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March 14
  Tombit, as provided by forever points-tracker Tom Taylor - 
The number of good underclassmen on the teams that made the state playoffs is interesting.  If my info is accurate the following is the number of underclassmen among the Top 10 scorers for these six teams:  Carroll 7/10; Ryan 8/10; Wood 8/10 (and only 2 seniors on their 16-man roster); Bonner 4/10; N-G 7/10; RC 8/10. We should be in for a very good 2020-21. . . . Thanks for this, Tom.
Click here for the Overall Scoring Leaders.
  How teams are dealing with the shutdown. Click here.

March 13
  Update: Small adjustments have been made to non-league and overall scoring totals for some Wood players. Totals for one of the Vikings' games in Hawaii were incorrect. Thanks to Tom Taylor for his hustle on this.
  Tedbit - My hope, around this time, was to offer an updated version of this nugget from 2019. Alas, two teams are still on the doorstep and who know whether they'll get a chance to break through? Three teams have at least 20 wins (N-G 24-4, Wood 21-5, B-P 20-5) and two more could join the club (Ryan 19-9, Roman 18-10).

  Click here for a story on the PIAA's decision and here for another.
  Camden was hoping to win its first state title since 2000. (Repeat: was.) Click here.
  New Jersey has canceled -- not just suspended -- its basketball tournament.
  From Dennis Hill, via Mark "Frog" Carfagno:  The All-Star Labor Classic doubleheader, scheduled for April 19, has also been canceled. Scholarships will still be swarded.
  From Ken Geiser, via Dan Solis-Cohen: The Public League has canceled everything (games/practices in all sports) through April 12.

March 12
**It's official . . . The PIAA is suspending the basketball tournament for at least two weeks.**
  The New Jersey basketball tourney is experiencing its own turmoil. Click here.
  Because of you-know-what, Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament (MD) has been canceled. Speedy Morris will be honored next year. Thanks to Judge assistant Bill Koch for the info.
In case you've never seen this . . . Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell address the GOAT question. More than 1 million have. Click here.
Games in the second round are supposed to be harder than those in the first, correct? Someone forgot to tell the Catholic League. After a 6-2 performance in the first (.750), the CL went 5-1 in the second (.833). The breakdown is below and the all-rime record is 45-12 (.789. 

Results for CL Teams in the Second Round 
Year Class 6A Class 5A Class 4A Class 3A
2020 Roman W Wood W B-P W N-G W
    Ryan W Carroll L  
2019 Roman W Wood W B-P W N-G W
  La Salle  W Ryan L Carroll W McDevitt W
2018 Roman W B-P W Con.-Egan L N-G W
  SJ Prep L Carroll W   McDevitt W
2017 Ryan W Wood W Con.-Egan L N-G W
    Carroll W    
  5-1 7-1 3-3 6-0
Year Class 4A Class 3A Class 2A  
2016 Roman  W N-G  W C-E  W  
    Carroll  L    
2015 Roman  W N-G  W C-E  W  
  La Salle  W Carroll  W    
2014 Roman  L N-G  W West  L  
  La Salle  W Carroll  W    
2013 SJ Prep  W N-G  W    
    Carroll  W    
2012 Roman  L N-G  W McDevitt  W  
    Carroll  W    
2011 La Salle  W N-G  W    
2010 La Salle  L N-G  W West  L  
  Roman  W Carroll  W    
2009   N-G  W West  L  
    Carroll  W    
  7-3 14-1 3-3  
Records 24-7 Through '16 -- 21-5 '17 Through '19 -- 45-12 Overall

  Click here for a story on Chester's win over Gratz . . . one day after a Clipper was killed.
  The New Jersey basketball finals are looking for a gym. Click here.
  Click here for a story on Roman's win.
  Click here for a story on Neumann-Goretti's win.

March 11
  In PIAA second round playoffs . . .
N-G won, Roman won. Final scores are here.
  Click here for info on the Coaches Vs. Cancer School and Youth Initiative Golf Outing, which will be held in June. That page will also allow you to register.
  Congrats to former Villanova coach Andy Talley, who will be part of the 2020 class at the College Football Hall of Fame!
  Rutgers is dumping the NJISAA basketball tournament. Click here.
  The 5A-4A playoff schedule is at the bottom of this page. Thanks to Joe Sette for providing it.
Tedbit - Every so often through the years, Speedy Morris mentioned that he would have stayed at Roman forever had he not been fired after the 1981 season. Time to break out the calculator -- 347 wins over 14 Roman seasons translates to 1,314 over 53! Morgan Wootten, who passed away in January, won 1,274 in 47 seasons through 2002 at DeMatha Catholic, in Hyattsville, MD, and was inducted into the Naismith Basketball HOF in 2000. Speedy should be there, too. Speedy and his Roman successors -- Barry Brodzinski, Dennis Seddon, Chris McNesby and Matt Griffin --  have won 1,231 games. The only factor that could have kept Speedy from reaching 1,300 is the PIAA's limit on games.
  Sad news: Due to caronavirus concerns, Malvern has withdrawn from the prestigious Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament (MD).
  Congrats to
Eastern Regional sr. G Kelli McGroarty! She made the Group 4 (highest enrollment) All-South Jersey basketball team, as selected by the Al Carino Basketball Club. Click here.
  Click here for a story on B-P's win.
  Click here for a story on Ryan's win.
  Click here for a recap on Wood's win.

March 10
  In PIAA second round playoffs . . .
  B-P, Ryan and Wood won (by an average of 29.7 points!). Carroll fell. Scores are here.
  The Ivy League has canceled its men's and women's basketball tournaments. Thus,
Germantown Academy product Devon Goodman finishes his career with 998 points. His GA total was 1,201.
  Congrats to
Eastern Regional sisters Jewel and Jailya Ash, who have earned spots on the All-South Jersey winter track team. Click here.
  Tedbit - The list below shows all Catholic/Inter-Ac players who've averaged at least 20 PPG over the last 10 seasons. The 2020 total stands at four, which is tied with 2017 for second. 2019 is tops with six.

Name School G Pts PPG Year
Deuce Turner Malvern 27 718 26.6 2019
Deuce Turner Malvern 30 757 25.2 2020
Patrick Robinson Conwell-Egan 25 608 24.3 2018
Aaron Lemon-Warren Ryan 16 380 23.8 2020
Evan-Eric Longino Gtn. Academy 29 686 23.7 2017
Christian Ray Haver. School 28 652 23.3 2019
Jordan Longino Gtn. Academy 22 503 22.9 2020
Nick Alikakos Episcopal 26 590 22.7 2016
Jordan Longino Gtn. Academy 27 610 22.6 2019
Isaiah Wong Bonner-Prendie 30 667 22.2 2018
Collin Gillespie Wood 31 682 22.0 2017
Isaiah Wong Bonner-Prendie 28 614 21.9 2019
Chris Clover SJ Prep 23 503 21.9 2014
Jamal Nwaniemeka Conwell-Egan 23 502 21.8 2012
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 27 589 21.8 2012
Ryan Daly Carroll 27 586 21.7 2016
Ja'Quan Newton Neum.-Gor. 31 670 21.6 2014
Tyrell Long McDevitt 25 537 21.5 2014
Joe Getz Wood 24 504 21.0 2011
Chris Clover SJ Prep 23 476 20.7 2015
Juan'ya Green Carroll 27 560 20.7 2011
Quade Green Neumann-Goretti 28 578 20.6 2017
Deuce Turner Malvern 26 533 20.5 2018
Kyle McCloskey Gtn. Academy 29 594 20.5 2017
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 30 615 20.5 2013
Matt Dade Episcopal 25 511 20.4 2019
Rahsool Diggins Wood 26 525 20.2 2020
Eric Fleming, Ryan Ryan 24 482 20.1 2011
Hakim Hart Roman 29 581 20.0 2019

  Click here for a preview of second round games in 5A and 4A.
Ben Franklin grad Rich Bolds guided Timber Creek to the South Jersey 3A hoops crown. Click here for one story and here for another.

