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  To all scorekeepers: PLEASE try to make sure that correct info on scoring is called into the Score Service -- 215-854-4570. Generally, it's better when the winning team calls in the results. That way the papers receive info to explain HOW the game was won because representatives of the winning team will usually be in a better mood (just human nature) to provide extra details such as rebounds, assists, etc., or the identity of someone who maybe hit a winning shot. Thank you.


JAN. 23
Think about how common it is for a team to lose two consecutive league games. Now digest this: In coach Carl Arrigale's 21 seasons, Neumann-Goretti has suffered back-to-back losses in Catholic League play just six times. And when the Saints dropped recent games to Roman and La Salle, that two-game losing streak in CL play was their first in 11 seasons! Details of the streaks are below. There were two in 2004 with wins in between. SJ Prep's John Griffin is the brother of Roman's current coach, Matt Griffin.

N-G's Two-Game CL Losing Streaks in Coach Carl Arrigale's 21 Seasons
Year Opponent Score Opp. Leader Pts N-G Leader Pts
2019 Roman 79-76 Lynn Greer 27 Hakim Byrd 27
  La Salle 67-57 Allen Powell 22 Ja'cor Smith 17
2008 SJ Prep 57-51 Jim Mower 20 Danny Stewart 15
  Roman 62-60 Will Kirkland 20 Jamal Wilson 17
2004 SJ Prep 83-78 John Griffin 21 David Burton 21
  Roman 76-72 Charron Fisher 29 Earl Pettis 17
2004 SJ Prep 58-53 John Griffin 24 Tabby Cunningham 19
  West Cath. 73-65 Marshall Taylor 29 Adon El / Pettis 14
2002 Bonner 42-39 *see below 14 Antwain Wynn 10
  SJ Prep 43-37 Mark Zoller 15 Chris Del Brocco 14
1999 Roman 80-74 Eddie Griffin 33 Chas Bailey 18
  West Cath. 84-62 Marlon Belfon 20 Chas Bailey 19
*-Matt Kearney and Badir McCleary


JAN. 22
  Unfortunately, I can't say this for SURE because the reporting of game details aside from total points is not as good as it was in the past. But let's go with this: It APPEARS Bonner-Prendie sr. WG Mike Perretta now owns the Catholic League record for most three-pointers in one game. Last night, as the Friars roared past visiting SJ Prep, 86-63, Perretta totaled 10 treys thanks to five in each half. Bonner grad (and former assistant) Woody Burke, who now works under coach Craig Conlin at Episcopal Academy, said he was told Michael -- by the way, it was Mike's 18th birthday! (thanks to B-P assistant Bill Cassidy for that nugget -- missed only three or four shots from beyond the arc. The final number will be provided after the B-P staff breaks down the tape via Hudl. **That breakdown showed that he went 10-for-13 (76.9 percent).** The listed CL record has been nine by Judge's Bill Cummiskey in 1989, SJ Prep's Neal McGee in '92 and Carroll's Tom Tobin in '93. Tobin hit his nine vs SJ Prep and the Hawks' Brian Pearce made eight in that very same game. The listed city record is 13 by Edison's George Baker in 2008. And, yes, 13 is a Baker's dozen. Only in the Pub! According to details provided by B-P staffer Ryan Arakelian, last night's game featured 24 treys. The Prep's Brian Geatens had five. These guys had one apiece: Oscar Uduma, Malik Edwards, Tyreese Watson, Donovan Rodriguez, Chris Haynes, Isaiah Wong (now owns 1,007 points in just two B-P seasons)  and Tariq Ingraham for the Friars; Trevor Wall and Colin Hagan for the Hawks. B-P won the overall threeball battle, 17-7. Among the spectators last night was former Bonner player Harry Perretta, a 1974 grad and the team's leading scorer in CL play that year (12.6). He's Mike's dad and is now in his 41st season as the women's coach at Villanova University. The Lady Wildcats' record for treys in one game, as confirmed by senior associate AD for communications Dean Kenefick, is nine -- by Jenny Higgins in '97 vs. Penn and Stacie Witman in '07 vs. South Alabama. Can't you picture Mike playfully busting dad's chops? (smile). "Yo, pops, I hit 10 in a 32-minute game. The best for any of your players is only nine over 40 minutes? Gotta step it up, dude." In January of 2013, my last season with the Daily News, Wood nailed its first EIGHT attempts from beyond the arc in a win over Conwell-Egan. Pat Smith led the way with five. Tommy Rush. Shane Neher and Cody Fitzpatrick added one apiece. Cody missed threeball No. 9. For the game, the Vikings went 11-for-21 on threes. The three-point rule went into effect for the 1986-87 CL season and the first guy to make one was North Catholic sub Marty O'Donnell. That happened in a non-league opener vs. visiting Gratz on Dec. 1. The rule was not yet in effect for the Pub, but coach Bill Ellerbee gave his permission to use it. Whether the rule should be approved was a hot topic in earlier seasons. I once did a story asking some high school/college coaches for their opinions. Speedy Morris, the Prep's long-time coach, was then the boss at Penn Charter. Here's what he said.
"I'm totally against it. The name of the game is to get the best possible shot. Throwing one up from 25 isn't my idea of that. You're going to fire from anywhere, you might as well do away with the coaches." Obviously, he came around. Over time, the three-pointer has been very good to Speedy's Prep teams. Congrats to Mike on a spectacular performance and thanks to those who provided help. (Updates to this posting will likely be made.)
  UPDATE: Based on his Twitter page, Perretta prefers Mike over Michael. That's why I've changed his first name on here.
  UPDATE: Provided by Dean Kenefick . . . "Shooting the three definitely runs in the family. The Villanova women's team averages 9.6 made threes per game which ranks 11th in the country and have outscored the opponent, 516-249, from behind the arc this season."
  UPDATE: Checked my scorebook from that Tobin-Pearce duel. Tobin sniped 9-for-13 on treys while Pearce was 8-for-16. Tobin went 1-for-2 on regulars and Pearce went 0-for-0. Yes, every shot was a trey. The Prep's Bernie Comey was the only other player to hit a trey in that game. All players aside from Tobin-Pearce went a combined 1-for-14 (Carroll 0-for-3, Prep 1-for-11). Counting free throws, the overall point totals for Tobin and Pearce were 33 and 25, resepectively.

