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A Look at Ray Didinger's 53-Year Career as a Media Giant

  Ray's bio . . .

Born in Philadelphia (9/18/46)
Attended Our Lady of Peace grammar school; St. James High School, in Chester
  (1960-64) and Temple University (1964-68)
Delaware County Daily Times, news reporter (June, 1968 - June, 1969); also co-authored reports
  about St. James for the DT as a senior.
Philadelphia Bulletin, sports writer / columnist (June, 1969 - August, 1980)
Philadelphia Daily News, sports writer / columnist (August, 1980 - February, 1996)
NFL Films, senior producer / writer (February, 1996 - March, 2009)
Comcast Sports Net, writer / TV analyst (March, 2009 - May, 2022)
WIP Radio, talk show host (September, 1988 - May, 2022)
Wrote a play in 2015 called "Tommy and Me," about his relationship, going back to
childhood, with the Eagles' star receiver, Tommy McDonald.

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On a radio show May 8, 2022, Ray Didinger made an emotional announcement.
At age 75, he was about to enter retirement and bring to a halt his 53-year career as a sports writer, author, playwright and radio-TV commentator/personality.
  Ray's primary focus was on the Philadelphia Eagles, but he was capable of covering anything and everything . . . and did so.
Plus, he was respected and loved by ALL.

  Ray was asked to provide his three favorite stories during his writing career for the Daily News . . .





Twitter photo . . .

Two pics of Ray's scouting reports for the 2022 NFL draft, as supplied by his wife, Maria.
Remember, Ray does not have a cell phone (smile).


Ray with his notes at WIP on draft day.