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  To all scorekeepers: PLEASE try to make sure that correct info on scoring is called into the Score Service (215-854-4570). Generally, it's better when the winning team calls in the results. That way the papers receive info to explain HOW the game was won because representatives of the winning team will usually be in a better mood (just human nature) to provide extra details such as rebounds, assists, etc., or the identity of someone who maybe hit a winning shot. Thank you.

DEC. 31
  Below are recaps for wins Nos. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 in Speedy Morris' lengthy career
as a high school coach. . .

No. 100
Dec. 15, 1972 - Friday night
Catholic South
At O'Hara
Roman 46, O'Hara 44

  O'Hara scored 11 of the game's first 13 points. Jim "Chico" Singleton finished with 18 points and Donald Kelly
scored 11 of his 17 in the last quarter. Steve Oristaglio (17) led O'Hara. O'Hara's star in the previous season
(first team All-City) had been Michael Arizin, the son of NBA all-timer Paul Arizin. Michael's son, Gabe, a
soph, is now a starter for SJ Prep (see recap for No. 700.)
No. 200
Feb. 13, 1976 - Friday afternoon
Catholic South
At Roman
Roman 58, Neumann 51

  Soph Reggie Jackson saved 14 of his 18 points for a 32-25 second half and Mike Morrow added 15 points
overall. Afterward, Roman stat man Bob Beecroft joked, "We're calling it 198 and a half. Speedy got thrown
out at Carroll last week and was sick for a game last year."
No. 300
Dec. 11, 1979 - Tuesday night
At Kenrick
Roman 72, Kenrick 58

  Lonnie McFarlan shot 21-for-30 and 3-for-4 for a school-record 45 points. He also collected 12 rebounds.
Glenn Welton added 18 points and 11 rebounds while '81 grad Randy Monroe -- he's now in his first season
as Speedy's assistant at SJ Prep -- grabbed nine boards. Kenrick's coach was Phil Martelli, who's now in his
22nd season as the boss at Saint Joseph's University. One of Phil's assistants was Geno Auriemma, who has
enjoyed wild success as the women's coach at the University of Connecticut.
No. 400
Jan. 6, 2002 - Sunday afternoon
Catholic South
At SJ Prep
SJ Prep 54, O'Hara 38

  Mark Zoller and John Griffin contributed 15 points apiece and Ryan Lynch hit three treys en route to 11
points. Griffin's brother, Matt ('07), also played for Speedy at the Prep -- he was a starter in win No. 500 --
and is in his first season as Roman's coach. Their dad, John ('74), was a star for Speedy at Roman.
No. 500
Dec. 14, 2005 - Wednesday afternoon
At Malvern
SJ Prep 43, Malvern 39

  Reggie Redding offered 14 points, seven rebounds and four assists. Larry Loughery had 11 points and eight
boards. Dave Stefanski -- his dad, Ed, a Bonner product, has long held front office jobs for NBA teams --
also scored 11 points. The best pre-game line came from Malvern assistant Joe Redican, in reference to
interim coach Kurt Ruch. Mindful that the Friars would be entering play with one win, Joe said playfully,
"Kurt has a chance to do something today that Speedy will never be able to do -- double his win total."
No. 600
Jan. 31, 2011 - Monday night
Catholic League
At West Catholic
SJ Prep 70, West Catholic 31

  The Hawks created major distance with a 25-5 run to start the second half. Gene Williams (23), Stephen
Vasturia (15) and Miles Overton (11) paced the romp. Overton's dad, Doug, enjoyed a lengthy NBA career
and is in his first year as the coach at Lincoln University.
No. 700
Dec. 30, 2016 - Friday afternoon
At Widener University
SJ Prep 67, St. Georges (DE) 48

  Juniors Kyle Thompson (21), Darius Kinnel (17) and Ed Croswell (12) scored in double figures. Soph
Gabe Arizin snagged 13 rebounds and Croswell was right behind with 12. Counting Morris' stints with the
women and men at La Salle University, this was his 1,400th game as a head coach (981-419).

DEC. 30
Penn Charter 58, Friends' Central 28

  Unusual has been outdone by almost never. Just two days ago, in a Boardwalk Basketball Classic final vs. PC, Cherokee (NJ) did not post a two-point field goal until 7:35 remained in the third quarter. Today, also against Your Favorite Team (well, some of you -- smile), Friends' Central failed to score at all until 7:17 remained in the second stanza and did not notch a field goal until the 4:13 mark. That bucket, a trey by frosh G Omar Nichols, reduced PC's lead to 25-5 and made the Phoenix 1-for-16 from the floor. Of course, PC played excellent defense. But FC helped by missing a number of attempts that coulda/shoulda succeeded. It was just one of THOSE days, folks. Sr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky, back in the starting lineup today, grabbed three early rebounds as did frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes. With 5:01 left in the half, Holmes made a great spin move along the right baseline and wound up posting a three-point play despite being hammered. He then drove down the lane for a flip shot that made it 25-2. The sequence of the game occurred with a shade under six minutes remaining in the third quarter. Sr. F Dylan Burnett dove to the floor near halfcourt to earn a steal and flipped the ball slightly ahead to Holmes. Pooch powered to the hole and . . . pounded! (Then he held on to the rim and damn near did a chin-up, thus drawing a tech. But let's forget that happened, OK? Smile) Jr. WG Mason Williams sniped for 10 of his 18 points in the third quarter, then the fourth stanza was the coolest of all. How so? The bench guys received major playing time and maintained the good vibrations. Sr. F James Gabor totaled four rebounds and two assists. Soph WG Ryan "Zingy" Maloney, a lefty who was recently given a varsity uniform, hustled for two points, four boards and one assist. Jr. G Terence Thompson racked up a major snuff job at the far end. Sr. SF Alex "Florida" Cohen notched a three-point play and snagged two boards. Like sr. PG Adam Holland (Rutgers), Gabor (Georgetown) and Cohen (Army) are Division I baseball commits. Also in the Good Numbers Club were Hnatkowsky with seven boards and four assists and jr. PF Ryan Dickson, today's sixth man, with six boards. The scoring leaders for FC, which is coached by alumnus Ryan Tozer (1,000-point scorer), were soph G Bryce Spriggs, Nichols (eight apiece) and sr. G Antone Walker (seven). The Phoenix shot 9-for-48. The seven-man rotation includes just one senior, so better days will come. This hasn't happened much this season, but all three refs were familiar -- lead man Bob "Notre Dame Harvey" Sumner, John Murphy and Christian Cintrone. Among the witnesses was 2016 PC grad Sean Foley (football, basketball, track). Sean now attends Richmond and has been forced to leave contact sports behind due to a serious injury. But . . . he decided to try out for the club volleyball team. He wasn't even sure he'd make it. Well, his judgment was off (smile). He's already a starter! Also watching the clash was Zack Zeglinski ('05), a bigwig in football, basketball and baseball (and the brother of Ryan's hoops coach, Joe). Nice to see you, guys. Also, South Philly in the House! Well, in the car. At least when I saw them. When I went out to the parking lot at halftime of the JV game, ready to head home, in the car right behind mine, also ready to leave, were PC senior Matt Gorman (driver) and '16 grad Kenny Bergmann (passenger). Matt's car was nicer than mine. Yeah, but was it filled with empty McDonald's bags and soda cups? Ha, ha. Happy New Year, folks!

DEC. 30
This is the seventh consecutive season in which Catholic League teams, per PIAA rules, have been limited to nine non-league games. This year, four will finish with zero or one loss. Does that mean those squads will also post spectacular overall records? No. But don't think the bottom is likely to drop out. The winning percentage for the qualifying teams in non-league games is .918. Overall it's Babe Ruthish . . . as in .714. Still quite decent.

Catholic Teams With Great N-L Records, 2011-17
Year Team W-L W-L
    Non-Lea. Overall
2011 Judge 7-1 16-6
  La Salle 7-1 21-6
  McDevitt 8-1 10-12
2012 Judge 8-1 13-10
  McDevitt 7-1 12-13
  Ryan 9-0 18-5
2013 Carroll 8-1 23-7
  Lansdale 8-1 12-12
2014 Carroll 8-1 23-5
  Conwell-Egan 9-0 15-8
  La Salle 8-1 23-7
  Ryan 8-1 10-12
  SJ Prep 8-1 16-7
2015 Judge 8-1 15-9
  La Salle 8-1 21-7
  Neumann-Goretti 9-0 29-2
  Roman 9-0 29-2
  SJ Prep 8-1 18-5
  Wood 9-0 18-6
2016 Carroll 8-1 23-4
  La Salle 8-1 17-6
2017 Bonner-Prendie 8-0  
  Carroll 8-1  
  Roman 8-1  
  Ryan 8-0  
    202-18 382-153
    .918 .714

DEC. 29
You're a high school basketball program with a lengthy stay on the well-respected list and you've just lost a game by 30 points. Does that signal the start of a downward spiral? If you're Roman Catholic, not even close. Last Jan. 16, the Cahillites were sliced and diced by Montverde Prep (FL), 74-44, in the Spalding Hoophall Classic in Springfield, MA. They bounced back in admirable fashion and have now won 25 in a row. That setback made their record 10-4. Their other losses: 58-51 to Oldsmar Christian (FL) on Dec. 19, 85-68 to Neumann-Goretti on Jan. 6 and 64-51 to Archbishop Carroll on Jan. 10. Under coach Chris McNesby, they finished the 2015-16 season with 17 straight wins (27-4 overall) and a second consecutive Class AAAA state title and they've started this season with eight under their new boss, Matt Griffin. Three of the last four wins have been one-pointers. Last season four guys were leading scorers. This season six have already led the way. Are the Cahillites in position to claim the city record? Not even close. West Philadelphia reeled off 68 consecutive victories over the 1975-76 to 1977-78 seasons thanks largely to '77 grad Gene Banks and '78 grad Clarence "Eggy" Tillman. The 1977-78 season was my first at the Daily News. The streak ended in the beyond-packed gym at Overbrook, 62-61, on Tuesday, Feb. 21, and Carlton "C-9" Willis led the way with 25 points and 11 rebounds. Covering that game was an incredible experience.
  UPDATE: The streak ended at 25. The Cahillites lost to Roger Bacon, of St. Bernard, Ohio, in the championship game of the Rotary Roundball Classic in North Charleston, South Carolina.  