March 9
Accomplished Timber Creek coach Rob Hinson is joining Rutgers' football staff. Click here.
Click here for a profile on Pittsburgh Pirates farmhand
Sammy Siani (Penn Charter).
Click here for Frank Fitzpatrick's story on Penn State basketball coach Pat Chambers (Episcopal).

PIAA hoops brackets are on this page.

for pages that detail the football history of Pennsauken High, in South Jersey.** 
Tedbit -- Current NBA "Our Guys" have made appearances in 305 games this season, but only 134 have been starts and two guys, Dougherty grad Kyle Lowry and Prep Charter grad Marcus Morris, have combined for 103 of 'em. Who knows how much longer their careers will last? We need some new guys to make NBA dents and we need that now. 

Name School Year G GS
Derrick Jones Carroll 2015 49 13
Kyle Lowry Dougherty 2004 50 50
Wayne Ellington Episcopal 2006 33 1
Marcus Morris Prep Charter 2007 53 53
Markieff Morris Prep Charter 2007 50 16
Bradley Wanamaker Roman 2007 60 1
Charlie Brown Washington 2015 10 0
      305 134

  Click here for Joe Mason's story on injured Ryan star Aaron Lemon-Warren.
Click here for the updated list of 1,000-point scorers and top contenders.

March 8
The second round playoff schedule is at the bottom of this page. Thanks to Joe Sette for providing it.
Tedbit - The Catholic League batted only .750 in first-round playoffs this year after perfect performances in ''18 and '19. The all-time mark is now 57-12 (.826).

Results for Catholic League Teams in PIAA First-Round Playoffs 
Year Class 6A Class 5A Class 4A Class 3A
2020 Roman W Wood W B-P W N-G W
  SJ Prep L Ryan W Carroll W McDevitt L
2019 Roman W Wood W B-P W N-G W
  La Salle  W Ryan W Carroll W McDevitt W
2018 Roman W B-P W Con.-Egan W N-G W
  SJ Prep W Carroll W   McDevitt W
2017 Roman L Wood W Con.-Egan W N-G W
  Ryan W Carroll W   West L 
  6-2 8-0 6-0 6-2
Year Class 4A Class 3A Class 2A  
2016 Roman  W N-G  W C-E  W  
    Carroll  W    
2015 Roman  W N-G  W C-E  W  
  La Salle  W Carroll  W    
2014 Roman  W N-G  W West  W  
  La Salle  W Carroll  W    
2013 SJ Prep  W N-G  W C-E  L  
  Roman  L Carroll  W    
2012 Roman  W N-G  W McDevitt  W  
  SJ Prep  L Carroll  W    
2011 La Salle  W N-G  W West  L  
  Roman  L Carroll  L    
2010 La Salle  W N-G  W West  W  
  Roman  W Carroll  W    
2009 Roman  L N-G  W West  W  
  North  L Carroll  W    
  10-5 15-1 6-2  
 Records 31-8 Through '16 -- 26-4 '17 Through '20 -- 57-12 Overall

  Dick Jerardi knows where Speedy belongs. Click here.
Click here for a story on Speedy's final game. And here for another.
  Tiiiiime for a Chuckbit. Click here for: The day a high school game crushed the Eagles.
Eastern Regional grad Tom Flacco, Joe's brother, is hoping to get an NFL quarterbacking shot. Click here.
  Click here for a story on Roman's win over Coatesville. Ane here for one from the Coatesville viewpoint.

March 7
Click here for a page that celebrates the wonderful career of Speedy Morris.**
Tiiiiime for a Chuckbit. Click here for: Paul Wiedeman, son of former Eastern Regional coach Dave Wiedeman, makes serious coaching history.
In the first round of the state playoffs . . .
  In 6A, SJ Prep fell to Reading, 57-45, thus ending the wonderful, 52-year coaching career of William "Speedy" Morris. Everyone who knows you wishes you the best, Speedy! Click here for post-game video
. Roman won.
  In 3A, McDevitt lost, N-G win. All scores are here.

Click here for 6ABC's video/story on now retired
Eastern Regional field hockey coaching mastermind, Danyle Heilig.
Tedbit -- The Klinewskis are a salt-of-the-earth family that knows how to pepper the hoop. Noah, a senior guard for South Jersey's Eastern Regional, on Thursday finished his career with 1,033 points. Brother Matt preceded him by six years and their mom, then Joyce Moffett, was prominent enough at Cherry Hill West to earn the first full scholarship awarded to a female athlete at Drexel. Just last year, she was inducted into the South Jersey basketball HOF. I first met the family in 2014 after the championship game in the Donofrio Classic, in Conshohocken. Matt made the all-tournament team and -- not a surprise -- received the sportsmanship award. Eastern coach Kevin Crawford recently said of Noah, "Noah has been a pleasure to coach. Plays as hard as anyone I have ever coached. He sticks his nose in harm's way for 32 minutes every game. He will be missed." Below is the scoring breakdown for Joyce/Matt/Noah. 7,163 points so far with more to come. Best of luck at Susquehanna, Noah!

Mom Joyce   Son Matt   Son Noah  
C. Hill West 2,085 Eastern 1,576 Eastern 1,033
Drexel 977 Lafayette 1,492 Susquehanna TBA
 Total 3.062  Total 3.068  Total 1,033
    High School 4,694    
    College 2,469    
      TOTAL 7,163    

  Click here for a story on Wood's win over Strath Haven.
Click here for a story on Bonner-Prendie's win over Eastern York.
Click here for a story on Ryan's win over Penn Wood.
  Click here for a recap on Carroll's win over Bethlehem Catholic.
For the second year in a row, 1972 Overbrook High (Pa.) grad Darrell  White has coached the Westampton Tech girls' basketball team to the Central Jersey Group 3 finals with a 53-33 win over Burlington Township. Last season, he coached Westampton to their first-ever sectional title. They host Neptune High on Tuesday for the Group 3 title.

March 6
Tonight's results in state playoffs . . . B-P won, Carroll won, Ryan won, Wood won. Scores at bottom of this page,
Nugget from Mark "Frog" Carfagno . . .
  Linville Hill Christian, of Lancaster, is missing all seven of its seniors in tonight's state playoff vs. Sankofa, of Philadelphia. Reason? They're on a senior class trip to Kenya. Sankofa won the second quarter, 29-0, en route to a 49-12 halftime lead.

Eastern Regional's hoops TEAM PAGE has been finalized. Click here. 
Tedbit -- This is year No. 12 for the Catholic League's participation in the PIAA and Neumann-Goretti has a chance to up its title-winning percentage to 75. Pretty amzing. Below are the starters for the Saints' eight crown-capturers so far. Three guys started for three -- Dhamir "DaDa" Cosby-Roundtree, Ja'Quan Newton and Quade Green.

