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 Observations, notes, etc., on games I've seen during
 the 2016 season . . . Plus some Tedbits.


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September Reports/Tedbits (and earlier)

OCT. 31
Wood won't play this week while waiting to see whether Carroll or Ryan will be its opponent in next week's Catholic League AAAAA final. But when that game comes, there could be a VERY special moment for the Vikings. They need just four kicking points to reach 1,000 for this century! Very cool, right? Thanks mostly to Nick Visco (321, city record), Dan McDonald (158),  James McFadden (142), Dan Zanine (128), Chris Lorditch (83) and Tom Laurich (76), the total stands at 996. The yearly totals have been outrageous since the CL joined the PIAA in 2008 because Wood has been very successful in state playoffs. In some seasons in this century, Wood has posted no two-point conversions. The coolest one? No doubt. In 2013, following a bad snap, the only two-pointer was a pass from holder Cody Fitzpatrick to TE Christian Lohin. Those were Wood's final points of the season and came in a 22-10 win over Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt for the Class AAA state title. Fitzpatrick, a basketball wing sniper (in the 2012-13 season, he was part of this special moment), was on the team because McDonald was a great friend and he decided it would be fun to help him out with quality holds and be part of the school's football success.
UPDATE: In the next game, a CL AAAA final vs. Ryan on Nov. 12, Dan Zanine's fourth of five PAT gave Wood 1,000 kicking points for the 2000s.
Wood's Kicking Points in the 2000s
Year Name PAT FG Points
2016 Dan Zanine 29 7 50
  Bob Hennessey 1 0 1
2015 Dan Zanine 61 4 73
  Mike Longenhagen 4 0 4
2014 Dan McDonald 70 1 73
  Chris Baker 6 0 6
  Dan Zanine 5 0 5
2013 Dan McDonald 79 2 85
2012 Nick Visco 66 6 84
2011 Nick Visco 86 2 92
  Steve Buomomo 3 0 3
2010 Nick Visco 65 6 83
2009 Nick Visco 41 7 62
2008 James McFadden 57 11 90
  Sean Cain 2 0 2
2007 James McFadden 36 5 51
  Christian Albu 4 0 4
  Sean Cunningham 1 0 1
2006 Chris Lorditch 32 2 38
  James McFadden 1 0 1
2005 Chris Lorditch 36 3 45
  Bob DeLucas 1 0 1
2004 Bryan Howard 25 0 25
2003 Tom Laurich 24 5 39
2002 Tom Laurich 18 1 21
2001 Tom Laurich 7 3 16
  John Spinosa 4 1 7
2000 Joe Piselli 25 3 34
    Totals 789 69 996

OCT. 30
Cardinal O'Hara made major history Friday night. Coach B.J. "Butch" Hogan's Lions became the first Catholic League team to post a perfect record in regular season league play AND claim one of those wins by one point in overtime. The score in the Blue Division finale was 27-26 in TWO overtimes. Regulation ended 12-12. Both teams scored eight points in the first extra session -- 2-yard run for O'Hara QB Tommy O'Hara (conversion run by Justin Santilla) and a 1-yard run for West RB Calil Wortham (same guy on the conversion run). In the next go-'round, West scored on a 7-yard pass from Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson to Rovny Dasilva, but the conversion run did not succeed. O'Hara followed with another TD (4-yard keeper) by its same-name QB and Kevin Calamita hit the PAT. Bedlam time! The list below shows all perfect regular season champs that posted one-point victories and/or an overtime triumph. The rule allowing OTs goes back to the early '80s. Just one team -- North Catholic in '49 -- twice pulled off one-point victories. The Catholic League began in 1920. There have been 158 chances for teams to post perfect regular season records -- overall from 1920-62 (42; no league in '29), Northern-Southern divisions from 1963-98 (72), Red-Blue from 1999-2007 (18), AAAA-AAA-AA from 2008-15 (24) and Red-Blue again in 2016 (2). This year, as you likely know by now, the regular season champs are THE champs. This is because the divisions include teams from multiple classifications. The upcoming playoffs are for PIAA purposes only.

CL Teams With Perfect Regular Season Records Including One-Point and/or OT Wins
Year School Division W-L Opponent Score OT
2016 O'Hara Blue 6-0 West Catholic 27-26 Two
2007 West Catholic Blue 7-0 Carroll 29-21 One
1998 Ryan Northern 7-0 La Salle 14-7 One
1997 Ryan Northern 7-0 La Salle 14-13  
1995 Kennedy-Kenrick Southern 7-0 Carroll 19-13 One
1988 La Salle Northern 8-0 Judge 21-20  
1988 O'Hara Southern 7-0 Neumann 7-6  
1978 West Catholic Southern 7-0 O'Hara 14-13  
1977 SJ Prep Southern 7-0 Carroll 7-6  
1976 Carroll Southern 7-0 O'Hara 15-14  
1969 St. James Southern 8-0 Bonner 27-26  
1965 Egan Northern 6-0 Dougherty 13-12  
1949 North Catholic Overall 8-0 Roman 7-6  
        South Catholic 13-12  
1924 SJ Prep Overall 4-0 Roman 7-6  

OCT. 29
  Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky
, Penn Charter's senior quarterback, has thrown a TD pass in 10 consecutive games. The streak almost came to an end last night in a dramatic 28-21 win at Episcopal. Though Hnatkowsky had a strong night, passing 13-for-24 for 171 yards, soph RB Edward Saydee scored the Quakers' first TDs on runs of 1, 8 and 6 yards. Then it happened. With the score at 21-21, Neeko hit sr. WR Denarii Beard for a 20-yard TD with 14 seconds remaining. In Neeko's freshman year, PC did not throw a high number of passes. In fact, he tossed double-figure amounts just four times and only once (25) was the total higher than 16. He passed for TDs three times in 10 games that year. Since, he has connected for scores in 25 of 28 and 15 of the last 16. His overall total is now 57. That's the Inter-Ac record. The mark formerly belonged to SCH Academy's Paul Dooley, who rang up 50 from 2011 to 2014.     

Game-by-Game Breakdown of TD Passes for PC's Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky (57 Total)
2013 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 1   5
2014 2 1 2 2 1 1 2 1 2 0 1 15
2015 0 4 2 1 2 4 0 5 1 4   23
2016 3 1 4 1 2 2 1         14

OCT. 28
Penn Charter 28, Episcopal 21

  Turn right out of Episcopal's driveway and head down Rt. 252 toward Rt. 3. When you get to that corner, make a left and . . . at roughly a 45-degree angle, when you're in the midst of the turn, you can see a sign for a business called Benari Jewelers. Benari rhymes with Denarii (duh-nahr-ee) and that's quite fitting because the latter made a gem of a play to win this game. The drive will be detailed later in this report, but for now we'll focus on the winning play. The ball was at EA's 20 with 25 seconds remaining and the plan was for sr. QB Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky to hit sr. WR Denarii Beard somewhere along the left hash mark, roughly. However, the Churchdudes mounted a good rush and the nimble Neeko had to regroup once, twice, maybe even three times. Luckily for PC, Beard eased toward the sideline way from the middle-of-the-field traffic, thus giving Hnatkowsky a better chance of finding him. Zip. The pass connected at about the 10 and Beard scampered into the end zone from there at 0:14 without much opposition. Sr. Adam Kuper nailed his fourth PAT of the evening and, after a last-ditch trick play did not succeed, the Quakers celebrated a stirring victory. Student supporters even scrambled down from the stands and ran onto the field. This was one of those classic back-and-forth tilts. Honestly, at least to some degree, EA was the more impressive team in the first half. Yet, PC scored 14 of the game's first 27 points prior to intermission. PC scored with 1:42 left in the third quarter as soph RB Edward Saydee (21-120 rushing, 4-37 receiving, perhaps as many as 15 tackles at safety) notched his third TD. Kuper's kick made it 21-13. EA offered its answer with 5:08 remaining in the fourth stanza as sr. QB Jon'avin Freeman (strong performance while filling in for injured sr. starter CJ McAnally) found sr. WR Cole Johnson straight down the middle for a 29-yard, nobody-noticed-him TD. EA had to go for two, of course, but . . . oh my! The ball squirted free, wound up on the ground and the chance to create a tie was non-existent. Wait, no it wasn't. Freeman picked up the ball as far back as the 13 yard line (maybe?) and flipped a pass toward the right corner. By his lonesome was sr. WR Shane Conlin; his dad, Craig, is Episcopal's basketball coach. Shane cradled the ball and owned his first points of the season. 21-21. How would PC respond? In impressive fashion. The Quakers had to cover 92 yards in 5 minutes, 8 seconds. No sweat. Lots of sweat, actually. Saydee provided early momentum with runs for 11 and 19 yards. Soon, a poor snap created a third-and-15 challenge, Hnatkowsky hit sr. TE Luke Stansfield down the middle for a 22-yard gain to EA's 35. From there: Saydee for three yards; incompletion on the right sideline to sr. WR Chris Tucker; right-side keeper by Hnatkowsky for 2 yards at 0:40; encroachment by EA, placing the ball at the 25; 5-yard pickup by Saydee at 0:32; left-corner, fade-pattern incompletion to Tucker at 0:25 (just a hair long); aforementioned TD to Beard! Hnatkowsky finished 13-for-24 for 171 yards while hitting five receivers. He also turned nine carries into 54 yards. Aside from making an interception, jr. WR-DB John Washington posted two snags for 41 yards. The game did not begin too well for Clam Chowder (as my kids called it when they were very little). EA roared out of the blocks as soph RB DeeWil Barlee (16-96) ran very hard and Freeman had some nice moments both running and throwing. On that drive, capped by Barlee from the 1, Saydee made no fewer than six stops. Not good. I mean, it was good for PC that he was making the tackles, but no way should the ball be reaching the last-line-of-defense guy again and again. PC did respond, though, and the big plays were a 25-yard pass to The Lukester and a 40-yard scramble by a flushed-out Hnatkowsky. Saydee scored on fourth down from the 1, thanks to a right toss. The second quarter TDs went to EA sr. TE Kyle Virbitsky (wide open down the middle for 21 yards) and Saydee (8-yard run). Quick note: Right before that play, I kiddingly said to injured PC soph Nick DiCicco, serving as a ballboy, "C'mon, what play are you calling here? Quick. Quick. What are you running?" Maybe a tenth of a second before the snap, he made his decision. Bingo! PC ran that exact play and Nick might have a future as an offensive coordinator (smile). Meanwhile, major props to Virbitsky. He's bound for Penn State to play baseball, but has remained committed to football at physically demanding positions (TE-DL). He's also on the basketball team. The sports world needs more Kyles! In the first half, Saydee ripped off an impressive gain around and through lots of traffic and the subs on PC's sideline were rather juiced. Though multiple humorous comments were made, the cake-taker came out of the mouth of screaming soph Brendan Thomas: "He's in my homeroom!!" Ha, ha, ha. PC sacks went to soph DE Hayden Knighton and sr. DL Bill Costello. Solo TFLs went to soph DL Ronnie Ross, Stansfield and sr. ILB Brendan Pell. After Knighton posted his sack, one of the subs bellowed, "He sits at my lunch table!!" That might have been Thomas, as well. My back was turned. PC is now 2-1 in league play with Malvern and Germantown Academy remaining. Episcopal will try to rebound after two consecutive home heartbreakers. Last week, EA lost to GA, 9-7, on a last-play field goal.