Details of Roman Catholic's 25-Game Winning Streak
Date Opponent Occasion Roman Foe Marg. Leading Scorer Pts
   2015-16 Season            
1/18 La Salle Reg. Season 52 48 4 Tony Carr 15
1/20 Archbishop Ryan Reg. Season 55 52 3 Lamar Stevens 19
1/22 Lansdale Catholic Reg. Season 69 38 31 Mikeal Jones 13
1/27 Father Judge Reg. Season 73 59 14 Tony Carr 25
1/29 St. Joseph's Prep Reg. Season 52 42 10 Tony Carr 20
1/31 Bonner-Prendie Reg. Season 66 43 23 Tony Carr 19
2/5 Archbishop Wood Reg. Season 52 37 15 Lamar Stevens 16
2/7 Bishop McDevitt Reg. Season 83 31 48 Mikeal Jones 17
2/12 St. Joseph's Prep Quarter 56 42 14 Lamar Stevens 15
2/17 Archbishop Carroll Semi 64 63 1 Tony Carr 24
2/22 Neumann-Goretti Final 72 65 7 Lamar Stevens 22
2/26 M.L. King City Title 64 53 11 Nazeer Bostick 22
3/5 Academy Park First Round 73 58 15 Tony Carr 33
3/9 Central Bucks West Second Round 60 41 19 Lamar Stevens 21
3/12 Parkland Quarter 73 60 13 Tony Carr 26
3/15 Plymouth-Whitemarsh Semi 64 45 19 Nazeer Bostick 17
3/19 Pittsburgh Allderdice Final 73 62 9 Lamar Stevens 27
   2016-17 Season            
12/9 Prep Charter Tourney 80 31 49 *see below 12
12/10 Haverford School Tourney 66 60 6 Jon-Paul Sanders 19
12/17 Abington Showcase 73 66 7 Allen Betrand 23
12/19 Malvern Non-League 68 46 22 Lynn Greer 17
12/21 West Philadelphia Non-League 74 73 1 Da'kQuan Davis 18
12/23 Simon Gratz Non-League 59 45 14 Jon-Paul Sanders 18
12/27 Pinewood Prep (SC) Tourney 70 69 1 Seth Lundy 17
12/28 West Ashley (SC) Tourney 67 66 1 Da'kQuan Davis 24
      1,658 1,295 363    
      66.3 51.8 14.5    
*Da'kQuan Davis and Colin Flach 12 apiece          

DEC. 28
William "Chickie" Ludman Bracket Final
Penn Charter 55, Cherokee (NJ) 43

  Think about the things you could see a team NOT do through an entire half (plus a little more) of a basketball game. Not commit a turnover? Highly doubtful. Not be whistled for a personal foul. Very unlikely. Manage to go without an assist? A hint of a chance, maybe. Not notch any two-point field goals? Ding, ding, ding! If you were in attendance today at the Wildwoods Convention Center, you saw this happen and maybe didn't even realize it. Cherokee finished the first half with 16 points thanks to five treys (in 10 attempts) and 1-for-2 shooting at the foul line. The Chiefs tried just six two-point shots and missed every one. Legendary, right? Unfortunately for all lovers of very quirky stuff (yes, my hand is raised), Cherokee posted a regular field goal just 25 seconds into the third quarter as jr. F Tymere Bennett made a short shot from the right block. Oh, well. So much for the dream of 32-minute Non-Twoness. Bennett's bucket drew the Chiefs within 26-18 and touched off a mini-run. Soon, the score was 26-25 and PC was right on the doorstep of maybe finding itself in we're-reeling mode. No sweat. Jr. WG Mason Williams stuck a midrange jumper to restore a hint of order. As the fourth quarter began, sr. F Stephen Gervasi hit two free throws and Cherokee again was within one at 31-30. No sweat, repeat. As PC pressed, sr. PG Adam Holland made a terrific save along the baseline to set up a steal/assist combo that produced a layup for frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes. In short order, the Quakers kept up the great defensive work as Holmes made a steal and Holland took a charge. At the other end, threes by Holland and Holmes helped to zoom the lead to 40-30. No drama thereafter. For a championship game, admittedly just of a four-team bracket, this one was strange. The 100 to 125 spectators offered almost no emotion and the teams' bench players also mostly just watched. At least things worked out well for PC, which upped its record to 7-4 heading into Friday afternoon's non-league game vs. visiting Friends' Central. Williams had 19 points and five rebounds. Holmes (11) also scored in double digits. En route to a five-assist performance, Holland took just one shot through three quarters. He then scored all seven of his points in the final eight minutes. Sr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky dealt four dimes. In a girls bracket final played earlier in the afternoon. PC lost to Ryan for the third time this season. The best part of the day was getting to spend some time with Vince Trombetta, then take some pics of him reffing a girls game. He has led such an interesting teaching/coaching/reffing life and has been loved/entertained by ALL. It was also wonderful to see Jim Rogers, who put high school sports training on the map a generation ago through Temple's special program. Jim's brother, Jack, is PC's chief development officer. Brian "BA" Adair, a first team All-Catholic lineman for West Catholic in 1989, reffed one of the boys' games. Cool! The Maley family was out in force to support Emma, starting point guard for the girls team, and at least three PC grads were among them -- dad P.J. ('86) and uncles Rich "Birch" ('83) and George ('88). Might have been others. If so, email me, guys! (smile). One more thing: As she tries to do once each season, The Wonderful Wife (a k a Anne) today served as arm candy. We saw all or part of five games and since she's not exactly a hoops expert (in Anne speak, a full court press is a "full press court"), she asked numerous questions. The best, by far: "How do they make the floor so shiny? I wish our floors looked that good." Ha ha ha ha. A project for another day . . . not.

DEC. 28
Most 1,000-point scorers, you'd imagine, forever remember at least some of the main details connected with their special moment. Germantown Academy sr. Kyle McCloskey will likely recall every . . . last . . . one. In the first round of the Benedictine Capital Classic in Richmond, Virginia, not only did McCloskey, also a star quarterback and a Villanova commit, score 32 points vs. Millwood School, of Midlothian, VA. The Patriots needed overtime to claim the victory, 82-77, and to get to the extra session they had to overcome a seven-point deficit after three quarters. Oh, and there was this: Kyle's teammate and fellow lefty, Evan-Eric Longino, scored 37 points. So the duo combined for 84.1 percent of the Patriots' points! Kyle racked up 14 field goals (two treys) and went 2-for-2 at the line. E-E's totals were 10 (one) and 16-for-18. Their respective career totals now stand at 1,018 and 1,200.

DEC. 27
William "Chickie" Ludman Bracket Semifinal
Penn Charter 53, Middle Twp. (NJ) 27

  In the overall scope, it meant nothing. In the moment, it was terrific and meant everything. PC's play of the game occurred in the first quarter right after sr. PF-C Justus Sanders got snuffed on a layup attempt. MT grabbed the rebound and raced downcourt and one of the players uncorked a layup that did not find twine. PC snatched THAT board and headed back upcourt. The guy who did so? Justus Sanders. Yes, he immediately shook off frustration and/or embarrassment and showed big-time hustle to ZOOM downcourt -- and he's not some skinny, little guard -- and snag the rebound at the other end. Many players on many teams would have barely bothered to make it back to halfcourt, let alone all the way to the other bucket, so major props to Justus! . . . If you took note of the score line, you're probably thinking, "Guess this wasn't a classic, eh?" You are correct. MT is scuffling and getting adjusted to a new coach and it's never easy to hang tough when you shoot 11-for-46 from the floor and hit nary a trey. Though PC did win by 26, somehow it gave off an odor in the third quarter and then briefly into the fourth. The Quakers shot 0-for-8 in the stanza No. 3 and missed their first three attempts in the fourth quarter, too. Finally, 42 seconds in, sub jr. handyman Owen Pighini snagged an airball and converted the follow. One possible explanation for the game's overall lack of crisp play: It didn't start until 9:30, exactly one hour after the scheduled start time. It wrapped up at 10:41. This was game No. 8 of the day/night on the boys' court in the Wildwood Convention Center. One of the earlier ones went into overtime and another one had a delay to sort out an ejection. After the first six-odd minutes, PC built a 13-7 lead thanks to two crisp passes from sub WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky. One produced a trey by jr. WG Mason Williams and the other set up sub jr. PF-C Ryan Dickson for an inside gimme. The Panthers scored just four points over the next 10 minutes leading up to halftime. Sr. PG Adam Holland packed nine points, three boards and two assists into the second quarter. Overall he had 18 points and four dimes. Williams hit three treys en route to 13 points. Holland (eight) and sr. F Dylan Burnett (seven) were the rebound leaders. Soph WG Ryan Maloney, until recently strictly a JV player, made his varsity debut (no stats) over the final minute, 42 seconds. Much earlier, PC's girls won their semifinal over Downingtown East and their opponent in Wednesday's 1:45 final will be . . . Archbishop Ryan. The matchup will be the teams' third this season! The boys will play Shawnee (NJ) at 5. Had great talks with tourney organizers/stalwarts Ernie Troiano and Brian Cunniff. Brian also refs and serves as the sports reporter for The Leader, a newspaper that covers the Wildwoods. In a girls game today, one of the refs, amazing, was Vince "Trom/Pops" Trombetta. Not only is Vince, best known for his years as Ben Franklin's football coach, in his 80s, he suffered severe injuries in a car accident just three months ago. The man is superhuman! This is also very cool: One of the tourney's brackets has been named after Vince. Niiiiiice!

DEC. 26
Tis the day after Christmas and all through the hoops house
  Two GA guys are on fire and they're quite hard to douse.
  How's that for a dorky poem to get your day started? (smile)
  It's not yet January, of course, and lots of games remain, but for now Germantown Academy senior lefties Evan-Eric Longino and Kyle McCloskey own the highest total average for Inter-Ac/Catholic duos in this century! Longino is scoring 23.9 PPG while McCloskey is not far behind at 19.9. That computes to 43.8. The next three spots on the list below are occupied by duos with guys who advanced to the NBA. The top 32 duos are below. Each member must have averaged at least 15.0. With Devon Goodman, who's now at Penn, Longino was part of a qualifying twosome last year. Two other 2017 duos are also on the list -- Ryan's Matiss Kulackovskis and Izaiah Brockington, and Episcopal's Conner Delaney and Nick Alikakos. . . Only one other combo on this list featured lefties: McDevitt's Mike Ross and Chris Hanes in 2003. Greg Stitt, the Lancers' No. 4 scorer that season, was also a lefty. (No. 3 Chris Palmero was not.) 

Most Productive Catholic/Inter-Ac Duos in This Century
Season Name School G Points PPG Total
2017 Evan-Eric Longino Gtn. Academy 8 191 23.9 43.8
  Kyle McCloskey   8 159 19.9  
2006 *Wayne Ellington Episcopal 30 657 21.9 43.4
  *Gerald Henderson   31 667 21.5  
2004 *Sean Singletary Penn Charter 27 617 22.9 40.3
  *Rob Kurz   27 471 17.4  
2005 *Wayne Ellington Episcopal 28 591 21.1 39.6
  *Gerald Henderson   28 518 18.5  
2002 *Matt Walsh Gtn. Academy 29 650 22.4 38.4
  Lee Melchionni   29 464 16.0  
2014 Tyrell Long McDevitt 25 537 21.5 38.0
  Amin Taylor   20 329 16.5  
2015 Shawn Alston Haver. School 28 548 19.6 38.0
  Lamar Stevens   28 515 18.4  
2009 Rakeem Brookins Roman 27 547 20.3 37.9
  *Maalik Wayns   18 317 17.6  
2016 Zane Martin Neum.-Goretti 31 584 18.8 37.5
  Quade Green   31 579 18.7  
2007 Rick Jackson Neum.-Goretti 32 593 18.5 36.9
  Antonio "Scoop" Jardine   32 588 18.4  
2016 Devon Goodman Gtn. Academy 30 594 19.8 36.7
  Evan-Eric Longino   27 457 16.9  
2004 *Kyle Lowry Dougherty 31 570 18.4 36.6
  DeSean White   32 581 18.2  
2017 Matiss Kulackovskis Ryan 6 121 20.2 36.5
  #Izaiah Brockington   6 98 16.3  
2003 *Sean Singletary Penn Charter 28 520 18.6 36.3
  *Rob Kurz   30 530 17.7  
2004 Marshall Taylor West Catholic 26 520 20.0 36.3
  Rob Latimer   26 425 16.3  
2013 Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 30 615 20.5 36.2
  Miles Overton   29 456 15.7  
2001 *Matt Walsh Gtn. Academy 30 626 20.9 36.1
  Lee Melchionni   29 441 15.2  
2006 Andrew Ott Gtn. Academy 26 499 19.2 35.7
  Kyle Griffin   29 478 16.5  
2001 Tamal Forchion Roman 29 547 18.9 35.4
  John Huggins   20 495 16.5  
2012 Brahieme Jackson McDevitt 24 441 18.4 35.1
  Markeise Chandler   24 401 16.7  
2017 Conner Delaney Episcopal 9 167 18.6 35.0
  Nick Alikakos   8 131 16.4  
2003 Mike Ross McDevitt 24 444 18.5 34.7
  Chris Hanes   25 404 16.2  
2003 DeSean White Dougherty 28 520 18.6 34.5
  *Kyle Lowry   27 429 15.9  
2015 Quade Green Neum.-Goretti 31 553 17.8 34.3
  Zane Martin   31 512 16.5  
2010 Mike Terry North Catholic 21 365 17.4 34.1
  Jaleel Mack   23 384 16.7  
2004 John Griffin SJ Prep 31 512 16.5 32.6
  Chris Clark   31 498 16.1  
2014 Tim Guers Gtn. Academy 27 457 16.9 32.6
  Sam Lindgren   27 424 15.7  
2006 Mike Ringgold Roman 32 561 17.5 32.5
  Bradley Wanamaker   32 481 15.0  
2009 Omari Grier Episcopal 24 407 17.0 32.1
  Cory Goodman   24 362 15.1  
2014 Levan Alston Haver. School 23 378 16.4 31.6
  Lamar Stevens   24 365 15.2  
2005 Brian Grimes Gtn. Academy 30 483 16.1 31.3
  Ryan Ayers   30 456 15.2  
2013 Shep Garner Roman 26 408 15.7 31.2
  Rashann London   26 404 15.5  
*-advanced to NBA          

