South Jersey High School Basketball

A Look at Jim Crawford's 35-Year Coaching
Career at Camden Catholic High (1979-2013)

  This page includes stories, special lists, record breakdown, recaps of wins in championship games and (at
the bottom) the names of all rotation players during Coach Crawford's 35 seasons. . . . To provide
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Jim Crawford celebrates his 700th career victory -- 60-47 over Lenape in January 2013.

Coach Crawford's Group All-Stars and 1,000-Point Scorers

(Honors on All-South Jersey
Team in Parenthesis)
Year Name
1979 Kevin Callahan
1981 Dave Slattery
1982 Dave Slattery (2)
1982 Karl Sartor
1983 Karl Sartor (1)
1984 Mike Schaffer
1986 Brian O'Donnell
1986 Norman Scott
1988 Stacy Threadgill
1989 Dallas Morgan
1990 Will Walker
1990 Sidney Goodman
1991 Will Walker (1)
1991 Justin Phoenix
1992 Justin Phoenix (1)
1993 Lew Procacci
1994 Bill Burr (1)
1995 Tim Bieg
1996 John Sigmund (3)
1996 Tim Bieg (2)
1996 Kevin Crawford
1997 Tim Bieg (1)
1997 Kevin Crawford (3)
1998 Kevin Owens
1999 Matt Crawford (2)
2001 Eric Cangelosi
2001 Pete Adams (2)
2002 Eric Cangelosi (2)
2003 Eric Cangelosi (1)
2003 Nick Cangelosi (1)
2004 James Ulrich (1)
2005 Brian Connelly (2)
2006 Ahmad Nicholson
2009 Gerry Wixted (2)
2010 Anthony D'Orazio (1)
2010 Gerry Wixted (2)
2012 Kyle Green (2)
2013 Kyle Green (1)
1979 Joe Martin
1980 Bob Martin
1981 Dom Murtin
1982 Marty Derer
1983 Anthony DiLoreto
1984 Bob Cooney
1985 Jim Kiefer
1986 Jim Kiefer
1987 Casey McKee
1988 Dallas Morgan
1989 Norman Day
1989 Mike Ricci
1990 Jim McCargo
1991 Bob Parker
1991 Matt Enriquez
1992 Lew Procacci
1992 Paul Hussey
1993 Vinnie McCaffrey
1993 Rich Racobaldo
1994 Vinnie McCaffrey
1995 John Sigmund
1995 Kevin Crawford
1996 Gene Cuneo
1998 Amir Little
1999 Anthony Tassone
1999 Ernie D'Orazio
2000 Will Bakanowsky
2000 Ernie D'Orazio
2001 Nick Cangelosi
2001 Will Bakanowsky
2002 Nick Cangelosi
2002 Will Bakanowsky
2003 James Ullrich
2004 Brian Connelly
2005 Anthony Matera
2007 Anthony Jeune
2008 Tim Crawford
2009 Jahseer Bronson
2010 Sherard Cadogan
2010 Tim Crawford
1,734 -- Kyle Green
1,503 -- Tim Bieg
1,454 -- Eric Cangelosi
1,388 -- Nick Cangelosi
1,302 -- Justin Phoenix
1,204 -- Anthony D'Orazio
1,193 -- Vinnie McCaffrey
1,184 -- Will Walker
1,121 -- Karl Sartor
1,102 -- Gerry Wixted
1,097 -- Dave Slattery
1,060 -- James Ulrich
1,059 -- Will Bakanowsky
1,058 -- Darin Phalines
1,044 -- Kevin Crawford
1,021 -- Brian Connelly
1,009 -- John Sigmund
1,008 -- Dallas Morgan
1,007 -- Ernie D'Orazio

Coach Jim Crawford

Jim Crawford
Tribute Page

  Jim Crawford coached basketball at Camden Catholic, in Cherry Hill, NJ, for 35 years (1979-2013), winning 10 conference championships, seven South Jersey sectional titles and three state crowns. He won his initial  state championship in 2001, and it was the school's first since 1942. Here is that story, as written by The Philadelphia Inquirer's Sam Carchidi . . .

