South Jersey High School Field Hockey

Coach Danyle Heilig Notches Her 500th
Career Victory in Just 21 Seasons! (And
Her Loss Total is Only 14 . . . )

  This page includes three stories, all-star lists, records, championship breakdown and results/scores
for Coach Heilig's 20 seasons at Eastern Regional in Voorhees, NJ (She also coached for one season,
1998, at Haddon Heights.). . . . To provide additions/

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Coach Danyle Heilig poses with team members and children.

*Player of the Year
Year Name Pos.
1999 Lindsey Domers M
  Lori Hillman B
2000 Sarah Dawson F
  Shaun Banta F
  *Lori Hillman B
  Rachel Dawson B
2001 Shaun Banta F
  Rachel Dawson F
  *Lori Hillman B
2002 Shaun Banta F
  *Rachel Dawson B
2003 Lauren Walls F
  Ashley Walls F
  Missy Walls B
2004 *Lauren Walls F
  *Ashley Walls F
  Meghan Bain F
  *Missy Walls B
  Meghan Dawson B
2005 Meghan Bain F
  *Meghan Dawson B
  Bryn Bain B
2006 Jessica Allen F
  *Meghan Dawson B
  Bryn Bain B
2007 Jessica Allen F
  Kelsey Mitchell F
  Bryn Bain B
  Hannah Dawson B
2008 *Kelsey Mitchell F
  Geena Lesiak F
  Melanie Dawson B
2009 *Kelsey Mitchell F
  Melanie Dawson B
  Jaclyn Beasley B
2010 Cori Allen F
  Julia Osisek B
  Brittany Evangelisti B
  Alana Barry G
2011 *Austyn Cuneo F
  Carly Celkos F
  Karlee Spirit M
  Erin Hoag B
  Alana Barry G
2012 *Austyn Cuneo F
  Carly Celkos F
  Karlee Spirit F
  Erin Hoag B
  Steph Byrne B
2013 *Austyn Cuneo F
  Jade Dixon F
  Mackenize Mlkvy B
  Madison Morano B
  Karlee Spirit B
2014 *Austyn Cuneo F
  Nikki Santore F
  Alanna Gollotto B
  Madison Morano B
2015 Nikki Santore F
  *Madison Morano B
  Alexis Pettisani B
2016 Mackenize Keegan F
  Kara Heck F
  Alexis Pettisani M-B
  Kasey Quicksill M-B
  Cassie Kincaid G
2017 Not Selected  
Grad Name Ind.
2008 *Bryn Bain 2014
2006 *Meghan Bain 2012
2007 ~Meghan Dawson 2012
2003 ~Rachel Dawson 2008
2001 ~Sarah Dawson 2007
2000 Lindsey Domers 2006
2002 Lori Hillman 2007
2010 Kelsey Mitchell 2018
2005 #Ashley Walls 2010
2005 #Lauren Walls 2010
2005 #Missy Walls 2010
Danyle Heilig
Celebration Page

  On Nov. 1, 2018, Eastern Regional High, which draws its students from Voorhees, Berlin and Gibbsboro, in South Jersey, defeated visiting Kingsway, 8-0, to win a 20th consecutive South Jersey Group 4 championship and give coach Danyle Heilig for 500th career win -- 486 in 20 seasons at Eastern, 14 in one at Haddon Heights. The story is here . . .