DEC. 23
Penn Charter 56, West Catholic 54

  Merry Two Days Before Christmas, Penn Charter fans! The basketball squad just gave you a terrific present. Not only did the varsity earn a last-moments triumph in the Burrs' basement gym, the 3rd team (freshmen plus two sophs) and junior varsity rolled to rather easy victories, thus enabling the Quakers to pull off a trifecta. OK, let's get right to it. Not THAT many games come down to the last possession, but this one surely did . . . and it took a while to get there (smile). With 1:17 remaining, sr. F Sekou Fofana made an impressive leap beyond the foul line to control a pass, then drove straight down the lane and drew a foul while attempting a layup. He hit the second of two free throws to provide a 52-51 lead and PC called time at 1:10. The Burrs went with a 3-2 zone and jr. WG-SF Will Samuel missed a right-wing trey. Thankfully, sr. PF-C Justus Sanders fought for the offensive board and was chopped on the follow. All season, he had attempted just six free throws. Noooooo problem. Sanders strolled to the line and perfect-swished both attempts, putting PC ahead, 53-52 at 48.5. Twenty-four seconds later, West soph G Imere Harris nailed a right-side two to provide another one-point lead. (This occurred at the opposite end, but it appeared West thought Harris had connected from beyond the arc.) PC called time at 22.5 and West returned to the floor with three bigs and two littles. After some passing, jr. WG Mason Williams wound up with the ball directly in front of the basket beyond the arc and zipped a pass to frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes on the left wing. Catch. Lift. Aim. Fire. Bang! WC called time at 4.3. PC followed with a timeout of its own. Tweet. West called another timeout. The Burrs finally inbounded with a three-two breakdown on the floor. Maybe six feet across midcourt, toward the left, the Burrs again called time. Then they inbounded from the left side and sr. backup F James Gabor, who's seriously springy, was assigned to bother the inbounder. Mr. Lockdown, sr. WG-SF Dylan Burnett, was right on the guy who caught the pass and a desperation trey wound up thumping against the ceiling. Let the wild celebration begin! OK, not really. I mean, it was only a non-league game in December between teams with nothing close to bitter-rivals status. The Quakers and their supporters definitely felt good, though. For my money, the best play occurred earlier in the fourth quarter when Burnett made a steal at the far end and raced all the way back to PC's end to can a layup on a pass from Williams, thus providing a 48-46 lead. Serious hustle. Before the pleasant stretch run, I was thinking I'd be starting this report with something like, "Here's hoping the PC guys, under their trees, can receive medicine that improves their confidence." Again and again, the Quakers missed reasonably open and even wide open shots. Yes, West's gym can be a shade intimidating for first-timers but many of the misses were of the eye-opening clunker variety and caused more than a few folks to scratch their heads. Ah, at least the end result was acceptable. Good overall work, guys. Williams (19), Holmes (13) and sr. PG Adam Holland (12) scored in double figures and the latter dealt five assists. No one grabbed more than four boards, but jr. F Ryan Dickson, the seventh man after playing in the JV game, no doubt felt happy after grabbing three caroms in the varsity tilt. WC has a mix-and-match squad under first-year coach Jason Hasson. No franchise guys, but some who could become mighty darn important over time. After a scoreless first half, soph G Ty Sutton-Durham notched 10 points in the second. Fofana and jr. F Calvin Pressley have some strength and resolve and 6-8 frosh Naadir Wood had some good moments. This was only WC's third game, so the Burrs are still feeling their way. Hasson is rather intense. He is fully involved non-stop and twice he called quick, this-has-to-stop-NOW timeouts when he spotted trends he didn't like. There's some Phil Martelli in his body language and facial expressions (smile). Best of luck to Jason and the Burrs. Former coach Jazz Williams, now an assistant at Haverford School, was on hand. Neumann-Goretti megastar Quade Green and former star Troy Harper (sitting out as a transfer at down-the-street Drexel) were among the spectators. So was former Germantown Academy star Kyle Griffin. Mark Perez, West's leading scorer in his senior season (300 points in 2012), is the Burrs' JV coach. It was also great to see WC president Paul Colistra, football coach Brian Fluck (though from afar, didn't see him in the hallway afterward), cheerleader coach Mary DeMasi and AD/trainer Kyle Sheaffer. Merry Christmas to all!

DEC. 23
In 19 seasons under coach Carl Arrigale, Neumann-Goretti (nee SJ Neumann) has experienced wild success and usually has had no trouble racking up high point totals. There have also been occasional hiccups in terms of output and one occurred this week at The City of Palms Classic in Ft. Myers, Florida. In their last of three games, and their second in a row without superstar guard Quade Green (injured), the Saints fell to Hudson Catholic (NJ) and were limited to a Carl Era low of 36 points. Incredibly, N-G shot 16-for-37 from the floor and 4-for-15 on treys while HC was 16-for-37 and 4-for-16. The difference: N-G attempted just two free throws and missed them both while HC was 8-for-13. Below are all outputs of 45 points or less. As always, thanks to Tom Taylor, a k a The City Scoring Guru (smile), for providing major help in putting this together. Also, take note that the Saints (nee Pirates) did win three of the games listed below.

Lowest Point Totals by Neumann/N-G in Coach Carl Arrigale's 19 Seasons
Season Pts Opponent Pts W-L Occasion High Scorer Pts
2017 36 Hudson Cath. (NJ) 44 Lost Tournament *Two guys 11
2002 37 SJ Prep 43 Lost Reg. Season Chris Del Brocco 14
2002 39 Bonner 42 Lost Reg. Season Antwain Wynn 10
2003 40 Denham Springs (LA) 57 Lost Tournament Adon El 13
2013 41 Chester 58 Lost Non-League Troy Harper 10
2003 42 Bishop O'Connell (VA) 66 Lost Tournament Adon El 14
2001 43 Carroll 38 Won CL Quarter Brandon Brigman 13
2001 44 Carroll 46 Lost Reg. Season Beattie Taylor 12
2006 44 Roman 41 Won CL Final Rick Jackson 12
2013 45 Ryan 43 Won Reg. Season John Davis 19
Christian Ings & Mike Milsip          

DEC. 20
Shipley 70, Penn Charter 50

  Talk about a misleading final score . . . And so much for the notion that dunks get teams fired up and lead to impressive runs. Maybe midway through the fourth quarter, jr. WG Mason Williams made a flip-ahead pass to frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes on a fast break and, whomp!, Holmes lifted high to wolf down a slam. That play moved the Quakers within 48-43 and if you look at the final score, yes, they were outscored the rest of the way by 22-7. Not good. Eight quick points started the outburst and seven were scored like this: a pair of easy layups off open-floor strip-steals in the midcourt vicinity and a three-pointer from the left corner. PC was reeling and never came close to recovering. Shipley's main force was jr. PG Sam Sessoms, whose dad, also named Sam, starred for now-closed University City. Though Sam was a shade subdued in the third quarter, otherwise he was a whirlwind. He has quick feet and hands and can go to his left as easily as his right. In all, he scored 23 points and dished a decent amount of assists, too. More than once, he used shakes-and-bakes to get reasonably close to the basket, then zipped the ball to an open teammate beyond the arc. Often, that was jr. WG-SF Tom Sobelman, who hit four treys en route to 14 points. Also impressive for Shipley was sr. PG/WG Kiyon Hardy, who had some of Sessoms' qualities. The Gators also had a soph center named Ray Somerville. He's listed at 6-9, 235, and comes off as quite raw. He did show respectable balance and presence a few times, though, and he'll bear watching. For the moment, though, he is almost never given the ball in post-up positions. It's incumbent upon him to attack the glass. PC's best spurt occurred over a 67-second span in the third quarter as Williams drained a left wing trey off a pass from sr. PG Adam Holland, Williams hit a two-point pop from the upper right side and Holland drilled a left wing trey off a feed from Williams. Those eight points moved the Quakers within 40-33. Holland (13), Holmes (11) and Williams (10) scored in double figures, but shot a combined 10-for-26 from the floor. Jr. WG-SF Will "New Haircut" Samuel struggled from the floor, but claimed 11 rebounds. That's the most boards grabbed by a Quaker in these last two seasons. The most prominent Legend in the House was PC grad Mike McGlinchey, who intends to play one more football season at Notre Dame (even though he could leave now and advance to the NFL). Mike's sister, Mary Jane, is on PC's girls team, which defeated Olney in the second game of the doubleheader. And his brother, Matt, a freshman, is a gridder/grappler. For many reasons, the McGlinchey clan is a strong contender for Best Family Ever. (Two cousins, recent PC grads Pat and Jake McCain, were also in attendance and another cousin, Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, has been chosen to play in the Pro Bowl.) It was also great to see Bonner-Prendie assistant Bill Cassidy, who was on hand to scout Shipley. His son, Billy, is a junior guard for Neumann University and is coached by former Malvern Prep boss Jim Rullo. Shipley's coach, Phil D'Ambrosio, was a member of Bonner's varsity teams in 2003-04 and 2004-05. Somehow, over a period from an hour before the boys game to the end of the girls game, the temperature in PC's Dooney Field House went from sauna to brrrr.

DEC. 20
Hopefully, the members of Bonner-Prendergast's basketball varsity are walking through the hallways today with an extra bounce in their step. Reason: The Friars are off to a 5-0 start for the first time in at least the last 23 seasons. Last night, they beat Academy Park, 64-46, as Ajiri Johnson (23), Christian Lane (19) and Tymir Cooper (12) scored in double figures and Dylan Higgins came close with eight. Johnson and Higgins swept 17 and 14 rebounds, respectively. B-P's first four wins, in order, came against Malvern, Penn Wood, Beaver Falls and Gratz. Since the 1994-95 season, they'd started 4-1 seven times. Tom Taylor, who has long helped with scoring info, did a little checking on some way-back Bonner teams and found that the '71 squad started 4-0 before losing game No. 5. In '72, the Friars lost their opener to Dougherty and then reeled off nine consecutive wins before losing to DeMatha, of Hyattsville, MD. Those details were available in previews for the postseason Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament. Thanks, Tom! B-P's coach is Jack Concannon and he was a senior frontcourt star for the Friars' 1983 Catholic League champs as guided by Ed Stefanski, who's now in the Memphis Grizzlies' front office.