Name Year Name Year
Billy Shank 2011-12 Marcus Littles 2017-18
Chris Ings 2018 Mike Millsip 2017
Danny Stewart 2010 Mustafaa Jones 2010
Derrick Stewart 2011-12 Noah Warren 2017-18
DaDa Cosby-Roundtree 2015-17 Quade Green 2015-17
Dymir Montague 2018 Rasheed Browne 2016
Hanif Sutton 2012 Tony Chennault 2010
Ja'cor Smith 2018 Tony Toplyn 2014
Jamal Custis 2014 Troy Harper 2014
Ja'Quan Newton 2011-12, '14 Tyreek Duren 2010
John Davis 2011-12 Vaughn Covington 2015-16
Fresh Kimble 2014-15 Zane Martin 2015-16

  Click here for a look at the first round of the boys state playoffs.
  Former Phillies chairman David Montgomery (
Penn Charter '64, RIP) will be honored during HOF induction weekend. Click here.
Eastern Regional
soph Tommy Burns is NJ's Boys Bowler of the Year. Click here for Ryan Lawrence's story.

March 5
In the quarterfinal round of the South Jersey basketball playoffs . . .
  Eastern Regional's boys fell to Cherry Hill East, 66-56.

The Archdiocese today held its second 2019-20 school year meeting of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. The speaker was '74 Roman grad John Griffin, the father of current Roman basketball coach Matt Griffin. John coached college hoops at Siena and St. Joe's. Click here.
Jr. PG Conner Delaney (Episcopal) is having quite the basketball, not lacrosse, career at Johns Hopkins, Click here for Mike Jensen's story.
Click here for the updated list of 1,000-point scorers and top contenders.
Tedbit -
Today's list has two parts and details the Catholic League's performance in the first 11 years of competition of state playoffs. Last year was something of a failure because no state championships, for just the second time, were captured. Records for wins and losses were notched, but three of the games pitted CL squads against each other -- McDevitt over N-G, B-P over Carroll, La Salle over Roman. The highest possible number of teams, eight, will again do battle.

  W-L B-P Carr. C-E La S McD. NC
2009 8-4   *5-0       0-1
2010 11-4   2-1   1-1    
2011 7-4   0-1   2-1    
2012 10-4   2-1     2-1  
2013 9-5   4-1 0-1      
2014 13-4   13-4   4-1    
2015 21-2   21-2 *5-0 2-1    
2016 13-2   13-2 2-1      
2017 16-5   2-2 1-1      
2018 19-5 3-1 2-1 1-1   2-1  


4-1 2-1   3-1 3-1  
Total 148-47 7-2 26-10 9-4 12-5 7-3 0-1


N-G RC Ryan SJP West Wood
2-1 0-1     1-1  
*5-0 2-1     1-1  
*5-0 0-1     0-1  
*5-0 1-1   0-1    
2-1 0-1   3-1    
*5-0 1-1     1-1  
*5-0 *5-0        
*5-0 *5-0        
*5-0 0-1 3-1   0-1 *5-0
*5-0 *5-0   1-1    
2-1 2-1 1-1     4-1
46-3 21-8 4-1 4-3 3-5 9-1

March 4
Joe Rapczynski will be signing his book, The Junior Varsity Team Is Playing, this Saturday, March 7th, from 1 to 3 p.m., at the Willow Grove Barnes & Noble. 
  Schedule note: Being told the City All-Star Football Game has the wrong starting time for this year's May 16 game on its website . . . Game will start at
1, not 5.
Tedbit -- These 15 guys are the Catholic League's leading scorers for the regular season AND playoffs. Neumann-Goretti's Quade Green holds the No. 6 spot on this list after not appearing on yesterday's. That's because he scored 194 points in playoff games. **CORRECT LIST NOW POSTED. APOLOGIES FOR EARLIER MISTAKE.**

Name School Year Pts
Jeff Jones Bonner 2007 1,094
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 2013 1,063
Ja'Quan Newton Neum.-Goretti 2014 1,042
Barry Brodzinski North Catholic 1973 1,039
Brian Leahy Kenrick 1984 1,019
Quade Green Neum.-Goretti 2017 1,003
Bernard Jones Roman 1991 971
Tony Chennault Neum.-Goretti 2010 948
Craig Conlin La Salle 1985 935
Joe Ryan SJ Prep 1955 933
Lonnie McFarlan Roman 1980 931
Charron Fisher Roman 2004 923
Reggie Jackson Roman 1978 913
Billy Hoy ST More 1959 909
Maurice "Mo" Howard SJ Prep 1972 902
Lynn Greer Roman 2020 902

  Three nice stories from Joe Mason, of the Northeast Times. Ryan basketball soph Luke Boyd is here . . . Holy Family basketball soph Eric Esposito (Conwell-Egan) is here . . . St. Basil Academy coach Terry Mancini (La Salle) is here; his Panthers continue to be inspired my memories of Terry's late wife, Kimberly (RIP).
  Click here for a story on star Army guard Tommy Funk (Wood)

March 3
Eastern Regional's hoops TEAM PAGE is updated. Click here.
  In the first round of the South Jersey basketball playoffs . . .
  Eastern Regional's boys beat Rancocas Valley, 58-54.
  Eastern Regional's girls fell to Toms River North, 54-53.
The 46th annual City All-Star Football Game will be played Saturday, May 16, 5 p.m., at Northeast High.
  Schedule note: Friday's 5A playoff, Wood vs. Strath Haven, at B-P, will now start at 6:30.

  The list below shows the Top 16 (tie for 15th) in Catholic League regular season history. Of course, there have been assorted formats through the years, so guys that played 16 RS games had an edge. The three-point era has provided an edge to others. Anyway, the most amazing aspect of the list: Six guys, including five in the top eight, played for schools that no longer exist. Very sad. St. Thomas More has been outta here the longest (since 1975). Check back tomorrow for the top CL scorers, including playoffs.

Name School Year Points
Jeff Jones Bonner 2007 1,058
Brian Leahy Kenrick 1984 938
Joe Ryan SJ Prep 1955 933
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 2013 926
Barry Brodzinski North Catholic 1973 921
Billy Hoy ST More 1959 892
Ron Schott St. James 1972 888
Mike Jones ST More 1969 871
Charron Fisher Roman 2004 862
Bernard Jones Roman 1991 836
Ja'Quan Newton Neum.-Goretti 2014 831
Reggie Jackson Roman 1978 818
Lawrence Reid Dougherty 1976 817
Craig Conlin La Salle 1985 815
Maurice "Mo" Howard SJ Prep 1972 814
Michael Brooks West Catholic 1976 814

  Click here for the latest Southeastern PA rankings.
Neumann-Goretti sr. whirlwind Diamond Johnson will be playing in a national-level BOYS all-star game. Click here.
  Click here for the updated list of high-point performances.
Click here for Mike Jensen's follow-up story on the miracle shot by Holy Family's Eric Esposito (Conwell-Egan).

March 2
here for pages that detail the football history of Bishop Eustace Prep, in Pennsauken, NJ.
  Tedbit - If there's one thing you should know by now, it's this: I'm ridiculously obsessed by oddities. So here we go with another . . . Over three seasons with SJ Prep, now-sr. G Trevor Wall scored 10, 20 or 30 points in five of six Catholic League playoff games (83 percent). In 42 CL regular season games, he hit those numbers six times (14 percent). Check out the breakdown below, then return to your normal life (smile).