By Tom McGurk

  VOORHEES – Danyle Heilig never passes up an opportunity for a coaching moment.
  Even celebrations have to wait.
  In the closing seconds of an 8-0 win over Kingsway, a victory that wrapped up the a 20th consecutive South Jersey Group 4 championship for the Eastern Regional High School field hockey team and her 500th career triumph, Heilig was doing what she does best – coaching.
  Instead of counting down the final seconds of the game in preparation to celebrate, Heilig instead was giving instruction to one of her players, correcting a mistake in the moment so it wouldn’t happen again in the future.
  “That’s what you have to do. That’s my job,” Heilig said. “I feel like if I’m not doing that, I’m not doing my job. That’s what I get paid for, that’s what I enjoy doing.”
  And very few coaches have done their jobs better.
  Heilig joins Millville’s Claudia McCarthy as the only field hockey coaches in South Jersey history to reach the 500-win mark. However, Heilig’s winning percentage of .954 (500-14-10) ranks up with the best of any coach in any scholastic sport.
  After posting a 14-2-4 mark in her only season at Haddon Heights in 1998, Heilig has amassed 486 wins during her 20 seasons at Eastern. Among those wins are two streaks of 153 and 143 straight.
  While demanding of her players, Heilig has turned Eastern into a perennial national field hockey powerhouse. She has helped develop players whom went on to compete on the U.S. national team and in the Olympics and advanced scores of athletes to play and succeed at the Division I level.
  “There is nothing like being a part of the tradition of this program,” said senior captain Sydney Woolston, who will play next fall at Lafayette. “I’m so proud to earn this uniform with Eastern on the front. It means everything.
  “Playing for Coach is an experience like no other. She makes us work for everything we get. Nothing is given to us. She gets us prepared because we know we’re going to get everybody’s best shot.”
  Many have taken shots their at Eastern, few have ever managed to prevail.
  In Thursday's sectional final, Eastern put together together one of its usual dominating performance.
  The Vikings spent most of the game in Kingsway's defensive zone. The team forced 35 corners, capitalizing on four of the scoring chances.
  Freshman Ryleigh Heck delivered a hat trick while juniors Amanda Middleman, Tara Somers, Kara Heck and Kylie Zielinski along with freshman Riley Hudson added goals.
  Eastern’s goal total could have been even higher if not for the stellar play of Kingsway Maddy Ferry, who made several sensational stops in the first half.
  Eastern (23-0) will play continue its quest for a 20th straight state title when it plays Central Jersey champion Rancocas Valley in the semifinal on Tuesday.
  While the Vikings usually set their sights on the next game following a win, the players took time to enjoy the South Jersey title and Heilig's milestone.
  “It’s so exciting to be a part of this with coach,” senior captain Linsey Champa said. “She puts in a lot of time and effort with us. She wants to make us better and to help us achieve the success we want to experience.“

vs. Kingsway

Madison Guyer, D
Sydney Woolston, D

Kara Heck, M
Tara Somers, M
Kendall Jung, M
Amanda Middleman, F
Elise Pettisani, D
Kylie Zielinski, D
Nina Santore, G

Riley Hudson, F
Ryleigh Heck, F
  Note: This was also the starting lineup for the
Tournament of Champions final, in whuch Eastern beat Oak Knoll, 3-1, to finish 27-0 for the fourth time in Coach Heilig's career (also 2011, '14, '15). Goals by Kara Heck, Amanda Middleman and sub Dani Mlkvy. Sub Isabella Bianco also saw action in the Oak Knoll game.

Danyle Heilig . . .
Emotional after win No. 500

(At Eastern Regional)

Year W L T
1999 20 0 1
2000 23 0 0
2001 22 0 0
2002 24 0 0
2003 23 0 1
2004 24 0 0
2005 22 1 2
2006 26 0 0
2007 23 2 0
2008 25 2 0
2009 26 2 0
2010 26 1 0
2011 27 0 0
2012 25 0 0
2013 26 0 1
2014 27 0 0
2015 27 0 0
2016 23 3 0
2017 24 1 1
2018 23 0 0
  486 12 6
1998 14 2 4
Total 500 14 10
Through 2018 . . .
2018 27 0 0
ER 490 12 6
Total 504 12 6

Conference Champions
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 1008,
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,
2014, 1015, 2016, 2017, 2018

SJ Group 4 Champions
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 1008,
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,
2014, 1015, 2016, 2017, 2018

NJ Group 4 Champions
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 1008,
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Tournament of Champions
(Winners of All Groups;
2006 Was First Year)
2006, 2008, 2009, 2011,
2013, 2014, 2015, 2018

Year Name Pos.
1999 Sarah Dawson M
2000   None  
2001   None  
2002   None  
2003 Cat Badolato  
2004   None  
2005 Jen Bolger F
2006 Stephanie Carney F
  Hannah Dawson B
2007   None  
2008 Gabby Kozlowski F
  Jaclyn Beasley B
2009 Alyssa McFerren F
  Jessica Deaner B
2010 Carly Celkos F
2011 Emma Johansson F
  Julia Osisek B
2012 Jade Dixon F
  Kasey Morano F
  Gianna Perrone F
2013 Kasey Morano F
2014 Mackenzie Keegan F
  Alexis Pettisani B
2015 Mackenzie Keegan F
  Alanna Gollotto B
2016   None  
2017 Not Selected  

This story was written in 2003 when the Vikings claimed a national record . . .