By Sam Carchidi

  ELIZABETH, NJ -- Jim Crawford is the kind of person who will tell you that each of his Camden Catholic High boys' basketball teams - whether it was his scrappy 10-15 contingent of 1979-80 or his 23-3 powerhouse of 1996-97 - has a special place in his heart. Each was distinctive, each had its own personality, each had its own set of leaders and unsung heroes.
  But, even if Crawford won't acknowledge it, this year's team, which plays with an uncanny sense of cohesiveness, will stand above the rest to represent the pinnacle of Crawford's wildly successful 23-year coaching tenure.
  Camden Catholic walked a tightrope yesterday and, just as it was about to fall, it somehow steadied itself in the waning minutes of regulation. The Irish, with their opponent weakened by foul problems, dominated the overtime and defeated Seton Hall Prep, 56-51, to capture their first NJSIAA Parochial A state title since 1942.
  When it was over, most of the 3,500 fans shook the Dunn Center with chants and applause and screams of joy.
  "Put it on!" someone shouted to Crawford after the teams exchanged handshakes. "You deserve it. "
  With that, Crawford reluctantly donned a kelly green sweater that a Camden Catholic graduate had presented to him. On the left side it read, "Parochial A State Champs."
  Seconds later, chants of "MVP, MVP" filled the air as Will Bakanowsky was presented Camden Catholic's most valuable player trophy. The 6-foot-9 junior had 17 points and 13 rebounds and, perhaps most important, was responsible for having two players foul out who tried to guard him. All told, five Seton Hall players fouled out, and the Irish outscored the Pirates, 31-6, at the foul line.
  "Mr. Crawford's been here a long time, and we wanted to win this for him," Bakanowsky said. "And he had a great job of scouting this team. We knew what they were going to do; all we had to do was execute."
  "I can't tell you how bad we wanted to win for Mr. Crawford," said 6-4 sophomore forward Nick Cangelosi, who scored nine of his 12 points in the second half. "We did this for him and everybody who has played here."
  "He's pretty much known as one of the best coaches in the state," added Mike Mangold, a sophomore reserve who contributed some brilliant second-half defense, "so this was all about getting this for him. We really wanted it, too, but we knew how much this meant to him. He's been very emotional all year."
  Bakanowsky, Nick Cangelosi and his twin brother, Eric, and Pete Adams supplied most of the offense. Mangold and Brian Gallagher provided solid defense.
There were other contributors, too, Adams pointed out: little-used reserves such as Byron Williams, Kevin Clark, Bill Christy and Bob O'Brien, along with Mike Sayles, Drew Rosenfeld and Terrance Long.
  "They pushed us hard in practice," Adams said. "They're a big part of this."
  This is the 13th straight year that Camden Catholic, a longtime South Jersey power, has won at least 20 games. But there always seemed a roadblock - a Christian Brothers Academy, a St. Joseph of Metuchen, a Seton Hall Prep - that got in the way of a state title.
  The close-but-no-cigar theme disappeared with a shocking overtime win over nationally ranked and tops-in-the-state CBA in Wednesday's sectional final. That almost made yesterday's state-final win anticlimactic.
  The gentlemanly Crawford was congratulated by a generous flow of well-wishers after the game.
  "It was nice to see so many green and white jerseys here today," he said after raising his career record to 446-166. "This is a culmination of 23 years. . . . It was a steady climb and we finally made it. "
  His new sweater seemed to fit nicely.

League / Overall
1979: 14-11
1980: 10-15
1981: 13-12
1982: 16-11
1983: 16-8
1984: 20-7
1985: 15-11
1986: 19-7
1987: 14-13
1988: 15-12
1989: 21-7
1990: 23-5
1991: 26-4
1992: 24-4
1993: 22-6
1994: 20-5
1995: 20-6
1996: 25-3
1997: 23-3
1998: 22-4
1999: 23-3
2000: 20-6
2001: 26-4
2002: 24-3
2003: 28-2
2004: 21-6
2005: 22-4
2006: 20-7
2007: 22-8
2008: 24-5
2009: 22-6
2010: 29-2
2011: 20-8
2012: 14-13
2013: 20-8 
35 Seasons, 1979-2013
Overall - 713-239
1984, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2003,
2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010
1993, 1994, 1996, 2001,
2003, 2008, 2010
2001, 2003, 2010