4-1 Starts for Bonner/B-P Since 1994-95
Season Opponent Lost in
2015-16 Penn Wood Game 5
2007-08 Ryan Game 2
2006-07 American Christian Game 4
2005-06 Ryan Game 1
2004-05 Wood Game 3
2001-02 Dougherty Game 4
1994-95 Dougherty Game 4

DEC. 18

  Pat McLoone, sniping wing guard for La Salle High in 1977, is not only the managing editor of the good, ol' Philadelphia Daily News and the father of four boys who were students/athletes at Monsignor Bonner/Bonner-Prendie. He has a good sense of humor and it was the inspiration for this Tedbit. In a showcase event Friday night, B-P beat Beaver Falls, 52-49, on a buzzer-beating trey by Tymir Cooper and Pat sent me a text that began with "John Cappelletti over Joe Namath." Ha, ha, ha. All people of a certain age get the reference and, hey, who knows, maybe some young bucks also understand. Cappelletti, a 1970 Bonner grad, won the Heisman Trophy in 1973 thanks to his rushing exploits for Penn State. He then played nine seasons in the NFL. Namath, a 1961 Beaver Falls grad (that town is about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh), played quarterback in the pros for 13 seasons and is most famous for having led the New York Jets (AFL) past the Baltimore Colts (NFL) in Super Bowl III. After "guaranteeing" that the huge upset would happen. I knew that Cappelletti -- we're almost the same age -- had played basketball for Bonner and had even earned first team All-Catholic honors in the Southern Division in 1970. But what about Namath? Had he played hoops at Beaver Falls? . . . First some nuggets about Cappelletti. As a junior at Bonner, he hardly played for the varsity and settled for four CL points on a field goal and two free throws. As a senior he scored 198 points in 16 division games for a 12.4 average. He had five points in a quarterfinal win over St. Joseph's Prep, played on a Sunday, but injured his foot or ankle (reports vary) at practice four days later and was unavailable for Sunday's semifinal loss to North Catholic. Both games were played at the Palestra . . . Now for Namath. He was a star in the three major sports at BF -- some expected him to sign a baseball contract out of high school; this was the before-the-draft era -- but did not make it through his senior basketball campaign. Here's why: He got kicked off the team! On January 21, in the New Castle (Pa.) News, sports editor Bob Vosburg included this short (but telling?) nugget in a notes column: "Though he's no angel, Joe Namath, Beaver Falls' fine athlete, isn't the dead-end kid some stories make him out to be, either." Just a few days earlier, Namath had scored 19 points to lift Beaver Falls to a 75-68 win over New Castle. In that story, Vosburg noted Namath had "walked onto the court carrying a basketball palm-down in one hand as if it were an orange." Numerous stories through the years made note of Namath's huge hands (he was only 6-2) and how he could palm a basketball as early as tenth grade. Anyway, then there was this in the Feb. 7 New Castle paper: Namath and Bennie Singleton, the team's top scorer, had been dismissed from the team because of their actions during a game vs. visiting Farrell. BF was getting swamped when coach Nate Lippe substituted for the two players. "Instead of retiring to the bench, the two went directly to the locker room to shower without Lippe's permission," Vosburg wrote. He added, "A story behind the story has it that there was dissension on the club because of the feelings in some quarters that Namath and Singleton were hogging the shots." There was lots of uproar about the decision but Lippe, a first-year coach, stood his ground. Namath and Singleton played no more (though both were given honorable mention on the all-league team). While conducting research for this nugget, I found something else concerning Namath and his, um. nutty ways. In a story published years later after Namath had become quite famous, one newspaper ran this quote from a Beaver Falls athletic director. "Right after Joe's Beaver Falls High won the league (football) title, Joe climbed on the roof of the Sahli Chevrolet building on Seventh Avenue and shinnied up the flag pole. He wanted to tie an orange balloon on the top, advertising Beaver Falls' championship. Well, a crowd started to gather and the police were called and Joe, as usual, got in a helluva mess." Gotta love it! Thanks for the text, Pat.

DEC. 17
At Germantown Academy
Penn Charter 61, Palumbo 40
  With 90 seconds still on the clock, John Burkhart stepped down from the stands and began to head for the exit. His work as a good luck charm was done. Burky, a '72 PC grad, has been a rock at the school for a long time as a teacher, advisor, photographer and go-to guy for all things involving the yearbook. Today, he popped up at Germantown Academy to watch PC's girls and boys play games in the second day of a showcase event. Both squads lost Friday when he wasn't in the house. Both squads rolled to easy wins today. Hmmmmmmm . . . Let's start the details by telling you PC's boys owned a 37-14 halftime lead. And now you're saying to yourself, "And they probably jumped on them right away." Innnnnncorrect. In fact, Palumbo, a Public League member from South Philly, rolled to 10 of the game's first 12 points and the Quakers didn't score their third and fourth points until sr. PG Adam Holland canned a layup with 2:07 remaining in the first quarter. Since the halftime score was the aforementioned 37-14, that means PC stormed to 35-4 advantage in roughly 10 minutes. How? Well, they hit shots from pretty much everywhere and anywhere and dominated the defensive boards against the Griffins, allowing many fast breaks to occur. The outburst was keyed mostly by jr. WG Mason Williams, who'd shot 1-for-10 from the floor in Friday's loss to Gratz. In this one he missed his first three shots, all treys, and one had to wonder if "Struggles, Part Two" was coming. Instead, Williams hit a very late trey to end the quarter at 12-10. Then, as the second quarter began, he used a brief dribble-drive to create an opportunity for a sweet midrange jumper. Next, he headed all the way to the hoop and went up for a . . . oops. That one was swatted. No sweat. Soon, he was posting a three-point play and two more three-point jumpers and two threes in the third quarter enabled him to finish with 20 points. He had that I'm-rollin' look in his eyes again. Incredibly, he was the only Quaker to reach double figures. Frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes was next with eight. Seven guys scored from seven to three points. In the whirlwind second quarter, jr. WG-SF Will Samuel snatched five rebounds while jr. handyman Owen Pighini dished three assists. The halftime highlight involved JV player Ryan Kessler, a freshman. Wearing street clothes (and sneakers), he came down from the top row of the stands to the court and put on a serious shooting exhibition. He made five consecutive jumpers from behind the arc (maybe even six?) while drawing high-volume support from the guys who head the Adam Holland Fan Club. They were oohing and aahing and when Ryan finally missed, one of the guys hollered, "Even Jordan misses!" Ha, ha. Ryan then drove the length of the court, very quickly, and made a good-lift layup. Soon, he returned to the top row to share laughs with two buddies. The third and fourth quarters pretty much resembled a playground game. For Palumbo, coached by a good man named Frank Schneider, sr. Myles Carter (19 points) was the only guy to reach double figures. Sr. G Rahee Ellis was next with six. For the girls, who bested Mercersburg by 73-24, the highlight came in the early moments of the third quarter when sr. G Lexi Hnatkowsky swished one, two, three, FOUR treys. They came in maybe the first three minutes. Or the first 3 1/2, at most. Very cool sight. Among the observers: Eric Neefe, former star running back for PC (also played at Temple) and Joe Carter, former hoopster for now-closed North Catholic. His daughter, Kait, a freshman, is already a very important player for the Quakers.

DEC. 17
The Daly family is on the doorstep of another milestone . . . 2,500 points in high school hoops. Brian, the father, scored 1,253 points in a wonderful career at then-Monsignor Bonner. He graduated in 1988 and was the Daily News' City Player of the Year, then played college ball at St. Joseph's. Ryan, the first son, tallied 992 points before graduating last year from Archbishop Carroll and is now a freshman at the University of Delaware. He's playing 23 minutes per game as the sixth man and owns a 10.0 average through 10 games. Colin, the second son, is now a senior at Carroll. Through four games this season he owns 37 points with a high of 15 and his career total now stands at 233. So, if you ch-ching the numbers, the total is 2,478. Just 22 more points and the Daly Dad-Sons Trio will own 2,500! The Patriots are scheduled to play Penn Wood today and Malvern next Friday. Talk about a chance for an even nicer Christmas . . . (smile).
  UPDATE: Just found college totals for Brian. He scored 264 career points at St. Joe's. Mix in Ryan's 80 far at Delaware and the trio needs 178 for 3,000 overall.

DEC. 16
At Germantown Academy
Gratz 54, Penn Charter 41

  Have you seen Geico's alligator arms commercial? The alligator says he wants to pay for everybody's meals, but then can't . . . quite . . . reach . . . the . . . check. This game mirrored that commercial. Gratz built a reasonably comfortable lead (27-19 at halftime, 38-31 after three quarters) and Penn Charter couldn't . . . quite . . . make . . . a . . . game . . . of . . . it. Yes, there was an almost moment. With 1:07 remaining, sr. PG Adam Holland drove for one of his patented, hard-charge layups and the Quakers moved with 48-41. Could we see a VERY interesting final 67 seconds? Nope. Jr. F William Moore made a perfect leak behind the press and gathered in a fullcourt pass for an easy layup. Ballgame. Good guy Lynard Stewart, Gratz' second-year coach and the Daily News City Player of the Year in 1994 while playing for the Bulldogs, owned what no doubt was a satisfying win over the school he coached from the '12 through '15 seasons. Shootingwise, this was one of the weirdest games ever. Gratz sr. SF Rashon Johnson made his first eight shots -- three regulars, three treys, two free throws -- for 14 points in maybe the first 13 minutes. Then he didn't score again, and attempted just one shot. It was a layup attempt with 4:21 left in the game and sr. G-F Dylan Burnett bashed it, big time. Then in the last few moments, Gratz was running out the clock and Johnson was standing near the left corner. Nobody was nearby and some Germantown Academy players, sitting in the stands while waiting to play their game to conclude the quadrupleheader, urged him to shoot it. So he did and hit a three-point swish. One problem: He let the ball go maybe one-hundredth of a second after the clock hit 0:00. There was also this: Gratz sr. SG Johnny Eden shot 1-for-15 from the floor en route to two points. And this: PC jr. WG Mason Williams shot 1-for-10. In retrospect, Gratz wrapped up this one quite early when it stormed to an 11-2 lead. Even the Bulldogs' guards are rangy kids with long arms and all players did a great job of playing suffocating defense. PC experienced not even a hint of comfort on offense. Things opened up a little over time, but a telling stat is that PC managed just five assists for the game. Holland finished with 16 points and jr. WG-SF Will Samuel quick-drawed his way to 10. Burnett managed five boards and four rejections. Another telling stat: PC had just three steals. In the opener, PC's girls lost to Ryan. Those teams had met recently in a non-league game at Ryan with the same result. Inky/DN reporter Aaron "Ace" Carter was in the house to cover the game and we had interesting discussions about assorted matters. Other legends, as the names come to me: Mike McCusker, Paul Fricker, Lou Dilonardo (they form the coaching staff for Ryan's girls), Jim Fenerty, Evan-Eric Longino, Cole Storm, Joe Magarity, Frank McGlinchey, P.J. Maley, Birch Maley (he made a suggestion for Song of the Day; look for it tomorrow! smile), Marty Weiss, Jon Haynes, Ed Foley . . .

DEC. 15
When it comes to points in one game, sr. G Quade Green, a Kentucky commit, stands alone among all players coached by Carl Arrigale during his 19 seasons as head man at Neumann-Goretti (nee St. John Neumann). In a showcase event last night, Green rained down 37 points as the Saints topped Imhotep, 87-73. He shot 11-for-19 from the floor (4-for-8 on treys) and 11-for-14 at the line, according to stats that were tabulated by Aaron "Ace" Carter. The previous best outburst in Carl's reign occurred in the 2007 season, when Antonio "Scoop" Jardine dropped 36 on mighty DeMatha, of Maryland. In the '94 season, Rashid Bey, who later played for St. Joseph's University, had 38 points in a non-league game vs. now-closed North Catholic. That was Carl's first season with the program as an assistant to Mike Doyle. The school record is 44 and it belongs to Billy Oakes, who hit that number during the 1961 season. He also played at St. Joe's, then was a long-time NBA referee.