By Sam Carchidi
Philadelphia Inquirer
  Over the years, there have been numerous South Jersey athletes who have reached the national spotlight.
  Olympic hero Carl Lewis, the pride of Willingboro High, heads the list. Rancocas Valley's Franco Harris, a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, also would be high on the list. Ditto Orel Hershiser (Cherry Hill East), who may one day reach baseball's Hall of Fame, and Heisman Trophy winners Mike Rozier (Woodrow Wilson) and Ron Dayne (Overbrook).
  By their individual accomplishments, those athletes - and dozens of others - brought fame to their high schools on a national level.
  As the sun set yesterday, there was a group of Eastern athletes who stood on a national stage.
  That's what made the Vikings' record-setting 2-0 field hockey win at Cherokee so special, so memorable. It was a team, not an individual, that was celebrating.
  This was a win for the Eastern teams, past and present. This was a win that was celebrated in Marlton - site of yesterday's victory - and in campuses all around the country, where former Eastern players - the ones who started the team's amazing unbeaten streak - took cell-phone calls spreading the joy.
  Eastern had set a national record by running its unbeaten streak to 107 games - 105-0-2 with 84 shutouts - with yesterday's hard-earned win over a Cherokee team that brought its 'A' game.
  To put Eastern's national record in perspective, consider this: Paulsboro's 63-game football winning streak used to be considered the most famous streak in South Jersey history. Yet, Paulsboro's streak doesn't come close to the national football record - 145 and counting - by a California team.
  "The buildup to this was just unbelievable," said relieved Eastern coach Danyle Heilig as tears of joy streaked down her face. "I'm so glad it's over because now they can just play and enjoy themselves."
  Food for thought: The last time Eastern lost a game, back in 1998, Bill Clinton was in the White House and in the middle of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Bobby Hoying was the Eagles' starting quarterback, and 16-year-old Britney Spears' claim to fame was that she had been a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.
  Before yesterday's contest, Cherokee coach Sharon Tinucci said her team had to play a "perfect game" if it was going to upset Eastern. Well, the Chiefs weren't perfect, but they were scrappy and they did push Eastern to the limit.
  "I was worried because I knew we'd have a lot of nerves today," said Heilig, whose teams, incredibly, have trailed in just three games during the 107-game unbeaten streak. "And give Cherokee credit. They played hard and gave us a very tough game. "
  Eastern dominated the action. If this was ice hockey, the Vikings would have looked as if they had a game-long power play as they kept the ball buzzing around the Cherokee net. Only an outstanding performance by Cherokee goalie Chantelle McCormick, a senior who made nine saves, some of the acrobatic variety, kept the game from being a blowout.
Eastern finished with 19 corners, while Cherokee had none. That reflects the type of swarming attack the Vikings threw at McCormick, who had all the answers until junior Missy Walls lifted a penalty stroke over McCormick's left shoulder with 25 minutes, 53 seconds left in the second half.
  Walls is a triplet and, along with sisters Lauren and Ashley, played a leading role in the win. With 3:28 left in the game, Ashley Walls fed a pass to her cousin, sophomore Meghan Bain, whose 8-yard shot locked up the historic win.
  When the final seconds ticked away, Eastern's joy-struck players jumped atop senior goalie Caitlin Gregory and formed a massive pileup in front of the goal. This was their moment. This was their legacy. After a five-year climb, they had finally reached the top of the mountain.
  "I've never seen anything like it in the 22 years I've been involved in athletics," Eastern athletic director Jim Talarico said. "The work and the commitment these girls put in is something special. And people forget that these are 15-, 16-, 17-year-old kids, and they've been under so much pressure the last year. "
  Pressure to keep the streak alive and put their school in the national record book.
  They seemed immune to the pressure. Despite playing one of the state's most demanding schedules, they kept the streak alive and seemed to thrive on the pressure.
  "We not only did this for us, but we did it for all the past players," Missy Walls said. "A lot of them called and wished us good luck yesterday. The players from the past brought us up to this point, and we had to carry it through. "
  "We did this for Lori Hillman and Shaun Banta and Rachel Dawson and Amanda McGuckin and all the players who came before us," Bain said. "We did it for them because they're the ones who inspired us. "
  Well, Heilig also did a little inspiring of her own.
  Known as a disciplinarian who runs tough practices, Heilig could be heard barking out orders as she sucked on a lollipop during yesterday's action.
  "Some people think she's too hard on us, but that helps us get through things," Missy Walls said. "She has a very intense way about her, but that just pushes us. "
  With shrieks of joy echoing and a few hundred fans applauding, the demanding coach and all her players carried victory flowers and shared hugs and kisses as they celebrated the win. Relatives snapped dozens of photos, and no one - not the players, not the coaches, not the family members or friends - seemed to want to leave Cherokee's soggy field.
  You couldn't blame them.