Kyle Green 2012 22.7
Brian Connelly 2006 22.5
Justin Phoenix 1992 22.4
James Ulrich 2004 22.2
Karl Sartor 1983 20.9
Kyle Green 2011 20.5
Kyle Green 2013 20.4
Will Walker 1991 20.2
John Sigmund 1996 20.2
Bill Burr 1994 19.8
Dave Slattery 1982 19.4
Dave Slattery 1981 18.6
Karl Sartor 1982 18.3
Kevin Callahan 1979 18.1
Sidney Goodman 1990 17.8
Lew Procacci
Vinnie McCaffrey
Bill Burr
Carlton Rhoden
Rich Racobaldo
Bill Burr
Vinnie McCaffrey
Jamil Hafeeza
Carlton Rhoden
Tim Bieg
Kevin Crawford
Tim Bieg
John Sigmund
Gene Cuneo
Pete Bilinsky
Pete Adams
Nick Cangelosi
Eric Cangelosi
Will Bakanowsky
Brian Gallagher
James Ulrich
Nick Cangelosi
Eric Cangelosi
Drew Rosenfeld
Mike Mangold
Gerry Wixted
Anthony D'Orazio
Tim Crawford
Jahseer Bronson
Mike McElhatton
Anthony D'Orazio
Bart Middleman
Gerry Wixted
Sherard Cadogan
Tim Crawford

This story was written in 2013 when Jim retired and son Matt took over . . .

By Marc Narducci
Philadelphia Inquirer
  Matt Crawford laughed when asked what it will be like to be able to boss around his dad. Crawford is in the unusual position
of having his father work for him.
  On Tuesday, Jim Crawford announced his resignation as boys' basketball coach at Camden Catholic, where he will switch
chairs with his 33-year-old son and serve as an assistant coach.
  "I will have the best assistant coach in South Jersey on my bench," Matt Crawford said.
  Indeed he will.
  And he'll have an assistant willing to do anything to help Camden Catholic maintain its status as one of South Jersey's finest
  "If Matt tells me to sweep the floor, I will do that," Jim Crawford quipped. "I am at his mercy."
  No, Jim Crawford won't be walking with a broom. No longer the overseer, he looks forward to a different working relationship
with the players.
  "I really enjoyed being an assistant coach under Monsignor McDermott, because not only did I learn a lot, but I enjoyed giving
more individual time with players," Jim Crawford said. "As a head coach, you are always doing things for the team and can't
get as much into individual instruction as you would like."
  The elder Crawford, who guided Camden Catholic to three state titles, seven sectional championships, and 713 victories, will
be an invaluable part of the program.
  Matt Crawford understands there will be questions about following such an accomplished coach, but he comes with his own
impressive resume. He was a point guard at Camden Catholic and the University of the Sciences and has been an assistant
for nine years, four with Camden Catholic.
  So he has paid his dues and doesn't seem overwhelmed by replacing his father. The younger Crawford certainly learned a lot
from being around the Irish program for most of his life. And one thing he understands is that the final decision goes to the
head coach, and he's eager to take on that challenge.
  It's not a power trip, but simply the most efficient way to operate.
  "My dad used to listen to his assistants, but it was always his final decision," Matt Crawford said. "I will listen to my assistants,
but at the end of the day, I will make decisions."
  The rest of Camden Catholic's coaching staff will remain intact, and there will be plenty of knowledge to draw from with
Robert and Joe Murtin, Pete Dooner and Msgr. Bob McDermott.
  What is interesting is that Jim Crawford said he made this decision around Christmas time in 2011. Jim Crawford, 61, just felt
it was time. He will continue to teach math at Camden Catholic and looks forward to his new role. He says his health is fine, but
he understands the energy level isn't the same as when he first became a head coach at age 26.
  "If you talked to some of the older coaches, they all tell you when you sit in the chair after practice, it feels pretty darn good,"
Jim Crawford said.
  Matt Crawford said that when his father first told him of his plans in 2011, "I was hoping he would change his mind, and I
would have been happy being his assistant for 30 years." 
  Once he realized his father was sticking to his decision, Matt Crawford became excited. He loves coaching and loves Camden
Catholic, where he teaches science.
  "I can't remember one winter that wasn't based around Camden Catholic basketball," Matt Crawford said. "This place means
so much to me."
  And it means even more to begin this new journey with a person at his side who is both a coaching legend and his dad - a
desired combination if there ever was one.