Neumann/N-G's Top Outbursts During the Carl Arrigale Era
Name Pts Opponent Season
Quade Green 37 Imhotep 2017
Antonio "Scoop" Jardine 36 DeMatha (MD) 2007
Ja'Quan Newton 33 Susquehanna Twp. 2014
Antonio "Scoop" Jardine 32 SJ Prep 2007
Quade Green 31 Ryan 2016
Tony Chennault 31 Dougherty 2010
Chas Bailey 31 Carroll 1999
Quade Green 31 Wheeling Park (WV) 2015
Ja'Quan Newton 31 St. Vinc./St. Mary (OH) 2014
Rick Jackson 31 Kathleen (FL) 2007
Zane Martin 30 Ryan 2016
Ja'Quan Newton 30 Ryan 2014
Lamin Fulton 30 Roman 2011
Lamin Fulton 30 SJ Prep 2011

DEC. 13
Ryan 57, Penn Charter 43

  Latvija uz visiem laikiem! According to a translation site on the Internet, that phrase means "Latvia forever!" And here's the explanation for why I used it. Irish people. Italian people. African-American people. German people. Polish people. They grew up having MANY major-sports athletes of their heritage to root for. And then there were Latvians . . . We always had nobody (smile). My long-gone grandfather came here from Latvia in the late 1800s and my also deceased dad was a first-generation American. I always used to ask him, "Dad, what's with Latvians? When it comes to sports, I never hear any mentions. We do nothing." (Though from what I always heard, my dad was pretty good at playing cards. Is that a sport? Ha, ha.)  And then came Matiss Kulackovskis. He's from Latvia (yes!) and arrived last year at Archbishop Ryan. I met him around this time 12 months ago when PC played at Ryan and said hello tonight at PC before the schools' latest meeting. Matiss is now a 6-7 forward and all he did was score more than half of Ryan's points. Yes, he was torching my alma mater, which is also the school that now employs me as a part-time sports-coverage/historian/photographer guy. But I won't say I minded. It was neat to watch him do his thing and say to myself again and again, "Go ahead, Latvian!" Matiss scored 30 points and packed 15 into a 23-6 third quarter. Yes, he's 6-7, but like most European players he's just as comfortable away from the basket as he is in the vicinity. In that third quarter, which began with PC owning a 29-14 advantage, Matiss scored in many ways. He hit medium pop shots, drained two treys and went around guys a few times for layups. Honestly, it was quite the show. During the second quarter, a quartet of energetic/entertaining PC fans had yelled at Ryan star Isaiah Brockington, who's committed to New Jersey Institute of Technology, "You're the only one they got! I'm waiting for somebody else to step up!" Can't imagine Matiss heard the comment. Don't even know if anyone told him. Nor do I know what coach Joe Zeglinski told his players in the locker room at halftime. But Matiss was the one who stepped up, big time. And he wasn't finished. In the fourth quarter, he had the ball kinda deep on the right wing. He began a drive that took him toward the right baseline, then he smoothly/rather quickly got all the way to the basket area and . . . pow! He soared and hammered the ball right through the bucket! The Ryan fans exploded. No wonder. It was one of those did-that-just-really-happen moments. And it wasn't alone in the second half. In the third quarter, soph G Amin Bryant had made a steal and dribbled a shade more than halfway down the court for a slam and 6-9 sr. C Fred Taylor had lifted way off the floor for a follow flush-down. Whoa! Ryan owned the second half, just as PC had pretty much dominated the first 16 minutes. Therein, the Quakers drained six three-pointers and seven of their 10 buckets wound up having assists. Sr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky, of QBing fame, hit three of those treys and jr. WG Mason Williams nailed two. Also, frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes grabbed seven rebounds. But in the second half, Ryan played terrific defense. The Raiders' guys were close enough to count cavities and PC enjoyed very few free-and-clear looks. The good vibrations slowly . . . then emphatically disappeared and there was no doubt Ryan was going to win. Brockington, a lefty, used three treys to notch nine of his 14 points in the second quarter. No other Raider scored more than five points. Hnatkowsky (12), sub jr. WG-SF Will Samuel (11) and Williams (10) reached double digits for PC. Sr. PG Adam Holland had four assists. This game was the last in a tripleheader with all three vs. Ryan -- 3rd team at 3:30, JV at roughly 5, varsity at roughly 6:30. In all three games, only one player stirred my emotions. Yes, the Latvian. You understand, right? I'd only been waiting 65 years (smile).

DEC. 12

As often as once a season, Bill "Speedy" Morris seems to reach some kind of milestone in terms of coaching victories. Today, it's possible he set a world record (smile) -- Largest Total Point Differential in High School Games Coached by the Same Guy. That number is 162! In a non-league home game, Speedy's St. Joseph's Prep team was outrun by Malvern Prep, 102-89 (191 total points). On Jan. 16, 1970, when Speedy was in his third season of coaching at his alma mater, Roman Catholic, the Cahillites traveled to Cardinal O'Hara for a Friday night game and lost, 15-14. Yes, 15-14! (29 total points). Speedy's top player was Jim O'Brien, who wound up winning the Markward Award as the city's top senior and is now an assistant with the Philadelphia 76ers. For most of the game, O'Brien and others stood far from the basket and dribbled and dribbled and dribbled and . . . you get the idea. Gene Gomolka covered that game for the Delaware County Daily Times and you could tell he was NOT happy that he'd been forced to watch such a snoozefest. Among other things, he wrote that the game was "the biggest freeze since the Ice Age." Gene quoted Speedy as saying, "It turned out to be a 'freeze' or a 'stall' because O'Hara didn't send their men out for the ball." Also, when Gene asked Speedy whether Roman had PLANNED to freeze, the coach responded, "No. Our strategy was to wait for the good shot." Gene added that Speedy had offered that response in his best semantics. Anyway, Dave Comey scored nine points for O'Hara while Ed Manning and John Connors scored three apiece. O'Brien topped Roman with six. Comey converted a one-and-one with eight seconds left to provide a 15-12 lead and O'Brien hit a jumper to create the one-point final score. (Threes were not an option back then.) Early reports on today's game indicate Malvern freshman Deuce Turner scored 35 or 38 points and that three other Friar frosh also reached double digits. Four freshmen in double figures for one team in a varsity game? Whoa! That might be some kind of world record, too (smile). . . . (More info to be added when numbers are confirmed.)
  UPDATE: Malvern shot 36-for-69 (52.2 percent) from the floor and 14-for-30 (46.7) from beyond the arc. Deuce Turner was 14-for-20, 2-for-3 and 8-for-9 at the line. Overall, the freshmen were 8-for-13 (61.5) on treys. Malvern had 73 total possessions. Thanks to coach John Harmatuk for these numbers.
 UPDATE: One of SJ Prep's starters today was Gabe Arizin, a sophomore. He's the grandson of Hall of Famer Paul Arizin, a La Salle High product. Gabe's dad, Mike, starred for O'Hara (class of '72, first team All-City) and was also a member of O'Hara's varsity in 1970, though he watched the "ice game" from the bench. He remembers it very well. 
 UPDATE: Deuce Turner was credited with 38 points in the boxscore reported to Score Service. The freshmen in double figures: Isaac White (15), Rahdir Hicks (12) and Spencer Cochran (10). Senior Tommy Wolfe (14) also scored in double figures for Malvern. DF guys for SJ Prep: Edward Croswell and Darius Kinnel (24 apiece), Kyle Thompson (19) and Brian Griffin (12).
 UPDATE: This comes from Daily News sports writer Ed Barkowitz, a SJ Prep grad: Approximately equivalent to a college game ending 126-113 or an NBA game at 150-137.

DEC. 11
Last year in December, we posted a nugget about then-Germantown Academy junior Evan-Eric Longino and wondered whether he'd set an all-time record for most points by a lefthanded Inter-Ac player. In a tournament in Washington, DC, Longino scored 37 points as the Patriots fell to Maret School (DC), 81-76, in overtime. He notched 11 field goals (two treys) and went 13-for-15 at the line. We reached out to a few people and no one had evidence that an Inter-Ac lefty had ever scored that many -- league or non-league. Guess what? In GA's opener Friday night vs. Lansdale Catholic in a tournament at Souderton, good, ol' double E exploded for 40 points! He racked up 14 field goals (two treys) and went 10-for-13 at the line. So, it appears he broke his OWN record. Repeat: appears. If you know for sure that any really talented, back-in-the-day Inter-Ac players were lefties and scored at least 40, please let me know at tedtee307@yahoo.com.

DEC. 9
Penn Charter 60, King's Christian (NJ) 33

  Assists can be tricky. For the passer to get one, of course, the shooter's attempt must go IN. By the same token, if the passer rarely gets the ball to shooters in proper spots, nor at the very best time, he's not going to rack up too many A's. Today for PC, all was right in the court chemistry world. The Quakers notched 20 field goals and 16 assists and the percentage (80) doesn't get much better. Honestly, this wasn't much of a contest. KC had just eight players in uniform and there did not appear to be any true stars in the group. It was hard to tell exactly whether the Knights favored a patient approach or were forced into that mode because PC played such sticky man-to-man defense. Many KC possessions featured six, seven, eight passes and many were criss-crossing handoffs beyond the three-point line. Frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes, who suffered an injury during soccer season, made his first start today and exploded for seven quick points (of PC's 10) on a regular field goal, a trey and two free throws. Meanwhile, sr. G Dylan Burnett grabbed four rebounds in the first quarter and jr. G Terence Thompson, a deep sub, hustled for five quick points near the end. Over the middle two quarters, Holmes (four) and sr. PG Adam Holland combined for seven assists as the Quakers kept playing impressively. Late in the second quarter, Holland grabbed a rebound, whipped a long pass downcourt and, whoa, Holmes soared for a flush-down! Holland then followed with a steal and layup to make it 29-10. The medium to late subs dominated the fourth quarter. Jr. WG-SF Will "Quick Draw" Samuel (14 points) drained two more treys, upping his number for the game to four. Jr. G Owen Pighini dished three assists. Sr. baseball buddies Alex Cohen (four) and James Gabor combined for seven rebounds and jr. WG Jake Nicastro scored his first varsity points by taking a feed from Pighini and nailing a trey from a shade upcourt from the left corner. Soph SG Tony Little Jr. led KC with 13 points. Sr. SF Will Burt added eight. Ed Foley, who handles boys sports for PC, deserves credit for this win. Long before gametime, he played great psych-up music over the sound system. Which song was his first choice? "Luck Be a Lady Tonight" by Frank Sinatra (smile). Hey, where isn't that used as psych-up music? Ha, ha. Play it before the next home game, Ed. Let's see if the good fortune continues.