This story was written in 2006 when the Vikings captured the
crown in NJ's first field hockey Tournament of Champions . . .

By Bill Iezzi
Philadelphia Inquirer
  In a perfect display of poise and patience yesterday at the College of New Jersey, Eastern's Meghan Dawson and Stephanie Carney combined to score the goal that defeated West Essex, 2-1, for the title in the NJSIAA field hockey Tournament of Champions.
  Right in front of West Essex goalkeeper Noell Gomez, Dawson calmly pushed the ball from left to right and Carney slapped it in with 6 minutes, 5 seconds remaining in the first half, giving Eastern a 2-0 lead. The play followed up a corner shot, one of nine the Vikings had in the first half.
  Carney also scored about four minutes earlier on an assist from freshman forward Kelsey Mitchell in the face of intense pressure by West Essex.
  The Knights scored in the second half on a goal by junior forward Giovanna Monaco, but it wasn't enough.
  "Poise and patience is representative of our team, but it's even more representative of Stephanie Carney," Eastern coach Danyle Heilig said. "She is a very poised player, not flashy, with a great stick and is somebody who stays in control no matter the situation.
  "One of her goals today was to score off that corner, so when it went to her and she scored I know that she felt good. "
  Even though both teams were undefeated entering the game and both have reputations for miserly defenses, it was fitting that Eastern, ranked No. 1 by The Inquirer, and seeded first in the tournament, won the first Tournament of Champions. The Vikings had the best record in the state at 24-0 when they won their eighth consecutive state Group 4 title on Nov. 12, and they maintained it in both rounds of this tournament to finish 26-0.
  Happy to end their scholastic field hockey careers as part of the first team to win the trophy, seniors Carney, a midfielder, and Dawson, a defender, were just as poised and patient in recounting their goal as they were in scoring it.
  "We've worked on that [play] for so long and it was finally coming together, and we knew that it was going to work," Dawson said. "I knew that all I had to do was to give her a good pass and that it would be in. "
  Carney added: "You have to be patient, you have to be relaxed but intense at the same time. [Dawson] is a very good defender and she did that really well. "
  They did it very well against team with a rich tradition of 15 state titles. For the first 15 minutes of play, the Knights (22-1) took it to Eastern, pushing the Vikings back on their heels.
  "One of our goals was to set the tone immediately, and I felt like we felt them out for the first 15 minutes and kind of got a feel for what they were doing," Heilig said. "That's not what I wanted to do, because I think that they're dangerous. We gave them too many opportunities in the first 15 [minutes] and we tried to say, 'OK you know 'em now, let's play. Lets set the tone. ' And I think we did. "
  West Essex coach Jill Cosse said that she told her players at intermission to continue working hard because they were getting their opportunities to score but were not capitalizing. The Knights outshot Eastern, 7-4. Eastern's team defense was the difference.

Results of Eastern's Playoffs Through Coach Heilig's 500th Win . . .