This story was written in 2003 after Jim steered the Irish to the sectional crown . . .

By Marc Narducci
Philadelphia Inquirer
  LAKEWOOD, NJ -- Camden Catholic's Drew Rosenfeld momentarily switched roles, and in doing so, ended up a champion.
  Normally the one who sets up his teammates to score, the senior point guard scored on a short corner floater with 2.6 seconds
left as Camden Catholic defeated St. Augustine, 55-53, in last night's South Jersey Parochial A championship game at Lakewood.
  As the clock was running down during a frantic fourth quarter in which there were seven lead changes, Camden Catholic
forward Nick Cangelosi dribbled toward the basket and found Rosenfeld near the basket.
  Rosenfeld lofted a high three-footer that swished. He had to put some arc on the shot because 6-foot-6 Durrell Vinson was
waiting to swat it away. Vinson had 11 rebounds and four blocks, but this one floated over his outstretched arms.
  "I didn't want to bank it because he would have blocked it," said Rosenfeld, describing his only basket of the game. "It was
a great pass from Nick, and that's usually my job. But we reversed roles."
  The matter wasn't truly settled until a shot from just inside halfcourt by St. Augustine guard Anthony Farmer bounced off
the rim at the buzzer.
  This was a game in which the teams truly lived up to their ranking among the elite in the area. Ranked No. 1 in South Jersey
by The Inquirer, Camden Catholic (26-1) advanced to Saturday's 4 p.m. Parochial A state final at Elizabeth against the North
Jersey champion. DePaul and Bergen Catholic play tonight for that berth.
  No. 2 St. Augustine (25-2) had its 25-game win streak snapped.
  For the Irish, it was a redemption after losing in this same game last year to St. Augustine, 50-45.
  Last night, there were nine lead changes in the frantic fourth quarter, in which the Irish outscored St. Augustine, 21-16. The
quarter turned into a shoot-out between James Ulrich, Camden Catholic's 6-5 junior, and Mark Porter, St. Augustine's 6-2
junior. Ulrich scored 11 of his 26 points in the final period, making all five field goals. Porter scored nine of his 14 in the
fourth quarter.
  "It was unbelievable, playing in such a great game like this," said Ulrich, who shot 12 for 22 from the field. "We kept trading
baskets, and I didn't know if anybody was going to miss."
  Ulrich got offensive help from the Cangelosi twins, Eric, who had nine of his 13 points in the second half, and Nick, who
scored 10 points, hitting three three-pointers.
  St. Augustine tied the score, 53-53, on Mark Petrongolo's three-pointer with 1 minute, 4 seconds left.
  The Irish then turned the ball over, and St. Augustine called a time-out with 47 seconds remaining. The Hermits didn't
play it safe. Farmer, who had 16 points, just missed a pull-up jumper from 15 feet with 34 seconds left, and Ulrich got the
  "We didn't hold the ball there because we're not that kind of team," St. Augustine coach Paul Rodio said. "We play that style,
and that's a shot Anthony makes eight out of 10 times."
  The Irish then ran the clock down until Cangelosi fed Rosenfeld for the game-winner.
  "I was thinking with a few minutes remaining that it was just great being part of a game like this," said Camden Catholic
coach Jim Crawford, now in his 25th season.

Recaps of victories in South Jersey championship games . . .

Group A
At Lakewood
  Camden Catholic 65, Metuchen St. Joseph 50: Bill Burr, recently promoted from the JV, scored 12 of his 16 points in the second half as the Irish claimed their first sectional crown since 1974. Vinnie McCaffrey and Rich Racobaldo halved 24 points while Lew Procacci (also nine rebounds) and sub Jason Lavery added 10 points apiece.
Group A
At Lakewood
  Camden Catholic 66, Lincroft Christian Brothers Academy 60:
Bill Burr poured in 28 points and was a perfect 6-for-6 at the line (11-for-12 in all) over the final 23 seconds as CC stunned the nation's 19th best team, according to USA Today. Vinnie McCaffrey's long three provided the first lead, at 48-47. Frosh Tim Bieg, new to the starting lineup because of Mike Gould's injury, added 18 points.