DEC. 6
Penn Charter 49, Abington Friends 37

  PC sr. PG Adam Holland might have set a world record! . . . Fewest Shots Attempted in the Fourth Quarter After Scoring a Decent Amount of Points in the Third Quarter and Making Every Single Shot: None . . . How's that for an off-the-wall record? PC led this road tilt at halftime, 21-18, then rolled to a 19-4 advantage in the third stanza. Holland fueled it, big time. The Rutgers baseball commit began his avalanche with three-pointers off passes from jr. WG Mason Williams and sr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky. Soon, sr. PF Justus Sanders (six boards) snatched an offensive rebound and whipped the ball out to Holland on the right wing. "Dutch" made a hard drive for a three-point play, thus expanding the Quakers' edge to 32-20. His other bucket in the quarter also came on a brassy drive with 2:50 remaining. Wow, this is nuts. This kid could wind up with 30 points. Um, no. He never attempted another shot. Well, he did try one (with 1:50 left in the game), but he was fouled on the play and the attempt didn't count since the ball did not find cotton. It made sense for Holland not to pump away down the stretch. It wasn't that kind of game. All along the Quakers mostly made the ball talk and there was a lot of caring/sharing. Once again an injured guy made his season's debut, and managed to make meaningful contributions. This time it was jr. G-F Owen Pighini, who'd suffered a minor knee injury in the very first practice. Shortly after he walked onto the floor, "Piggy" grabbed an offensive rebound and went right back up for a bucket. Overall, he contributed four boards and two steals. Williams had 15 points and four boards. Frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes dealt three assists. Jr. WG Will Samuel hit two treys while Hnatkowsky grabbed five rebounds. Also high on the Nice Plays List was this one in the second quarter: Holland made a steal, dashed downcourt and received a dump-it-back pass from Holmes for a layup. Remember that one, guys. Let's see such chemistry again and again. G Joel Arteaga was AFS' only player with more than seven points, with 13. He slapped together a nifty sequence in the late going, hitting a three-pointer then maneuvering around/through a couple guys for a dipsy-doodle layup. The ballclub of coach Steve Chadwin (great to see you!) is young and undersized, but effort was present non-stop. In the early going, jr. F Ace Bibbs showed some aggressiveness/slinkiness. Randy Pritzker, long a Pub fixture, was one of the refs. There wasn't enough room to take pics from behind a basket, so I camped out in the corner opposite PC's bench. Tweeting away right next to me was Ed Foley, who oversees boys sports at PC. He's a football guy (played for PC/Penn, coached the Little Quakers forever) and somehow we wound up talking about the legendary William "Refrigerator" Perry. Oh, speaking of legends, Roman assistant Thomas "Hockey Puck" McKenna called me at roughly 7 o'clock. He'd been scouting the Haverford School-Shipley game. "Yo, put dis on the webline." (That's what he calls the Internet.) "Da Intwac chambinchip gone thwu Havfohd School. Dey good! Dey got pwayahs." You heard it here first, via The Puckster. Fords=Favorites.

DEC. 2
Academy of the New Church 56, Penn Charter 50

  With 2:55 left in the first half, a fastbreak bucket enabled ANC to take an 18-17 lead and PC coach Jim "Flipper" Phillips called a quick timeout. Two of the refs were standing not far from my behind-the-far-basket perch and one said to the other, "So much for the mercy rule." My thought exactly. Probably the thought, also, of many of PC's players and coaches. There's no getting around this: Something serious happened last school year at ANC and a decent number of quality players wound up leaving. Now, coach Kevin Givens' 13-man varsity roster includes five freshmen and seven sophs. After the Lions' JV got trampled by PC -- something like 60-20, my apologies for not writing down the score -- one had to think that the varsity contest would also be one-sided. And then the tipoff took place and ANC not only competed, it wound up impressing. (And the one junior did not even play.) Beyond that, though the game was played AT Penn Charter, the Lions' supporters showed much more juice. Sitting in the stands behind ANC's bench, the group (mostly parents) was loud and animated and there wasn't a time when it wasn't involved. PC's fans cheered at times, but there was nothing close to sustained juice. C'mon, gang. Somebody has to step forward and lead the way. Halftime arrived with PC in front, 22-20. ANC then seized the third quarter, 21-8. Soph G Cameron Thompson drained 11 of ANC's first 13 points and classmate/G Louie Wild-DiOrio notched the final eight. (Louie's dad, Mike Wild, was a prominent wing sniper for Roman.) Though Thompson is listed at 5-9, he looked to be maybe 5-7. No matter. He knew how to get off his shot, even against much taller foes. Right after catching passes, he often looked at defenders' bellies or even down at the floor. As in, don't sweat over me. I'll be passing the rock momentarily. Then, zip, he was launching and connecting. Wild-DiOrio had no hesitation firing away from deep. ANC's lead soared to as much as 11 points (41-30) in the third. PC began to regroup in the fourth and the deficit was down to four points with 4 1/2 minutes left after sr. PG Adam Holland drove hard for a layup. The PC kids even chanted, "DEEEE-fense! . . . DEEEE-fense!" Well, briefly anyway. The Lions declined to crumble and PC just could not make THE play that could have caused that to happen. Little closer. Arm's length. Little closer. Arm's length. One of THOSE situations. PC played without sr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky, who was in Indiana/Chicago with the Little Quakers. Today's highlight was a visit to Notre Dame. Jr. WG Will Samuel and sr. WG Dylan Burnett fouled out with 1:40 and 59.5 remaining, respectively. This was a special day for Samuel. Just three days earlier, he was a combo JV/varsity player. Today, he did not dress for the JV and wound up starting for the varsity. Though his shooting was off, he snagged a team-high eight rebounds while adding two apiece of assists/steals/blocks. Jr. WG Mason Williams (19, five treys) and Holland (15) scored in double figures. Burnett had three steals. Frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes, who missed much of the soccer season due to injury, made his 2016-17 hoops debut today. Understandably, due in part to hardly any practice time, he showed some rust, but did grab five boards. The best non-hoops performance was turned in by Gerry Sasse, an assistant to PC's assorted athletic directors. Somehow I left the house without four perfectly sharpened pencils. I found four unsharpened ones in various parts of my pristine ar (sike, it's always a MESS) and happened to mention the situation to "Sas" shortly before the game began. "I got ya," he said. He took three of the pencils, left the gym and, bingo, they came back with perfect points. He then said, "C'mon, give me the other one, too. I'll do it." Then he did! Somewhere in PC's budget there HAS to be bonus money for above-and-beyond effort, right? "Sas" deserves it! His extra effort was right on point! (smile)

NOV. 29
Penn Charter 45, Germantown Friends 35

  At least this rainy day wasn't completely dreary. Penn Charter opened its 2016-17 basketball season and claimed a 10-point win on the road. (Not far down the road. GFS is also on School House Lane toward the edge of West Germantown.) Did the Quakers slap together a marvelous effort? Of course not. Almost no teams in world hoops history have looked terrific in openers. They did show non-stop effort, however, along with decent chemistry, and aren't those elements especially important at this time of the year? Coach Jim "Flipper" Phillips used 10 players (nine in the first quarter) and that total likely would have been 12 if frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes and jr. handyman Owen Pighini had not been unavailable due to injury. I have a feeling the Quakers will do a lot of mixing/matching this season and, as long as all players understand and embrace the concept and show non-stop focus for each and every second they're on the court, the season could work out quite well. GFS, meanwhile, deserves major kudos for hanging tough. The Tigers had, basically, no depth and only three players owned points 27-plus minutes into the game. PC was led by jr. WG Mason Williams, who finished with 17 points despite below-average shooting (7-for-19). He did snipe four treys and eight of his points were racked up in a 19-10 second quarter. Also, Williams made three steals in the fourth quarter to help prevent the Tigers from pulling off any late miracles. Sr. PG Adam Holland (13) also scored in double figures and his solid fourth quarter featured three assists. Another vet, sr. WG Dylan Burnett didn't score his three markers until 3:53 remained and the guy he mostly covered, sr. G Michael Buckmire, had 22 points. Trust me. Burnett still played well. Buckmire is very slinky and often finds a way to get near the basket. Not always TO it today, though, and Dylan was the reason. Alas, Buckmire often wound up at the line and hit 11 of his 16 attempts. Sr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky, of QBing fame, dealt five assists, all in the first half. At least a couple came off pinpoint inbound passes. Two seniors with D-1 baseball rides, Fs Alex Cohen and James Gabor, have decided to play hoops this season and their contributions should be important. Cohen hit a trey and Gabor, who can really run and hop, registered a blocked shot almost BEFORE he entered the game (smile). Sr. PF Justus Sanders, a tree trunk in his spare time, likewise hit a three-pointer. The game's best sequence was provided by jr. WG-SF Will Samuel, who will compete hard for the QB job next fall. His block/rebound/assist combo (to Holland) provided a 33-25 lead with five minutes left. Jr. F Ryan Dickson, who has added some bulk since last season, was the first man off the bench and his main contribution came in the form of four rebounds. One minute into the fourth quarter, Williams hit a wing jumper to make it 35-29 and, in a big hurry, a complete hush fell over the gym . . . except for the cries of agony coming from GFS sr. G Sam Istvan. He hurt his left knee/leg and was down for a while before being helped off the court. He returned to the gym later, on crutches, and here's hoping he's able to return to action. The same three refs handled both games. John Duffy, former baseball coach at Germantown Academy, said originally there was confusion about which game would be played first, varsity or JV. (JV went first.) Ben Moore was one of the other two zebras. Gratz coach Lynard Stewart, who starred there and was also PC's coach for four seasons through 2015, was in attendance. Ditto for Michael Lintulahti, former coach at a now-defunct Pub member, Hope Charter, and an assistant at Penn. He's GFS' assistant athletic director and the coach of the girls team. Other legends: Ed Foley, David Bass, Gerry Sasse, Sonny Pitts.

NOV. 19
Forward Derrick Jones, a product of Archbishop Carroll, tonight made his NBA debut for the Phoenix Suns in a game vs. the 76ers. It was played in Philly and Jones' two-minute stint produced no stats. He is one of 11 Public/Catholic/Inter-Ac guys to make debuts in the NBA/ABA within four years of his high school graduation. Like Roman's Eddie Griffin (RIP), Jones played just one year of college ball. Southern's Stan "Loady" Brown, a k a The Original Kobe Bryant, also made an incredibly early pro debut in the 1940s. More info on his situation will be posted later. Thanks for your patience . . . Here we go: In the 1945-46 school year, Brown was a junior at Southern and earned first team coaches' All-Public honors while averaging 24.1 points and pumping in a one-game high of 49. In the fall of 1946, his senior year, he was approached by pro teams and decided to sign with the Philadelphia Sphas of the American Basketball League (basically a minor league team). In his pro debut, on Oct. 26, 1946, he scored 11 points in a loss to the Paterson (NJ) Crescents. He played 32 games for the Sphas that season, averaging 13.5. In May of '47, he signed with the Philadelphia Warriors and made his NBA debut in the 1947-48 season. He played 19 games in that season and then 15 more in the 1951-52 season. He wound up scoring 104 points in 34 total games (3.1 average). In between, he played in the ABL and wound up playing six total pro seasons. His dreams of stardom were hampered by a knee injury. In 1996, shortly after Kobe announced his plans to enter the draft, I met with Stan in a South Philly diner and wound up doing a rather lengthy interview. He was a very pleasant guy and I felt honored to tell his story in the Daily News. Stan passed away in 2009 (RIP). 

"Our Guys" Who've Made Early NBA/ABA Debuts
Name School Grad. College Debut
After Grad.
First Team
Eddie Griffin Roman 2000 Seton Hall 2002 Second Houston
Derrick Jones Carroll 2015 UNLV 2017 Second Phoenix
Mike Sojourner Germantown 1972 Utah 1975 Third Atlanta
Rasheed Wallace Gratz 1993 North Carolina 1996 Third Washington
Kyle Lowry Dougherty 2004 Villanova 2007 Third Memphis
Erv "Stu" Staggs Edison 1966 Cheyney 1970 Fourth Miami
Joe Bryant Bartram 1972 La Salle 1976 Fourth Philadelphia 
Matt Walsh Gtn. Academy 2002 Florida 2006 Fourth Miami
Wayne Ellington Episcopal 2006 North Carolina 2010 Fourth Minnesota
Gerald Henderson Episcopal 2006 Duke 2010 Fourth Charlotte
Maalik Wayns Roman 2009 Villanova 2013 Fourth Philadelphia 

OCT. 27
  For the first time since the 2012-13 season, and just the fourth time in this century, one of "Our Guys" last night made his debut for the Philadelphia 76ers. Gerald Henderson, a 2006 Episcopal Academy grad, started at wing guard in the 103-97 loss to Oklahoma City and played for 24 minutes. He contributed nine points, shooting 3-for-6 (two treys) from the floor and 1-for-2 at the line. The Sixers played their first season here in 1963-64, having moved to Philly from Syracuse. "G" is the first Inter-Ac product to play for the Sixers. There have been six Catholic League guys and 13 Public League guys.  