JAN. 21
What are the chances? In recent NBA seasons, I've checked to see where Kyle Lowry stands in terms of career NBA points when compared with other "Our Guys" products. That list will be fully updated at the end of the season, but for now there's this: The "contest" between Kyle and fellow Cardinal Dougherty grad Cuttino "Cat" Mobley. Cat, who last played in 2008-09, finished his NBA career with 11,964 regular season points. And when the Toronto Raptors host the Sacramento Kings tomorrow night, 21 points will allow Kyle to surpass him. His total stands at 11,944. Below are points and assists breakdowns for the guys' college and NBA careers. Counting college and the NBA, Kyle needs 197 points to seize the overall lead. Together, they've totaled 27,066 points and 7,774 assists. Kyle, a point guard, has more than doubled wing guard Cat's output in the dishing contest. Only natural, based on their positions. Both were coached at CD by Mark Heimerdinger. Imagine how much pride he feels.
  Stats obtained via www.basketball-reference.com and www.sports-reference.com/cbb/

College/NBA Stats Breakdown for Dougherty grads "Cat" Mobley and Kyle Lowry
Name College/NBA Years Games Points PPG Assists APG
Cuttino "Cat" Mobley Rhode Island 4 93 1,334 14.3 186 2.0
  Dougherty 1992 NBA Reg. Season 11 747 11,964 16.0 2,015 2.7
  NBA Playoffs 4 26 333 12.8 58 2.2
    15 866 13,631 15.7 2,259 2.6
Kyle Lowry Villanova 2 57 543 9.5 171 3.0
  Dougherty 2004 NBA Reg. Season 13 828 11,944 14.4 5,009 6.0
  NBA Playoffs 6 62 948 15.3 335 5.4
    15 947 13,435 14.2 5,515 5.8
    30 1,813 27,066 14.9 7,774 4.3

JAN. 20
Gotta love overtime, especially in high-scoring games. Friday night, Haverford School outlasted Malvern, 93-90, in an Inter-Ac contest and the winners' Christian Ray finished with 36 points. That effort is tied for HS' No. 4 spot in I-A play going back to 1950 (and likely ever) and it holds down spot No. 5 for all I-A games in the 2000s. Right behind Ray on the right-side list is Episcopal's Matt Dade with 35. This season will give us 15 more I-A games. Keep firing away, guys! (In sensible fashion -- smile.)

HS' Top I-A Outbursts, 1950-2019   Top I-A Performances, 2000-19
Year Player Pts Foe   Year Player Sch. Pts Foe
1987 Ed McCrystal 38 EA   2017 Kyle McCloskey GA 44 MP
1971 Frank McCann 37 PC   2017 Kyle McCloskey GA 43 HS
1966 Hank Stringer 37 MP   2007 Sammy Zeglinski PC 40 GA
1990 Damien Blair 36 GA   2002  Matt Walsh GA 38 PC
2019 Christian Ray 36 MP   2019 Christian Ray HS 36 MP
1987 Ed McCrystal 35 PC   2019 Matt Dade EA 35 PC
1987 Ed McCrystal 34 CH   2017 Evan-Eric Longino GA 35 SCH
2002 Cameron Youngblood 33 MP   2014 Tim Guers GA 35 HS
1999 Henry "Doug" Fairfax 33 GA   2002 Zack Zeglinski PC 35 HS
1991 Damien Blair 33 MP   2002 Matt Walsh GA 34 HS
1986 Ed McCrystal 33 PC   2015 Tim Guers GA 33 EA
1962 Wally Allen 33 GA   2014 Sean O'Brien PC 33 EA
          2002 Cameron Youngblood HS 33 MP

JAN. 19
Here's the Inter-Ac version of the item posted yesterday about the Catholic League . . . first blacks/African-Americans to score at least 30 points in league play. All except CHA's Gerry Williams did so as underclassmen. Sean Singletary, who advanced to the NBA, popped in 30 points vs. Germantown Academy in his very first Penn Charter I-A game in 2003. He'd arrived via transfer from Perkiomen School after earlier playing one season at Haverford School.

First Blacks/African-Americans, by School
To Score at Least 30 Points in Inter-Ac Play
Player School Opponent Points Year
Charley Floyd Malvern Haver. School 38 1972
Rodney Duncan Gtn. Academy Chestnut Hill 35 1975
Charlie Miller Haver. School Penn Charter 30 1977
Charles Hickman Episcopal Malvern 30 1980
Gerry Williams Chestnut Hill Episcopal 31 1984
Sean Singletary Penn Charter Gtn. Academy 30 2003

JAN. 18
In a game Monday night vs. SJ Prep, as noted in Wednesday's nugget, Nahseer Johnson became the first Judge soph to score at least 31 points in a Catholic League game, including playoffs. He also became the first African-American/black Crusader to do so. Realizing that feat got me to thinking: Who matched it at the other CL schools? Thanks to long-time helper Tom Taylor, our scoring info goes back to 1950. Beforehand, it's possible a black CL player scored at least 30, though I don't think many blacks could be found on CL teams in those days. From 1946 on up, the first black to earn first team All-Catholic honors was Cardinal Dougherty's Vince Richardson in 1961. His top output was 29. Schoolmate Earl Williams matched that number in '63 and Maurice Savage did so in '65. Three 29s. Incredible. Thus, the first black to score 30 was West Catholic's Ron Billingslea in game No. 4 of the 1966-67 season. The various firsts, by school, are listed below. SJ Prep's groundbreaker, ex-NBAer Maurice "Mo" Howard, is the father of La Salle University coach Ashley Howard, a '99 Bonner grad. Ron Newman, of Dougherty, is the father of Dougherty grad Shawn Newman, who owns the overall record for most points scored by a Catholic League player -- 58 vs. West Catholic in 1990. He did so in a non-league game, so the CL record for league play still belongs to McDevitt's Bob Haas (51 vs. Ryan in '68) . . . PLEASE speak up with any corrections. Thank you.

