The lacrosse team played its first varsity season
in the spring of 1991 (patchwork schedule), then became part of the Inter-Ac League in 1992.
  The team has been coached by Debbie White, Tori Small, Mary Fran Riffel, Channing
Weymouth, Alex Casey, John Curtin
and Colleen Magarity.
  The league members: Agnes Irwin, Baldwin, Episcopal Academy, Germantown Academy,
Academy of Notre Dame, Shipley and Springside (now known as Springside Chestnut Hill Academy).
Shipley left the Inter-Ac after the 2006 season.
  Thanks to Debbie White for her help! 

1991 Through 2018 Seasons

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Captains / First Team All-Inter-Ac Honorees / Profiles of Championship Teams
Year Captain I-A First Teamers    1993 Champs  
1992 Catherine McGuckin     Coach: Debbie White  
  Rachel Steinbrook     Primary Players  
1993 Megan Gallagher     Anna Ficken Attack
  Cydney Irving     Meg Drumm Attack
  Mary Vizza     Mary Vizza Attack
1994 Jen Gallagher     Tori Marabella Midfield
  Megan Miller     Meg Gallagher Midfield
1995 Laurie Sykes     Stephanie Teaford Midfield
  Stephanie Teaford     Cydney Irving Midfield
1996 Anna Ficken     Meg Miller Midfield
  Tori Marabella     Egenne Wolfington Defense
  Eganne Wolfington     Jen Gallagher Defense
1997 Virginia Brown     Susan Burke Defense
  Allison MacCullough     Carly Lynch Goalie
1998 Traci Marabella        
  Gabrielle Snyder     1998 Champs  
1999 Jen Albright     Coach: Debbie White  
  Katie Park     Primary Players  
  Meghan Walters     Gabrielle Snyder Attack
2000 Andrea MacCullough     Katie Park Midfield
  Katie Morton     Traci Maraballe Midfield
2001 Lauren Herman Katie Ficken   Jen Albright Midfield
  Ashley McDowell     Andrea MacCullough Midfield
  Oksana Yaworsky     Meghan Walters Defense
2002 Katherine Butler Katherine Butler   Steph Straup Defense
  Chelsea Erdmanis     Megan Baran Defense
  Rachel Prowler     Colleen Lynch Defense
2003 Dominique Browner Katherine Entwisle   Melissa Jung Goalie
  Sam Mitchell Marie McKenna   Significant Action  
  Cessa Murasko-Blank     Emily Bodenheimer Attack
2004 Ashley Burton Katherine Entwisle   Alexis Bodenheimer Attack
  Katherine Entwisle Marie McKenna   Liz Roller Attack
2005 Gretta Ehret Marie McKenna   Lindsay Coleman Midfield
  Marie McKenna Marghi Walters   Maggy White Defense
2006 Julia Bateman Anne McKenna      
  Kerry McLernan Jill Taylor      
    Marghi Walters      
2007 Kelsey McDowell Nora McGuckin      
  Anne McKenna Anne McKenna      
    Marghi Walters      
2008 Nora McGurkin Becca Foley      
  Danielle Yurko Nora McGuckin      
2009 Monica Butler Kellie Ragg      
  Darcy Resch        
2010 Kellie Ragg Kellie Ragg      
  Sara Rowland Blaine Steinberg      
  Blaine Steinberg        
2011 Kate Higgins Kate Higgins      
  Blaine Steinberg Blaine Steinberg      
  Liz Wills Liz Wills      
2012 Sarah Butler Avery Shoemaker      
  Amanda Fleming        
2013 Emma Ebert Avery Shoemaker      
  Kelly Kubach        
2014 Julie Fleming Avery Shoemaker      
  Lauren Matt        
  Leigh Steinberg        
2015 Avery Shoemaker Avery Shoemaker      
2016 Meredith Chernak Hannah Fox      
  Sarah Fleming Macaul Mellor      
  Hannah Fox        
2017 Courtney Cubbin Macaul Mellor      
  Perri Keehfuss Alexis Joseph      
  Macaul Mellor        
2018 Christmas Cotter Vanessa Ewing      
  Greer Guyer Alexis Joseph      
  Alexis Joseph