    W-L E Opp
    110-4 767 70
1999 SJ Group 4      
  Overbrook  W 3 0
  Millville  W 6 0
  State Group 4      
  Shawnee  W 1 0
  Phillipsburg  W 3 0
    Totals 4-0 13 0
2000 SJ Group 4      
  Washington Township 10 1
  Millville W 3 0
  State Group 4      
  Lenape W 4 0
  Morris Knolls W 5 0
    Totals 4-0 22 1
2001 SJ Group 4      
  Absegami W 10 0
  Millville W 6 2
  State Group 4      
  Shawnee W 5 1
  Hunterdon Central W 3 0
    Totals 4-0 24 3
2002 SJ Group 4      
  Egg Harbor W 7 0
  Millville W 7 1
  State Group 4      
  Shawnee W 4 0
  Hunterdon Central W 5 0
    Totals 4-0 23 1
2003 SJ Group 4      
  Southern W 4 2
  Millville W 5 2
  State Group 4      
  Lenape W 1 0
  Hunterdon Central W 6 0
    Totals 4-0 16 4
2004 SJ Group 4      
  Washington Township W 10 0
  Egg Harbor W 4 0
  State Group 4      
  Toms River North W 5 0
  Hunterdon Central W 7 0
    Totals 4-0 26 0
2005 SJ Group 4      
  Triton W 9 1
  Washington Township W 5 1
  Millville W 11 1
  State Group 4      
  Shawnee W 3 1
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 4 0
    Totals 5-0 32 4
2006 SJ Group 4      
  Absegami W 10 0
  Egg Harbor W 5 0
  Washington Township W 8 0
  State Group 4      
  Rancocas Valley W 8 1
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 2 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  Moorestown W 3 0
  West Essex W 2 1
    Totals 7-0 38 2
2007 SJ Group 4      
  Atlantic City W 10 0
  Cherokee W 8 0
  Washington Township W 9 0
  State Group 4      
  Steinert W 10 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 4 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  Oak Knoll L 2 3
    Totals 5-1 43 3
2008 SJ Group 4      
  Absegami W 11 1
  Washington Township W 4 2
  Shawnee W 4 0
  State Group 4      
  Rancocas Valley W 7 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 3 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  West Essex W 3 0
  Wall  W 3 1
    Totals 7-0 35 4
2009 SJ Group 4      
  Vineland W 10 1
  Absegami W 10 0
  Clearview W 10 0
  Washington Township W 3 0
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 7 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 6 1
  Tournament of Champions      
  Ocean City W 9 1
  Shore W 8 2
    Totals 8-0 63 5
2010 SJ Group 4      
  Oakcrest W 8 0
  Washington Township W 4 3
  Clearview W 10 2
  State Group 4      
  Shawnee W 4 1
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 2 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  Bishop Eustace W 7 1
  Oak Knoll L 2 4
    Totals 6-1 37 11
2011 SJ Group 4      
  Mainland W 10 0
  Washington Township W 6 1
  Shawnee W 6 0
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 13 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 5 2
  Tournament of Champions      
  Freehold Borough W 8 1
  West Essex W 5 2
    Totals 7-0 53 6
2012 SJ Group 4      
  Cherokee W 14 1
  Clearview W 14 0
  Shawnee W 12 1
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 11 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 9 2
  Tournament of Champions      
    Totals 5-0 60 4
2013 SJ Group 4      
  Cherokee W 11 0
  Shawnee W 9 2
  Washington Township W 11 0
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 10 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 3 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  Shore W 9 1
  Oak Knoll W 3 0
    Totals 7-0 56 3
2014 SJ Group 4      
  Atlantic City W 11 0
  Shawnee W 9 1
  Southern Regional W 8 0
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 13 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 7 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  Rumson-Fair Haven W 4 0
  Oak Knoll W 3 2
    Totals 7-0 55 3
2015 SJ Group 4      
  Shawnee W 9 0
  Clearview W 14 1
  Washington Township W 8 1
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 11 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 5 1
  Tournament of Champions      
  Warren Hills W 4 1
  Oak Knoll W 5 0
    Totals 7-0 56 4
2016 SJ Group 4      
  Cherokee W 6 0
  Clearview W 7 0
  Shawnee W 3 1
  State Group 4      
  Freehold Township W 13 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 2 1
  Tournament of Champions      
  Ocean City W 5 1
  West Essex L 1 2
    Totals 6-1 37 5
2017 SJ Group 4      
  Atlantic City W 14 0
  Southern Regional W 8 0
  Shawnee W 8 2
  State Group 4      
  Lenape W 7 1
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 8 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  Moorestown W 6 2
  Oak Knoll L 1 2
    Totals 6-1 52 7
2018 SJ Group 4      
  Cherry Hill East W 14 0
  Shawnee W 4 0
  Kingsway W 8 0
    Totals 3-0 26 0
        -- AFTER WIN No. 500 --      
  State Group 4      
  Rancocas Valley W 10 0
  Bridgewater-Raritan W 11 0
  Tournament of Champions      
  West Essex W 10 0
  Oak Knoll W 3 1
    7-0 60 1