Philadelphia High School Basketball
Speedy Morris Earns High School Win No. 700

**Names of Speedy's Players at Roman, Penn Charter
and SJ Prep Have Been Added at Bottom of Page**

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  Coach William "Speedy" Morris and his happy Hawks after win No. 700 as a high school coach. (Pic by Keith Morris)
Assistant Randy Monroe (upper right) was a starter when Speedy notched win No. 300 in Dec. 1979.

Speedy's All-League players:


1969: Mike Bantom
1970: Jim O'Brien
1971: John Beecroft
1973: Chico Singleton, Donald Kelly
1974: John Griffin, Donald Kelly
1975: Zane Major
1976: Mike Morrow
1977: Reggie Jackson
1978: Reggie Jackson
1979: Lonnie McFarlan
1980: Lonnie McFarlan
1981: Randy Monroe, Glenn Welton
1968: Keith Coady, Steve Collins
1969: Mike Moody
1971: Ed Hoban
1972: "Chico" Singleton, Frank Sykes
1976: Reggie Jackson
1978: Larry McGill
1979: "Yosh" Siorek, Rakph Mack
1980: Glenn Welton, Gerald Roberts

1976: Steve Compton
1977: Larry McGill
1978: Charlie Robbins

1983: Andy Vye
1984: Carl Arrigale
1983: Carl Arrigale
1984: Marv Dunmeyer, Joe McGarvey,
  Drew Meyers

ST. JOSEPH'S PREP, 2002-16

2002: Mark Zoller
2003: Mark Zoller, John Griffin
2004: Chris Clark, John Griffin
2005: Reggie Redding
2006: Reggie Redding
2007: Matt Griffin
2008: Jim Mower
2009: Joe Nardi
2010: Joe Nardi
2011: Stephen Vasturia
2012: Stephen Vasturia, Miles Overton
2013: Stephen Vasturia, Miles Overton
2014: Chris Clover
2015: Chris Clover
2002: John Griffin
2003: Chris Clark
2004: Reggie Redding
2005: Corey O'Rourke, Joe Fox
2006: Dave Stefanski
2007: Larry Loughery, Jim Mower
2010: Gene Williams
2011: Gene Williams
2012: Gene Williams
2016: Kyle Thompson
2002: Chris Clark
2003: T.J. Valerio
2004: Mike Kearney
2006: Matt Griffin, Larry Loughery
2009: Pat Stewart, Dan Fitzpatrick
2011: Miles Overton
2014: Kyle Thompson
2015: James McGovern
2016: Pete Gayhardt

Speedy Morris
Celebration Page

  On Dec. 30, 2016, with a 67-48 win over St. Georges (DE), in a showcase event at Widener University, William "Speedy" Morris notched his 700th win as high school coach.
  Morris was 347-82 in 14 seasons at Roman (1968-81), 41-14 in two at Penn Charter (1983-84) and this win made him 312-103 in 16 at St. Joseph's Prep (2002-17).
  Junior Kyle Thompson led the Hawks with 21 points while classmates Darius Kinnel (17) and Ed Croswell (12) also scored in double figures. Other scorers: Brian Griffin 9, Gabe Arizin 8. Arizin (13) and Croswell (12) led in rebounds.
  The win raised the Prep's season record to 6-2.
  In 2015, in the same gym on the same date, the Hawks bested Salesianum (DE), 49-43, to make Morris the first high school basketball coach in Pennsylvania history to claim win No. 300 at a second school, according to state hoops historian Bill Gaffey. Also, high school win No. 700 came in his 1,400th game as a high school/college coach.  
  This story was written after Speedy notched his 300th win on Dec. 11, 1979 . . .

By Ted Silary
  There was a cake for Bill "Speedy" Morris, but in deference to an ever-present diet, he did not eat any. There was not a cake for Lonnie McFarlan, but then again no one could have foreseen the need to order one.
  As a boisterous crowd at Bishop Kenrick sensed early last night, a celebration with two cakes, two sets of noisemakers and two brands of party hats was surely in order.
  For Morris, the mastermind basketball guru with the theatrical savvy to match, the occasion was his 300th victory in 12-plus years at Roman Catholic High. For the 6-5 McFarlan, the 72-58 win provided a chance to smash some records.
  With 2:57 remaining in the third quarter, McFarlan snatched his eighth rebound of the night, thus rubbing out Reggie Jackson (763) as Roman's all-time leader. McFarlan finished the evening with 12 boards and a 768 total, but in the really big news, he also poured in 45 points, shooting 21-for-30 from the field, along with 3-for-4 from the line.
  Again, Jackson (now at Maryland) was the victimized Cahillite, having scorched St. James for a school-record 41.