2018 Reg. Season BM LaS Playoffs BM N-G RC
    10 10   10 11 10
2019 Reg. Season BP AC Playoffs AR RC  
    10 20   10 20  
2020 Reg. Season BP N-G Playoffs AC    
    10 20   30    

  Click here for Kevin Callahan's story on Mike McGarvey and Lycoming (feat mentioned below).
Brackets for the PIAA state tournament can be found on this page.

March 1
  Congrats to 2002
Penn Charter grad Mike McGarvey. In just his second season, last night he steered Lycoming to the MAC Commonwealth title with a 68-64 win at Arcadia. Click here.
  Click here (bottom of that page) for the first round state playoff schedule for CL teams -- four games apiece Friday and Saturday.
  Basketball history pages have been updated for these 10 CL teams . . .
B-P - Carr  - McD - O'Hara- Roman - Ryan - SJP - SC/Neum/N-G -  West --Wood.  
 Tedbit - Tom Kehoe coached, his alma mater, the old Bishop Kenrick (Norristown), for eight seasons (1986-93; he suceeded his brother-in-law, Phil Martelli) and still pays close attention to Catholic League hoops. And he couldn't help but touch base after seeing a recent Tedbit that mentioned Carroll had placed five players in double figures for the second time this season. Check this out: In the 1990-91 season, EVERY Kenrick starter averaged double figures in CL play with the norms going from 13,6 to 10.2. Since then, just two teams have matched the feat: Neumann-Goretti in 2010 and again in 2016. The details are below. Thanks for checking in, Tom (His son, R.C., was the point guard for Roman's CL champs in '94 and '96). I still miss Friday night games at Kenrick. The atmosphere was unmatched.

School/Year/Name G Pts PPG All-Cath
  1990-91 Kenrick        
Pat Beacham 16 217 13.6 1st
Greg Grant 16 209 13.1 1st
David Neeld 16 198 12.4 2nd
Keith Gallagher 16 178 11.1 2nd
Scott Lawler 16 163 10.2  
  2009-10 Neumann-Goretti        
Tony Chennault 15 268 17.9 1st
Danny Stewart 16 221 13.8 1st
Tyreek Duren 16 217 13.6 1st
Lamin Fulton 16 185 11.6 3rd
Mustafaa Jones 16 171 10.7  
  2015-16 Neumann-Goretty        
Zane Martin 13 234 18 1st
Quade Green 13 223 17.2 1st
Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree 13 171 13.2 1st
Rasheed Browne 13 150 11.5 2nd
Vaughn Covington 13 136 10.5 2nd

  Click here for a story on SJ Prep sr. G Trevor Wall.
  A "Holy Cow" shot by soph
Eric Esposito (Conwell-Egan) gave Holy Family a stunning win at Jefferson University. Click here for recap/cideo.
  Click here for Mike Jensen's story on the huge impact "Our Guys" have made on Penn State basketball.

Feb. 29
How good has Roman's program been? In the last 35 seasons (and perhaps many more?), this is only the second times it has lost as many as 10 games overall (also 2012).
  Click here for complete boxscore stats for all four Catholic League teams in the City Titles and here for City Title recaps (bottom of that page).
  Gratz beat Roman, 71-60, for the 6A City Title. The Bulldogs' win prevented an 8-0 sweep by the CL in CT/seeding games.
  **Feb. 28, 2020, will long be remembered in
Eastern Regional's basketball history thanks to the feats of seniors Noah Klinewski and Colin Ems. Click here to see why.**
  Click here for a story on Wood's win over King. And click
here for a Wood celebration pic.
SJ Prep product Ed Croswell, a soph, has left La Salle University's basketball program and is planning to transfer, according to sources.
Tedbit - Here's a list of Inter-Ac duos to graduate together with at least 1,000 points apiece, as scored at that school. Germantown Academy leads the way with six duos. The most recent, Evan-Eric Longino and Kyle McCloskey, are the only double lefties. The cake-takers, as noted by Episcopal assistant Tom Kossuth, who was on hand for all the fun, are Episcopal's Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington (3,815).

Year School Player Pts
1985 Gtn. Academy Otis Ellis 1,421
    Rick Williams 1,358
1991 Episcopal Jerome Allen 1,027
    Eric Moore 1,008
1998 Gtn. Academy Brian Burke 1,429
    Chris Krug 1,330
2000 Penn Charter Brett Storm 1,398
    Sean Knitter 1,170
2002 Gtn. Academy Matt Walsh 1,601
    Lee Melchionni 1,261
2004 Penn Charter Rob Kurz 1,258
    Sean Singletary 1,137
2006 Gtn. Academy Ryan Ayers 1,370
    Brian Grimes 1,352
2006 Episcopal Gerald Henderson 2,059
    Wayne Ellington 1,756
2013 Gtn. Academy Nick Lindner 1,234
    Greg Dotson 1,013
2017 Gtn. Academy Evan-Eric Longino 1,658
    Kyle McCloskey 1,421

**Click here for a good-news update on former website legend (and O'Hara football manager) Big Willie McGonigle. Willie is being trained by former O'Hara football player Ryan Cannon. The guys work together at the Delaware County Youth Detention Facility. Keep it rollin', Will!!**
  Click here for a story on Ryan's seeding win Thursday night.

Feb. 28
  Wood beat King, 60-57, for the 5A City Title.
Eastern Regional's hoops TEAM PAGE is updated. Click here. The Vikings finished the regular season at 17-9.
Girls basketball became an official Catholic League sport in the 1944-45 season. Click here for a list of champs through 1965-66 and recaps for championship games going forward.
Unavailable points: N-G, Ryan. RECEIVED
  West Catholic's girls basketball champs made an appearance this morning on Fox29. Click
  Congrats to Father Judge, which last night won the CL ice hockey crown by topping O'Hara, 5-2! Click here.

Tedbit - As noted yesterday, for the seventh time in eight seasons, two Catholic League players will graduate together with at least 1,000 points scored at that school. It was also noted that the feat had not been accomplished that much over the previous ears. Below is the proof: Seven times over all seasons up to 2012. Dougherty almost had three in 2004. NBAer Kyle Lowry did score 1,000, but had "only" 999 in two Cardinal seasons after transferring from Northeast. Look who was part of the first grand duo: future NFL Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison. Another argument to avoid sports specialization.

Year School Player Pts
1991 Roman Bernard Jones 1,633
    Marvin Harrison 1,166
2001 Neumann Cantrell Fletcher 1,045
    Brandon Brigman 1,011
2004 Dougherty DeSean White 1,462
    Shane Clark 1,090
2004 SJ Prep John Griffin 1,488
    Chris Clark 1,239
2006 Neum.-Goretti D.J. Rivera 1,122
    Earl Pettis 1,045
2007 Neum.-Goretti Scoop Jardine 1,299
    Rick Jackson 1,239
2010 Neum.-Goretti Tony Chennault 1,621
    Danny Stewart 1,038

  Click here for a story on B-P's win over Imhotep and here for another.
  Click here for a story on the CL title win by West Catholic's girls.