First Blacks/African-Americans, by School
To Score at Least 30 Points in CL Play
Player School Opponent Points Year
Ron Billingslea West Catholic St. Thomas More 30 1967
Mike Jones St. Thomas More West Catholic 32 1968
Mo Howard SJ Prep West Catholic 31 1971
Ron Newman Dougherty McDevitt 31 1972
Reggie Jackson Roman St. James 33 1978
Derrick Joynes Neumann West Catholic 32 1978
Troy Robertson McDevitt North Catholic 32 1981
Jimmy Pee St. James SJ Prep 34 1983
Manny Carlis Carroll O'Hara 30 1983
Rodney Blake Bonner West Catholic 30 1984
Joe Meade La Salle Ryan 30 1997
Ryan Rich Kenn.-Kenrick Carroll 33 2002
Ike Robinson Conwell-Egan Carroll 42 2010
Izaiah Brockington Ryan Conwell-Egan 32 2015
Jaye'Lyn Peebles O'Hara Carroll 30 2017
Tyree Pickron Wood West Catholic 32 2018
Nahseer Johnson Judge SJ Prep 31 2019
  None North Catholic   Closed in 2010    
  None Lansdale Cath.   Joined in 2009    
  None Devon Prep   Joined in 2019    

 JAN. 17
When rookie coach Ashley Howard put together his La Salle University staff, he left no point unturned (smile). He scored more than 1,000 points as a city leagues star . . . and so did four of his assistants. The grand total -- ch-ching -- is 6,461 points! Roman's Donnie Carr is the leader by 50 points over Dobbins' Horace "Pappy" Owens. Sean Singletary's total does not include the points he scored in two seasons at Perkiomen School. Sean (Virginia), Donnie (La Salle) and Pappy (Rhode Island) all had very productive college careers, as well. Their respective totals were 2,079, 2,067 and 1,750. . . . Oh, and there's this: Ashley's father, Maurice "Mo" Howard, is not on the staff, but no doubt provides support/advice. He scored roughly 1,3000 points at SJ Prep (Class of '72) and 1,159 at Maryland. As did Singletary, Mo played in the NBA.

Career Totals for Current "Our Guys" Coaches at La Salle University
Player School Year Points All-City
Donnie Carr Roman 1996 1,470 *First
Horace Owens Dobbins 1979 1,420 *First
Ashley Howard SJ Prep/Bonner 1999 1,254 Second
Sean Singletary Hav. Sch./Penn Charter 2004 1,194 *First
Kyle Griffin Germantown Academy 2007 1,123 Second
*-Player of the Year     6,461  

JAN. 16
  Nahseer Johnson
made some serious Father Judge history Monday night when he scored 31 points in a loss to St. Joseph's Prep. Aside from becoming the 12th Crusader (16 times total) to score at least 30 points in Catholic League action, including playoffs, he became just the third underclassman and THE first sophomore. Very cool. Nahseer is averaging 15.1 points in league play and has also racked up 25. Four accomplishments on the list below have occurred over the last three seasons. Tom Quarry's 39-pointer is the overall school record.

Judge's Performances of at Least 30 Points in CL Play
Year Player Points Opponent
2018 Tom Quarry 39 C-E
2017 Marc Rodriguez 34 West
1968 Mike Krawczyk 34 Dougherty
1968 Mike Krawczyk 34 McDevitt
2017 Marc Rodriguez 32 Ryan
1976 Jim "Mo" Connolly 32 La Salle
2008 Bob Zanneo 31 Dougherty
2019 #-Nahseer Johnson 31 SJ Prep
1972 Bud Elsesser 31 North
1972 Bud Elsesser 31 Ryan
1967 Lou Weidner 31 Unavailable
2008 Bob Zanneo 30 La Salle
2003 *-Steve Wolf 30 McDevitt
1993 Danny Oldfield 30 Egan
1976 *-Bob Convey 30 McDevitt
1960 Joe Kelly 30 Unavailable
#-soph . . . *-junior    

JAN. 15
  Carl Arrigale
is in season No. 21 as the coach at Neumann/Neumann-Goretti and, of course, has experienced major success. As you look at the list below, you might find yourself saying, "Kinda surprising. Figured there'd be more outbursts with higher numbers." The reason there's not: Balance. Arrigale's squads often have two, even three, prominent stars, so you don't find guys pouring in 35 to 40 points (or even more). Anyway, sr. G Chris Ings last night popped in 31 points vs. Carroll and that was the 13th time a Pirate/Saint scored at least 30 points for Carl in a CL game (regular season/playoff). The top effort is "only" 33. Going back to 1950, the school's top number in CL play is 35. Jim Grazione was first all the way back in 1955 (he was also a major star as a quarterback), followed by Joe Russell in 1965 and Rashid Bey in 1994. The school record of 40 points belongs to Billy Oakes, who scored 40 vs. the ol' Bishop Egan in 1961. That was a non-league game; Egan was not yet a CL member. Oakes went on to ref in the NBA.