Group A
At Lakewood
  Camden Catholic 68, Lincroft Christian Brothers Academy 60:
Kevin Crawford, son of coach Jim Crawford, shook off the bad vibes of an earlier-in-the-day car accident by scoring 24 points. He capped his outing by sniping 6-for-6 at the line over the final 37 seconds. The Irish shot 15-for-28 from the floor while building a 36-27 lead. Tim Bieg had 19 points and a triangle-and-two defense helped to muffle CBA's big guns.
Parochial Group A
At Lakewood
  Camden Catholic 36, Lincroft Christian Brothers Academy 34 (OT):
CBA entered this tilt at 25-0, then built a 23-12 lead over the first 16 minutes. No sweat. CC went ahead, 35-34, as Nick Cangelosi fed Will Bakanowsky (11 points) for a short, off-the-glass bucket with 32 ticks remaining. Cangelosi then forced a turnover and Bakanowsky went 1-for-2 at the line. CBA held the ball for the final two minutes of regulation before launching an off-balance, no-prayer shot. Pete Adams aided CC's cause with nine points, three steals.
Parochial Group A
At Lakewood
  Camden Catholic 55, Richland St. Augustine 53:
These teams entered play ranked first (CC) and second (SA) in South Jersey. The issue wasn't decided until Drew Rosenfeld , off a feed from Nick Cangelosi, canned a three-foot runner with 2.6 seconds remaining and SA followed with a half-court bomb that hit the rim. Over a stretch of 5:22 in the fourth quarter, 13 baskets produced ties or lead changes. Nick had 10 points while his twin, Eric, had 13. James Ulrich exploded for 26. The triumph raised CC's record to 26-1. Its loss had come in the season opener vs. Philly's St. Joseph's Prep.
Non-Public Group A
At Jackson Liberty
  Camden Catholic 48, Absecon Holy Spirit 45:
Soph Tim Crawford, nephew of coach Jim Crawford, totaled eight apiece of points/rebounds and, best of all, held HS' franchise big man, a Division I signee, to two points. Fellow sophs Anthony D'Orazio (16) and Gerry Wixted (12) also made crucial contributions. Over two stretches that lasted at least five minutes apiece, the Irish rolled to a 20-0 edge.
Non-Public Group A
At Jackson Liberty
  Camden Catholic 62, Richland St. Augustine 51:
Sherard Cadogan shot 7-for-10 and 5-for-5 while scoring 17 of his 19 points in the second half. Other headliners for the Irish, who grabbed 39 rebounds, included Anthony D'Orazio (19 points, eight boards) and Gerry Wixted (15, 11). CC led the rest of the way after making the score 6-4.


Recaps of victories in state championship games . . .

Parochial Group A
At Dunn Center, in Elizabeth
  Camden Catholic 56, West Orange Seton Hall Prep 51 (OT):
The Irish captured a state crown for the first time since 1942 in quite unusual fashion: They made no field goals in OT, but went 14-for-18 at the line. SHP had won five consecutive titles. Will Bakanowsky (17), Pete Adams (16) and Nick Cangelosi (10) scored in double digits. Nick's twin, Eric, just missed with nine.
Parochial Group A
At Dunn Center, in Elizabeth
  Camden Catholic 45, Bergen Catholic 44:
Eric Cangelosi notched 16 points and hit the back half of a double-bonus with 6.2 seconds left to provide a four-point lead. Twin Nick added 10 points as CC seized its second state crown in three years and claimed the school record for wins (27).
Non-Public Group A
At Ritacco Center, in Toms River
  Camden Catholic 68, Jersey City St. Peter's Prep 63:
Anthony D'Orazio shot 13-for-27 from the floor while racking up 31 points and giving CC its fifth state title in school history and third under coach Jim Crawford. Gerry Wixted offered 19 points and eight rebounds and his trey broke the game's last tie, at 56-53. Sherard Cadogan had 10 points, seven boards.


Below are the rotation members who helped Jim Crawford claim 713 wins and 20 championships (10
conference, seven sectional, three South Jersey) in 35 seasons as the coach at Camden Catholic.
The year indicates the player's final qualifying season. Most were seniors. Some transferred and some
were underclassmen who did not play in the following season.