Feb. 27
  N-G beat Future, 69-52, for the 3A City Title.
  B-P beat Imhotep, 64-58, to win the 4A City Title.
  Ryan beat Mastery North, 85-63, to earn D-12's 4th 5A seed in the upcoming state playoffs.
Eastern Regional's hoops TEAM PAGE is updated. Click here.
here for video of an all-time crazy play.
  **Great Tombit from long-time website stalwart Tom Taylor about the NBA boxscore linked below . . . The Celtics' Gene Conley was also a major league pitcher. The Lakers' Steve Hmailton was two years away from pitching in the majors. And in 1951, the Celtics' Bill Sharman was on the Dodgers' bench when the Giants' Bobby Thomson hit his famous "Shot Heard 'Round the World." He'd been called up late in the season, but never made it into a MLB game. Thanks, Tom!**
here to see which "Our Guy" is leading the NBA in free throw percentage. As noticed by Rick Leinenbach.
Two players graduating from the same high school. Each guy scoring at least 1,000 points at that school. Didn't happen very often not too long ago. But here we are in 2020 and the feat has been accomplished seven times in the last eight seasons. McDevitt's Robert Smith (1,193) and Jamil Manigo (1,083) are the new double-granders. N-G's Quade Green and Dhamir "DaDa" Cosby-Roundtree combined for the highest total (3,107). Guess what? Wood's Class of '21 could offer a trio thanks ro Rahsool Diggins, Raeshon Shepherd and Jaylen Stinson.

Year School Name Pts
2013 SJ Prep Steve Vasturia 1,764
    Miles Overton 1,133
2014 Roman Shep Garner 1,437
    Rashann London 1,103
2016 Conwell-Egan LaPri McCray-Pace 1,264
    Vinny Dalessandro 1,014
2017 Neumann-Goretti  Quade Green 1,853
    DaDa Cosby-Roundtree 1,254
2018 SJ Prep Kyle Thompson 1,074
    Darius Kinnel 1,046
2019 Roman Seth Lundy 1,150
    Hakim Hart 1,035
2020 McDevitt Robert Smith 1,193
    Jamil Manigo 1,083

  Inspired by coach Bill Ellerbee, former NBAer Rasheed Wallace (Gratz '93) is now coaching high school hoops in North Carolina. Click here for Mike Jensen's column and here for another column that details Ellerbee's life journey.
  Click here for a story on SJ Prep's win over Olney.
  Click here for a petition calling for the NBA to make Kobe Bryant (RIP) the league's new logo.
  Click here to details of a crazy NBA game played 61 years ago today.

Feb. 26
  SJ Prep beat Olney, 77-59, to earn D-12's 4th 6A seed in the upcoming state playoffs.
  McDevitt beat SLA Beeber, 74-53, to earn D-12's 3rd 3A seed in the upcoming state playoffs.
  Carroll sr. LB Richie Kimmel will play college football at Villanova.
Tedbit - By this point in the season, scoring surprises are few and far between. But in last night's seeding win over Bartram, Carroll placed five players in double digits for the second time this season -- thanks to Tom Taylor for the breakdown vs. Gratz -- and 5-10 jr. G Nick Lamey provided 10 markers. Huh? Nick Lamey? He entered the game with FOUR points, two apiece in non-league and CL games. I had to follow up with coach Francis Bowe. Here's his response. "
Nick Lamey had a fantastic last two weeks of practice. Earned some quality minutes, and did great. Really proud of him!" Very nice. Congrats to Nick and here's hoping all deep subs keep working hard to climb the latter.

Carroll's Two Games With Five Double Figure Scorers
Vs. Gratz 1/20 Pts Vs. Bartram 2/25 Pts
Amiri Stewart 14 John Camden 16
John Camden 13 Anquan Hill 14
Anquan Hill 13 Amiri Stewart 14
Dean Coleman-Newsome 13 Dean Coleman-Newsome 13
Tairi Ketner 10 Nick Lamey 10

  Click here for another story on N-G's win over Roman.
  Check out Ed Morrone's stories on great seasons -- Click here for Penn Charter's girls and here for Malvern.
  Click here for a story on
Eastern Regional's star sister track act, Jewel and Jailya Ash.

Feb. 25
  Carroll beat Bartram, 72-58, to earn D-12's 3rd 4A seed in the upcoming state playoffs.
Eastern Regional's hoops TEAM PAGE is updated. Click here.
here for . . . Never Know What You'll See on the Palestra Scoreboard.
  Click here for the N-G/Roman full boxscore and here for the WC/Wood full boxscore (corrected version), as compiled by Amauro "Amar" Austin, Mark "Frog" Carfagno and Keith Hines. Thanks, guys!
Tedbit - N-G coach Carl Arrigale now owns the Catholic League record for championships, with 11, and he has claimed that many over 22 seasons for a 50-percent mark. Roman's Dennis Seddon, the previous king with 10 crowns, also coached for 22 seasons so his percentage was 45.5. In head-to-head title showdowns, the result was 2-2 (corrected, thanks to N-G assistant Pat Sorrentino). Below are details for Carl's title wins . . .

Year Defeated . . . Score Top Scorer Pts
2001 Roman 58-55 Tabby Cunningham 19
2002 Ryan 66-53 Chris Del Brocco 20
2005 SJ Prep 57-44 *see below 15
2006 Roman 44-41 Rick Jackson 12
2009 Roman 86-53 Tyreek Duren 26
2010 Carroll 78-59 Tyreek Duren 19
2011 Carroll 59-55 #see below 16
2012 SJ Prep 59-57 Ja'Quan Newton 21
2013 SJ Prep 60-42 Ja'Quan Newton 27
2014 Roman 53-48 Ja'Quan Newton 23
2020 Roman 66-58 Cameron Young 20
*Earl Pettis and Scoop Jardine
#-John Davis and Lamin Fulton

  With 2,145 points, Lamar Stevens (Haverford School/Roman) now ranks No. 2 in Penn State history.
  Click here for a story on N-G's win and here for another and here for another.
  Click here for a story on West Catholic's win and here for another.

Feb. 24
  Full boxscores for both games will be posted tomorrow. By mid-motning, hopefully.
  In the boys CL final  . . Neumann-Goretti beat Roman, 66-58,  and coach Carl Arrigale now owns the league record for most crowns (11). Congrats!
  Meanwhile, in football news . . . Best wishes going forward to Kyle Adkins, who has stepped down as Wood's coach.
  Congrats to
Speedy Morris, who was honored by the CL before the N-G/Roman championship game. Click here.
In the girls CL final . . . West Catholic beat Wood, 65-60, in OT, for its first crown since 1998. Gap before that was 21 years (1977).
  Schedule change: The Roman-Gratz 6A City Title will be played Saturday, 1 p.m., at Lincoln.
  Big news!! -- Malvern's season is not over. The Friars will compete in the fabled Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament, to be held March 12-14 at Frostburg State (MD). This will be the 60th ACIT. . . And don't be surprised to Speedy Morris at Frostburg and nearby Cumberland. He absolutely LOVES the ACIT and had much success in that tourney.
  The Way Back, a basketball movie starring Ben Affleck, soon will debut in theaters. It was written by former Carroll player Brad Ingelsby ('98). Brad's father, Tom, starred at O'Hara and Villanova, played in the NBA and coached Carroll to the CL championship. Another son, Martin, was one of his stars and is now the coach at the University of Delaware. Click here for Brad's bio.
  Congrats to Bart "Buzzy" Wood, Buzzy, a rotation sub for West Catholic's 1976 CL finalists, is an assistant at Chester Charter, the District 1 Class A champ.
  Bonner grad Harry Perretta notched a big win in his final regular season home game as Villanova's women's basketball coach (42 years). Click here for Mike Jensen's story.
Tedbit - The Catholic League championshio will be decided tonight, 8:30, at the fabled Palestra when Neumann-Goretti meets Roman. This will be title clash No. 9 between those rivals in this century and the series is tied, 4-4. Here are the top scoring performances . . .