N-G's Top CL Performances During Carl Arrigale's Stint
Year Player Points Opponent
2017 Quade Green 33 B-P
2007 Scoop Jardine 32 Prep
1999 Chas Bailey 31 Carroll
2010 Tony Chennault 31 Dougherty
2016 Quade Green 31 Ryan
2019 Chris Ings 31 Carroll
2011 Lamin Fulton 30 Roman
2011 Lamin Fulton 30 Prep
2014 Ja'Quan Newton 30 Ryan
2016 Zane Martin 30 Ryan
2017 Quade Green 30 Lansdale
2017 Quade Green 30 Wood
2017 Quade Green 30 Ryan

JAN. 14
In the overall scheme of things, yesterday's Catholic League game between Lansdale Catholic and Cardinal O'Hara was not exactly tremendously important. Then again . . . it meant the world to both squads because each entered the contest with no league wins. And those two weren't alone. Believe it or not, before yesterday's three games one third of the CL's teams were winless in league play and the combined record was 0-29. Just a product of an an unusual schedule. LC won, 53-48, thanks mostly to Nick Romeo (15) and Tim Cunane (12). Also yesterday, Conwell-Egan fell to Ryan and West Catholic was topped by McDevitt. Judge, O'Hara, C-E and West are still winless and a combined 0-26. Since the CL switched to an all-one-league format for the 2010-11 season, four teams have finished winless -- West in '13, Bonner-Prendie in '14, McDevitt in '16 and O'Hara in '17. Here's hoping no '19 squads join that joyless club.

JAN. 13

  In a 78-70 Friday night loss at Neumann-Goretti, Bonner-Prendie sr. G Isaiah Wong scored 11 times as many points over the last three quarters as he did in the first. Might be a city record, right? Also, he scored 4 1/2 times as many points in the second half as he did in the first half. Very unusual, also. So, what was final number? Forty-four. Yes, 44! While claiming the school record for Bonner/B-P, now in season No. 64 as a Catholic League member, Wong shot 13-for-23 (4-for-9 on treys) and 14-for-15 at the line for his 44 points, according to stats provided by B-P staff member Ryan Arakelian. He added nine rebounds, one assist, no turnovers and four steals. The Miami commit's points-by-quarter breakdown was 4/4/12/24. The previous school record of 41 points was set in 1999 by Ashley Howard and tied in 2007 by Jeff Jones. Howard is now the coach at La Salle University. He came to Bonner by transfer from SJ Prep, where his dad, Maurice "Mo" Howard ('72), was a major star before making waves at Maryland and advancing to the NBA. Jones played in college at Virginia and Rider (three years/one year). His Bonner points total of 1,923 ranks No. 2 in CL history to 1,972 by 2014 N-G grad Ja'Quan Newton. Right below are details for performances that were recognized as school records going back to 1972. Ed Stefanski was a general manager for multiple NBA teams is now working for the Detroit Pistons as a senior adviser. Two special lists are below that.
   Ashley Howard, 41 -- Game played on Feb. 21, 1999. The Friars beat Kennedy-Kenrick, 74-55. Ashley shot 17-for-21 from the floor, including 3-for-4 on treys, and 4-for-4 at the line.
   Jeff Jones, 41 -- Game played on Feb. 11, 2007. The Friars lost to Neumann-Goretti, 79-75. Jeff shot 14-for-35, including 3-for-11 on treys, and 10-for-13 at the line.
   Dennis Moran, 38 -- Game played on Feb. 22, 1998. The Friars beat SJ Prep, 68-54. Dennis' outburst included seven treys. He launched his first five shots from beyond the arc. He missed his first, then nailed his next four.
    Brian Daly, 35 -- Game played on Feb. 5, 1988. The Friars beat West Catholic, 71-64, in overtime. Brian added 17 rebounds and scored nine of Bonner's 13 points in OT.
    Ed Stefanski, 34 -- Game played on Dec. 12, 1971. The Friars won, 103-82, over SJ Prep. Ed shot 13-for-21 from the floor and 8-for-10 at the line. (Teammate Mike Stack added 30 points).

Top Outbursts by Bonner/B-P Players
Year Player Opponent Points
*2019 Isaiah Wong N-G 44
*1999 Ashley Howard K-K 41
T*2007 Jeff Jones N-G 41
*1998 Dennis Moran Prep 37
2019 Isaiah Wong Patterson (MD) 37
2007 Jeff Jones West 36
2005 Derrick Graff K-K 36
1999 Ashley Howard Prep 35
*1988 Brian Daly West 35
2007 Jeff Jones Ridley 35
2005 Derrick Graff Prep 34
2005 Jeff Jones Roman 34
*1972 Ed Stefanski Prep 34
2007 Jeff Jones St. Mary's (NY) 34
*school record at time    
Top Outbursts in Catholic League Play
Year Player School Opponent Points
1968 Bob Haas McDevitt Ryan 51
1956 Joe Heyer La Salle ST More 49
1955 Pat Carey West Roman 47
1956 Bobby McNeill North St. James 46
1976 Michael Brooks West Bonner 46
1955 Joe Ryan Prep North 45
1969 Mike Jones ST More St. James 45
2019 Isaiah Wong B-P N-G 44
1974 Don Hobson North McDevitt 43
1951 Bob Devenny North St. James 42
1952 Bill Lynch St. James Prep 42
2010 Ike Robinson C-E Carr 42
1976 Lawrence Reid Dougherty Egan 42
2017 Collin Gillespie Wood N-G 42
2017 Patrick Robinson C-E Roman 42


JAN. 12
There are two ways to look at the guys on the list below. They're happy that they scored 1,000 points in their careers at Catholic League schools, but they're still disappointed that they never earned first team All-Catholic honors from the coaches. Incredibly, three did their playing at Conwell-Egan. All six of the grads were second-teamers at least one time. Current West Catholic sr. Imere Harris has yet to join even that club, mostly, no doubt, because the Burrs have experienced significant struggles (10-35 record through last night) in league play over his four seasons. Imere scored 215 points as a freshman. He has followed with 336, 373 and 121 (also through last night), so his current total is 1,045. Hang tough, Imere. And congrats on your quality career.

