Philadelphia Football, Basketball and Baseball

Top Catholic/Inter-Ac/Public League Athletes
Listed By Power Points, 1978-2018

Decided by All-City Teams and Special Awards
3rd Team = 1 Point
2nd Team = 2 Points
1st Team = 3 Points
Special Awards = 4 Extra points (Player of Year, Pitcher of Year, Etc.)

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Philly's Top Pro Athletes, By Power Points, 1978 Through 2018 School Years
Name School Year Football Basketball Baseball Points
Mike Samuel Penn Charter 1994 1st, *1st   1st, *1st 20
Joe McCourt Roman 2001 *1st, *1st   2nd, 1st 19
Courtney Batts Penn Charter 1993 1st, *1st   1st, 1st 16
Jack Stanczak La Salle 1989 *1st   2nd, *1st 16
Rick Burns Egan 1983 1st, 1st   1st, *1st 16
Jimmy Herron La Salle 2015 3rd, 1st, 1st   2nd, 1st, 1st 15
John Price Ryan 2000 2nd    1st, 1st, *1st 15
Sean Grieve Gtn. Academy 2004 2nd, 1st   1st, *1st 15
Derrik Millhouse Dobbins 1992 3rd, 2nd, *1st   3rd, 2nd  13
Jim Haley Bonner-Pren. 2013 2nd, 1st   3rd, 1st, *1st 13
Marvin Harrison Roman 1991 3rd, 1st, *1st 2nd   13
Ben Davis Malvern 1995   3rd 3rd, 1st, *1st 12
David Orr Malvern 1981 *1st   2nd, 1st 12
Kevin McGerry Judge 1997 1st   2nd, *1st 12
Scott Hunter Northeast 1993 2nd, 1st   3rd, 1st, *1st 12
Sean Singletary Penn Charter 2004 2nd 1st, *1st   12
Jeff Randazzo O'Hara 1999   2nd 2nd, *1st 11
Jon McAllister Chestnut Hill 2010 3rd, 3rd   3rd, 2nd, 1st, 1st 11
Scott Thompson West Catholic 1987 2nd, 1st   3rd, 2nd, 1st 11
Skyler Mornhinweg SJ Prep 2012 2nd, *1st   2nd 11
Tito Nanni Chestnut Hill 1978 3rd, 1st   *1st 11
Bill Lockhart Malvern 1985 1st   First 10
Ed Bowman Mastbaum 1997 2nd, 1st   2nd, 1st 10
Jim Pawloski Ryan 1980 3rd, *1st   2nd  10
Kenny Devenney Penn Charter 2001 2nd, 2nd   1st, 1st 10
Pat Kane West Catholic 1979 2nd   3rd, *1st 10
Tim Edger SJ Prep 2008 3rd, 2nd, 1st   2nd, 2nd  10