PC's starting offense . . . 
QB Mike "Neeko Hnatkowsky
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
WR Chris Tucker
Denarii Beard
Luke Stansfield
John Grace
Bill Costello
G Harold Anderson
G Kevin MacCabe
C Hayden Knighton
PC's starting defense . . .
E Kevin MacCabe
Hayden Knighton
Ronnie Ross
L Harold Anderson
OLB Trajan Womack
OLB Terence Thompson
ILB Luke Stansfield
Brendan Pell
CB Denarii Beard
CB John Washington
S Edward Saydee

OCT. 28

  Penn Charter and Episcopal Academy will meet tonight, 7 o'clock, on the latter's field in Newtown Square and here's hoping the game provides lots of entertainment. That's likely because QBs Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky (PC) and CJ McAnally (EA), who have combined for the series' top three passing performances since 1982, are still around. Ditto for the guy, PC's Chris Tucker, with the best pass-catching outing. PC leads the series, 82-42-2. With two forfeits mixed in, along with two on-field victories in 1890, PC rolled to a 17-0 record to start the series and held EA to five total points. Twice, the Quakers reeled off 14 consecutive wins (1913-26 and 1990-2003)along with eight in a row (1971-78). EA won nine in a row once (1946-54) and five in a row twice (1927-31, 1939-43). Two of the Top 5 rushing performances were achieved by EA QBs, Brian FitzPatrick and Adam Strouss. Yes, the passing Matt Ryan is THE Matt Ryan and John Loughery is his cousin. EA receiver Jerome Allen played in the NBA and recently was Penn's coach. In the '90 season, he was EA's quarterback. Dee Barlee is the brother of EA's current top rusher, DeeWil

Best Performances in PC-EA Series, 1982-2015
Dee Barlee EA 289 2014
James Berry PC 233 1997
Tony McDevitt PC 228 2001
Brian FitzPatrick EA 219 2004
Adam Strouss EA 183 2012
Michael Brown PC 182 2009
Mike Grawl EA 165 1982
Mike Shragher EA 157 1985
Chris Flynn EA 154 1983
James Berry PC 140 1998
Mike Hnatkowsky PC 327 2015
Mike Hnatkowsky PC 281 2014
CJ McAnally EA 253 2015
John Loughery PC 244 2010
Mike Samuel PC 202 1993
Matt Ryan PC 198 2002
John Loughery PC 175 2008
Larry Storm PC 162 1995
Taylor Wright EA 153 2009
Jim Shanahan PC 152 1989
Chris Tucker PC 163 2015
Steve Ley PC 153 1993
Chris Feliziani EA 138 2015
Quinn Hager EA 119 2012
Jerome Allen EA 111 1989
Shane Morrell EA 105 2010
Kolonji Smith PC 104 2010
Evan Butts EA 102 2013
Brandon Shepherdson PC 98 1990
David Martina PC 98 2008

OCT. 27
From 1999 through 2013, La Salle and Wood were located in different divisions and somehow never bothered to meet. Luckily, they decided to connect in '14 and '15 and now they ARE in the same division, Red. The last two games were terrific and here's hoping this next one, set for Saturday night (7 o'clock) at Plymouth-Whitemarsh, will also be a classic. In 2014, La Salle overcame a 31-14 deficit to win, 35-31, as Kyle Shurmur (19-for-31, 274) and wideout Jimmy Herron (8-132) connected for four TDs. It was the Explorers' 13 consecutive win in the series. Last year, Wood was the winner, 27-24, as Anthony Russo passed for 248 yards. La Salle leads the series, 21-14-1. The tie, which occurred in '84, produced a 0-0 score. Wood's best run (8-1) took place from 1974-82.

Top Performances in La Salle-Wood Series, 1984-1998, 2014-15
RUSHING         PASSING         RECEIVING      
Name Sch. Yds Year   Name Sch. Yds Year   Name Sch. Yds Year
Jarrett McClenton Wood 293 2014   Kyle Shurmur La S 274 2014   Jimmy Herron La S 132 2014
Joe Catalano Wood 193 1985   Anthony Russo Wood 278 2015   Tom Truitt La S 116 1994
Tim Foster La S 159 1994   Brett Gordon La S 225 1997   Tom Dufner Wood 106 1995
Frank Maier Wood 145 1986   Mike Becker Wood 163 1997   Jeff Pietrak La S 86 1997
Syaire Madden La S 134 2015   Brett Gordon La S 155 1995   Dan Rush Wood 84 1993
Brian Smith Wood 131 1994   Dan McNichol La S 148 1994   Mike Mattia La S 82 1995
Jack Stanczak La S 128 1987   Rich Knowski Wood 143 1995          

OCT. 26

  Thanks primarily to sr. QB Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky, soph RB Edward Saydee and sr. K Adam Kuper (7-for-7 in both), Penn Charter twice has scored 49 points this season. Though the Quakers have pulled off that feat twice in the last three seasons, they have also done so just three times in the last 100 seasons! And get this: PC scored at least 49 points in a season seven times from 1887, when the school debuted its team, through 1917. The 1891 team stormed to 68, 70 (twice), 74, 78 and 122 points, but somehow got blanked twice while losing three games. I'll wait as you scratch your head (smile). In the 18 games featuring at least 49 points from 1887-1917, the opponents scored just two points. In the four in '14 and '16, the opponents scored 127. And SCH Academy even claimed a win, thanks to 53 points, in the '14 game in which PC scored 51.

Penn Charter's Seasons With at Least
Two 49-Point Outbursts, 1887-2016
Year Opponent PC Opp.
2016 Lawrenceville (NJ) 49 21
  SCH Academy 49 27
2014 Fels 54 26
  SCH Academy 51 53
1917 Friends' Central 62 0
  Germantown Academy 52 0
1915 Friends' Central 127 0
  Episcopal 49 2
1899 St. Luke's 58 0
  Episcopal 68 0
1896 Cheltenham Military 74 0
  Delancey 54 0
1891 Phila. Manual Training 122 0
  St. Luke's 74 0
  Friends' Central 70 0
  St. Luke's 68 0
  Germantown Academy 70 0
  Cheltenham Military 78 0
1888 Episcopal 84 0
  Delancey 74 0
1887 Brown's Academy 54 0
  Episcopal 56 0

OCT. 25
In effect, Georgia commit D'Andre Swift missed four consecutive games for St. Joseph's Prep before exploding last Saturday for seven TDs in a 63-35 thumping of La Salle. He suffered an injury early vs. Wood and wound up making just three scrimmage touches. He missed the Carroll game completely, then was mostly a decoy -- no rushes, three total catches -- vs. Roman/Judge. Against La Salle, he exploded for 275 yards and six TDs on 19 carries (14.5 average) while adding 21 yards and another score on three catches. Swift has been performing magic since his freshman year and the rushing effort lifted his career rushing total beyond 3,000 to 3,191. Also, he now owns 1,549 receiving yards and needs just 75 more to make the list of all-time city leaders in that category. EVERY other guy was a receiver. He'll be the first dual-threater. Also, he needs just 26 points to reach 400 and 260 yards to reach 5,000 on scrimmage plays. He has averaged 8.5 yards per touch. D'Andre's dad, Darren, was a star RB for Frankford's 12-0 squad in 1987. He's now the Prep's strength coach. The breakdown for D'Andre's career stats is below.

Year Car. Yards TDs   Rec. Yards TDs   TDs Conv. Points
2013 113 635 4   33 424 5   9 0 54
2014 137 1,045 13   33 495 6   21 0 126
2015 164 1,029 12   22 321 4   18 1 110
2016 42 482 10   15 309 4   14 0 84
  456 3,191 39   103 1,549 19   62 1 374

OCT. 24

  Strong suspicion you'll find this one hard to believe: Over the last 91 seasons (1926-2016), just TWO Inter-Ac teams have won back-to-back games by a margin of no more than three points. And as a certain game wound down Friday night, both teams had a chance to accomplish the feat. Episcopal, a 37-34 winner over Malvern in Week One, owned a 7-6 lead over Germantown Academy, which had topped SCH Academy, 16-13, in OT. With one second remaining, Mike Reilly stepped out of bounds along the right sideline after notching a 6-yard reception from Kyle McCloskey. Then, Reilly was the holder (Pat McGettigan did the snapping) as Vince Capone drilled a 37-yard field goal to hand GA -- wait, let's make that foot GA -- a 9-7 win. The FG was Capone's third of the game. He'd hit one, along with a PAT, for coach Matt Dence in the win over SCH. Regulation in that one ended at 10-10. SCH's Jack Myers drilled his second field goal to start OT, then McCloskey hit Reilly with a 10-yard pass to win it. The only other member of the Inter-Ac's back-to-back, narrow-wins-over-the-last-91-seasons club is Penn Charter's 1988 team. Those Quakers beat Haverford School, 17-14, and GA, 10-9. Justyn Tokarczyk, whose brother, Dolph, was a first team All-City defensive lineman for Episcopal in 1983, kicked two PAT and a FG in the first win and a PAT-FG (26 yards; second quarter to provide a 10-0 lead) in the latter. PC's coach that year was Bill Gallagher, who's now an assistant to PC boss Tommy Coyle. Meanwhile, Capone's three-FG feat is the third in GA's history, as far as we know. Greg Davis kicked that many twice in 1997 -- vs. Peddie (NJ) and Hun (NJ). He also hit five PAT in the 44-0 win over Hun to set the still-standing city record for kicking points in one game (14). 