Homegrown 76ers (Public/Catholic/Inter-Ac Products)







Cliff Anderson

Edison '63





Mike Bantom

Roman '69





Jerry Baskerville

Edison '70





Joe Bryant

Bartram '72





Larry Cannon

Lincoln '65





Fred Carter

Franklin '63





Wilt Chamberlain

Overbrook '55





Steve Courtin

St. James '60





Matt Guokas Jr.

SJ Prep '62





Gerald Henderson Episcopal '06 2017 - - -
Marc Jackson Roman '93 2004 103 1,175


Ollie Johnson

Southern '66





Wali Jones

Overbrook '60





Lewis Lloyd

Overbrook '77





Aaron McKie

Gratz '90


536 4.143


Doug Overton

Dobbins '87





Steve Smith Northeast '01 2007 8 5


Jim Washington

W. Cath. '61





Maalik Wayns

Roman '09


21 56


Hubie White

W. Phila. '58





OCT. 6
  What a mess this trivia question caused. Millions of apologies for being such a dope and moron, as Howard Eskin would say. While researching the names of basketball coaches who have headed programs in Catholic AND Public schools, I spent so much time trying to not miss anyone, I overlooked two guys whose names should have hit me right away. Ugh squared. Marc Ross, a long-time website supporter, sent an email early this morning to note that Mark Heimerdinger (1983-2009 at Cardinal Dougherty, 2010-present at Samuel Fels) was definitely one of the answers. Indeed! And I'd been dumb enough not to include him. Later, an email rolled in from another long-time website supporter, Dan Solis-Cohen. He mentioned another guy, Bill Tomasco (1991-92 at St. Joseph's Prep, 1993-96 at Horace Furness), whose name also should have popped immediately into my head. Phew. Nitwit time. Dan also got the names of my two original guys. Bob DiFlorio coached at Neumann from 1986-93, at Conwell-Egan from 1994-2001 and at Northeast in the 2010 and '11 seasons. Now for the way-back, most-interesting guy. Mike Saxe, who was Jewish, starred for Penn and then coached at South Philly High for a few seasons up until the 1916-17 season. He resigned for what newspapers referred to as "financial reasons." By the 1919-20 season, the first for CL basketball, he was coaching at Villanova Prep. It's tough to tell the way some newspaper stories were written, but it appears he remained in that job through the 1992-23 season, VP's last in the CL. We do know this: He was the first head coach of Villanova's college team and held that position from the '21 through '26 seasons! So he might have been coaching two teams in the same sport in the same season on the same high school/college campus. Oh, he also was the head coach at La Salle High in football and basketball in the 1927-28 school year. Later, he became a lawyer and along the way Saxe must have been popular and/or respected. For a decent amount of time -- not sure why things changed -- the Big 5's annual Most Valuable Player Award was named for Saxe. So there you have it -- Saxe, Heimerdinger, DiFlorio, Tomasco and now Jason Harrigan (Del-Val Charter, O'Hara). Five guys with Catholic-Public basketball ties. If I was idiotic enough to miss someone else (or even 27 -- smile), please let me know (smile). Thanks to Marc and Dan.

SEPT. 29
  Julian McFadden
today was named to coach the basketball team at SCH Academy. He was a star guard at the school (then known as Chestnut Hill Academy) and earned first team All-Inter honors in the 2005-06 season while completing his career with 1,026 points. Julian is the 10th African-American to head a basketball program in the Inter-Ac/Catholic leagues and the third to do so at his alma mater, joining Henry "Doug" Fairfax (Haverford School) and Jasmine "Jazz" Williams (West Catholic). Hal Greer, who coached Germantown Academy in the '79 and '80 seasons, was a star guard in the NBA and played 10 seasons with the 76ers. Ron Haigler, who coached Penn Charter in the '76 and '77 seasons, was an all-time player for Penn and is a member of the Big 5 Hall of Fame. Guy Moore coached at two schools, North Catholic and West Catholic. Best of luck to Julian with the Blue Devils!
  UPDATE: Jason Harrigan, formerly of Del-Val Charter, was appointed O'Hara's coach on Oct. 5. He has been added to the list below.

African-American Coaches at Inter-Ac/Catholic Schools
School Alma Mater Years When
Chestnut Hill/SCH      
Rob Jackson Edison 1 1984
Julian McFadden Chestnut Hill -- 2017
Germantown Academy      
Hal Greer Douglass (Huntington, WV) 2 1979-80
Haverford School      
Henry "Doug" Fairfax Haverford School 4 2012-15
Penn Charter      
Ron Haigler Madison (Brooklyn, NY) 2 1976-77
Lynard Stewart Gratz 4 2012-15
School Alma Mater Years When
Marc Turner Lower Merion 1 2001
North Catholic      
Guy Moore Roman 1 2010
Jason Harrigan Burlington City (NJ) ? 2017
St. Joseph's Prep      
Fred Douglas Overbrook 3 1972-74
West Catholic      
Guy Moore Roman 3 2011-13
Jazz Williams West Catholic 3 2014-16

SEPT. 14
This comes from Malvern coach John Harmatuk . . . Thanks!

Coaches and Athletic Directors (please pass on to your coaches)
Malvern Prep Basketball Presents:
Philadelphia Area College Showcase Night 2016
Date: Wednesday October 12th, 2016
Time: 7:00 p.m. (Registration starts at 6:00 p.m.)
Location: O'Neil Center on campus at Malvern Prep
Cost: $50 per participant (cash/check); All coaches/parents/guests are free
  This is a great annual event we have put on for years to try and help area kids get exposure in front a targeted audience of Division II, Division III, JUCO, and NAIA coaches only. For a player to attend they must be nominated by high school or AAU coach. Just send an email to: jharmatuk@malvernprep.org to sign a player up.
Space is extremely limited and it will be capped at 50 players max. All players will receive a jersey they will keep & accredited referees will officiate the event.
  College coaches there is no charge to attend this event, however please RSVP via email to let us know you or your staff are going to attend. An event program with player info will be provided free of charge. If you have any questions please contact Coach Harmatuk.

Over the last 41 seasons, only four "complete outsiders" could be found coaching Catholic League basketball teams. And by complete outsiders we mean guys who attended high school outside Greater Philadelphia (five-county Philly/South Jersey). This coming season, there will be at least two more. West Catholic has hired Jason Hasson, a product of Bishop Guilfoyle, in Altoona (about 35 miles southwest of Penn State), and Conwell-Egan has brought aboard Eric Kindler, a product of Trinity, in Camp Hill (about four miles southwest of Harrisburg). Hasson coached for the last five years at Pope John XXIII, in Sparta, NJ, and won a state championship in 2015. His dad, Paul, recently resigned after seven years as the coach at Altoona High. Kindler starred at Trinity and earned a scholarship to Canisius. He had only a brief stay before leaving the team and the school. Later, he attended Saint Joseph's and played as a walk-on for coach Phil Martelli and most recently he was an assistant at Boys' Latin, of the Pub. The longest CL stint among the guys below was posted by Carroll's Barry Kirsch. He also wound up coaching St. Joseph's University baseball's team along with Carroll's girls basketball team. Other talent? Doing a great job handling PA duties at Carroll games (smile). As you can imagine, the vast majority of CL coaches have been products of CL schools. The most prominent semi-outsider has been wildly successful Neumann-Goretti coach Carl Arrigale, the Inter-Ac MVP for Penn Charter in '84. While researching this posting, I found that Kevin Touhey passed away in March at age 64. His high school, Dover (N.J.), is about 25 miles northwest of Newark. Before coming to the Prep, Kevin was an assistant at Penn and prior to that he was the coach at Mount Mercy College, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. RIP, Kevin. 

Catholic League Coaches From Outside Greater Philadelphia, 1976-2016
Name School Stint Years Alma Mater
Barry Kirsch Carroll 12 seasons 1970-81 St. Francis (Clearfield, Pa.)
Bill Michuda La Salle 2 seasons 1980-81 Marquette (Milwaukee, Wisc.)
John Miller Ryan 9 seasons 1977-85 Reading (Pa.) Central Catholic
  & Bonner 1 season 1986  
Kevin Touhey SJ Prep 1 season 1990 Dover (N.J.) High

  Matt Griffin
is about to embark on a new career, but he won't be blazing a new trail. Look below to see how many other All-Catholic/All-Inter-Ac guys have coached at a school aside from their alma maters. That's what Matt will be doing. He was a star at SJ Prep and now he's the boss at Roman, succeeding Chris McNesby. The list provides details for any coach whose stint at The Other School included the 1976 season on up. Some also coached at alma maters. Episcopal coach Craig Conlin (La Salle '85) was the only one to thrice earn first team honors. Eddie Burke (RIP) also was the coach at two other schools aside from West Catholic and his alma mater, SJ Prep -- St. Thomas More (located at 47th and Wyalusing, it closed in June 1975) and McDevitt (in '76).

All-League at One Catholic/Inter-Ac School . . . Coach at Another
Name Attended High Honor   Coached at . . . Seasons #W-L
George Paull Dougherty 1st '63   Ryan 1968-76 52-92
Joe Corbett Haver. School 1st '99   Lansdale 2016- 2-11
Jim "Mo" Connolly Judge 1st '76   Wood 1988-89 9-23
*Sean Tait Judge 1st '95   Wood 2009 10-6
Tom Lynch Judge 1st '65-'66   SJ Prep 1975-77 21-25
*Bernie Fitzgerald La Salle 2nd '77   Lansdale 2009-11 10-35
Craig Conlin La Salle 1st '83-'85   Episcopal 2011- 33-27
*Joe Rapczynski North 1st '70   Egan 1976-81 10-86
Barry Brodzinski North 1st '72-'73   Roman 1982-86 46-10
Tom Ingelsby O'Hara 1st '69   Carroll 1992-97 69-15
Lou Becht O'Hara 3rd '98   Carroll 2005 5-9
Mike Doyle O'Hara 2nd '84   Neumann 1994 7-7
*Steve Cloran O'Hara 1st '90   Haver. School 2004-11 22-58
*Ed Enoch Penn Charter 1st '72   Lansdale 2012-14 9-30
Carl Arrigale Penn Charter 1st '84   Neumann/N-G 1999- 222-28
Jim Buckley Penn Charter 2nd '60   Germantown Ac. 1970-78 27-63
*Bernie Rogers Ryan 1st '92   Haver. School 2016- 4-6
Bill McFadden SJ Prep 1st '57   Wood 1974-77 34-30
Frank Sciolla SJ Prep 1st '89   Conwell-Egan 2014-16 21-18
*Eddie Burke SJ Prep 2nd '63   McDevitt 1976 7-9
*Eddie Burke SJ Prep 2nd '63   West 1977 8-6
Fran O'Hanlon ST More 1st '66   Bonner 1987-89 25-17
*-also coached at alma mater          
#-in league games (not including playoffs)          

The list below includes Public League, Catholic League and Inter-Ac League players drafted by NBA teams since the spring of 1947.
I am unsure on the high schools for some players from the early years, so please speak up if you know of someone I missed. tedtee307@yahoo.com.Also, there is conflicting info on rounds/selection numbers for some of the early years. The notation "Terr." means the player was a territorial draftee. Those players with asterisks next to their name transferred out of the listed school before exhausting their eligibility. (Also out of the three city leagues.).

NBA Draftees From Public League, Catholic League and Inter-Ac League Schools
Year Name School College Team Rd.


