William Penn Charter School
Boys Soccer History

  Penn Charter fielded its first official soccer team in 1919. It played from '19 through '27 in the
Private Schools Soccer Association and then became part of the Inter-Ac in 1928. The Quakers
have remained there since.
  The team has been coached by George Young, Dan Test, Bert Linton, Charles "Chick" Conard,
Earl Harrison, Peter Kennedy, George "Buff" Weigand, Peter Boucher, Ed Marks, Bob Bower,
Mark Franek, Leighton Walters
and Bob DiBenedetto. **Please note. Research on some loose
ends is still being conducted. This list could be altered slightly.**

  The current Inter-Ac members: Episcopal Academy (EA), Germantown Academy (GA), Haverford
School (HS), Malvern Prep (MP) and Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (SCH). Previous members:
Germantown Friends (GF), Friends' Central (FC) and Friends Select (FS).
  Thanks to John Burkhart, Allan Brown, George "Buff" Weigand, Dave Weigand and Bob
for their help.
  **Please note. Research on records/results/all-star teams is also still being conducted. If you can
help, please contact Ted Silary at the email listed below. Thanks!**

1919 Through 2019 Seasons

**Profiles of Championship Teams at Bottom of Page**

To reach Ted Silary -- tedtee307@yahoo.com

Year Captains 1st All-Inter-Ac (*MVP) 2nd All-Inter-Ac
1919   Unavailable    
1920 Willard McDowell    
1921 Henry Jones    
1922 Bill Hacker    
1923 Bill Hacker    
1924 Bill Hacker    
1925 Frank Christian    
1926 Joe MacCarroll    
1927 George "Whitey" Joyce    
1928 George "Whitey" Joyce    
1929 Olin Pearce    
1930 Fred Klaer    
1931 Art Howe    
1932 Ted Dilloway    
1933 Justin Pearson    
1934 Bill Raleigh    
1935 Tom Russell    
1936 Jack Slonaker    
1937 Richard Bauer    
1938 Bill Wright    
1939 George Hallowell    
1940 Craig Linton    
1941 Hunter Davis    
1942 Mintum Wright    
1943 Richard Collins    
1944 Herb Williams    
1945 Jay Geiger    
1946 Jim Duncan    
1947 Fred Sutor Wistar Wood  
1948 Carl Rumpp Howard Hanson  
    Jack Park  
    Carl Rumpp  
1949 Tom Driscoll Dana Weeder  
    Curt Wood  
1950 Dana Weeder Bill Masland  
    Charlie Rieger  
1951 Fred Nill    
1952 George Lyons Sam Frieder  
  Eddie Maier George Lyons  
    Eddie Maier  
1953 Sam Frieder Rich Kohler  
  Rich Kohler Jack Larson  
1954 Andy Kelly    
  Jim Rumpp    
1955 Bruce Patridge Joe Hoover  
    Jim Masland  
    Bruce Patridge  
1956 Jim Masland Jim Masland  
    Bill Semisch  
1957 Ted Wray    
1958 Dave Sigafoos Jim Davis  
    Clem Foust  
1959 Sam Francis Sam Francis  
    Alex Frazier  
1960 Pete Humbert Pete Humbert Jon Davis
    Steve Simpson  
1961 Steve Simpson Joe Burns Bob Spigel
1962 Joe Burns Jim Burns Jake Fiechter
    Joe Burns Pete Gray
1963 Jim Burns Jim Burns Steve Mann
      Todd Pearson
1964 Andy Rossell George Loeb  
1965 Allen Steere Unavailable  
1966 John Skinner None Kurt Dengler
      Chris Scott
1967 Warren Schmidt Roger Gordon  
  Brad Ward    
1968 Roger Gordon Roger Gordon  
  Rich Steere    
1969 Charlie Long     
  Ted Over     
1970 Rick Landell    
  Dan Reese    
1971 David Gilkeson    
  Stephen Hadley    
1972 Kirk Hartman    
  Karl "Kip" Salus    
1973 Fred Dohrmann    
  David Kennedy    
1974 Gregg Hartman    
  Hugo Smith    
1975 Bill Minter    
  Clay Spurgeon    
  Dave Weigand    
1976 Josh Ottenberg Adam Klaus  
1977 Adam Klaus John Blanchard  
    Adam Klaus  
    Jon Myers  
1978 Rick Mercer Rick Mercer  
  Pete Miller    
  Scott Sorokin    
1979 Jon Sarkisian    
1980 Paolo Bentivoglio Paolo Bentivoglio  
  Jeff Krane Jeff Krane  
1981 Chris Roak    
  Jim Walker    
1982 Ruben Amaro    