OCT. 23

  In yesterday's 63-35 win over La Salle, SJ Prep's D'Andre Swift became the second player in Catholic League history to score seven touchdowns and the seventh to notch as many as six.
  Below are some details . . .
  D'Andre Swift, SJ Prep (63) vs. La Salle (35), on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016 -- six TDs on rushes (19-275), one on a reception (3-21).
  Raheem "Speedy" Blackshear, Wood (54) vs. Carroll (0), on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 -- three TDs on rushes (4-12), three on receptions (3-49), one on an interception return (92 yards).
  Billy Canady, Neumann (64) vs. Dougherty (0), on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2003 -- four TDs on rushes (9-181), one on a reception (seven yards), one on a punt return; also had a two-point reception for 38 total points.
  Dominic Rock, Dougherty (40) vs. Morrisville (18), on Friday, Aug. 29, 2003 -- six TDs on rushes (18-267).
  Kyle Ambrogi, SJ Prep (55) vs. North Penn (26), on Friday, Sept. 1, 2000 -- six TDs on rushes (26-207).
  Rocco Trivarelli, Roman (42) vs. West Catholic (17), on Saturday, Nov. 2, 1996 -- six TDs on rushes (46-329).
  Anthony Sheridan, Neumann (69) vs. Southern (12), on Thursday, Nov. 25, 1993 -- five TDs on rushes (13-155), one on a reception (26 yards); also had a two-point run for 38 total points.
  UPDATE: On Nov. 12, in a Class AAA District 12/1 subregional semifinal vs. KIPP DuBois, Conwell-Egan sr. Kyree Bronson became the first CL player to score six TDs in a postseason contest. He rushed for four scores and notched one apiece on a reception and kickoff return. By PIAA rule, he had missed the Eagles' previous game because he'd been ejected from the one before that.

OCT. 22
Penn Charter 49, SCH Academy 27

  Here's one from a guy who loves goofy records . . . PC sr. QB Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky today might have set (who could possibly know?) the city mark for best passing percentage in outrageously windy conditions. This game was played at SCH's field and for the most of the game (3 o'clock start) the wind whipped straight across from home side to visiting side at maybe 20 MPH with gusts of 30 to 35. Later, the wind came cross at roughly a 45-degree angle from southwest corner to northeast corner. Anyway, Hnatkowsky passed 12-for-15 (80 percent) and completed nine in a row after his first flip did not connect. Two more might have connected if not for bat-downs by rushing defenders, so imagine if he'd gone 11-for-12. Neeko was hardly the only hero in the impressive bounceback from last week's 21-20 OT loss to Haverford School. The Quakers stormed to 480 yards on 56 plays (8.6 average) and major rushing damage was done by soph RB Edward Saydee. Aside from collecting 213 yards and three TDs on 28 carries, Saydee made two catches for 26 yards (one produced a 21-yard score) and, for good measure, he sprinted in hard and blocked the PAT after SCH's final TD. The other passing TD went to sr. TE Luke Stansfield, who finished with four snags for 78 yards. Where did it all begin? With a successful nugget of trickery. Well, not full-fledged trickery, but enough to get by. After a TFL by soph DT Ronnie Ross helped to damage SCH's first possession, a short punt enabled PC to get the ball just 35 yards from the end zone. Zoooooom! After the aforementioned incompletion, there was sr. WR Chris Tucker, taking a speed sweep handoff around the left side for an easy TD. Soon, a lost fumble (recovery by sr. DB Tyson Hugee) was giving SCH a VERY short field -- just eight yards. On third down, sr. QB Matt Rahill hit sr. WR Jack Cucinotta (impressive kid, nifty footwork/vision) for a 3-yard score. Each team scored twice in the second quarter with the six-pointers by SCH sandwiching PC's pair. The Quakers' tallies came in back-to-back fashion thanks in large part to soph Ryan Maloney, whose pop on a kickoff caused a fumble that was recovered by jr. DB John Washington. The highlight of the quarter and game -- and in the opinion of some, perhaps, the season -- occurred a half-minute prior to halftime as jr. RB Jordan Young gathered in a left-side pitchout from Rahill and avoided all kinds of would-be tacklers while making MANY moves -- more than halfway across the field and back again -- and getting alllll the waaaaay to the 1. Outstanding effort, young man! Rahill then scored on a sneak. PC dominated the third quarter, scoring on all three possessions and limiting the Blue Devils to nine plays. The TDs were receptions of 21 and 18 yards by Saydee (middle screen) and Stansfield (left-side flair), then an 18-yard run by Saydee thanks in part to a perfect block from sr. WR Denarii Beard. Sr. DE Brendan Pell and sr. DT Bill Costello posted important sacks in that session. The teams traded scores in the fourth quarter -- Rahill to Hugee for eight yards, Saydee on a run for 21. Except for kneeldowns, the game's last play was a pilfer by Pell . . . PC sr. Adam Kuper hit all seven of his PAT attempts. Rahill is the first cousin of PC's offensive coordinator (and former QB) Chris Rahill. Matt's brother, Jerry, was a star QB for Archbishop Wood. Matt finished 11-for-24 for 161 yards and Cucinotta turned six catches into 87 yards. Young had 128 yards on 11 rushes. There was some light rain in the early moments, but the sun was dominant later. Today was SCH's Homecoming and the newest members of the school's sports HOF were introduced at halftime. The basketball Whitworth brothers, Tim ('99) and Tom ('98), highlighted that group. Also inducted was the late Stan Parker, a long-time baseball coach and overall great man. SCH assistant Rashad Campbell, himself a first-magnitude star for the ol' Chestnut Hill Academy, is the brother of Cleveland Browns CB Ibraheim Campbell. PC assistant Bill Gallagher had an interesting golf opponent yesterday -- Notre Dame T Mike McGlinchey, a PC product. Bill played football at ND and has retained ties to the program. Mike is home for a short break. Bill's son, also Bill, was teamed with "Glinch" while Bill was teamed with his buddy, Peter Brown. "Mike had to get to somewhere else, so he had to leave after 16 holes," Bill Sr. said. "Man, can he drive the ball. Really far. Plus, the whole way out, it's two yards off the ground. He had some nice chip shots, too. He was crediting his soft hands. Ha, ha."

PC's starting offense . . . 
QB Mike "Neeko Hnatkowsky
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
WR Chris Tucker
Denarii Beard
Luke Stansfield
John Grace
Ronnie Ross
G Harold Anderson
G Kevin MacCabe
C Hayden Knighton
PC's starting defense . . .
E Brendan Pell
E John Grace
L Bill Costello
L Harold Anderson
OLB Trajan Womack
OLB Terence Thompson
ILB Luke Stansfield
Nick DiCicco
CB Denarii Beard
CB John Washington
S Edward Saydee

OCT. 22
  Ernie Gallagher fared the best. He correctly predicted the winner AND the victory margin (28 points). Prep won, 63-35. Congrats, Ern!

Name Winner Score
Jim Tucker SJP 35-13
*The Wife La S 17-14
Marty Shields SJP 34-17
Amauro Austin SJP 29-17
Frog Carfagno SJP 35-24
Huck Palmer SJP 20-10
Joe Nawrocki La S 28-24
Bill Zeits SJP 42-29
Bob Dillon SJP 42-21
Ernie Gallagher SJP 42-14
Sean Woods SJP 31-17
*-renowned FB expert (ha ha)    

OCT. 22
Another meeting in the Catholic League's best rivalry will take place today, 2 p.m. at Plymouth-Whitemarsh. And since the CL's champs in the Red/Blue divisions will be decided only by results of the regular season games, this game will be hugely important. Right now, La Salle and Prep are 4-0 while Wood is 4-1 (with a loss to Prep). Next week, the meaningful matchups will be Wood-La Salle and Prep-Ryan. Last year, the Prep cruised to a 49-24 win over the Explorers in the regular season, then suffered a 29-28 setback in the Class AAAA final. The teams have met 29 times in this century and the Prep owns 20 victories. Prior to the 2013 season, La Salle had captured eight of the last 12 contests. But the Hawks seized both meetings in '13 and '14 and stormed ahead to win Class AAAA state titles. All time, the Prep leads the series, 47-36-5. Best runs: the Hawks were 13-0-3 from 1920-43, the Explorers were 14-3 from 1976-92 and the Hawks answered with 13-0 dominance from 1999-through the regular season meeting in '05; La Salle broke its skid on Thanksgiving. Immediately below are the top 10 performances in rushing, passing and receiving from 2000 through 2015. Below that are guys who would have made the top list, going back to the first season (1982) in which we began publishing stat leaders each Tuesday in the Daily News.