  "In the middle of the second quarter, I started to get the feeling that it was gonna be a pretty good night," noted McFarlan, who scored 21 first-half points. "But I never thought it was gonna wind up as good as this.
  "I TURNED ONE time in the middle and I was off-balance. I just threw it up and it went in. It shocked me. That was a George McGinnis shot."
  Ha, ha. If McGinnis - at least in his late Sixers' days - had taken that shot, it might have clanged off the rim or wound up as an air-ball. McFarlan's shots last night seemed to be encased in cotton. He first forced a shot in the fourth quarter and, if anything, did not cut loose often enough.
  As you can expect, each time McFarlan even came close to messing up, ol' Speed Man displayed the contortions and facial expressions that have made him famous. With those pointed, high-pitched words to match.

Speedy in 1968

1968: 17-7
1969: 26-4
1970: 15-9
1971: 17-8
1972: 19-6
1973: 24-6
1974: 31-3
1975: 28-6
1976: 28-5
1977: 24-8
1978: 32-4
1979: 31-5
1980: 31-3
1981: 24-8
1983: 20-7
1984: 21-7
2002: 24-6
2003: 30-2
2004: 27-4
2005: 26-5
2006: 24-5
2007: 22-8
2008: 16-11
2009: 14-9
2010: 17-8
2011: 14-9
2012: 21-6
2013: 24-6
2014: 16-7
2015: 18-5
2016: 13-10
2017: 6-2

High School

1968-81: Roman, 347-82
1983-84: Penn Charter, 41-14
2002-17: SJ Prep, 312-103
(  College  )
1985-86: La Salle women, 43-17
1987-01: La Salle men, 238-203
(  Overall  )


1969: 14-2, 26-4
1973: 13-3, 24-6
1974: 15-1, 31-3
1978: 13-1, 32-4
1979: 13-1, 31-5
1980: 13-1, 31-3
2003: 13-1, 30-2
2004: 13-1, 27-4

1984: 9-1, 21-7

  "Lonnie scores 45 points, it must seem silly for me to yell at him. Maybe it's that I'm too much of a perfectionist. He's got
to play defense better, he's got to rebound better. He's an unselfish kid - too much, sometimes. If he had taken all the shots
that were there, he would have scored 'way over 50."
  "He can holler at me and jump all over me, if he wants to," Lonnie said. " It's for my own good. If I didn't have someone
of his caliber to lead me, I wouldn't be where I am right now (among best players in country). I have to take what he says
constructively. If he didn't say anything, I'd start to wonder, 'Something must be wrong with Coach Morris.'
  "One thing I'd like to say: Lonnie McFarlan didn't get these points all alone. I can't do anything if my teammates don't play
well, also. Say I'm off. They'll be able to pick up the slack. In fact, they might do a better job than me."
  BEFORE ROMAN COULD have Speedy's cake and eat it, too, it first had to shake a team that is much better than many
people had realized.
  Phil Martelli, the Knights' second-year coach, has a great thing going. Junior Tom Scott mixed 13 points and 10 rebounds,
Pat Hannan pulled off several pretty drives en route to 14 points, and Jim Bolger chipped in with 12 points and four assists.
  This team is most assuredly not a spittin' image of the one in '76, which took the title and warmed hearts the area over,
but if Martelli can sustain both the intensity and high level of play, a Northern Division playoff berth could be in the offing.
  Meanwhile, Morris was asked to recall his early days at Broad and Vine, when a job coaching basketball at Roman was
tantamount to leaping from the third-floor fire escape.
  When Speedy took over, the Cahillites had not reached the playoffs since about the time that David beat Goliath. Or so it
seemed. However, that first squad in 1967-'68 invaded the Palestra, as have all the others since but one ('70). Roman owns
five league titles and one City Title ('74) under Morris.
  "No one thought Roman basketball would come to this, including myself, " Morris said. "I remember when I took the job,
talking with my best friend, John Hoban. We said that if we could just be .500 after a couple years, people would say we
were doing a great job.
  "In fact, if somebody had said, 'We will let you be 50-50 after five seasons,' I would have pinned him down right then
and said, 'Yeah, yeah, I'll take it.'
  "THAT FIRST TEAM should get the credit for getting everything going. I like to remind these kids of those kids - how
much they worked, how nobody got on anyone else. They were united in every way."
  When pressed, Morris was able to recall that his 100th win came over O'Hara in 1972 and that his 200th win came over
Neumann in 1976. And the first?
  "Barry Fisher was my assistant. I can even remember the things we talked about on the bus ride up there (to Wood). He
said I didn't know how to dress, that my socks should match my pants, that instead they matched my sports coat."
  These days, Speedy Morris is unmatched when it comes to high school coaches in the area (state?, country?, universe?)
and, as players go, McFarlan's attaining that same stature in a hurry.
  Over the summer, Lonnie gave a hint of a dynamite senior season, exploding for 41 points (19-for- 35) as the Venice
Island All-Stars lost to Mrs. Paul's Pals.
  "I'm trying to approach each game with the same feeling, that I just go out to do my best," McFarlan said. "There's
nothing to worry about, no pressure at all from anybody. I go out there totally relaxed. I block everything outta my mind.
On the court, I can hear just one person - Coach Morris. And I know what he says is not gonna steer me wrong."
  At game's end, McFarlan, Glenn Welton (18 points, 11 rebounds), Gerald Roberts (7 assists), Steve Scheier (6 assists),
Randy Monroe (9 boards) and the rest of the Cahillites steered themselves into the locker room.
  Morris' brother, Dave, unveiled a cake that he ordered on behalf of the Morris children. Later, back at Speedy's Drop
in the Bucket tappy in Roxborough, there was another cake, even bigger.
  "The thing is," Speedy said, "I don't even eat cake."
  But how that man can put away the basketball victories.

