William Penn Charter School
Softball History

  Penn Charter's first coed class graduated in 1992. The softball team played its first varsity season
that spring and was immediately part of the Inter-Ac League.
  Throughout its existence, the team has been coached by Don "Doc" Mittica.
  The league members: Agnes Irwin, Baldwin, Episcopal Academy, Germantown Academy,
Academy of Notre Dame, Shipley and Springside (now known as Springside Chestnut Hill Academy).
Shipley left the Inter-Ac after the 2006 season.
  Thanks to Doc, Brigitte Gutpelet (player, Class of 2017) and John Burkhart (assistant,
1992-2003) for their help! 

1992 Through 2019 Seasons

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Captains / First Team All-Inter-Ac Honorees / Starters for Championship Teams
Year Captains I-A First Teamers 1999 Inter-Ac
1992 Sarah LaVan   (Team not picked P Mary Rogers
1993 Robyn Gardner   prior to 1998) C Lisa Cristy
  Gwo-Ing Lee   1B Catherine Griffin
1994 Yasmin Beg   2B Kathleen Rogers
  Megan McDonald   3B Steph Miller
1995 Yasmin Beg   SS Maria Negron
  Chris Manley   LF Nicole Mears
1996 Lisa Culnan   CF Liz Manning
  Amy Goldbeck   RF Carol Seider
1997 Lisa Culnan   2004 Inter-Ac
1998 Melissa Schuck Melissa Schuck P Laura Kaesshaefer / Sarah Rogers
  Jill Zbrzeznj Jill Zbrzeznj C Clare Ronan
1999 Lisa Christy Lisa Christy 1B Emms Ronan
  Kathleen Rogers Stephanie Miller 2B Megan Kaesshaefer
    Mary Rogers 3B Maurie Smith
2000 Nicole Mears Maria Negron SS Trish Manning
  Maria Negron Mary Rogers LF Chris Eanes
  Mary Rogers Carol Seider CF Bridget McDugall
2001 Liz Manning Liz Manning RF Kayley Laren 
  Carol Seider   DH Lisanne Faigen
2002 Carol Ann Fabbi Julie Monaghan 2005 Inter-Ac
  Carol Seider Carol Seider P Erica Koplove / Liz Carpino
2003 Lauren Cash Christine Eanes C Clare Ronan
  Laura Kaesshaefer Laura Kaesshaefer 1B Bridget McDugall
  Julie Monaghan   2B Lisanne Faigen
2004 Laura Kaesshaefer Clare Ronan 3B Maurie Smith
  Megan Kaesshaefer Maurie Smith SS Trish Manning
  Sarah Rogers   LF Kayley Laren 
2005 Lisanne Faigen Bridget McDugall CF Christina Matthias
  Trish Manning Clare Ronan RF Blair Braun
  Maurie Smith Maurie Smith DH Rebecca Star
2006 Blair Braun Erica Koplove 2006 Inter-Ac / Inter-Ac Tourney
  Christina Matthias Bridget McDugall P Erica Koplove
  Clare Ronan Clare Ronan C Clare Ronan
2007 Erica Koplove Erica Koplove 1B Liz Carpino
  Bridget McDugall Bridget McDugall 2B Brigid Downing
2008 Liz Carpino Liz Carpino 3B Christina Matthias
  Erica Koplove Erica Koplove SS Bridget McDugall
  Megan Garvey   LF Ashley Meischeid
2009 Liz Carpino Katie Brock CF Blair Braun
  Liz Thom Liz Carpino RF Rebecca Star
    Danielle Sienko DH Allie Saft
2010 Linnea Cripe Mackenzie Kramer 2009 Inter-Ac
  Liz Thom Danielle Sienko P Liz Carpino
2011 Katie Brock Katie Brock C Kayla Torrey
  Kate Faigen Mackenzie Kramer 1B Liz Thom
  Mackenzie Kramer Danielle Sienko 2B Meg Delaney
2012 Emma Cataldi Emily Kurtz 3B Mackenzie Kramer
  Emily Kurtz Danielle Sienko SS Danielle Sienko
  Danielle Sienko   LF Linnea Cripe
2013 Jessica Drossner Molly Mornhinweg CF Katie Brock
  Rachael Garnick Nicolette Ray RF Emily Kurtz
    Kayla Quinn DH Allie Saft
2014 Kristina Kubach Eileen Hennessy 2013 Inter-Ac
  Kayla Quinn Kristina Kubach P Jessica Drossner
  Marissa Samuels Kayla Quinn C Kristina Kubach
2015 Eileen Hennessy Brigitte Gutpelet 1B Nicolette Ray
  Kayla Quinn Eileen Hennessy 2B Rachel Garnick 
2016 Brigitte Gutpelet Faith Fenton 3B Kayla Quinn
  Eileen Hennessy Brigitte Gutpelet SS Eileen Hennessy
  Devon Loftus Eileen Hennessy LF Devon Loftus
    Devon Loftus CF Molly Mornhinweg
    Grace Stansfield RF Ayanna Matthews
2017 Abby Cohen Brigitte Gutpelet 2015 Inter-Ac / PAISAA
  Faith Fenton Abbey Quinn P Kayla Quinn
  Brigitte Gutpelet Grace Stansfield C Angela Zeidler
  Emily Zurcher   1B Emily Zurcher
2018 Ava Nicolucci Abby Manion 2B Brigitte Gutpelet
  Grace Stansfield Abbey Quinn 3B Grace Stansfield
    Maddie Solow SS Eileen Hennessy
    Grace Stansfield LF Ayanna Matthews
2019 Abby Manion Anastasia Lewis CF Devon Loftus
  Abbey Quinn Abby Manion RF Zoe Neefe
    Abbey Quinn DH Abby Cohen
      2016 Inter-Ac / PAISAA
      P Faith Fenton
      C Grace Stansfield
      1B Emily Zurcher
      2B Celena Militello
      3B Eileen Hennessy
      SS Brigitte Gutpelet
      LF Ayanna Matthews
      CF Devon Loftus
      RF Zoe Neefe
      DH Abby Cohen
      2017 PAISAA
      P Faith Fenton
      C Grace Stansfield
      1B Abby Cohen
      2B Abby Manion
      3B Abbey Quinn
      SS Brigitte Gutpelet
      LF Celena Militello
      CF Maddie Solow
      RF Emily Zurcher
      2019 Inter-Ac / PAISAA
      P Anastasia Lewis
      C Luciana Boggi
      1B Abby Manion
      2B Averie Schnupp
      3B Abbey Quinn
      SS Kamryn Koslosky
      LF Abby Brown
      CF Maddie Solow
      RF Neilee Koslosky