Top Performances in La Salle-SJ Prep Games in This Century
RUSHING         PASSING         RECEIVING      
Danny Jones Prep 251 2003   Drew Loughery La S 378 2008   Pete Chromiak Prep 171 2000
Jamir Livingston Prep 250 2006   Chris Kane La S 328 2012   Sean Coleman La S 138 2012
Jamal Abdur-Rahman La S 243 2010   Drew Loughery La S 318 2008   Anthony Johnson Prep 137 2008
Kyle Ambrogi Prep 226 2000   Drew Loughery La S 297 2009   Pete Chromiak Prep 130 2000
Kyle Ambrogi Prep 205 2001   John Harrison La S 290 2006   Jack Forster La S 123 2006
John Shaw Prep 202 2004   Chris Martin Prep 276 2013   Sam Feleccia La S 119 2008
Olamide Zaccheaus Prep 198 2012   Jack Clements Prep 232 2014   Jamal Abdur-Rahman La S 112 2008
Jamir Livingston Prep 172 2005   Kyle Shurmer La S 222 2013   Chris Garzone La S 101 2003
D'Andre Swift Prep 158 2015   Mike McGann Prep 198 2000   Sam Feleccia La S 97 2008
Tim Wade La S 157 2009   Mike McGann Prep 195 2000   Steve Quinn Prep 96 2002
****Guys Who Slapped Together Strong Performances in La Salle-Prep Games from 1982-99****
Jess Sodaski Prep 160 1993   Brett Gordon La S 323 1997   Tim Kueny Prep *145 1986
Aaron Brown Prep 150 1997   Frank Costa Prep 271 1988   Jim Jankiewicz Prep 130 1998
        Steve Comly Prep 241 1998   Chikwere "Obi" Amachi La S 121 1997
        Brett Gordon La S 240 1996   Brian Kraus Prep 116 1995
        David Hand Prep 220 1995   Andy Cobaugh Prep 109 1988
                  *-on 3 catches

OCT. 21
From 1972 through 2008, Malvern Prep suffered just three losses vs. Haverford School, won the final 17 in a row and posted eight shutouts in those last 12 games. But . . . The last seven meetings produced quite the turnaround. The Fords racked up six wins and garnered three of those in at least semi-hairy fashion (by no more than three points). Last year? Reasonably comfortable, by a score of 31-14. That was at least semi-surprising because the Fords' top rusher, Malik Twyman (he's now a senior), was unavailable due to injury. In that game, HS' Tommy Toal (also still around) stormed his way to 317 passing yards, more than 100 better than the previous best from 1986 forward. The top two receiving outings were also posted -- 157 by Dox Aitken and 139 by Keyveat Postell. Overall, Malvern owns the series by 43-25 and, amazingly, there has never been a tie. Malvern played its first Inter-Ac season in 1950 and teams split the two meetings that took place beforehand -- 20-0 for HS in '42; 6-0 for MP in '49. This year's HS-MP meeting will take place tomorrow, 2 p.m., at HS. Enjoy it, folks!

Name Sch Yds Year   Name Sch Yds Year   Name Sch Yds Year
Chris Downs MP 264 1996   Tommy Toal HS 317 2015   Dox Aitken HS 157 2015
Chris Downs MP 191 1997   Ed Rush HS 214 1990   Keyveat Postell HS 139 2015
Michael Treston MP 186 2001   Frank DeFazio HS 200 1996   Trevor Gallagher HS 105 1996
Mike Ambrose MP 173 1998   Alex Hornibrook MP 199 2014   AJ Jones HS 104 2009
Chris Layne MP 169 2006   Doug Borgerson MP 178 1995   Kevin Pellegrini MP 101 1989
Matt Schuh HS 162 1996   Ed Rush HS 173 1989   Dave O'Brien MP 91 1995
Matt Nelson HS 123 1992   Ed Garno HS 166 1986   Dennis Connor HS 90 1986
Jeff Caldwell MP 122 1987   Luke Leslie MP 161 1989   John Lieb HS 90 1990
Jeff Browning MP 122 1993   Bryan Savage HS 156 2003   Andy Myatt MP 84 1998
Phil Poquie HS 122 2013   James Chakey HS 152 2011   Andrew Mackrides MP 84 2003

OCT. 20
Are you a high school senior with gobs of talent but no interest from Division I-A colleges? Do you dream of playing in the NFL, but also can't help but mutter to yourself, "How can I make it to the pros if I can't even stir Division I-A interest?" Don't sweat it TOO much, guys. Recently, Bartram product Al-Hajj Shabazz, a cornerback, made his NFL debut and he played his college ball at D-II West Chester. In 2002, SJ Prep product Rich Gannon, a quarterback, was the NFL MVP and his college stop had been made at I-AA Delaware. Over the last 30 years, thirteen guys from Public/Catholic/Inter-Ac schools have made the NFL out of I-AA/II programs. Jahri Evans, Gannon, Brent Grimes and Erik Williams have achieved stardom. (Also, some guys have needed to attend junior colleges before winding up in I-A programs.) The overall message here: Uncommon paths CAN work out. Hey, look at Carson Wentz (smile).

NFL "Our Guys" Out of Division I-A/II Programs Over Last 30 Years
Name School Grad. College Level Pos.
James Brown Mastbaum 1987 Virginia State I-AA OL
Dominique Curry Washington 2005 California (Pa.) II WR
Andre Dixon *Chestnut Hill 1994 Northeastern I-AA DB
Jahri Evans Frankford 2001 Bloomsburg II OL
Rich Gannon SJ Prep 1983 Delaware   I-AA QB
Brent Grimes Northeast 2001 Shippensburg II DB
Uhuru "Joby" Hamiter Mastbaum 1991 Delaware State I-AA DL
Rich Owens Lincoln 1990 Lehigh I-AA DL
Al-Hajj Shabazz Bartram 2010 West Chester II DB
Anthony Walters O'Hara 2006 Delaware I-AA DB
Earl Watford Gratz 2008 James Madison I-AA OL
Dwayne White Southern 1985 Alcorn State I-AA OL
Erik Williams Bartram 1986 Central State I-AA OL
*-not part of Inter-Ac football at that time      

OCT. 19
This nugget first appeared last year after Haverford School edged Penn Charter, 41-40, in three OTs. The teams met again last Saturday and once again extra action was required. This time the Fords needed just one OT to claim the W and the score was 21-20. Over at Germantown Academy, meanwhile, the Patriots topped SCH Academy, 16-13, in one OT. Details/recaps on the I-A's six all-time OT games are below and here are the schools' last ties in any kind of game: EA vs. GA, 7-7, in 1995; GA vs. Prep Charter, 21-21, in 2014 (halted by lightning); HS vs. EA, 21-21, in 1988; MP vs. Carroll, 12-12, in 1994; PC vs. MP, 7-7, in 1985. CHA/SCH has had none since rejoining the I-A for football in 2006. As an I-A member, it last played a tie -- 0-0 vs. Germantown High -- in 1931.

Details on the Inter-Ac's Six Overtime Games
Year When Winner Loser Score OTs
2016 Week 8 Haverford School Penn Charter 21-20 One
2016 Week 8 Germantown Academy SCH Academy 16-13 One
2015 Week 7 Haverford School Penn Charter 41-40 Three
2013 Week 7 Haverford School Malvern 34-31 Two
2009 Week 10 Chestnut Hill Haverford School 27-21 One
1996 Week 8 Malvern Episcopal 14-7 One

  2016 game -- HS' Malik Twyman accounted for 171 yards of rushing/receiving and caught a
10-yard TD pass from Tommy Toal (13-for-24, 184 yards, two scores) on the first play of OT.
On its fourth play, PC answered with a 3-yard TD pass from Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky to
Chris Tucker. An attempt at a trick-play, two-point conversion was unsuccessful.
  2016 game -- The Patriots rallied from a 10-0 deficit thanks mostly to Kyle McCloskey. His
22-yard scoring keeper created OT and his 10-yard, first-play pass to Mike Reilly sent everyone
home after Jack Myers hammered a 39-yard field goal. McCloskey finished 15-for-24 for 117 yards.
  2015 game -- Tommy Toal passed 24-for-42 for 268 yards and two TDs and rushed 14 times
for 49 yards and three scores. In the third OT, Toal's 10-yard TD pass to Eli Godfrey was followed
by Alex DeMarco's PAT. For PC, Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky passed 19-for-31 for 243 yards
and four TDs while rushing 13 times for 47 yards.
  2013 game -- Phil Poquie rushed 23 times for 122 yards and three TDs. After Malvern opened
the second OT with a field goal, Brendan Burke (also one passing TD) ran 10 yards for the winning
score. Malvern's Alex Hornibrook passed for 111 yards and two TDs.
  2009 game -- Ibraheim Campbell rushed 39 times for 234 yards and four TDs. His 10-yarder
sent everyone home after HS was blanked to start the extra session. The Fords, who rallied from
14-0 and 21-7 deficits, received two TD passes from Matt Lengel.
  1996 game -- The Friars received rushing TDs from Chris Downs (23-103, game-winner) and
Dan Bonner and Tony Downs, Chris' brother, clinched the win with an end zone interception. For
EA, Brian Person passed for 86 yards and one TD while Matt Bailer contributed 94 yards of

