Philadelphia High School Soccer
Shutouts in Public League Finals

(compiled by Ted Silary)

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  Note: In some cases, these goalies were replaced late in one-sided victories.

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Name School Opponent


Greg Winter Cent NE 2013
Jorge Chavez NE Franklin Towne 2012
Jefferson Banto Bart NE 2010
Sidney Nicol Wash Bart 2009
Tim Freiling NE Cent 2007
Rob Freiling Linc Cent 2003
Evan Nash Cent Fkd


Tim Neal Fkd Wash 1995
John Foley (split)    
John Foley Fkd Linc


Brad Price (split)    
John Gross Fkd NE 1993
Tom Sullivan Fkd Wash 1990
Charlie Kunkle NE Wash 1985
Tom Corcoran Wash Fkd 1984
Bill Nolan NE Fkd 1982
Rich Pue Wash Linc 1981
??? Fkd Mast 1968
more to come . . .