  George Brockman    
1983 Rick Commons Fernando Gomez Unavailable
  Fernando Gomez    
1984 Greg Wolfson Greg Rudolf Jack McDonough
  Rusty Zepernick   Dan Weiss
      Rusty Zepernick
1985 Dave Jaspan Jack McDonough Unavailable
  Greg Rudolf Greg Rudolf  
    Dan Weiss  
1986 Brien Tilley John Paul Gomez Bill Keane
    Jack McDonough Andy Scales
      Brien Tilley
1987 Scott Fitzpatrick John Paul Gomez Doug Connor
  John Paul Gomez Steve Rudolf Scott Fitzpatrick
      Andy Scales
      Jeff Zieger
1988 Ted Nusbaum Ted Nusbaum Mike Steinbrook
  Paul Wolfson Michael Bernstein  
1989 Mike Gomez Mike Gomez Chuck Balsamo
  Pat McDonough Pat McDonough Rich Dressler
  Ted Nusbaum Ted Nusbaum  
1990 Chuck Balsamo Chuck Balsamo Kevin Hocking
  Kevin Hocking   Steve Shin
  Steve Shin    
1991 Chuck Balsamo *Chuck Balsamo Steve Shin
  Jason Berkowitz    
  Scott White    
1992 Bjorn Miller Bjorn Miller Steve Shin
  Steve Shin    
1993 Garry Ball Anthony Balsamo Tom Ruth
  A.J. Caldwell A.J. Caldwell  
  Justin Kaufman    
1994 Anthony Balsamo Chris Albright Andy Hayes
  David Poppa Anthony Balsamo  
    A.J. Caldwell  
1995 Chris Albright Chris Albright Dan F. Ryan
  Tom Ruth Gerry Greenleaf  
    Tom Ruth  
1996 Ben Cake Matt Gibbs Ben Cake
  Gerry Greenleaf   Gerry Greenleaf
      Cecil Rogers
      Dan F. Ryan
1997 Matt Gibbs Matt Gibbs Bobby Convey
  Dan F. Ryan Dan F. Ryan  
1998 Scott Roslyn Keith Cappo Sean Albright
  Greg Schernecke *Bobby Convey Chris Ferrari
    Brian Devlin Anthony Pepe
    Greg Schernecke  
1999 Ed Gulko Sean Albright Joe Hartman
  Joe Hartman Brian Devlin Mike Hines
      Anthony Pepe
      Bill Simolike
2000 Sean Albright Sean Albright Dan E. Ryan
  Brian Devlin Brian Devlin  
  Mike Hines Mike Hines  
2001 Brian Devlin Brian Devlin Tim Convey
  Mike Swift Wilfredo Naveiro Mike Swift
2002 Tim Convey Tim Convey Pat Farrell
  Dave Gaunt Jimmy Linus Dave Gaunt
  Wilfredo Naveiro Wilfredo Naveiro Dain Lewis
2003 Wilfredo Naveiro Pat Farrell Jesse Levinson
  Jason Windmoeller Wilfredo Naveiro  
2004 Pat Farrell Pat Farrell Jesse Levinson
  Steve Sullivan    
2005 Steve Baron None Steve Baron
  Ben Katz   Tim Drabyak
  Mike Vandergrift    
2006 Steve Baron Steve Baron Connor Gorman
  Ben Katz Tim Drabyak  
2007 Connor Gorman *Connor Gorman Dan Lyons
  Sam Yeoman Sam Yeoman  
2008 Ryan Broderick Jeff Calhoun Mike Baron
  Jeff Calhoun   Ryan Broderick
      Jordan Dean
2009 Mike Baron Jordan Dean Jeff Blechschmidt
  Jordan Dean   Mike Goldman
  Ben Perelman    
2010 Mike Baron *Mike Baron Sam Agre
  Jeff Blechschmidt Rob Friskey Jeff Blechschmidt
  Mike Goldman Mike Goldman Sean O'Brien
2011 Sam Agre Sam Agre Josh Cannon
  Ben Krieger Rob Friskey Ben Krieger
      Sean O'Brien
2012 Sam Agre Sam Agre Bradford Jones
  Josh Cannon Ted Foley  
  Ted Foley Matt Sullivan  
2013 Matt Sullivan Matt Sullivan Adison Cripe
      Harrison Williams
2014 Pete Ciarrocchi Harrison Williams Adison Cripe
  Adison Cripe Luke Zieger Drew Shaifer
  Luke Zieger    
2015 Harrison Williams Conrad Williams Max Jacobs
    Harrison Williams Jay Jennings
      Dylan Schwartz
      Drew Shaifer
      Connor Sullivan
2016 Max Jacobs Max Jacobs Andrew Morris
  Dylan Schwartz Jay Jennings Dylan Schwartz
  Connor Sullivan Connor Sullivan  
  Conrad Williams Conrad Williams  
2017 Griffin Barnes Connor Sullivan Billy Melnick
  Kyle Earley   Andrew Morris
  Andrew Morris   Jude Shorr-Parks
  Connor Sullivan    
2018 Ethan Cripe Billy Melnick Ethan Cripe
  Kyle Earley Jude Shorr-Parks Ryan Bradby
  Billy Melnick    
2019 Ryan Bradby Ryan Bradby Chase Williams
  Anthony Ciarrocchi Nico Krueger  
  Jude Shorr-Parks Jude Shorr-Parks  