OCT. 18
  Further confirmation that the football gods work in mysterious ways: Yesterday, because of low numbers and mounting injuries (and almost certainly fears of really getting embarrassed), Neumann-Goretti decided to forfeit its final two Catholic Blue games of the 2016 season. Those games would have been played against the division's top two teams, O'Hara and Conwell-Egan. This past weekend, the Saints surrendered 41 points to Lansdale Catholic, which had been blanked in its two previous tilts, so it's fair to assume the Lions/Eagles would have truly frolicked. Anyway, yesterday was Oct. 17 and on that SAME DATE in 1972 Chestnut Hill Academy cut short its season for the exact same reasons. A story in the Oct. 18 Inquirer reported CHA had only 26 players on its roster and that eight had been lost to major injuries. Not sure about N-G's exact status right now, but the roster included 25-26 players as the season began. CHA, now SCH Academy and known as the Blue Devils (they were the Hillers back then), were 1-2 at the time. They beat Sanford (Del.), 21-0, then dropped Inter-Ac games to Haverford School (32-0) and Penn Charter (48-8). They forfeited I-A games with Germantown Academy, Malvern and Episcopal and a non-league tilt vs. Valley Forge Military Academy. The Hillers wound up leaving the Inter-Ac for football and did not return until 2006. In the interim, they had much success in leagues that included smaller-enrollment schools. Through the years, a few forfeits have taken place in the Catholic League. But mostly they've resulted from the use of ineligible players. Meanwhile, back in 1957, two games weren't played -- La Salle-North Catholic and Roman-Neumann. Those would have been played on Oct. 13, but the Philly region and the USA, in general, were being hit hard by the Asian flu. Two other games scheduled for that day -- Bonner-St. Thomas More and St. James-Judge -- were made up on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Bonner won, 12-0, on Friday night on the field at St. Joseph's College. A 60-yard TD run by Dave O'Donnell was the highlight. On Saturday afternoon at Northeast, in rain AND snow, St. James beat Judge, 33-0, as Frank Orobano ran for three scores. La Salle-NC wasn't played because La Salle had already clinched the championship and had games remaining against Germantown on Thanksgiving and against Roxborough for the City Title. Not sure why Roman-Neumann did not reschedule. In 2009, a non-league game between Carroll (AA) and North Catholic (AAA) was canceled because of swine flu problems at Carroll. One story reported that 38 percent of Carroll's students were absent one day. Meanwhile, in 1956, St. Thomas More forfeited league games to La Salle, St. James and Neumann due to "the large number of rather serious injuries" after getting outscored by 179-8 in six games. The school's principal, the Rev. John L. Curran, said, "It's for the good of the team. We have what amounts to a jayvee team. There are only three seniors on the team and we are not able to take the physical beating." The Golden Bears (a k a Tommies) did play Overbrook on Thanksgiving and lost that one, 12-0. STM, at 47th and Wyalusing, in West Philly, returned to CL football in '57 and remained through the 1970 season. It played independent schedules from 1971 through '73, going 6-20-1 overall. It did face Roman in all three seasons, posting two wins and a tie. It closed in June 1975 and had no football team in '74. For now, anyway, Neumann-Goretti is intending to honor its Thanksgiving commitment with Southern. There is also talk that the Saints will try to play Columbia, which has also struggled this season. Those teams were slated to meet in Wildwood, NJ, during Labor Day weekend, but weather fears intervened. Here's hoping N-G can regroup and again experience football joy. If not this year, then down the line. Its basketball and baseball teams won state championships last school year. These rough times can't be easy for the football guys. . . One last thing. Maybe you're wondering, did STM also make its let's-shut-this-down decision on Oct. 17? Nah, it was Oct. 26.
  UPDATE: On Oct. 19, N-G was told to end its season. Thus, the Thanksgiving game with Southern will not be played for the fourth time -- also 2001 (Southern forfeited due to low numbers), 2007 (agreement on site could not be reached) and 2014 (N-G was involved in state playoffs).

OCT. 17
Since Inter-Ac football jumped from five to six teams with the return of Chestnut Hill Academy (now SCH Academy) in 2006, the number of close games -- we're going to define that as a four-point margin or less -- has increased. There were only five in six seasons from 2000 to 2005 (60 games total) while there have been 28 in the 11 seasons (153 games total) since. Those percentages figure to 8.3 and 18.3. This past weekend, the three games were decided by seven total points and two required overtime. That was the first three-pack of extra-close tilts over these last 11 seasons. Let the great competition continue!

Close Inter-Ac Games in This Century
Year Week Winner Pts Loser Pts Margin
2016 8 Episcopal 37 Malvern 34 3
  8 Gtn. Academy 16 SCH Academy 13 3
  8 Haver. School 21 Penn Charter 20 1
2015 7 Haver. School 41 Penn Charter 40 1
  8 Gtn. Academy 27 Episcopal 24 3
  10 Episcopal 17 SCH Academy 13 4
2014 7 SCH Academy 53 Penn Charter 51 2
  10 SCH Academy 35 Gtn. Academy 34 1
2013 7 Haver. School 34 Malvern 31 3
  8 SCH Academy 24 Haver. School 21 3
2012 7 Haver. School 10 SCH Academy 9 1
  10 Haver. School 14 Malvern 13 1
2011 7 Chestnut Hill 7 Haver. School 3 4
  10 Malvern 17 Haver. School 14 3
  10 Episcopal 13 Gtn. Academy 10 3
2010 11 Malvern 17 Chestnut Hill 14 3
  11 Penn Charter 16 Episcopal 14 2
2009 9 Haver. School 17 Malvern 14 3
  11 Penn Charter 25 Gtn. Academy 22 3
  11 Malvern 16 Chestnut Hill 14 2
2008 None          
2007 8 Gtn. Academy 14 Episcopal 10 4
  9 Malvern 10 Gtn. Academy 7 3
  10 Haver. School 18 Gtn. Academy 14 4
  11 Penn Charter 27 Gtn. Academy 24 3
2006 7 Penn Charter 17 Chestnut Hill 14 3
  8 Chestnut Hill 14 Haver. School 12 2
  9 Penn Charter 23 Malvern 19 4
  11 Malvern 18 Chestnut Hill 17 1
2005 None          
2004 7 Gtn. Academy 21 Malvern 20 1
2003 None          
2002 None          
2001 9 Episcopal 14 Gtn. Academy 11 3
2000 9 Malvern 10 Gtn. Academy 6 4
  10 Malvern 20 Penn Charter 19 1
  10 Haver. School 20 Gtn. Academy 17 3

OCT. 16
  This nugget was inspired by one of those hmmmmm moments. After noticing that Lansdale Catholic yesterday exploded for 41 points -- all in the first half, as things turned out; Matt Casee's three TD runs led the way -- vs. Neumann-Goretti, I couldn't help but wonder, "How often does a team get shut out in two consecutive games, then bounce back with as many as 41 points?" The results of that research -- for this century, limited to Catholic/Inter-Ac teams -- is contained in the list below. But there's much more. The question then became, "How often does a team score those 41 points in a LEAGUE game?" Oh, baby. That search created a journey all the way back to 1926, the first season for which I have Catholic/Inter-Ac results in chronological order thanks to the ol' Bulletin Almanac. The answer? I could find no CL/I-A team aside from Lansdale (the OC is Drew Gordon, of La Salle coaching fame) that has accomplished that feat in a league game over these last 91 seasons! The previous record in that category was 40 points, as posted by Roman in 1997 in a 40-36 win over Neumann. Just two years ago, Roman twice was blanked -- 43-0 by SJ Prep, 49-0 by La Salle -- before enjoying its usual Thanksgiving frolic past Roxborough, by 45-6. And in that 1926 season, West Catholic was shut out twice -- 3-0 by Salesianum (Del.), 9-0 by Roman -- before rolling to a 41-0 destruction of St. Matthew, in Conshohocken. As only oldheads likely know, St. Matthew (commonly known as St. Matt's) later became Archbishop Kennedy and Kennedy later merged with Bishop Kenrick, in Norristown, to become Kennedy-Kenrick in the latter's building. K-K closed in June 2010. Meanwhile, Penn Charter's 37-20 win over Episcopal in 2009 stands as the top bounceback among Inter-Ac schools going back to 1926. Before that game, the Quakers were dumped by Haverford School, 34-0, and Chestnut Hill, 45-0. . . Oh, almost forgot. The scores in LC's consecutive blankings this season were 26-0 vs. Conwell-Egan and 28-0 vs. O'Hara. Thanks to coach Tom Kirk for providing the names of the offensive starters. If you know of any other occurrences, please speak up. There are always chances of typos and/or incorrect orders for game listings. Or mess-ups by me (ugh).

Highest Point Performances by Teams Blanked in Two Previous Games, 2000-16
Year School Pts Opponent W-L Score
2014 Roman 45 Roxborough Won 45-6
2016 Lansdale Catholic 41 Neumann-Goretti Won 41-8
2009 Penn Charter 37 Episcopal Won 37-20
2000 Bonner 33 Judge Won 33-0
2000 Judge 31 Roman Won 31-28
2005 Haverford School 31 Germantown Academy Won 31-20
2004 Neumann 26 Southern Lost 26-30
2008 Bonner 24 Ryan Won 24-7
2008 O'Hara 21 La Salle Lost 21-48
2013 McDevitt 21 Edison Won 21-6
2005 Germantown Academy 20 Haverford School Lost 20-31
2010 Conwell-Egan 20 Neumann-Goretti Lost 20-26
2010 Ryan 20 Judge Lost 20-37

OCT. 15
What are the chances? Two very late field goals. Same distance. Same result in crazy fashion. Last night, as reported by Matt Smith of the Delco Times (his story is here), Malvern's Brandon Chiazza hit a 29-yard field goal with 46 seconds remaining to create a 34-34 tie with Episcopal Academy and cap a wild stormback from a 34-9 deficit. The kick succeeded although the ball clanged off the left upright. Then, with 0:00 showing, Episcopal won it, 37-34, thanks to a field goal by Connor Ringwalt from the same distance with a bounce off the same upright! Adam Robinson did the holding after a snap by Adam Klein. The victory made coach Todd Fairlie's Churchmen 6-0 for the second time in five seasons and eighth time over the last 80 seasons. EA began the 2013 and 2015 campaigns with 5-0 marks, but fell to Lawrenceville (NJ), 48-47, and Malvern, 33-14, respectively. Check out the details for the 1942 squad. Usually, a team with a perfect record storms to numerous large-margin triumphs, right? Not that squad. The Churchmen topped 14 points just once, in a 52-0 pummeling of Gloucester (NJ). The only points were scored by Bryn Athyn, now known as The Academy of the New Church. Thanks to coach Fairlie for providing the names of his offensive/defensive members.