  Below are the players who helped Speedy Morris accumulate 700 wins at the high school level.
The year indicates the player's final season. Most were seniors. Some transferred and some were
underclassmen who did not play in the following season. The '81, '84 and '17 teams include
multiple underclassmen.

1968-81 Seasons
1983-84 Seasons
2002-17 Seasons 
Charles DiCicco 1968   Andy Vye 1983   Evan Pierce 2002
Dan Avington 1968   Art Duff 1983   Jim Good 2002
Dennis Mathews  1968   Dennis Foley 1983   Matt Stefanski 2002
John Proud 1968   Joe Doherty 1983   Mike Haubrich 2002
Keith Coady 1968   Abe Dunmeyer 1984   Ryan Lynch 2002
Larry Avington 1968   Brian Duffy 1984   Brett Novielli 2003
Steve Collins 1968   Carl Arrigale 1984   John Oberlies 2003
Bill Braunsberg 1969   Drew Meyers 1984   Kyle Eisenmann  2003
Bill Medina 1969   Ed Small 1984   Mark Meehan 2003
Bob Giballa 1969   Hank Weiss 1984   Mark Zoller  2003
John Pindynski 1969   Joe Gleason 1984   T.J. Valerio 2003
Larry Storm 1969   Joe McGarvey 1984   Antoine Joseph 2004
Lorenzo Hough 1969   Marv Dunmeyer 1984   Chris Clark 2004
Mike Bantom 1969   Tom Burke 1984   Jared Black 2004
Mike Moody 1969         John Griffin 2004
Bob Zakrzewski 1970         Mike Boyle 2004
Charles Gardner 1970         Mike Kearney 2004
Dennis Carr 1970         Pat O’Toole 2004
Jim O'Brien 1970         Paul Lynch 2004
Rich Giusti 1970         Corey O'Rourke 2005
Ed Hoban 1971         Joe Fox 2005
John Beecroft 1971         Oscar Griffin 2005
Marty Corcoran 1971         Sean Barker 2005
Tony Smith 1971         Charlie Schrier 2006
Bob Blumber 1972         Dave Stefanski 2006
Charlie Rumsey 1972         James Oberlies  2006
Dave Henderson 1972         Kevin Fox 2006
Ed Jones 1972         Kevin Funston 2006
Fran Sykes 1972         Kevin Gallagher 2006
John Murphy 1972         Matt Beck 2006
Mike Cannon 1972         Mike Lombardi 2006
Mike Foster 1972         Mike McCauley 2006
Rich Maguire 1972         Reggie Redding 2006
Bob Cahill 1973         Chris Farrell 2007
Chico Singleton 1973         Drew Horgan 2007
Jim Harrington 1973         Larry Loughery 2007
Rocco Piliero 1973         Matt Dolan 2007
Adrian Moody 1974         Matt Griffin 2007
Donald Kelly 1974         Mike Mifka 2007
Jack Kelly 1974         Rob Coney 2007
John Griffin 1974         Sean McNulty 2007
Marcellus Pringle 1974         Casey Convery 2008
Mike LaPera 1974         Jim Mower 2008
Ike Robertson 1975         Joe Meehan 2008
Ira Brown 1975         Matt Williams 2008
Jeff Marcial 1975         Mike Bradley 2008
Joe Garrett 1975         Phil Giordano 2008
Keith Green 1975         Rich Hofmann 2008
Rich Smith 1975         Sean Dooley 2008
Terry Christian 1975         Brandon Robinson 2009
Tom Griffin 1975         Dan Fitzpatrick 2009
Tony Rapone 1975         Drew Valerio 2009