Name School Pts Year
Tyreek Duren N-G 26 2009
Ja'Quan Newton N-G 23 2014
Nazeer Bostick Roman 23 2015
Rashann London Roman 22 2014
Lamar Stevens Roman 22 2016
Quade Green N-G 21 2015
Tony Carr Roman 21 2016
Rick Jackson N-G 20 2007
Tabby Cunningham Neumann 19 2001
Tony Chennault N-G 19 2009
Bradley Wanamaker Roman 18 2006
Michael Wild Roman 17 2000
Bradley Wanamaker Roman 17 2007
Tamal Forchion Roman 16 2001
Brent Welton Roman 16 2001
Danny Stewart N-G 16 2009
Vaughn Covington N-G 16 2016

  Click here for a story on N-G sr. PG Hakim Byrd and here for a preview of tonight's N-G/Roman CL final.
  Ted Taylor, whose columns on baseball card collecting long lit up this website, has written his final newspaper column on his long career. Click here and best wishes, Ted.
Click here for the list of 1,000-Point Scorers. (Underclassmen likely to contend in 2020-21 have been added).
  Click here for an update on Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Jack Herman (Eastern Regional '18).

Feb. 23
  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Bob Atene. Bob (a k a Bobby), twice a first team All-Catholic basketball player at  Bishop Neumann ('67) -- he was one of just four SC/Neum. players to accomplish that feat through the school's first 43 seasons -- passed away Thursday. His son, Rob, coached Sterling High, in South Jersey, for seven seasons (2009-15), and was an assistant at Eastern Regional through last season. RIP, Bob. Click here for services and here for a Facebook page.
  Congrats to Aaron "Ace" Carter on his Explanatory Writing Award (about the effect of food insecurity on athletes) from the Associated Press Sports Editors.
  Thank God for the 2000s! Somehow, Roman and Neumann-Goretti (nee Neumann/Southeast Catholic) never banged heads for the Catholic League championship through eight decades in the 1900s. They've done so eight times in the 2000s and the series is tied, 4-4. Every game has been very competitive (except one). Scores/totals are below. These squads will duel tomorrow, 8:30, at the Palestra. Enjoy!

Year Winner Pts Loser Pts
2000 Roman 58 Neumann 55
2001 Neumann 60 Roman 59
2006 Neum.Gor. 44 Roman 41
2007 Roman 59 N-G 56
2009 N-G 86 Roman 53
2014 N-G 53 Roman 48
2015 Roman 64 N-G 59
2016 Roman 72 N-G 65
    Total 496   Total 436
  Neumann/N-G 478    
  Roman 454    

  The Inter-Ac League files on this page have been updated through the current season..
Malvern Prep, coached by John Harmatuk, broke the school record for wins in a season (with 27) and sr. G Deuce Turner finished his career with 2,452 points, the No. 2 total in city leagues' history behind 2,681 by 2003 Strawberry Mansion product Maureece "The Scorelord" Rice. Congrats!
  Click here for the Overall Scoring Leaders.
Penn Charter's girls basketball team, coached by Joe Maguire, broke the school record for wins for the second consecutive season (23, then 25), and placed two seniors, Carmen Williams (1,223) and Kait Carter (1,171) in the 1,000-Point Club. Congrats!

Feb. 22
  In the PAISAA boys final . . . Malvern fell to Westtown, 72-59. Major congrats to
Malvern sr. G Deuce Turner on his wonderful career!! (He scored his final points on two free throws with about 1:20 remaining.)
  In the PAISAA girls final . . . Penn Charter fell to Abington Friends, 65-59.
Click here for Bill Kashatus' latest podcast. The guest is Bill White and the subject is Dick Allen and race in baseball.
Tedbit - A while back, as part of Black History Month, we posted a list that detailed Catholic League schools' first black, first-team All-Catholic
basketball honoree. Right below is the Inter-Ac League's version. No. 1 was my Penn Charter '69 classmate, Roger Gordon, and both of us made the entire journey together from kindergarten through 12th grade. Roger, a great guy, was also a headliner in soccer (goalie) and baseball (first base) and spent his college years at Princeton.

School Name Year G Pts Avg.
Chestnut Hill Gerald Howard 1992 10 115 11.5
Episcopal Charles Hickman 1979 10 163 16.3
Gtn. Academy Rodney Duncan 1975 9 187 20.8
Haver. School Charlie Miller 1976 10 172 17.2
Malvern Charlie Floyd 1972 10 194 19.4
Penn Charter Roger Gordon 1968 14 223 15.9

  Click here for a story on Malvern's win over Phelps.
  Click here for Joe Mason's story on Ryan soph G Jalen Snead.
  In a PAISAA semi last night, Malvern beat Phelps, 72-56, and will meet Westtown for the championship tonight, 7:30, at Montco Community College. Penn Charter beat Notre Dame, 70-61, in a girls semi and will meet Abington Friends at 5:30, also at Montco CC. Both games will be broadcast by Sports Fan Base Network. They'll be here.

Feb. 21
  **Click here to see the schedule (bottom of that page) for next week's City Titles and seeding games. Thanks to D-12 honcho Joe Sette for providing it.**
Eastern Regional's hoops TEAM PAGE is updated. Click here.

  Tedbit -- Could it happen for the first time since 2002 and only the third time since 1988? We're talking about this: Roman has a chance to win a championship despite having lost four games during the CL regular season. Neumann accomplished the feat in 2002 and Bonner did so in 1988 during the Northern/Southern divisions era. Since the all-one-league setup was resumed in 2011 (for the first time since 1955), no CL champ has lost more than two games in the regular season. The all-time record for losses is seven by Roman in 1943 and South Catholic (now N-G) in 1944. That Roman team stumbled to an 0-6 start. So far, this Roman squad has bested Bonner-Prendie and Wood in the playoffs. They lost to those squads in the regular season. The Cahillites also lost to -- you got it -- N-G in  the regular season.

  Click here for recaps of games in the first three rounds of the Catholic League playoffs. And
here for quarters/semis full boxscores.
  Paul Rodio has coached hoops at St. Augustine Prep (SJ) for 43 seasons. And intends to keep at it. Click here for Kevin Cooney's story.

Feb. 20
Eastern Regional's hoops TEAM PAGE is updated. Click here.
Tedbit -- Roman last night scored 83 points in its semi vs. Wood. Its record for points in semis is 84 vs. Dougherty in 1981. Overall semis record: 89 by NG vs. Ryan in '16.
  Roman (over Wood) and N-G (over Ryan) were the winners in last night's CL semis. Check out Huck Palmer's stat sheets: Roman
here and Wood here . . . N-G
here and Ryan here
. Thanks, Huck! . . . Rahsool Diggins (Wood) scored 35 points, the No. 3 total in CL playoff history behind Roman's Kyle Locke (39 in '92) and Carroll's Juan'ya Green (39 in '11).
  Click here for a story on Roman's win. And here for another.
  Click here for a story on N-G's win.
  Semis boxscores are now here.
  Four members of Penn Charter's girls basketball team made the Coaches' All-Inter-Ac team: Kait Carter and Carmen Williams on first team, Kelsey Bess and Aleah Snead on second team.
  Eastern Regional
grad Lynn Milligan now owns Rider's school record for career women's basketball victories. Click here.