Episcopal's Starts of at Least 6-0
  Over the Last 80 Seasons, 1936-2015
Year Start Final Details
2016 6-0 ? (has outscored foes by 186-96)
2012 10-0 10-0 (outscored foes by 368-35)
1992 6-0 7-2 lost to Penn Charter, 23-10
1983 7-0 7-0-1 tied Penn Charter, 7-7
1981 9-0 9-0 (outscored foes by 255-38)
1970 7-0 7-1 lost to Haverford School, 42-6
1968 7-0 7-1 lost to Haverford School, 35-9
1942 8-0 8-0 (outscored foes by 122-6)


C Mike McFillin E Kyle Virbitsky
G James Bagnell E Milton Mamula
G Harry Riley T Dallas Taylor
T Dallas Taylor T Adam Klein
T Adam Klein OLB Kevin Daniel
TE Kyle Virbitsky OLB Jon'avin Freeman
WR Dan Baker ILB Brian Snow
WR Shane Conlin CB Dan Baker
QB CJ McAnally CB DeeWil Barlee
FB #Jon'avin Freeman FS Cole Johnson
RB *Kevin Daniel SS Chris Rushton
RB *DeeWil Barlee    
SB #Cole Johnson    
K Connor Ringwalt    
H Adam Robinson    
LS Adam Klein    
P Connor Ringwalt    
#-depending on formation    
*-share the position    

OCT. 14
Haverford School 21, Penn Charter 20 (OT)

  Brassy decisions always deserve praise. But, of course, some cause outrageous joy while eliciting shouts of "Best play ever!" while others lead to devastation and the question, "Wonder why they opted for that?" With that we bring you to the overtime session in the second consecutive classic between these teams in Inter-Ac openers. PC opted to play defense first (at the School House Lane end of PC's field) and that task lasted just one play as HS sr. Malik Twyman, a player with a skill set/body that stir at least partial thoughts of SJ Prep superstar D'Andre Swift, slid out into the right flat completely unnoticed and reeled in a 10-yard scoring flip from sr. QB Tommy Toal. The kick by jr. Chase McCollum made it 21-14. PC needed four plays to answer -- 3-yard run by soph RB Edward Saydee, incomplete slant from sr. QB Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky to sr. TE Luke Stansfield, underneath toss to Saydee for four yards, and a 3-yard, left-corner scoring flip to comfortably-open sr. WR Chris Tucker, who lined up as a wingback. Onto the field trotted sr. K Adam Kuper, 2-for-2 to that point. Frosh Gavin Zavorski snapped the ball to Hnatkowsky, the holder . . . Then came the surprise. Neeko nudged a shovel pass to sr. RB Brendan Pell, who'd lined up as a protector and was running across the set, left to right. Didn't work. The Fords got great, multi-player penetration and it appeared the pass was partially tipped by one of the quick entrants, sr. DE Malik Geathers. At the least, he definitely caused disruption. Thus, the play never truly got started, the ball fell to the turf and the Fords were winners. At warp speed, the sideline guys dashed onto the field to engulf the 11 defenders and engage in wild celebration. The PC kids could only watch while displaying vast disappointment and perhaps muttering to themselves, "Man, how does this happen? For the second straight year, we had that team on the ropes and couldn't quite get it done." (Last year, the score was 41-40, in three extra sessions.) Though this game was not the shootout many (most? everybody?) expected, it did provide quality entertainment. Twyman (22-119) and Saydee (27-106) rushed for one TD apiece while Toal (13-for-24, 184) and Hnatkowsky (15-for-27, 153; still hindered by too many drops) tossed for two scores apiece. The clutch-defense battle was likely won by the Quakers, mostly because of Stansfield, an inside LB. During certain stretches, there was pretty much no need to check closely to see which player had made the tackle. It was No. 49 again and again. His dominance especially showed toward the end of the second quarter as the Fords looked to expand their 7-0 lead. A 19-yard pass from Toal to sr. WR Aaron Hudson (also an interception) placed the ball at the 7. Stansfield made three consecutive stops (two fulls and a half-TFL) before a fourth down pass fell incomplete. HS got one more possession, but The Lukester made a key stop to hinder that one, too, before Pell forced a fumble recovered by sr. DT Bill Costello. PC created the 7-7 tie with 41.2 seconds left in the third quarter on a 2-yard slant from Hnatkowsky to jr. SB Terence Thompson. The drive covered 78 yards and the big play was a 38-yard connection with Pell. The fourth quarter featured three no-go possessions before PC cashed in on the fourth. The Quakers only had to cover 23 yards after jr. LB Trajan Womack made a 5-yard TFL on a fourth down play that was going to be a punt before the snap was mishandled. A 10-yard keeper by Hnatnowsky provided early momentum and soon an interference call was placing the ball at the 4 1/2. Saydee scored on a 3-yard sweep left three plays later thanks to a perfect block from Tucker. Time for HS' 1-minute, 54-second drill. Instant momentum was achieved when Toal hit Twyman, out of the backfield, for a 35-yard gain. There were dribs and drabs from there until the ball wound up on the 13 with 23.6 remaining. Just before the snap, there appeared to be some confusion about defensive assignments toward PC's sideline. Uh, oh. Sr. WR Conner Mosebrook ran a right-to-middle slant and was wide open as he notched the TD catch. McCollum's kick forced OT. . . Though this game was played on a Friday afternoon, it felt more like a Saturday. Even a PC-GA Saturday, kinda (sans an overflow crowd). There were blue and yellow balloons, lots of concession stands, basketball star Dylan Burnett dressed up as the Quaker, PC's band made an appearance, the players ran through the two lines before the game, the members of the middle school team watched from the sidelines; lots of cool stuff. At halftime, the headmaster, Dr. Darryl Ford, led a ceremony during which the turf field, now in year No. 2, was officially named after the Maguire family. Chris (Class of '84) and Tim ('85) were linemen for PC's 1983 co-Inter-Ac champs (with Episcopal) and Chris made a moving speech about PC's effect on his life. Players on that '83 team were on hand -- the lone blemish was a 7-7 tie with Episcopal in monsoon-like rain -- as were many members of PC's athletic HOF. It was great to see everybody! Click here for a story from PC's website about the field dedication/particulars.

PC's starting offense . . . 
QB Mike "Neeko Hnatkowsky
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
WR Chris Tucker
Denarii Beard
Luke Stansfield
John Grace
Ronnie Ross
G Harold Anderson
G Kevin MacCabe
C Hayden Knighton
PC's starting defense . . .
E Kevin MacCabe
E John Grace
Bill Costello
L Harold Anderson
OLB Trajan Womack
OLB Terence Thompson
ILB Luke Stansfield
ILB Brendan Pell
Denarii Beard
CB John Washington
Edward Saydee

OCT. 14
The fact that Haverford School is Episcopal Academy's biggest rival will never change, but EA is much closer to Malvern ever since the move from City Avenue to Newtown Square a decade ago and proximity, I guess, has added something to these tilts. The teams meet again tonight, 7 o'clock, at Malvern and the Top 8 performances in rushing, passing and receiving from 1982 through 2015 are listed below. There were no meetings before MP joined the Inter-Ac for the 1950 season and the Friars have truly been dominant, at 47-16-3. They won every game again from 1971-80 and again from 2005-11. EA had two small runs with two wins and a tie -- 1981-83 and 1990-92. The top rushing performance is not a typo. Malvern's Troy Gallen did indeed rush for 372 yards! Also, check out EA's Mike McGillian. In the same game, he rushed for 160 and passed for 139. One other interesting nugget: Ian Strain is the only EA guy in the receiving section. But . . . He's No. 1! 

Top Performances in MP-EA Series, 1982-2015
Troy Gallen MP 372 2013
Brian FitzPatrick EA 222 2004
Chris Downs MP 216 1997
Chris Flynn EA 197 1983
O'Shaan Allison MP 194 2015
Michael Treston MP 184 2001
Zac Fernandez MP 180 2014
Mike McGillian EA 160 1998
Adam Strouss EA 257 2012
Ryan Whayland EA 237 2013
Kevin Doyle MP 230 2015
Mike Ryan MP 186 1998
Alex Hornibrook MP 148 2014
Frank Mascaro EA 144 1987
*-Ryan Nassib MP 141 2006
Mike McGillian EA 139 1998
Ian Strain EA 141 2012
Mike Ambrose MP 138 1998
Mike Melvin MP 111 2002
Joe Hoban MP 90 2006
Kevin Barr MP 85 2000
Frank Oschell MP 84 1991
Trey Womack MP 83 2004
Joe Price MP 82 2007
*-advanced to NFL      

OCT. 13
  The Penn Charter-Haverford School series goes back to 1887. Alas, it hasn't been gone straight through. HS was not in the Inter-Ac from 1905 through 1920 and the matchup did not take place. But since the teams met twice in 1888 -- 6-6 tie, 24-0 win for PC -- the series has included 114 tussles and PC leads, 69-39-6. PC achieved streaks of 10 (1892-1901), seven (1954-60) and 16 wins (1992-2007), and captured 27 of 28 (lost in '91) from 1980 through 2007. Since then? Eight straight wins by the Fords. The most compelling game, by far, was played last year and the final was 41-40, in three OTs (longest game in I-A history). It was borderline dark as the game ended. The Fords slapped together one other impressive streak, going 11-0-4 from 1935-49. Below are the Top 10 performances in rushing/passing/receiving from 1982 through 2015. This year's game will unfold tomorrow, 3:15, at PC. One other nugget: PC won the 1967 contest, 33-14, and star jr. RB Rick Mellor had quite the performance. It's almost certain he racked up over 400 all-purpose yards. As mentioned in a Daily News story I found online, Rick returned a kickoff for a 90-yard TD, had a 49-yard reception and returned a last-moments interception 73 yards to HS' 25. Complete stats are not mentioned in the story, but Rick, who played in college at Penn, was told he'd rushed for 200-plus. He's a long-time football assistant at PC, and he coached the baseball team for 33 seasons (1979-2011) before co-coaching with Jon Cross for one last campaign in '12.

Top Performances in PC-HS Series, 1982-2015
Brandon Shepherdson PC 264 1993
Dave Stilley HS 231 1991
Kenny Devenney PC 177 2000
Pat Larkin PC 171 1996
Paul McKinney HS 169 2000
Pat Delaney PC 157 1983
James Berry PC 156 1998
Pat Larkin PC 151 1994
Zachary Rego HS 141 2011
Nick Craig HS 139 2010
Tommy Toal HS 268 2015
Mark Skoczynski PC 267 1986
Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky PC 243 2015
James Hannah PC 227 2004
Larry Storm PC 212 1995
Ed Wojdon PC 190 1988
*-Matt Ryan PC 186 2001
Jeff Goane HS 184 1993
James Hannah PC 161 2003
Mark Skoczynski PC 151 1985
Dan Coleman HS 156 2003
Cody Sweeney PC 151 2015
Chris Nanni PC 149 1986
Tyrone Tolbert PC 123 1995
*-Daryl Worley PC 109 2010
Corey Kelley PC 107 2013
Jack Walls HS 105 1993
Eddie Bambino PC 98 2007
Mike Sullivan PC 95 1986
Steve Ley PC 93 1995
*-advanced to NFL      

OCT. 12
Conwell-Egan has posted shutouts in two consecutive games for the first time since 2004 and just the third time over the last 35 seasons. The victims this time were Lansdale Catholic, then McDevitt. The Eagles joined the Catholic League for the 1963 season and represented Bishop Egan through the '92 season. The merger with Bishop Conwell, the nearby girls school, then took place. There have been three consecutive blankings just once, in 1967. The streaks in '66, '67 and '68 all occurred at the start of the season. Thanks to coach Jack Techtmann for his help with names.