---- Profiles of Championship Teams ----
1927 PSSA Champs     1928 Inter-Ac Champs     1933 Inter-Ac Champs  
Coach: George Young     Coach: George Young     Coach: George Young  
Primary Starters     Primary Starters     Primary Starters  
Bob Gray Forward   Jim Altemus Forward   Justy Pearson Forward
Dick Hooker Forward   Bob Gray Forward   Bill Raleigh Forward
George "Whitey" Joyce Forward   George "Whitey" Joyce Forward   Bob Raleigh Forward
George Lindley Forward   Sam Potter Forward   John Redman Forward
Herb "Red" Theobald Forward   Fred Stork Forward   Tom Russell Forward
Jack Hooker Midfield   Richard "Dutch" Davis Midfield   Jim MacCain Midfield
Deasey Nash Midfield   Kelly Midfield   Larry Singmaster Midfield
Frank Porter Midfield   Frank Porter Midfield   Jonathan Steere Midfield
Bart Addie Defense   Colson "Ace" Hillier Defense   Maggie Corin Defense
Olie Pearce Defense   Olie Pearce Defense   Bill Gsand Defense
Frank "Arch" Dilley Goalie   Frank "Arch" Dilley Goalie   Pete Sturtevant Goalie
Key Subs     Key Subs     Key Subs  
Jim Altemus Forward   Rich Gummere     Joe Huggins Utility
Richard "Dutch" Davis Midfield   Frank Mowitz     Wayne Astley Defense
Landon Haynes              
1935 Inter-Ac Co-Champs   1938 Inter-Ac Co-Champs     1952 Inter-Ac Champs
Coach: George Young     Coach: George Young   Coach: Charles "Chick" Conard
Primary Starters     Primary Starters     Primary Starters  
Dick Bauer Forward   Jack Beckman Forward   Harry Allen Forward
Lew Evans Forward   George "Gabby" Davis Forward   Dan Furman Forward
Bruce Pearce Forward   Bob Doak Forward   Phil Lippincott Forward
Andre Reichel Forward   Len Pratt Forward   George Lyons Forward
Tom Russell Forward   Bill Wright Forward   Ed Maier Forward
Joe Huggins Midfield   Bill Bates Midfield   Larry Buck Midfield
Jack Slonager Midfield   Ed James Midfield   John Molyneux Midfield
Dave Steere Midfield   Lou Wiederhold Midfield   Snowden Rockey Midfield
Jack Decker Defense   Chuck Collins Defense   Sam Frieder Defense
Pete Hagar Defense   George Hallowell Defense   Don Weiss Defense
Dave Aron Goalie   Dick Ford Goalie   Harry Allen Goalie
Key Subs     Key Subs     Key Subs  
Bob Anderson Goalie            
Pete Kimball Midfield            
Frank Moorshead Forward            
1994 Inter-Ac Co-Champs   1998 Inter-Ac Champs     2010 Inter-Ac Champs
Coach: Bob Bower     Coach: Mark Franek   Coach: Bob DiBenedetto  
Primary Starters     Primary Starters     Primary Starters  
Chris Albright Forward   Bobby Convey Forward   Rob Friskey Forward
Tom Ruth Forward   Scott Roslyn ??   Mike Goldman Forward
AJ Caldwell Midfield   Sean Albright Midfield   Sean O'Brien Midfield
Phil Gennarelli Midfield   Brian Devlin Midfield   Matt Sullivan Midfield
Gerry Greenleaf Midfield   Chris Ferrari Midfield   Zach Weinberg Midfield
George Pittaoulis Midfield   Arni Valgeirsson ??   Tyler White Midfield
Anthony Balsamo Defense   Keith Cappo Defense   Sam Agre Defense
Andy Hayes Defense   Anthony Pepe Defense   Jeff Blechschmidt Defense
David Poppa Defense   Greg Schernecke Defense   Josh Cannon Defense
Ty Williams Defense     Defense   Dan Schuman Defense
Ben Cake Goalie     Goalie   Mike Baron Goalie
Key Subs     Key Subs     Key Subs  
Craig Kaufman           Cole Brown Utility
Andy Berg           Ted Foley Midfield
            Ray Vandegrift Midfield
2016 Inter-Ac Champs              
Coach: Bob DiBenedetto              
Primary Starters              
Max Jacobs Forward            
Jude Shorr-Parks Forward            
Ryan Bradby Midfield            
Matt Kestenbaum Midfield            
Bill Melnick Midfield            
Andrew Morris Midfield            
Ethan "ET" Cripe Defense            
Dylan Schwartz Defense            
Connor Sullivan Defense            
Conrad Williams Defense            
Jay Jennings Goalie            
Key Subs              
Chris "Clemmo" Lemmo Forward            
Nick Case Midfield            
Ryan "Pooch" Holmes Midfield