Not First Team All-Catholic Honrees, But 1,000-Point Career Scorers
Name School Sr. Yr. Points Highest Times
Ron Schott St. James 1972 1,285 2nd once
Andrew Holland Conwell-Egan 2002 1,232 2nd twice
Patrick Robinson Conwell-Egan 2018 1,067 2nd twice
Mike Springman Carroll 2004 1,065 2nd twice
Imere Harris West Catholic 2019 1,045 none  
Erik Cooper Neumann 1984 1,040 2nd twice
Vinny Dalessandro Conwell-Egan 2016 1,014 2nd once

JAN. 11
Germantown Academy basketball coach Jim Fenerty announced yesterday that he will retire after the current season. Jim began his career with an eight-season stint (1982 to '89) at the ol' Bishop Egan and this is season No. 30 at GA. He's the 14th city leagues basketball/football coach to own a 30-year stint at the same school. The leader is the late Ralph "Bones" Schneider, who coached Mastbaum's hoops squad for an amazing 45 seasons. Some of the mean on the list below, marked with asterisks, also coaches at another school. One of the men with Fenerty in the 30 Club, Ernie Beck, was an all-timer at Penn and played in the NBA.

Basketball/Football Coaches With Longest Stints at One School
Name School Sport Years Span
Bones Schneider Mastbaum Bask 45 1958-02
*Ike Woolley Northeast Bask 39 1931-69
*Bud Gardler O'Hara Bask 39 1977-08
C.M. Brown Eng.&Sci. Bask 36 1982-17
Obie O'Brien La Salle Bask 34 1935-41, 1944-70
*Cliff Hubbard Roxborough Foot 34 1969-02
Rich Yankowitz Dobbins Bask 34 1972-05
Paul Bartolomeo S. Cath/Neumann Foot 33 1946-78
Pat Manzi McDevitt Foot 33 1982-13, 2015
*Dan Dougherty Episcopal Bask 31 1977-97, 2001-10
*Gamp Pellegrini Malvern Foot 31 1978-08
Ernie Beck Bok Bask 30 1964-93
Ron Cohen Washington Foot 30 1985-14
*Jim Fenerty Gtn. Academy Bask 30 1990-19
*-also coached at another school

JAN. 10
The calendar is just now easing into mid-January, so many games remain and no one cam say for sure what will happen. But for now, three Inter-Ac players boast scoring averages of at least 22 points per game and that's half as many as have done so among I-A guys in this century. Pretty impressive. Malvern junior Deuce Turner heads the list below at 24.7, one full point ahead of 2017 Germantown Academy grad Evan-Eric Longino. And, ain't this interesting, GA soph Jordan Longino is just four-tenths of a point behind his brother. Their father, Eric, played two seasons at Southern Methodist University, averaging 13.2 in '88 and then 16.6 in '89, according to www.sports-reference.com. The other 2019 player is Haverford School senior Christian Ray.

Inter-Ac Players With Overall Averages of22.0 or Higher, 2000-2019
Year Name School G Pts PPG
2019 Deuce Turner Malvern 15 370 24.7
2017 Evan-Eric Longino Gtn. Academy 29 686 23.7
2019 Jordan Longino Gtn. Academy 12 279 23.3
2010 Cameron Ayers Gtn. Academy 27 618 22.9
2004 *Sean Singletary Penn Charter 27 617 22.9
2016 Nick Alikakos Episcopal 26 590 22.7
2002 *Matt Walsh Gtn. Academy 29 650 22.4
2019 Christian Ray Haver. School 14 312 22.3
2001 Terrence Mack Episcopal 26 576 22.2
*played in NBA

JAN. 9
Gotta love it. While reaching 1,000 career points yesterday, Episcopal sr. Matt Dade slapped together a grand performance. Though the Churchmen fell at Penn Charter, 60-56, Dade poured in 35 points to lift his total to 1,022. According to Tom Kossuth, assistant to Craig Conlin, Matt notched 14 field goals (two three-pointers) and went 5-for-8 at the line. This was the 14th time (and No. 2 for Matt), going back to the 1949-50 season, that a Churchdude scored at least 30 points in Inter-Ac play. Also below to the right is a breakdown for at-least-35ers in I-A play. For oldheads -- OK, even mediumheads -- the surname Dade is familiar in connection with EA hoops. Matt's dad, Anthony, was a star for Episcopal's championship squads in '82 and '83. Each team went 10-0 in the league and 24-1 overall. Anthony earned first team all-league honors in '83 and averaged 17.4 points. His top league effort was 29 points vs. Haverford School in the '83 finale. Teammate James "Bruiser" Flint, later the coach at Drexel, also scored 29 points in that game. Anthony dropped 26 and 24 points in other league games. Congrats to Matt!

Episcopal's Top Point I-A Performances, 1950-2019  

Top Inter-Ac Performances, 1950-2019

Year Name Pts Foe   Year Name Team Pts Foe
1998 John Phillips 37 GA   1963 Bill Soens PC 63 GA
1962 Bill Radcliffe 36 FC   1955 Richie Kohler PC 50 GA
1998 John Phillips 35 HS   1998 Tom Whitworth CH 47 PC
2019 Matt Dade 35 PC   1993 *Alvin Williams GA 45 HS
1981 Charles Hickman 34 HS   1970 Paul Hutter GA 45 HS
1991 Eric Moore 32 PC   2017 Kyle McCloskey GA 44 MP
1962 Bill Radcliffe 31 FC   2017 Kyle McCloskey GA 43 HS
1983 James "Bruiser" Flint 31 HS   1973 Charley Floyd MP 42 EA
2001 Terrence Mack 31 PC   1968 Eric Minkin GA 41 GF
1966 Steve Dittman 30 PC   1971 Billy Harris PC 41 GA
1980 Charles Hickman 30 MP   1950 Jerry Kehoe MP 40 BA
2006 *Wayne Ellington 30 GA   2007 Sammy Zeglinski PC 40 GA
2016 Nick Alikakos 30 HS   1953 Drew Schaufler PC 40 MP
2018 Matt Dade 30 HS   1987 Craig White GA 39 HS
  EA's Grand Guys       1998 Tom Whitworth CH 38 GA
Sr Yr Name