Kevin Callahan 1979 Sidney Goodman 1989 Will Bakanowsky 2002
Joe Murtin 1979 Dallas Morgan 1989 Terrence Long 2002
Jeff Koelsch 1979 Mike Ricci 1989 Kevin Clark 2002
Bob Brutschea 1979 Norm Day 1989 Eric Cangelosi  2003
Gary Graham 1979 James McCargo 1990 Nick Cangelosi  2003
Mark Thomas 1980 Bob Parker 1991 Drew Rosenfeld 2003
Bob Murtin 1980 Matt Enriquez 1991 Mike Mangold 2003
Chris Burns 1980 Will Walker  1991 Byron Williams 2003
Kevin Killion 1980 Craig Williams 1991 James Ulrich 2004
Rich Kolecki 1980 Mike Tallman 1991 Rich Racobaldo 2004
Steffon Myers 1980 Justin Phoenix  1992 Matt Molloy 2004
Dave Halstead 1980 Paul Hussey 1992 Ed Torres 2004
Dom "Duke" Murtin 1981 Kai Jones 1992 Anthony Matera 2005
John Watson 1981 Anthony DiMeglio 1992 Brian Connelly  2005
Kevin Haskins 1981 Lew Procacci 1993 Tim Smith 2005
Dave Slattery  1982 Rich Racobaldo 1993 Ahmad Nicholson 2006
Marty Derer 1982 Jason Lavery 1993 Connor Crawford 2006
Anthony DiLoreto 1983 Bill Burr  1994 Kurt Reinhold 2006
Karl Sartor  1983 Vinnie McCaffrey 1994 Mark McCloskey 2006
Bob Cooney 1984 Jamil Hafeeza 1994 Anthony Jeune 2007
Mike Schaffer 1984 Carlton Rhoden 1994 Sean Gallagher 2007
Don Racobaldo 1984 Mike Gould 1994 Tim Crawford 2008
Nick Loscalzo 1984 Jerry Fullerton 1995 Mike McElhatton 2008
Joe Sutor 1984 Ed Ryan 1995 Tyler DeLecce 2008
Curt Flippen 1984 Gene Cuneo 1996 Chris Richardson 2008
Rod Staton 1984 John Sigmund  1996 Rob Mitchell 2008
Keith Love 1984 Pete Bilinsky 1996 Jahseer Bronson 2009
John Greninger 1985 Brian Newell 1996 Brian Rice 2009
Tim Bishop 1985 Bill Kozmaczewski 1996 Anthony D'Orazio  2010
Tim Bishop 1985 Darin Phalines 1997 Gerry Wixted  2010
Tony Harris 1985 Kevin Crawford  1997 Sherard Cadogan 2010
Len Rebilas 1985 Tim Bieg  1997 Tim Crawford 2010
Steve Wagner 1985 Justin Barnabei 1997 Dan Lovett 2010
Brian O'Donnell 1986 Amir Little 1998 Bart Middleman 2010
Jim Kiefer 1986 Kevin Owens 1998 Garrett Kashmer 2011
Norm Scott 1986 Ray DePasquale 1998 Amir Armstrong 2011
Scott Odom 1986 Zahir McGhee 1998 Tom Fisher 2011
Casey McKee 1987 Anthony Tassone 1999 Matt McElhatton 2012
John Figueroa 1987 Matt Crawford  1999 Keith Arline 2012
Al Tallman 1987 Jeff Bilinsky 1999 Michael Crawford 2012
Pat Huegel 1987 Ernie D'Orazio 2000 Ivan Robinson 2012
Stacy Threadgill 1988 Harry Metzinger 2000 Andrew Racobaldo 2012
Terrence Fuller 1988 Rob Owens 2000 Kyle Green 2013
Drew Molloy 1988 Mike Monaco 2000 Rob Brosh 2013
Shawn Senior 1988 Pete Adams  2001 Tom Organ 2013
Cornell Garrett 1988 Brian Gallagher 2001 Brian Matera 2013
Jim Staepel 1988     Mike Harder 2013
        Brendan Crawford 2013