William Penn Charter School
Girls Soccer History

  Penn Charter's first coed class graduated in 1992. The soccer team made its varsity debut for the
1995 season and was immediately part of the Inter-Ac League. In 1994, it played strictly a JV
  The team has been coached by Bill Snow, Missy Coyne, Dennis Conn, Alyson Freeman (nee
Guild, in 2000), Andy Stackhouse, Eddie Mensah
and Darci Spencer (nee Borski).
  The league members: Agnes Irwin, Baldwin, Episcopal Academy, Germantown Academy,
Academy of Notre Dame, Shipley and Springside (now known as Springside Chestnut Hill Academy).
Shipley left the Inter-Ac after the 2006 season.
  Thanks to Darci Spencer (nee Borski) and Debbie White, the school's first girls athletic director, for their help! 

1995 Through 2018 Seasons

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Captains / First Team All-Inter-Ac Honorees / Profiles of Championship Teams
Year Captain I-A First Teamers (*MVP)   2013 Champs (also won PAISAA tourney)
1995 Tory Campbell Team Not Selected   Coach: Darci Borski  
  Meg Hiesinger     Primary Players  
1996 Lisa Culnan Team Not Selected   Jlon Flippens Forward
  Kate Houstoun     Lauren Dimes Forward
1997 Hilary Cottone Jen Albright   Giovanna "Gi" DeMarco Midfield
  Jamie Ruth Lauren Herman   Josie Dutton Midfield
  Melissa Schuck Melissa Knight   Hannah Fox Midfield
1998 Lisa Christy Katie Morton   Ayanna Matthews Midfield
  Emily Manning     Dom DeMarco Defense
  Kathy Rogers     Kristina Kubach Defense
1999 Katie Morton Melissa Knight   Stephanie Soroka Defense
    Steph Miller   Leigh Steinberg Defense
    Katie Morton   Mireyah "Rey" Davis Goalie
    Rachel Prowler   Significant Action  
2000 Lauren Herman Melissa Knight   Eliza Jacobs Midfield
  Melissa Knight Steph Miller   Macaul Mellor Defense
  Liz Manning        
  Steph Miller     2014 Champs (also won PAISAA tourney)
2001 Rachel Prowler Rachel Prowler   Coach: Darci Borski  
  Carol Seider Carol Seider   Primary Players  
2002 Ashley Bolton None    Jlon Flippens Forward
  Kate Hartman     Frenchie Pellerito Forward
  Liz Perelman     Giovanna "Gi" DeMarco Midfield
2003 Ashley Bolton Ashley Bolton   Hannah Fox Midfield
  Jenn Fabbi Kate Hartman   Josie Dutton Midfield
  Kate Hartman Anna Marks   Eliza Jacobs Midfield
  Liz Perelman     Brigitte Gutpelet Defense
2004 Patricia Byrne Trish Manning   Lexi Hnatkowsky Defense
  Ashley Cappo Anna Marks   Dom DeMarco Defense
  Trish Manning     Macaul Mellor Defense
  Anna Marks     *Mackenzie Listman Goalie
  Maurie Smith     *Mireyah "Rey" Davis Goalie
2005 Lauren Ingersoll Laura Kurash   *shared position due to injuries  
  Kerry McLernan Virginia McMunigal   Significant Action  
  Jill Taylor     Ally Paul Midfield
2006 Jorie Dugan Laura Kurash   Alex Kuper Midfield
  Bridget McDugall Bridget McDugall      
    Natasha Prentice   2016 Champs  
2007 Lisa Fugelo Kate Krieger   Coach: Darci Borski  
  Danielle Yurko Laura Kurash   Primary Players  
    Natasha Prentice   Kait Haughey Forward
    Blaine Steinberg   Ally Paul Forward
2008 Kate Krieger Liz Carpino   Giovanna "Gi" DeMarco Midfield
  Laura Kurash Laura Kurash   Emma Maley Midfield
    Blaine Steinberg   Sara Shipon Midfield
2009 Laura Kroculick Natasha Prentice   Alex Kuper Midfield
  Sara Rowland Blaine Steinberg   Macaul Mellor Defense
  Liz Thom     Lexi Hnatkowsky Defense
2010 Kate Higgins Kate Higgins   Brigitte Gutpelet Defense
  Blaine Steinberg     Kaylee Murphy Defense
2011 Sarah Butler Lauren Dimes   *Mackenzie Listman Goalie
  Phoebe Ingersoll     *Mireyah "Rey" Davis Goalie
  Kelly Kubach        *alternated starts by design  
2012 Emma Ebert Lauren Dimes   Significant Action  
  Kelly Kubach    Jlon Flippens   India Barnes Midfield
2013 Kristina Kubach Dom DeMarco   Mia Monheit For./Mid.
  Stephanie Soroka Lauren Dimes      
  Leigh Steinberg Jlon Flippens   2018 Champs  
    Stephanie Soroka   Coach: Darci Spencer (nee Borski)  
2014 Dom DeMarco Dom DeMarco   Primary Players  
  Abby Evans Jlon Flippens   Janae Stewart Forward
2015 Dom DeMarco Dom DeMarco   Sara Shipon Forward
  Jlon Flippens Giovanna "Gi"  DeMarco   Emma Maley Midfield
2016 Giovanna "Gi"  DeMarco *Giovanna "Gi" DeMarco   Kait Haughey Midfield
  Brigitte Gutpelet Kait Haughey   Ally Paul Midfield
  Lexi Hnatkowsky Ally Paul   India Barnes Midfield
  Macaul Mellor     Kaila Rahn Midfield
2017 Giovanna "Gi" DeMarco Giovanna "Gi" DeMarco   Antonia Linus Defense
  Lindsey Reina Kait Haughey   Kaylee Murphy Defense
2018 Emma Maley *Janae Stewart   Kaitlyn Hnatkowsky Defense
    Sara Shipon   Riley McDade Goalie
    #Kait Haughey   Significant Action  
    #-honorary; late-season injury   Kayla Bradby Midfield
2019 India Barnes India Barnes   Lauren Anderson For.Mid.
  Toni Linus Sara Shipon      
  Kaylee Murphy Janae Stewart   2019 PAISAA Champs  
  Sara Shipon     Coach: Darci Spencer (nee Borski)  
        Janae Stewart Forward
        Maggie Rose Boyes Midfield
        Kate Haughey Midfield
        Kaila Rahn Misfield
        Sara Shipon Midfield
        Kayla Bradby Midfield
        Antonia Linus Defense
        Kaitlyn Hnatkowsky Defense
        India Barnes Defense
        Kaylee Murphy Defense
        Riley McDade Goalie