Shutout Streaks for Egan/C-E
Year Opponent Score
2016 Lansdale Catholic 26-0
  McDevitt 28-0
2004 McDevitt 19-0
  McDevitt 3-0
1994 Dougherty 14-0
  Wood 25-0
1981 North Catholic 21-0
  Ryan 13-0
1973 La Salle 15-0
  Wood 14-0
1971 Dougherty 20-0
  Woodrow Wilson 8-0
1970 Wood 21-0
  La Salle 42-0
1968 Neshaminy 13-0
  Woodrow Wilson 41-0
1967 Neshaminy 21-0
  Woodrow Wilson 42-0
  St. James 28-0
1966 Neshaminy 41-0
  Woodrow Wilson 9-0
1963 Dougherty 14-0
  McDevitt 50-0
Conwell-Egan's Defense vs. Lansdale/McDevitt
Pos. Name   Coaches Name
E Quameer Francis   Coordinator Jim Jenkinson
E Pat Brennan   Interior Line Tony Dragani
E *Gino Turchi   Ends Pete Dragani
E *Victor Nwanway   Linebackers John Mascione
T Keanan Baines   Backs &Merdic Green
T Dwayne Majors   &-played in 1985 Big 33 game
LB Danny Bentley    
LB Brandon Cohen      
LB Patrick Garwo      
LB *Terome Mitchell      
CB Jonathan Bennett      
CB #Kendall Jones       
CB #Kyree Bronson      
SS Danny Green      
FS Tom Reilly      
*-also part of rotation      
#-share the position back and      
forth series by series    


OCT. 11
Can't be sure about this because West Catholic football goes back almost a century. But it's possible, maybe even probable, that sr. WR Amadou "My Best" Barry now owns a piece of the Burrs' school record for receptions in one game. Last Saturday, in an 18-12 loss to Germantown Academy, on throws from co-QBs Da'Vion Kidd-Jackson and Anthony Mirabile, Barry made 11 catches for 139 yards. He wears No. 11, to boot. In 1987 vs. Carroll, thanks to Chris Abbonizio, Rob Gentile posted the same number of snags for 187 yards. (In case you're curious, he wore No. 80.) Below are details for all seven-catch outings by Burrs over the last 35 seasons.

West Catholic's Seven-Catch Outings, 1982-2016
Name Rec. Yards Year Opponent
Rob Gentile 11 187 1987 Carroll
Amadou Barry 11 139 2016 Germantown Acad.
Rob Gentile 9 99 1987 Bonner 
John Maddox 9 109 2005 Penn Wood
Larry Rivello 8 82 1992 O'Hara
John Maddox 8 82 2005 McDevitt
Rodney Blango 8 120 2006 Neumann-Goretti
Jim Sheehan 7 53 1982 SJ Prep
Scott Thompson 7 161 1986 Ryan
Ibrahim Sesay 7 73 1996 SJ Prep
Brandon Hollomon 7 83 2009 La Salle
Bruce Mapp 7 132 2011 Haverford School

OCT. 10
  Bonner/Bonner-Prendergast (briefly Prendergast in the beginning) has scored at least 50 points nine times in its reasonably lengthy football history and the most recent outburst took place Saturday night as the Friars topped Neumann-Goretti, 52-18. The details are below, as are the names of the blockers who helped to make it happen . . . And now for an interesting story. I called first-year coach Jack Muldoon yesterday afternoon (right after the Eagles game reached halftime, in case he was watching) and asked for the names of the grunts. Then I asked if he could guess the name of someone whose name would be in the highlights of all-time outbursts. I even told him the season, 1974. Rather than make him guess and guess, I said, "Jack Muldoon kicked four PAT." With a laugh, he responded, "It wasn't me!" He then told me the story. Bonner's 1974 roster featured two guys named, officially, John Muldoon. "And we were born on the same day!" Jack said. "Though some people called him Jack, he mostly went by Max. He was our kicker. I was the holder. Max kicked those PAT." Jack was also a defensive back. Jack said Max attended Navy and later became an admiral. Thanks to Jack for providing the names. And especially for that classic story.
C - Ricky Pietrewicz.
G - Ian Jones, Sean Morris.
T - Kevin Zimmerman, Michael Killian.
TE - Steve DiBattista (when used).
FB - Michael Larsen/Hunter Clements-Ragin (when used).

Highest Point Totals for Bonner/Bonner-Prendergast
Opponent Score Year Some Highlights
Roman 55-21 1994 Fullback Steve Mancini ran for three TDs and kicked five PAT
Mt. Carmel Cath. 54-6 1955 Nine players contributed points
Central 54-0 1959 Russ Hendricks rushed for 143 yards and one TD; Dave Connell passed for two
Judge 53-20 2004 Carl Graham rushed for 115 yards and four TDs; also scored on a kickoff return
Judge 52-0 1955 Played on Thanksgiving; Dave O'Donnell/Nick DeAngelis halved four rushing TDs
North Catholic 52-0 1959 Tony Dolceamore (three) and Larry Sullivan combined for five rushing TDs
Neumann-Goretti 52-18 2016 Tom Millison (three) and Joe Hartley-Vittoria combined for five rushing TDs
O'Hara 51-14 1968 Steve Phillips returned opening KO for a 92-yard TD; added 156 rushing yards/two TDs
Roman 50-28 1974 Scored final 43 points; Frank Schiavo/Tim Higgins halved six TDs; Max Muldoon kicked four PAT

OCT. 9 (Evening)
I wrote this story about Al-Hajj Shabazz, who today made his NFL debut for the Pittsburgh Steelers (thanks to website legend Amauro "Amar" Austin for the heads-up), back in 2009. It appeared in the Daily News EXACTLY seven years ago today!! Talk about freaky . . . Al-Hajj was Bartram's QB and also the centerpiece of a classic "Only in the Pub" moment. He played college football at West Chester and has persevered like crazy to reach this moment. Congrats, Al-Hajj! . . . Also thanks to Damond "Smash" Warren, who was Bartram's coach then and is now the principal, for his help.

Shabazz drives the bus for Bartram
By TED SILARY, Daily News Sports Writer

  Al-Hajj Shabazz is not one of those Johnny-come-lately quarterbacks.
  You do have to go back a way - 13 months to be exact - to find the last time he was entrenched as a starter, though, and the reason that situation changed was . . . well, he was one of those get-to-school-late guys.
  Shabazz is now a 6-1, 175-pound senior at John Bartram High, and yesterday he steered the Braves past Jules Mastbaum Tech, 33-6, in a non-league game at Germantown's Ben Johnston Memorial Stadium.
  He began the 2008-09 school year as Edward Bok Tech's quarterback, but lasted just 3 weeks before transferring to Bartram, not far from his Southwest Philly home near 65th and Dicks.
  "I love Bok," Shabazz said. "I hated having to leave there. I love those cats. I was broken about it. I was crying. Those are my guys, man. I wish them the best of luck.
  "My problem was getting to school on time. I kept winding up late and my family said I had to transfer closer to home. You don't want that stuff going on your record. "
  The culprit: the 37 bus.
  "If I missed that thing, I was done," Shabazz said, laughing. "It only comes about every half-hour. If I got it, I was fine. If not . . . ''
  Yesterday, Shabazz missed no chances to contribute big plays. He had an arm or feet in four of Bartram's five TDs and then unwittingly had a hand - the right one, if you must know - in one of the all-time conversion comedies.
  After turning an ad-lib into a 14-yard TD dash with 9 minutes, 11 seconds left, Shabazz knelt down to hold for kicker Derek "Aztec" King, also a star linebacker.
  The snap was a shade off-kilter. Shabazz reached and fumbled for the ball and as he tried to get it onto the block . . . thump! King swung his leg forward and completely missed the ball while kicking Shabazz in the right hand. Al-Hajj (pronounce that second part like hodge) covered the ball and was swarmed under.
  How many times are there two failures - kick and "run" - on the same conversion? Like always, repeat after us: Only in the Pub.
  "It didn't hurt me," Shabazz said.
  "I can't kick it if it's not there," King cracked.
  Shabazz' other rushing TD was a 4-yard sneak right up the middle. He also passed for two scores, a 23-yarder to Yamir Simmons and a 9-yarder to Mohammed Diabate. Overall, Shabazz went 6-for-8 for 125 yards, and the most productive play was a screen left to Jerome Tucker (it worked three times for 63 yards).
  When asked whether his 14-yard score came off a designed play, Shabazz quipped, "Just me, baby. "
  He added, "I think it was supposed to be a pass. But coach [Damond "Smash" Warren] tells me, 'If you see a seam, take it. ' ''
  After arriving at Bartram last fall, Shabazz saw occasional handyman duty on offense as QB Laquan Williams finished a productive career. This year he was slated to serve mostly as a key wide receiver. But Warren made a switch last week, an upset of Frankford resulted, and the original QB is no longer part of the team.
  "I was fine with the situation," Shabazz insisted. "I was looking forward to be part of a heckuva tandem. I wanted to be a starting receiver. Didn't work out. "
  Does that mean he's now a reluctant QB?
  "Whatever the team needs, I'll do," he said. "I just like having the ball in my hands, however it gets there. "
  Brandon Jones led Bartram's rushers with 86 yards and a 24-yard TD on 14 carries.
  Mastbaum's highlight was Marcus Johnson's 84-yard kickoff return for a TD. The Panthers' operated all afternoon out of a spread, hurry-up offense, enabling Marc Price and Taron Williams to attempt 27 total passes. Fourteen completions yielded 135 yards, spread primarily among Juwan Morrison (5-42), Jacob Lockley (5-23) and Fermin Castellanos (3-55). Also, Williams hit Price for 15 yards.
  The more he thinks about it, the more Shabazz does like quarterbacking.
  "I like leading my troops," he said. "I like how, when a big play is needed, the team looks to me to make it. "
  Lately, that's been always.

