Philadelphia High School/College Football
Top City Players at Penn/Villanova/Temple 1970-2013

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    This squad represents Ted Silary's opinion of the top football players at Penn, Temple and
Villanova from high schools in Philadelphia's three city leagues (Public, Catholic, Inter-Ac)
from the 1970 through 2013 seasons.
    Honorable mentions -- 10 per school -- are below the squad.
    College freshmen were not eligible for varsity play prior to the 1972 season.
    Statistics were primarily accessed from each school's media guide (via the Internet). Special
thanks to SIDs Mike Mahoney (Penn) and Dean Kenefick (Villanova).
   -- Ted Silary, Aug. 21, 2014 --
   NOTE: This list was adjusted after its original posting to account for the fact that
Judge product John Zimba (Villanova) was omitted. My apologies, and thanks to
Mike Frain for speaking up.   

 --- OFFENSE ---
Pos. Name School College Year Accomplishments
QB Brett Gordon La Salle Villanova 2002 Passed 66.8 percent for 9,639 yards/83 TDs; All-ECAC offensive MVP in '02
RB Chris Flynn Episcopal Penn 1987 382 rushes for 2,181 yards/23 TDs; once earned first team All-Ivy honors
Sundiata Rush Central Penn 1992 415 rushes for 1,886 yards/13 TDs; once earned first team All-Ivy honors
Rec. Don Clune O'Hara Penn 1973 121 catches for 2,419 yards/17 TDs; thrice first team All-Ivy; drafted in 5th round 
John Mastronardo La Salle Villanova 1976 140 catches for 2,162 yards/nine TDs; drafted in 10th round
Rich Drayton Central Temple 1990 122 catches for 1,693 yards/five TDs; first team AP All-East in '90
L Jim Cooper Dougherty Temple 1976 Drafted in 6th round
Jon Clark Bartram Temple 1995 Drafted in 6th round
Tim Tarpey Penn Charter Villanova 1992 Earned first team honors (All-Yankee in '91/All-ECAC in '92) in two seasons
Joe Arcidiacono Judge Villanova 1980 Earned first team ECAC honors in one season
Joe D'Orazio SJ Prep Penn 2009 Earned first team Ivy honors in two seasons
MP Chris Whitney SJ Prep Villanova 2010 Posted 8,401 scrimmage yards. Passed for 6,241/55 TDs and ran for 2,160/25
KR Kevin McCoy Frankford Temple 1990 Turned 36 returns into 842 yards and no TDs
PR Bob Mizia La Salle Temple 1975 Turned 70 returns into 542 yards and two TDs
Bill Wright Dougherty Temple 1988 Collected 228 points on 90 PAT and 46 FGs
George Winslow La Salle Villanova 1986 Lofted 68 punts for 2,647 yards (38.9); 24 were downed inside the 20
 --- DEFENSE ---
Pos. Name School College Year Accomplishments
L Joe Klecko St. James Temple 1976 Notched 152 solos among 373 tackles; drafted in 6th round
Raheem Brock Dobbins Temple 2001 Numbered 20 sacks and 38 TFLs among 184 tackles; drafted in 7th round
John Zimba Judge Villanova 1974 Drafted in 5th round
Gary Shugrue Carroll Villanova 1975 Earned first team All-ECAC honors; drafted in 11th round
Tom Gilmore N. Catholic Penn 1985 120 solos/211 tackles; twice earned first team All-Ivy honors; defensive MVP in '85
LB Lance Johnstone Germantown Temple 1995 Notched 288 solos among 429 tackles; drafted in 2nd round
Kevin Bradley Malvern Penn 1984 Claimed school record (357) for tackles; twice earned first team All-Ivy honors
LeVar Talley McDevitt Temple 2000 Notched 208 solos among 348 tackles
B David Martin Bartram Villanova 1980 Led 'Cats in interceptions as senior; drafted in 9th round
Tim Chambers O'Hara Penn 1984 Twice earned first team Ivy honors; Ivy defensive MVP in '84; 14 career INTs
Steve Ebbecke Frankford Villanova 1975 Twice led 'Cats in interceptions; drafted in 13th round


Name School Pos. Year
Steve Buonato O'Hara OL 1986
Ed Foley Penn Charter  OL 1984
Tom Gizzi La Salle OL 1988
Tom McGarrity Ryan DL 1995
Jim McGeehan Roman QB 1993
John McGeehan Roman QB 1984
Bob Nix La Salle LB 1977
Chris Pennington La Salle DL 2002
Jerry Smith Neumann Rec. 1980
Michael Turner Gtn. Academy DL 1994
Name School Pos. Year
Keita Crespina Lincoln DB 1992
Kevin Duckett Northeast RB 1980
Ray Haynes Dobbins OL 1989
Robert Keels Central DB 1979
Troy Kersey Dougherty Rec. 1997
Tom Kilkenny Judge LB 1983
Tim Leach Lincoln OL 1999
Scott Oster Neumann OL 1998
Kenyatta Rush Central DL 1990
Rich Taber N. Catholic LB 1975
Name School Pos. Year
Andy Cobaugh SJ Prep LB 1994
John Dempsey O'Hara DB 2010
Phil DiGiacomo Wood DL 1977
John Givens Carroll OL 1973
Drew Gordon McDevitt QB 1971
Bill Hatty Neumann QB 1973
Bernie Hober Kenrick DB 1979
Shawn Passman Egan RB 1980
Joe Price Malvern Rec. 2013
Kwesi Solomon Washington DL 2001