Zane Major 1975         Kevin O'Neill 2009
Bob Alessio 1976         Mike Leithead 2009
Greg Flannery 1976         Pat Stewart 2009
Jim Benincasa 1976         Pete Buzby 2009
Jim Dougherty 1976         Tom Griffin 2009
Mike Morrow 1976         Bryan Bacskai 2010
Rich Blasetti 1976         Connor McIntyre 2010
Steve Compton 1976         Joe Nardi 2010
Frank Ward 1977         Joe Oberlies 2010
Fred Braunsberg 1977         John Hrabrick 2010
Jim Parson 1977         John Regan 2010
Kevin Eagan 1977         Sean Brophy 2010
Mark Dugan 1977         James Stewart 2011
Ray Finney 1977         Matt Stahl 2011
Tyrone Dent 1977         Mike Fee 2011
Warren Catlett 1977         Mike Levy 2011
Charlie Robbins 1978         Gene Williams 2012
Chris Kelley 1978         Joe Kane 2012
Greg Hayden 1978         Kevin Oberlies 2012
Jim Braunsberg 1978         Matt Gorman 2012
John Siorek 1978         Tom Stewart 2012
Larry McGill 1978         Trevor Johnson 2012
Reggie Jackson 1978         Wes Hackman 2012
Roosevelt Prescott 1978         Dan Nedbal 2013
Bill Dillard 1979         Dan Sherry 2013
Kevin Copes 1979         Kyle MacWilliams 2013
Leonard Stubbs 1979         Mark Hueber 2013
Mike Lally 1979         Miles Overton 2013
Ralph Mack 1979         P.J. Kelly 2013
Ray Gorham 1979         Stephen Vasturia 2013
Darryl Williams 1979         Alex Stewart 2014
Gerald Roberts 1980         Chris Hoffner 2014
John Ross 1980         John Luciano 2014
Lonnie McFarlan 1980         Kyle W. Thompson 2014
Steve Scheier 1980         Malik Macon 2014
Alex Staranowicz 1981         Rick Slusarczyk 2014
Anthony Abron 1981         Ryan Wall 2014
Craig McClellan 1981         Tom Fox 2014
Dallas Comegys 1981         Austin Gallagher 2015
Glenn Welton 1981         Billy Kramer 2015
Jim Capella 1981         Billy Kramer 2015
Jim Parrella 1981         Brendan Burns 2015
Marc Jones 1981         Chris Clover 2015
Marc Jones 1981         Jack Henkels 2015
Mike Morris 1981         James Leible 2015
Randy Monroe 1981         James McGovern 2015
Steve Dangerfield 1981         Mark Scarlett 2015
Steve Pettit 1981         Zach Talke 2015
            Alim Kamara 2016
            Anto Keshgegian 2016
            Chris Montie 2016
            Evan Wall 2016
            Fintan O'Toole 2016
            John Kueny 2016
            Keith Williams 2016
            Pete Gayhardt 2016
            Temi Aiyegbusi 2016
            Vincent Luciano 2016
            Askia Hamilton 2017
            Brian Griffin 2017
            Darius Kinnel 2017
            Edward Croswell 2017
            Gabe Arizin 2017
            Joseph Paparone 2017
            M. Kyle Thompson 2017
            Matt Hartz 2017
            Matthew Cruz 2017
            Max Frantz 2017
            Mike Barton 2017
            Mike Hagan 2017
            Vincent Busico 2017