2016 *Ben Bentil Haverford School Providence Boston 2


2015 *Rakeem Christmas North Catholic Syracuse Minnesota 2


2014 None          
2013 None          
2012 None          
2011 Markieff Morris Prep Charter Kansas Phoenix 1 13
Marcus Morris Prep Charter Kansas Houston 1 14
2010 None          
2009 Gerald Henderson Episcopal Duke Charlotte 1 12
Wayne Ellington Episcopal North Carolina Minnesota 1 28
2008 Sean Singletary Penn Charter Virginia Sacramento 2 42
2007 None          
2006 Kyle Lowry Dougherty Villanova Memphis 1 24
Mardy Collins Gratz Temple New York 1 29
2005 *Hakim Warrick University City Syracuse Memphis 1 19
2004 None          
2003 None          
2002 Ronald "Flip" Murray Straw. Mansion Shaw Milwaukee 2 41
Rasual Butler Roman La Salle Miami 2 52
2001 Eddie Griffin Roman Seton Hall New Jersey 1 7
2000 None          
1999 Larry Ketner Roman Massachusetts Chicago 2 49
1998 Cuttino "Cat" Mobley Dougherty Rhode Island Houston 2 41
1997 *Adonal Foyle O'Hara Colgate Golden State 1 8
Marc Jackson Roman Temple Golden State 2 37
Jason Lawson Olney Villanova Denver 2 41
Alvin Williams Gtn. Academy Villanova Portland 2 47
1996 Shawn Harvey West Phila. West Virginia St. Dallas 2 34
Malik Rose Overbrook Drexel Charlotte 2 44
1995 Rasheed Wallace Gratz North Carolina Washington 1 4
Jerome Allen Episcopal Penn Minnesota 2 49
1994 Aaron McKie Gratz Temple Portland 1 17
1993 None          
1992 Randy Woods Franklin La Salle LA Clippers 1 16
1991 Doug Overton Dobbins La Salle Detroit 2 40
1990 Lionel Simmons Southern La Salle Sacramento 1 7
Greg "Bo" Kimble Dobbins Loyola Marymount LA Clippers 1 8
1989 Jerome "Pooh" Richardson Franklin UCLA Minnesota 1 10
1988 None          
1987 Dallas Comegys Roman DePaul Atlanta 1 21
Nate "Day-Day" Blackwell Southern Temple San Antonio 2 27
1986 None          
1985 Steve Black Overbrook La Salle Philadelphia 3 67
Albert "Truck" Butts Southern La Salle Boston 5 116
Daryl Lloyd University City Drake Philadelphia 6 136
Ralph Lewis Frankford La Salle Boston 6 139
1984 Tony Costner Overbrook St. Joseph's Washington 2 34
Richard Congo Overbrook Drexel Philadelphia 7 160
Greg "Box" Brandon West Phila. Creighton Seattle 10 219
1983 Joe Brown Gratz Georgia St. Cleveland 9 187
1982 *Dino Gregory Gratz Long Beach St. Washington 3 81
Jeffery "Monk" Clark Frankford St. Joseph's Indiana 6 123
George Melton Gratz Cheyney Philadelphia 9 204
1981 Gene Banks West Phila. Duke San Antonio 2 28
Lewis "Black Magic" Lloyd Overbrook Drake Golden State 4 76
Kevin "Butch" Lynam Carroll La Salle New Jersey 6 118
Darryl "City Lights" Warwick West Phila. Hampton Atlanta 6 121
Joe Schoen North Catholic St. Francis (Pa.) Detroit 8 163
John Smith Neumann St. Joseph's Portland 8 176
1980 Michael Brooks West Catholic La Salle San Diego 1 9
Randy Owens Germantown Phila. Textile Indiana 6 124
Leroy Berry Olney Wilmington (Ohio) Cleveland 7 147
Jim "Mo" Connolly Judge La Salle Phoenix 8 175
Joe Hand La Salle King's Philadelphia 10 213
1979 Charlie Floyd Malvern High Point Washington 3 66
Greg Joyner Northeast Middle Tennessee San Diego 5 99
Rodney Lee Edison Memphis Detroit 8 150
1978 John "Chubby" Cox Roxborough San Francisco Chicago 8 159
Tim Claxton Germantown Temple Washington 9 181
Dennis James Southern Widener Philadelphia 10 201
1977 Rich Laurel Overbrook Hofstra Portland 1 19
Phil Walker Central Millersville Washington 2 39
George Gibson Frankford Winston-Salem Philadelphia 6 129
Emery Sammons St. Thomas More Phila. Textile Buffalo 8 153
1976 Maurice "Mo" Howard SJ Prep Maryland Cleveland 2 32
Barnes Hauptfuhrer Penn Charter Princeton Houston 3 44
Andre McCarter Overbrook UCLA Kansas City 6 89
Phil Walker Central Millersville Philadelphia 7 117
Ed "Shot" Stefanski Bonner Penn Philadelphia 10 168
1975 Joe "Jelly Bean" Bryant Bartram La Salle Golden State 1 14
Jimmie Baker Olney Hawaii Philadelphia 3 39
Andre McCarter Overbrook UCLA Cleveland 8 136
Freddie Stokes West Phila. Barber-Scotia New Orleans 9 145
Romie Thomas Edison Wisc.-Eau Claire Milwaukee 10 165
1974 Mike Sojourner Germantown Utah Atlanta 1 10
*Rubin "Tuner" Collins Edison Md.-Eastern Shore Portland 2 36
Roland "Tree" Grant Southern New Mexico St. Detroit 3 51
Joe Newman Dougherty Temple Detroit 5 87
Greg Newman West Phila. Drexel Detroit 8 141
1973 Mike Bantom Roman St. Joseph's Phoenix 1 8
Tom Ingelsby O'Hara Villanova Atlanta 2 27
Joe Cafferky Bonner N. Carolina St. Boston 6 103
Lynn Greer Edison Virginia St. Phoenix 11 170
Ed Hastings Bonner Villanova Boston 11 174
1972 Ollie Johnson Southern Temple Portland 2 30
Hank Siemiontkowski North Catholic Villanova Cleveland 4 50
Mike Krawczyk Judge Loyola (Md.) Washington 13 178
1971 Willie Sojourner Germantown Weber Chicago 2 20
Isaiah "Bunny" Wilson Southern Baltimore Detroit 2 29
Mike Gale Overbrook Elizabeth City  Chicago 3 47
1970 Carlton Poole Overbrook Phila. Textile Philadelphia 7 114
Fran O'Hanlon St. Thomas More Villanova Philadelphia 8 131
Greg Fillmore Franklin Cheyney New York 8 136
Mike Hauer Bonner St. Joseph's Philadelphia 9 148
1969 Larry Cannon Lincoln La Salle Chicago 1 5
John Baum West Phila. Temple Chicago 2 23
Fred Carter Franklin Mount St. Mary's Washington 3 43
Jim Bowles Dobbins Trinity (Texas) Philadelphia 8 112
1968 Joe Heiser Central Princeton Washington 6 68
Clarence Brookins Bartram Temple Philadelphia 9 118
Bill Soens Penn Charter Miami Philadelphia 11 145
Ted Campbell Dobbins N. Carolina A&T Philadelphia 12 158
John Baum West Phila. Temple LA Lakers 15 187
George Mack Edison N. Carolina A&T Philadelphia 15 189
Joe Crews McDevitt Villanova Philadelphia 16 197
Nate Ware Overbrook Tennessee St. Philadelphia 17 203
1967 Earl "The Pearl" Monroe Bartram Winston-Salem Washington 1 2
Richie Moore Bartram Hiram Scott San Diego 3 29
Cliff Anderson Edison St. Joseph's LA Lakers 4 35
Tom "Trooper" Washington Edison Cheyney Cincinnati 5 50
Frank "Watusi" Card West Phila. S. Carolina St. Philadelphia 7 77
Ted Campbell Dobbins N. Carolina A&T Philadelphia 11 121
Frank Gaidjunas La Salle Villanova Cincinnati 12 129
George Mack Edison N. Carolina A&T Philadelphia 13 139
1966 Matt Guokas Jr. SJ Prep St. Joseph's Philadelphia 1 10
Tom Duff SJ Prep St. Joseph's Philadelphia 5 49
Richie Moore Bartram Hiram Scott New York 10 85
1965 Jim Washington West Catholic Villanova St. Louis 1 6
Richie Moore Bartram Villanova Philadelphia 5 40
1964 Walt Hazzard Overbrook UCLA LA Lakers Terr.  
Wali Jones Overbrook Villanova Detroit 3 18
Steve Courtin St. James St. Joseph's Cincinnati 3 24
Frank Corace Bonner La Salle Philadelphia 4 29
1963 Herb Magee West Catholic Phila. Textile Boston 7 62
1962 Wayne Hightower Overbrook Kansas San Francisco 1 5
Hubie White West Phila. Villanova Philadelphia 2 14
1961 Ray Scott West Phila. Portland Detroit 1 4
1960 Bill "Pickles" Kennedy Lincoln Temple Philadelphia 2 15
Bobby McNeill North Catholic St. Joseph's New York 3 19
Joe Gallo West Catholic St. Joseph's Philadelphia 9 69
1959 Wilt "Dippy" Chamberlain Overbrook Kansas Philadelphia Terr.  
John Richter Frankford N. Carolina St. Boston 1 6
Joe Spratt West Catholic St. Joseph's Philadelphia 6 41
Joe Ryan SJ Prep Villanova Philadelphia 7 49
1958 Guy Rodgers Northeast Temple Philadelphia Terr.  
Jay Norman Mastbaum Temple Philadelphia 7 52
1957 Kurt Englebert Lincoln St. Joseph's Detroit 4 26
1956 Hal Lear Overbrook Temple Philadelphia 1 8
Joe Belmont Northeast Duke Philadelphia   50
John "Misty" Fannon St. Thomas More Notre Dame Philadelphia   52
1955 Tom Gola La Salle La Salle Philadelphia Terr.  
Bob Schafer Roman Villanova Philadelphia 3 19
Jack Devine West Catholic Villanova Philadelphia 5 33
Harry Silcox Lincoln Temple Philadelphia 7 46
1954 Rudy D'Emilio Northeast Duke Philadelphia 5 39
Fran "Wacky" O'Hara La Salle La Salle Philadelphia 11 92
1953 Ernie Beck West Catholic Penn Philadelphia Terr.  
Norm Grekin West Phila. La Salle Philadelphia 3 15
Fred Iehle Olney La Salle Philadelphia 4 18
1952 Charles "Bud" Donnelly La Salle La Salle Syracuse    
1951 Jim Phelan La Salle La Salle Philadelphia 8 77
1950 Paul Arizin La Salle Villanova Philadelphia Terr.  
Larry Foust South Catholic La Salle Chicago 1 5
Brooks Ricca Roman Villanova Philadelphia 8 92
1949 Nelson Bobb West Phila. Temple Philadelphia 3 28
1948 George Hauptfuhrer Penn Charter Harvard Boston 1 3
1947 None          
 *-did not finish high school career at listed school

Three recent Roman grads -- Lamar Stevens, Tony Carr and Nazeer Bostick -- will be playing together at Penn State. Down the line, what are the chances they'll be selected in the same NBA draft? Slim, yes, but not impossible. We take you back to 1967. The total number of players selected was 162 over 20 rounds -- very few of the 12 teams bothered to make picks in the late rounds -- and three Edison guys heard their names called. All had played together on the Inventors' 1961-62 varsity. Cliff Anderson (St. Joe's) played four years in the NBA/ABA, totaling 253 points and 107 rebounds. He played just three games in the ABA. Tom "Trooper" Washington (Cheyney) did not play in the NBA, but enjoyed a productive six-season career in the ABA (4,499 points, 4.721 rebounds). George Mack (North Carolina A&T) did not play in either league. The guys' Edison point totals, as provided by long-time helper Tom Taylor, are below. Pub schools had mid-year and end-of-the-year graduations back then.

Edison's Three Picks in the 1967 NBA Draft
Name Year G Pts High