Feb. 19
   Tedbit - The list below shows which players have bagged at least 15 points and 15 rebounds in the same Catholic League quarterfinal, semifinal or final in this century. Roman soph Jalen Duren joined the club Friday with 18/18 vs. B-P. **Jalen Duren's semis performance has been added.**

Name School Foe Pts Reb Year Round
Mark Zoller SJ Prep La Salle 25 15 2003 S
Charron Fisher Roman Neumann 25 20 2003 Q
Reggie Redding SJ Prep West 15 15 2004 Q
Reggie Redding SJ Prep West 19 15 2005 Q
Rick Jackson N-G Dougherty 23 17 2006 S
Rick Jackson N-G Roman 20 18 2007 F
Rick Jackson N-G North 26 17 2007 S
Miles Overton SJ Prep La Salle 16 16 2013 Q
D. Cosby-Roundtree N-G Carroll 22 21 2017 Q
Jalen Duren Roman B-P 18 18 2020 Q
Jalen Duren Roman Wood 20 18 2020 S

Feb. 17
  Tedbit- Below is Part Two of the list first posted yesterday -- first black players, school by school, to earn first team spots on the Coaches' All-Catholic Basketball Team. Adonal Foyle was only a soph. He then transferred to a school in upstate New York. He, Mike Bantom and Mo Howard (son Ashley coaches La Salle University) all played in the NBA.

School Name Year G Pts Avg.
Neumann Lloyd Ranson 1974 16 299 18.7
N. Catholic Chris Edwards 2007 14 176 12.6
O'Hara Adonal Foyle 1992 14 258 18.4
Roman Mike Bantom 1969 16 250 15.6
Ryan Bryan Okolo 2013 13 213 16.4
St. James Jimmy Pee 1983 14 272 19.4
SJ Prep Mo Howard 1971 14 301 21.5
ST More Carl Brooks 1967 14 221 15.8
W. Catholic Ron Billingslea 1967 14 241 17.2
Wood Tyree Pickron 2017 13 163 12.5

  Click here for full boxscores from the CL quarterfinals (O'Hara's stats unavailable). Thanks to all coaches/managers who provided info.
  Forty years ago, former McDevitt basketball player Steve Porth was a senior at St. Joe's College. Click here to read about his amazing accomplishment that season.

Click here to see how Phil Martelli (SJ Prep) is faring at Michigan.
  In last night's NBA sll-star game,
Kyle Lowry (Dougherty) totaled 13 points, five rebounds and eight assists in 28 minutes.

Feb. 16
Penn Charter product Ruben Amaro is about to take a local TV job. Click here.
  Unavailable points (from Friday): SCH. RECEIVED.
Tedbit - This is Black History Month, of course, and a new chapter was written last week when the Catholic League coaches picked their all-star team. Black players earned all 10 spots on the first team. That feat got me to thinking. Who were the first black guys at each school to earn first team honors? The first part of the list is below. Dougherty's Vince Richardson was first in 1961. Check back tomorrow for Part Two and please speak up if I missed someone. In football, for instance, Bob Evans was a great lineman for Roman's 1947 CL champs. He then starred at Penn.

School Name Year G Pts Avg.
Bonner Walt Fuller 1982 14 192 13.7
Carroll Kashif Payne 2001 13 200 25.4
Conwell-Egan Ike Robinson 2010 16 326 20.4
Devon Prep Not yet        
Dougherty Vince Richardson 1961 15 225 15
Judge James "J.J." Franklin 2006 14 211 15.1
Ken.-Ken. None        
Kenrick Mike Blackwell 1974 16 257 16.1
Lansdale Not yet        
La Salle Joe Meade 1996 14 190 13.6
McDevitt Troy Robertson 1981 16 328 20.5

  In 2011, Steve Wasylenko was completing his days at La Salle High as a member of the baseball team. Click here to see what he's doing now. His dad, Bill, a k a "The Wyzard of Wyndmoor," is La Salle's famed football historian and has often made contributions to this website.
  Click here for recaps, so far, of the Catholic League playoffs (first round, quarterfinals).
here for video of Derrick Jones' championship performance in the NBA dunk contest. And here for a story.
  Click here for another story on Roman's playoff win over B-P.

Feb. 15
Carroll product Derrick Jones won the NBA dunk contest!!
Unavailable points: *O'Hara, *Penn Charter, SCH. *RECEIVED
  In a PAISAA quarterfinal, Malvern beat Kiski, 78-66, as Deuce Turner racked up 36 points. Career total is now 2,401.
 In the quarterfinal round of the girls PAISAA Tourney, Penn Charter gave coach Joe Maguire his 100th career win (counting nine at his previous stop, SCH Academy) by beating Baldwin, 70-28, behind Carmen Williams (13), Kait Carter, Kelsey Bass (11 apiece) and Aleah Snead (10). Congrats! Semifinal: Friday, 8.m., vs. Notre Dame at Friends' Central.

  In a PAISAA quarterfinal, Malvern will host Kiski Prep tonight at 7.
 Click here for the list of 1,000-Point Scorers. (Underclassmen likely to contend in 2020-21 have been added). Updated points for one player currently unavailable.
Tedbit - It would be impossible for all four CL quarterfinals to be nail-biters, right? Three -- that's within reason and it happened last night. This was season No. 53 for quarters and five times the margin of victory in three has totaled no more than nine points. Last night's trio earned a tie for second at eight points. Sean Tait is Judge's coach. In the first quarters, the only blowout was posted by North Catholic's JV, filling in for the suspended varsity, by 77-60 over McDevitt. That performance earned national attention.

Year Pts Winner Loser Leading Scorer
1976 1 Kenrick 52 La Salle 51 Tom Catagnus 16
5 pts 2 West 45 Carroll 43 Mike Davis 13
  2 Roman 44 Neumann 42 *see below
1968 2 O'Hara 57 Roman 55 Joe Hazinsky 17
 8 pts 2 West 51 ST More 49 Ron Billingslea 21
  4 Judge 50 La Salle 46 Mike Krawczyk 24
1990 1 Judge 50 Kenrick 49 Mke Conroy 17
8 pts 3 La Salle 52 Ryan 49 Jarrod Macklin 13
  4 Neumann 48 O'Hara 44 Damon Reid 18
2020 2 Ryan 58 McDevitt 56 &see below
8 pts 2 Roman 61 B-P 59 Justice Williams 20
  4 Wood 72 Carroll 68 Rahsool Diggins 25
1995 2 Judge 45 La Salle 43 Sean Tait 24
9 pts 3 Dougherty 48 Wood 45 #see below
  4 Roman 33 O'Hara 29 Lari Ketner 13
*-Steve Compton and Reggie Jackson 14
&-Luke Boyd and Gediminas Mokseckas 18
#-Bob Pembleton and Donnell Sutton 14

  Congrats to Eastern Regional sr. G Kelli McGroarty, who has reached 1,000 career sports! Click here for video.
  Congrats to Eastern Regional soph Tommy Burns, who yesterday won a state title in the individual bowling competition! Click here.
  Click here or here for stories on Roman's win over B-P.

  Click here or here for stories on N-G's win over O'Hara. And click here for a photo set.
  Click here for a story on Carroll's Tairi Ketner and his late father, former NBAer Lari (Roman).
  Click here for a recap on Wood's win over Carroll.
  Click here for a recap on Malvern's win and Haverford School's loss.