    2002  *Matt Walsh GA 38 PC
1998 John Phillips 2,068     1987 Ed McCrystal HS 38 EA
2006 Gerald Henderson 2,059     1972 Charley Floyd MP 38 HS
2006 Wayne Ellington 1,756     1998 John Phillips EA 37 GA
1981 Charles Hickman 1,566     1969 Paul Hutter GA 37 MP
1990 Eugene Burroughs 1,563     1960 Chuck Devlin GA 37 PC
2017 Nick Alikakos 1,547     1971 Frank McCann HS 37 PC
2002 Terrence Mack 1,540     1966 Hank Stringer HS 37 MP
1991 Jerome Allen 1,027     1962 Bill Radcliffe EA 36 FC
2019 Matt Dade 1,022     1976 Rodney Duncan GA 36 MP
1991 Eric Moore 1,008     1990 Damien Blair HS 36 GA
1974 Bob Lange 1,003     1971 Charlie Ryan MP 36 HS
          1998 Brett Storm PC 36 CH
          1971 Billy Harris PC 36 CH
          1991 Paul Burke CH 35 HS
          1998 John Phillips EA 35 HS
          2017 Evan-Eric Longino GA 35 SCH
          2014 Tim Guers GA 35 HS
          1975 Rodney Duncan GA 35 CH
          1987 Ed McCrystal HS 35 PC
          1991 Ivan Wilkins MP 35 HS
          2002 Zack Zeglinski PC 35 HS
          1975 Wayne Merkle PC 35 EA
          1971 Billy Harris PC 35 GA
          1958 Ted Cushmore PC 35 GA
            *-played in NBA      

JAN. 7
Thanks to Isaiah Wong's late bank shot, along with his 29 total points, Bonner-Prendergast yesterday beat visiting Roman, 59-58, in a Catholic League classic. Over the last 25 seasons, the Friars have topped the Cahillites just five times and each win has been a cliff-hanger. The total score in those tilts has been 310-298. Roman, meanwhile, owns 38 wins -- 29 from 1995 through 2010, when the teams met twice each season in league play; and seven from '11 through '19 (once apiece). Roman also won playoff contests in '06 (quarterfinal) and '18 (championship). Bonner pulled off a sweep in '02, when Roman finished 6-8 in league play.

Wins by Bonner/B-P Vs. Roman over the Last 25 Seasons, 1995-2019
Year Bonner Pts Roman Pts Top B/B-P Scorer Pts No. 2 B/B-P Scorer Pts
1995 Bonner 68 Roman 66 Mike Nestor 27 Chris Hemmert 18
2002 Bonner 52 Roman 49 Matt Kearney 22 Badir McCleary 12
2002 Bonner 63 Roman 59 Badir McCleary 24 Frank Nunan 16
2018 B-P 68 Roman 66 Isaiah Wong 23 *see below 15
#2019 B-P 59 Roman 58 Isaiah Wong 29 Tariq Ingraham 10
    310   298        
*Tariq Ingraham and Ajiri Johnson        

JAN. 6
One, two, three, four consecutive wins to start a Catholic League season. Granted, not easy. But sounds doable every so often, right? Well, the wait for La Salle was 34 years. In a Friday night showdown featuring teams that were perfect both inside and outside the CL, the Explorers of first-year coach Mike McKee muffled visiting McDevitt, 58-35, to accomplish a 4-0 league start. They'd last done that in the 1984-85 season, and they won one more for a 5-0 start. The details are below. La Salle's franchise player in '85 was Craig Conlin, who is now Episcopal Academy's coach. In that packed-with-great-players season, Craig earned second team All-City honors. He and Tom Gizzi were first team All-Catholic selections. On the All-Catholic football team, Tom was a first-teamer at kicker and second-teamer at defensive back. Meanwhile, La Salle will enter its next four CL games as the favorite. We'll see where this goes. All time, the Explorers have twice gone unbeaten in regular season CL play -- 12-0 in '65 and 14-0 in '50 with the great Tom Gola.

Details for La Salle's 4-0 Start in 2018-19
Opponent La S Opp. Top Scorer Pts No. 2 Scorer Pts
Cardinal O'Hara 70 64 Konrad Kiszka 23 Allen Powell 16
Archbishop Ryan 64 51 Allen Powell 22 Zach Crisler 15
West Catholic 52 49 Allen Powell 14 Crisler/Jake Timby 10
Bishop McDevitt 58 35 Titus Beard 20 Allen Powell 16
Details for La Salle's 5-0 Start in 1984-85
Opponent La S Opp. Top Scorer Pts No. 2 Scorer Pts
Bishop Egan 71 56 Greg Wilhelm 22 Craig Conlin 20
North Catholic 60 50 Tom Gizzi 23 Craig Conlin 17
Cardinal Dougherty 49 44 Tom Gizzi 23 Craig Conlin 14
Bishop McDevitt 49 44 Craig Conlin 15 Tom Gizzi 13
Archbishop Ryan 58 54 Craig Conlin 20 Tom Gizzi 15

JAN. 5
Counting yesterday's opening tripleheader, 573 Inter-Ac League games have been played in this century. And eight times a team has scored as many as 90 points. The most recent outburst occurred last night at Jefferson University as Malvern Prep roared past Germantown Academy, 92-68. Deuce Turner led the Friars with 24 points and Fran Oschell was right behind with 23. Rahdir Hicks (15) and Spencer Cochran (13) also reached double digits. The list below shows the eight outbursts of at least 90 points. And, yes, the top two occurred in the same game! GA beat Haverford School, 100-98, in that 2017 tilt, which lasted FIVE overtimes. So, instead of 32 minutes the teams played 52. Special page about that game is here. Notes about some of the leading scorers: Kyle McCloskey is now playing hoops at Penn State after beginning his college days as a football player at Villanova. His dad, Mike, a Judge grad, played in the NFL (and at Penn State). Penn Charter's Sean Singletary and GA's Matt Walsh advanced to the NBA. PC's Zack Zeglinski is the brother of Ryan coach Joe Zeglinski.