OCT. 9
Penn Charter, under coach Tommy Coyle, is off to a 4-0 start for the first time since 1993 and the school record for widest gap (25 years, 1929-54) is no longer in danger of being broken. This is the Quakers' 21st start of at least 4-0 over the last 121 seasons. Championships have followed 13 times (nine outrights, four shareds) and perfect overall records have followed six times. Assistant Rick Mellor was a star RB for the '67 and '68 teams. Assistant Bill Gallagher was the head coach for the '82, '83, '90 and '93 teams. Assistant Brian McCloskey was an assistant for the '90 and '93 squads.

Penn Charter's Starts of at Least 4-0
Year Start Final Champs
2016 4-0 --  
1993 7-0 8-0 outright
1990 7-0 7-0 outright
1983 6-0 8-0-1 shared
1982 6-0 8-1  
1976 6-0 7-2  
1974 6-0 7-2  
1973 6-0 6-2  
1969 6-0 8-1 shared
1968 5-0 7-2  
1967 8-0 8-0 outright
1963 8-0 7-0 outright
1959 5-0 6-2 shared
1954 4-0 7-1 outright
1929 4-0 4-3-1  
1923 8-0 8-0 outright
1909 4-0 5-1 outright
1905 4-0 9-1-1 outright
1900 6-0 8-1-1 shared
1899 9-0 9-0 outright
1898 4-0 4-2-1  

OCT. 8
Penn Charter 35, Academy of the New Church 0
  PC's "Grill Squad" was hard at work this afternoon, even going TO the stands on the far side to sell hot dogs, burgers, candy, etc. The guys and gals also should have offered ice cream. Gallons and gallons of only vanilla. ANC's roster includes 33 players and 14 are freshmen. Only 26 guys were in uniform and only a handful had some size. Because of the low numbers and injuries, the Lions opted to cancel last Monday's JV game vs. PC and, despite the Lions' admirable grit, this one could have gotten beyond ugly if the Quakers had wanted to go down that undesirable path. As the situation played out, the starting backs/ends sat down after 13 1/2 minutes, with the score at 28-0, and Chris Rahill, PC's offensive coordinator, kept everything vanilla thereafter. The Q's first three scoring drives required just four, one and three plays, and a defensive TD was mixed in. That was score No. 3 and was racked up by jr. OLB Terence Thompson on a 22-yard fumble return; sr. DE Luke Stansfield caused the cough-up on a TFL. The offensive scores went to soph RB Edward Saydee (4-yard run), sr. TE Justus Sanders (26-yard catch and truck-guys from sr. QB Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky) and sr. RB Brendan Pell (6-yard run). Sanders' TD created a stir because he's a first-year player and had to go through injury rehab before making it onto the field for a game. Justus, also a basketball-baseball player, is a strong kid (6-2, 235) with interesting potential and here's hoping he gets some college looks. Many, even. The final TD came with 3:37 left in the fourth quarter on a 3-yard run by frosh John Giuffrida, who goes 5-6, 134. The guys on the sideline loved that one, too. Thirteen of the Lions' plays lost yardage. Sr. DE John Grace earned a hat trick (TFL, sack, fumble recovery), Stansfield had a half-sack and two TFLs, sr. DL Kevin MacCabe recorded two sacks, sr. DB Denarii Beard made an interception and soph special-teamer Ryan Maloney blocked a punt. Junior sub QBs Will Samuel and Jordan Wilson were able to make appearances and that was good to see. Sr. K Adam Kuper went 4-for-4 on PAT and frosh Ryan Bradby drilled the last one. PC is 4-0 for the first time since 1993 and that season ended rather well, at 8-0. The Inter-Ac now includes six teams, so nine games will be played by PC. The I-A fun will begin Friday when Haverford School visits the Quakers. Because every school boasts a veteran QB, much offense can be expected over the next five weeks. I usually bring three No. 2 pencils to each game. Might have to up the number to four in case some all-time shootouts take place (smile). Best of luck to all six teams and I KNOW some major entertainment will be forthcoming . . . Not wanting to deal with rain (though it wasn't bad, actually), I watched this one from the press box with PA announcer John Burkhart, sports writer Jon Vander Lugt, PC handyman Paul Hart (he handled down/distance on the scoreboard) and clock operator Jim Tucker . . . ANC's squad also includes a Jordan Wilson (his middle initial is A; it's C for PC's version) and they agreed to pose for a post-game pic. Thanks, guys . . . Mark Brenfleck, a multi-sport contributor at Frankford in the early '70s (after spending some time at PC), is one of ANC's assistants. His frosh son, Jeb, a lefty, made a late-game appearance at QB. Mark said ANC is expecting to bring in a good crop of freshmen for the 2017 squad.

PC's starting offense . . . 
QB Mike "Neeko Hnatkowsky
TB Edward Saydee
SB Terence Thompson
WR Chris Tucker
Denarii Beard
Luke Stansfield
John Grace
Ronnie Ross
G Harold Anderson
G Kevin MacCabe
C Hayden Knighton
PC's starting defense . . .
E Hayden Knighton
John Grace
L Ronnie Ross
L Harold Anderson
OLB Trajan Womack
OLB Terence Thompson
Luke Stansfield
ILB Brendan Pell
Denarii Beard
CB John Washington
Edward Saydee

OCT. 8
For my money, the best thing about Carroll's new on-campus football field, which officially debuted last night during a 26-7 Catholic Red loss to Ryan, is that it's named after former coach Joe McNichol. I met Joe 45 years ago while starting my sports writing career and he was absolutely terrific. That never changed -- much later, he was part of La Salle's staff -- and congrats to the Carroll family for realizing/honoring what Joe gave to the school. Joe won two CL championships and City Titles with the Patriots, in 1971 and 1976, and breakdowns for those two teams are below. The most famous product of these teams is Joe Clancy, a first team coaches' All-Catholic honoree in '71. His current job: Director of the Secret Service. His brother, Kevin, was another great guy/coach at Carroll (1982-90) and has been the grid boss at Strath Haven ever since. Bill Zwaan, the QB for the '71 squad, is in his 14th season as the coach at West Chester University after an earlier stint at Widener. Kevin Mullen, a third team All-City receiver in '76, was a first teamer in '77 and held the city leagues record for career TD receptions (22) until 2006.  

1971 (11-1) We They
St. Pius X 40 7
Wood 27 26
O'Hara 19 20
West Catholic 35 7
St. Joseph's Prep 16 8
St. James 29 22
Roman 42 22
Bonner 28 14
Neumann 34 8
St. Joseph's Prep 21 0
Kenrick 33 12
Frankford 15 14
  339 160

CL South Tiebreaker
At Villanova Stadium
Carroll 21, SJ Prep 0
    Bill Zwaan passed 8-for-14 for 93 yards and scored on a 79-yard
CL Championship
At Villanova Stadium
Carroll 33, Kenrick 12
    Carroll was sparked by the two-TD running of John Keefer (18-76)
 and two-TD passing of Billy Zwaan, who also ran for a score. Zwaan's TD
 tosses went to Mark Logue and Steve Adelizzi. Joe Santoleri had eight
 unassisted tackles and an interception. For Kenrick, the highlight came
 when Dennis Molyneaux picked up a blocked punt and ran 39 yards for a
City Title
At Franklin Field

Carroll 15, Frankford 14
    In only its third season of CL football, Carroll rallied from a
14-0 halftime deficit to capture the win under coach Joe McNichol. Bill
Zwaan sparked the comeback by passing 12-for-22 for 123 yards and TDs to
twin brothers Mike (4-37) and Steve Adelizzi (7-75). Mark Logue
(reception) and Mike Adelizzi (kick) provided the conversion points.
Harold Feiler (fumble recovery) and Paul Gray (interception) forced
turnovers to set up Carroll's scores. For Frankford, Steve Ebbecke ran
for one TD and passed 36 yards to Mark Townsell (3-60) for another.

All-Star Honors All-Catholic All-City
C Paul Savini 1st team  
L Frank Mellon 1st team 2nd team (at LB)
E Steve Adelizzi 1st team 1st team
QB Bill Zwaan 1st team 1st team
K Mike Adelizzi 1st team 2nd team
E Gary Shugrue 1st team  
B Joe Clancy 1st team  


1976 (10-1-1) We They
Radnor 14 16
Malvern 13 13
St. James 14 0
Neumann 24 16
O'Hara 15 14
West Catholic 24 6
Bonner 30 13
St. Joseph's Prep 34 21
Roman 21 0
St. Joseph's Prep 42 0
Judge 27 21
Bartram 21 6
  279 126

CL Semifinal
At Veterans Stadium
Carroll 42, SJ Prep 0
    Nick Becker passed 7-for-9 for 132 yards and four TDs, two of
them to Kevin Mullen. The Prep was the first team in CL history to make
the playoffs with a losing record (3-4).

CL Final
At Temple Stadium
Carroll 27, Judge 21
    Joe Kennedy rushed 21 times for 82 yards and three TDs and Nick
Becker passed 10-for-15 for 177 yards and a score to Steve Austin. Kevin
Mullen added four catches for 58 yards and Tom Kincade (13-87) aided the
rushing attack. For Judge, Joe Shelinsky (17-84, two TDs) paced the
rushing attack and Ed Clark passed 12-for-24 for 183 yards and a score
to Jim Sullivan that moved the Crusaders within 27-21. Judge ran 11
plays on two series in the last 2:48, but netted just 1 yard due to
strong defense by Tom Seibert and Dennis Farrell.
City Title
At Veterans Stadium
Carroll 21, Bartram 6
    Nick Becker passed 7-for-10 for 100 yards and one TD apiece to
Kevin Mullen and Steve Austin as Carroll triumphed. Tom Kincade (17-116)
and Joe Kennedy (16-88, TD) handled the rushing. Joe Walsh led the
defense with three interceptions. For Bartram, Michael Gold rushed 25
times for 146 yards and a TD, finishing the season with 1,495 yards and
20 TDs. QB Michael White added 85 yards on 14 carries.

Offense All-Catholic All-City
L Tom Rohlfing 1st team 2nd team
E Kevin Mullen