Feb. 14
  In CL quarters: Ryan beat McDevitt, N-G beat O'Hara, Roman beat B-P, Wood beat Carroll in OT. Semis, Wed. at Palestra: Roman/Wood at 6:30, Ryan/N-G at 8.
  Results for I-A teams in the PAISAA tourney: GA lost, HS lost, PC lost, SCH lost, MP beat EA.

  Tedbit -- At least for now, the total number of points scored in Catholic League/Inter-Ac play by the sons/grandsons of NBA Hall of Famer Paul Arizin is frozen at 1,810. However, Joe Arizin is now a seventh grader and, hey, he might enjoy being the guy to put the group into the 2,000 club. The first four guys on the list below -- Michael, Tim, Dennis and Chris (Joe's dad) -  are brothers and all did their ballin' at O'Hara. Matt (Penn Charter) and Gabe (SJ Prep) are Mike's sons and the former's primary sport was baseball (first team All-City pitcher). Chris and Joe are Chris' sons. Tim's and Dennis' kids did not attend Catholic/Inter-Ac schools. Another of Mike's sons, Luke, played lacrosse at SJ Prep ('17).

Name School Grad RS Play Total
Michael O'Hara 1972 547 74 621
Tim  O'Hara 1976 35 0 35
Dennis O'Hara 1980 172 31 203
Chris O'Hara 1985 196 20 216
Matt Penn Charter 1996 81 x 81
Gabe SJ Prep 2019 263 27 290
Chris  SJ Prep 2020 343 21 364
      1637 173 1810

  Click here for a preview of tonight's Catholic League quarterfinals. And click here for another.
  Former Temple player Paul Collins now owns 800 wins as a high school coach in  South Jersey (Willingboro, Riverside, Burlington City). Click here.

Feb. 13
**Click here for the 2020 Coaches' All-Inter-Ac Basketball Team and congrats to Malvern's Deuce Turner, the MVP! All honorees are also on this page.
  Playoff brackets for
Eastern Regional's basketball teams - boys here, girls here.
  All four of tomorrow's CL quarterfinals will start at 7 p.m. on the higher seeds' home courts.
  Zubair Lee and Shane Stauffer are making a basketball difference for
Eastern Regional
. Click here.

  Tedbit -- Sr. G Trevor Wall (four treys) erupted for 30 points yesterday in SJ Prep's 74-66 loss to Carroll in the first round of the Catholic League playoffs. That was the fourth best performance by a Speedy Morris-coached player in a Catholic League playoff or City Title. Interestingly, 10 of the top Speedy outings took place during his 19 seasons at Prep (2002-2020) and just two occurred during his 14 seasons at Roman (1968-81). Scores in that first Speedy stint were often much lower. Steve Vasturia's 35-point bomb vs. Bartram in the 2012 City Title was doubly notable. It tied Wilt Chamberlain's CT record and was notched one day after the 50th anniversary of Wilt's 100-point avalanche vs. the New York Knicks. 

Name Year Kind Opponent Pts
Steve Vasturia 2012 CT Bartram 35
Jim Mower 2008 Qtr Roman 32
Mark Zoller 2003 Final Dougherty 31
Trevor Wall 2020 1st Carroll 30
Mark Zoller 2003 Qtr Carroll 29
John Grifffin 2004 Final Dougherty 27
Joe Nardi 2010 Semi Neum.-Gor. 27
Steve Vasturia 2011 Qtr Carroll 27
Miles Overton 2011 Qtr Carroll 26
Miles Overton 2013 Qtr La Salle 26
*Lonnie McFarlan 1980 Semi O'Hara 26
*Lonnie McFarlan 1980 Final Kenrick 26
*-Roman (all others SJ Prep    

  Penn Charter sr. G Kait Carter will play college basketball at Chestnut Hill.
  Click here for a story on Carroll's playoff win over SJ Prep.
Click here for the list of 1,000-Point Scorers. (Underclassmen likely to contend in 2020-21 have been added)..

Feb. 12
  Friday's CL quarters: Carroll at Wood, Roman at B-P, Ryan at McDevitt, O'Hara at N-G.
  In the CL's other first round playoff, Ryan beat West Catholic, 49-45.
  In a Catholic League first round playoff, SJ Prep fell to Carroll, 74-66. Speedy Morris finishes the CL portion of his career with a 43-28 record in CL playoffs and City Titles -- 22-11 at Roman, 21-17 at SJ Prep. The Hawks will play at least one more game -- vs. a Pub team to determine the fourth seed in the 6A state tournament.
DE Ryan Savage (La Salle), LB Liam Johnson and OL Matt McGeary (both SJ Prep) have been chosen to play for Pennsylvania vs. Maryland in the 63rd Big 33 Football Classic, set for Monday, May 25, at Central Dauphin School District's Landis Field in Lower Paxton Township. The game's website is here.
  Click here for a story/pic from the recent National Signing Day at
Eastern Regional'.
  The schedule for Inter-Ac teams in the Round of 16 in the PAISAA Tournament can be found at the bottom of this page.
Tedbit -- Here's the second part of yesterday's list. Well, actually it's the first part (smile). These are the top 11 averages posted by sophomores in Catholic League regular season play. Current Roman players Jalen Duren and Justice Williams rank 2nd and 4th, respectively.

Name School G Pts Avg. Year
Charron Fisher Roman 14 295 21.1 2002
Jalen Duren Roman 14 271 19.4 2020
Billy Hoy ST More 13 251 19.3 1957
Justice Williams Roman 14 270 19.3 2010
Donny Dodds SJ Prep 14 269 19.2 1976
Brian Leahy Kenrick 15 287 19.2 1982
Jeff Jones Bonner 14 269 19.2 2005
Steve Vasturia SJ Prep 13 249 19.2 2011
Rahsool Diggins Wood 14 269 19.2 2019
Adonal Foyle O'Hara 14 258 18.4 1992
Pat Smith Wood 13 239 18.4 2012

Feb. 11
Penn Charter's girls basketball team, coached by former Father Judge guard Joe Maguire ('00), finished the regular season 23-3 overall (sorry for earlier typo; good catch by Ed Foley) and 10-2 in Inter-Ac play. The two -I-A losses came against the champion, Germantown Academy.
Eastern Regional's hoops TEAM PAGE is updated. Click here.
  Today's PAISAA results for I-A teams: EA, HS and PC won.
  Best wishes going forward to Anthony Magallanes, who is batting a challenging health issue. Anthony played basketball at Ryan ('10), wrote entertaining football/baseball reports (one example here) for this website and now teaches at St. Christopher School, in the Far Northeast. His uncle, Jerry Magallanes, a star running back at Judge, is a prominent college football referee. Stay strong, Anthony!
here for a page that details the basketball history of Sterling High, in Somerdale, NJ.

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  How strange is this? Nineteen Catholic League players have thrice earned first team All-Catholic honors. For now anyway, not one has played in the NBA. That list, along with a four-timer and two-timers, can be found on this page.
Tedbit - In Catholic League history, 22 sophomores have averaged as many as 15 PPG in league play. The second 11 are here. Check back tomorrow for the first 11.

Name School G Pts Avg Year
Joe Ryan SJ Prep 14 255 18.2 1953
Joe Zeglinski Ryan 14 238 17.0 2004
Lynn Greer Roman 13 216 16.6 2018
Shep Garner Roman 13 215 16.5 2012
Quade Green N-G 13 208 16.0 2016
Barry Brodzinski North