Outbursts of at Least 90 Points in Inter-Ac League Games, 2000-19
Date Year School Pts Opponent Pts Winner's Leader Pts
Jan. 23 2017 Germantown Academy 100 Haverford School 98 Kyle McCloskey 43
Jan. 23 2017 Haverford School 98 Germantown Academy 100 Kharon Randolph 27
Feb. 3 2004 Penn Charter 94 Chestnut Hill 45 Sean Singletary 25
Feb. 5 2016 Haverford School 93 Malvern Prep 86 *see below 24
Jan. 18 2002 Penn Charter 92 Haverford School 68 Zack Zeglinski 35
Jan. 4 2019 Malvern Prep 92 Germantown Academy 68 Deuce Turner 24
Jan. 27 2016 Malvern Prep 90 SCH Academy 50 Will Powers 17
Feb. 8 2002 Germantown Academy 90 Haverford School 63 Matt Walsh 30
*-Gavin Burke and Jack Marshall 24 apiece

JAN. 4

  Here are the details from last year's Inter-Ac League tripleheader:
  See what I did there? (smile). Blank space = didn't take place. Snow got in the way and the three games, which open "every" I-A league season, had to be postponed. That was a rerun 24 years in the making. The first tripleheader would have taken place in January 1994, but a wicked snowstorm intervened. In the first game of the initial tripleheader, played on Jan. 6, 1995, at St. Joseph's University, Chestnut Hill Academy beat Germantown Academy, 48-32, as Nelson Henry (14) and Chris Davis (13) led the way. These days the tripleheader is named for former Malvern/Episcopal coach Dan Dougherty. Records and site breakdowns are below. Last year's three games wound up concluding the season and were played on Feb. 9 at the sites of the home teams. Malvern beat visiting GA, 84-69. Episcopal beat visiting SCH Academy, 51-50, and Haverford School beat visiting Penn Charter, 79-66. Those results are NOT included because they weren't part of a tripleheader.  

Records in I-A's
Opening Tripleheader
Germantown Academy 19-4
Malvern Prep 15-8
Episcopal Academy 11-12
Haverford School 10-13
CHA/SCH Academy 7-16
Penn Charter 7-16
2018: Canceled  
Sites of I-A's
Opening Tripleheader
1995 St. Joseph's Univ.
1996 Palestra
1997 Drexel
1998 Haverford College
1999-2003 La Salle Univ.
2004-09 Arcadia
2010-12 Cabrini
2013 Neumann Univ.
2014-17 Phila. Univ.
2018 Canceled by snow

JAN. 3
  Can't imagine the accomplishment celebrated in this nugget is unprecedented, but it's definitely uncommon and here it is . . . FOUR Catholic/Inter-Ac squads exited December with perfect records. And they combined for a total record of 39-0. In the CL, La Salle led the way at 10-0, followed by McDevitt at 9-0 and Bonner-Prendie at 8-0. And check this out: La Salle (Mike McKee) and B-P (Kevin Funston) are being steered by first-year coaches while McDevittt's boss, Will Chavis, is only in season No. 2. The Inter-Ac's perfect squad was Haverford School (12-0), which is guided by veteran X-and-Oer Bernie Rogers -- 15 years at alma mater Ryan, now in No. 4 at Haverford School. At least one team will no longer be unbeaten as of tomorrow night at around 9:30. Reason: McDevitt will play at La Salle. The Explorers are 3-0 in league play, so McKee now owns a 36-1 CL record as a player/coach. After arriving by transfer from Delran (N.J.) High, he started at point guard for Roman in the '89 and '90 seasons, going 16-1 and then 17-0. Those teams went a combined 52-6 overall and his three-year record is now 62-6 (.912). Details for the wins by all four teams are below.

Bonner-Prendie (8-0)            
Opponent We They Top Scorer Pts No. 2 Scorer Pts
Our Savior Lutheran 80 72 Isaiah Wong 31 Tyreese Watson 17
Sanford (DE) 89 82 Isaiah Wong 23 Watson/Tariq Ingraham 20
West Philadelphia  91 47 Isaiah Wong 17 Chris Haynes 16
*Judge 53 44 Isaiah Wong 16 Tariq Ingraham 11
*Conwell-Egan 77 49 Isaiah Wong 24 Tariq Ingraham 16
Patterson (MD) 75 71 Isaiah Wong 37 Donovan Rodriguez 11
Overbrook 74 53 Isaiah Wong 27 Chris Haynes 19
Plymouth-Whitemarsh 64 57 Isaiah Wong 25 Tariq Ingraham 16
 *-CL 603 475        
La Salle (10-0)            
Opponent We They Top Scorer Pts No. 2 Scorer Pts
SCH Academy 59 52 Allen Powell 17 Zach Crisler 14
Malvern 70 64 Konrad Kiszka 22 Allen Powell 19
Executive Education 67 26 Zach Crisler 13 Sam Brown 11
Constitution 59 51 Allen Powell 24 Beard/Kiszka 11
*O'Hara 70 64 Konrad Kiszka 23 Allen Powell 16
*Ryan 64 51 Allen Powell 22 Zach Crisler 15
*West Catholic 52 49 Allen Powell 14 Crisler/Jake Timby 10
Central 50 13 Allen Powell 14 Titus Beard 12
Calvert Hall (MD) 66 45 Allen Powell 14 Zach Crisler 9
Cheltenham 68 56 Allen Powell 20 Konrad Kiszka 12
 *-CL 625 471        
McDevitt (9-0)            
Opponent We They Top Scorer Pts No. 2 Scorer Pts
Phil-Mont Christian 74 57 Jamil Manigo 24 Seneca Willoughby 11
New Foundation 71 51 Robert Smith 14 Gabe Harris 12
Northeast 77 36 Robert Smith 19 Seneca Willoughby 11
Fairmount Heights (MD) 79 69 Robert Smith 35 Jamil Manigo 11
*Wood 62 58 Jamil Manigo 19 Robert Smith 18
*Carroll 57 52 Jamil Manigo 16 Robert Smith 14
*SJ Prep 53 38 Jamil Manigo 17 Robert Smith 11
Pennsbury 72 50 Manigo/Smith 19 Seneca Willoughby 8
Sankofa 47 45 Seneca Willoughby 14 Manigo/Smith 12
 *-CL 592 456        
Haver. School (12-0)            
Opponent We They Top Scorer Pts No. 2 Scorer Pts
Hun (NJ) 75 44 Christian Ray 26 Jameer Nelson 13
Perkiomen School 59 42 Christian Ray 20 Tyler Seward 17
George School 58 35 Christian Ray 15 Jameel Brown 14
Academy New Church 56 48 Christian Ray 31 Christian Ray 20
St. Paul (MD) 71 53 Gavin Burke 21 Tyler Seward 16
West Nottingham (MD) 65 60 Christian Ray 25 Jameel Brown 16
Phelps 67 59 Christian Ray 23 Jameel Brown 16
Scotland School   (Australia) 69 61 Christian Ray 21 MJ Atkins/Brown 14
Hill School 55 50 Christian Ray 24 Tyler Seward 16
Springdale Prep (MD) 83 59 Christian Ray 19 Gavin Burke 15
Shipley 75 55 Christian Ray 25 Tyler Seward 24
Cherokee (NJ) 48 39 Christian Ray 19 Jameel Brown 15
  781 605        

JAN. 2
  If Neumann-Goretti had scored 17 more points, spread strategically over six games, it would own a 46-2 record against Public League and Inter-Ac League teams over coach Carl Arrigale's 21 seasons. As it is, the Saints (nee Pirates) are 40-8 and that figures to a winning percentage of .833. Carl's updated overall mark is 485-110 for .815 and don't be surprised if he reaches 500 victories before this season is over. The Saints' most recent Pub/Int loss came Dec. 30 when they fell to Malvern, 70-69. Star junior guard Deuce Turner fueled that win by exploding for 37 points. The first list below shows details for N-G's eight losses. Two were suffered against Penn Charter, Carl's alma mater (he was the Inter-Ac MVP in 1984), and those squads featured two future NBA players, Sean Singletary and Rob Kurz. Also, one of PC's '03 starters was Matt Ryan, the Atlanta Falcons' veteran quarterback. The 2006 game vs. Episcopal was played at the Palestra, and televised on ESPN2, and those Churchmen also were powered by two future NBAers, Gerald Henderson (25 points) and Wayne Ellington (game-winning shot). Germantown Academy's 2000 squad included one future NBAer, Matt Walsh. Versus Pub opposition, Carl's squads are 9-1 in City Titles, 5-0 in state playoffs and 16-2 in non-league affairs for a total of 30-3. They're 10-5 vs. the Inter-Ac.
  Records vs. each opponent . . .
  Inter-Ac: Chestnut Hill 1-0, Episcopal 0-1, Germantown Academy 0-1, Haverford School 1-0, Malvern 2-1, Penn Charter 6-2.
  Public: Bartram 2-1, Boys' Latin 2-0, Constitution 1-0, Del-Val Charter 2-1, Dobbins 2-0, Gratz 1-0, Imhotep 5-0, King 1-0, Math/Civics/Sciences 1-0, Phila. Electrical 6-0, Prep Charter 0-1, Southern 5-0, Strawberry Mansion 2-0.

Details of N-G's Losses vs. PL/I-A Teams During Coach Carl Arrigale's 21 Seasons      
Year Opponent N-G Opp. Opp. Leader Pts      
2000 Germantown Academy 76 77 Matt Kauderer 24      
2002 Bartram 63 66 Richard Francis 20      
2003 Penn Charter 55 78 Rob Kurz 30      
2004 Penn Charter 66 77 Sean Singletary 25      
2006 Episcopal 64 65 Gerald Henderson 25      
2008 Prep Charter 53 56 Ferg Myrick 16      
2016 *Del-Val Charter 79 81 Mahki Morris 24      
2019 Malvern 69 70 Deuce Turner 37      
Neumann-Goretti's Results vs. Public/Inter-Ac Teams During Coach Carl Arrigale's 21 Seasons
Year Opponent W-L Year Opponent W-L Year Opponent W-L
1999 Chestnut Hill Won 2005 Penn Charter Won 2014 Phila. Electrical Won
2000 Germantown Academy Lost   Southern Won   King Won
2001 Penn Charter Won 2006 Penn Charter Won   *Phila. Electrical Won
  Strawberry Mansion Won   Southern Won   #Phila. Electrical Won
  Gratz Won   Episcopal Lost 2015 Phila. Electrical Won
2002 Southern Won 2007 Penn Charter Won   *Imhotep Won
  Penn Charter Won 2008 Penn Charter Won   #Imhotep Won
  Bartram Lost   Prep Charter Lost 2016 Math/Civics/Sciences Won
2003 Penn Charter Lost 2009 *Phila. Electrical Won   *Del-Val Charter Lost
  Southern Won 2010 *Dobbins Won   #Imhotep Won
  Strawberry Mansion Won 2011 *Phila. Electrical Won 2017 Constitution Won
  Bartram Won 2012 *Boys' Latin Won   Imhotep Won
  Malvern Won   #Boys' Latin Won   *Del-Val Charter Won
2004 Malvern Won 2013 *Imhotep Won   #Del-Val Charter Won
  Penn Charter Lost       2018 Haverford School Won
  Bartram Won * City Title     *Dobbins Won
  Southern Won # State playoff   2019 Malvern Lost