"Memories by Malizia"

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  Joe Malizia, who filmed/taped high school sporting events from 1968 through 2015, passed away on August 18, 2016.
  His son, Joe Jr., has decided to continue to make the DVDs listed below available. Please contact him via email at
joseph.malizia.jr@gmail.com Thank you.

  ***In 2017, Joe Jr. created a Youtube channel to make available his father's work. Click here.***

2009 N. Catholic vs. Frankford (the teams' final meeting)
City Title
Year Teams
1955 La Salle vs. Northeast
1979 O'Hara vs. Lincoln
Catholic League Title Games
Year Teams

1986 McDevitt vs. O'Hara
1987 McDevitt vs. O'Hara
1988 Ryan vs. Carroll
1989 La Salle vs. Roman
1990 Ryan vs. Carroll
1991 Ryan vs. St. James
1994 Bonner vs. Carroll
1995 Ryan vs. La Salle
1996 Judge vs. La Salle
1997 Ryan vs. SJ Prep
1998 La Salle vs. Ryan
1999 La Salle vs. Roman (Red)
1999 McDevitt vs. Carroll (Blue)
2000 O'Hara vs. SJ Prep (Red)
2000 McDevitt vs. Carroll
2001 Wood vs. Carroll
2002 W. Cath. vs. Carroll
2002 Roman vs. SJ Prep
Public League Title Games
Year Teams

1988 Central vs. Washington
1989 Washington vs. King
1992 Mastbaum vs. Washington
1993 Dobbins vs. Mastbaum
1994 Washington vs. Mastbaum
1995 Frankford vs. Washington
1996 Frankford vs. Dobbins
2002 Frankford vs. Washington
City-All Star Games
Catholic League All-Star Game

Catholic League Title Games
Year Teams

1986 North Catholic vs. Neumann
1987 Judge vs. Bonner
1989 La Salle vs. Bonner
1990 Wood vs. Carroll
1991 Wood vs. Carroll
1992 Roman vs. Kenrick
1993 Neumann vs. Wood
1994 La Salle vs. SJ Prep
1995 Neumann vs. North Catholic
1996 La Salle vs. Carroll
1997 Judge vs. Carroll
1998 Ryan vs. Judge
1999 Carroll vs. SJ Prep
2000 La Salle vs. Judge
2001 Carroll vs. Kennedy-Kenrick
2002 Carroll vs. La Salle
2003 O'Hara vs. La Salle
2004 Carroll vs. Ryan
2005 La Salle vs. Con.-Egan
2006 Con.-Egan vs. SJ Prep
2007 SJ Prep vs. Ryan
2008 SJ Prep vs. Bonner
2009 N-G vs. La Salle
2010 Bonner vs. Ryan
Public League Title Games
Year Teams

1987 Washington vs. Roxborough
1988 Washington vs. Central
1992 Central vs. Frankford
1993 Central vs. Washington
1994 Washington vs. Northeast
1995 Northeast vs. Washington
1996 Central vs. Northeast
1997 Northeast vs. Olney
1998 Northeast vs. Frankford
1999 Northeast vs. Washington
2002 GAMP vs. Northeast
2003 Frankford vs. Northeast
2004 Frankford vs. Northeast
2005 Frankford vs. Central
2006 Central vs. Frankford
2007 Frankford vs. Central

Catholic League Title Games
Year Teams

1987 North Catholic vs. Roman
1988 Bonner vs. North Catholic
1989 Roman vs. La Salle
1990 Roman vs. La Salle
1991 Roman vs. La Salle
1992 Roman vs. Dougherty
1993 Roman vs. North Catholic
1994 Roman vs. North Catholic
1996 Roman vs. Carroll
2002 Neumann vs. Ryan
2003 SJ Prep vs. Dougherty
Public League Title Game
Year Teams

1988 Frankford vs. West Phila. (complete with radio broadcast)
Catholic League Playoff Games
Year Teams

1986 Roman vs. O'Hara
1987 Roman vs. Bonner
1987 Carroll vs. West Catholic
1987 North Catholic vs. Ryan
1987 Dougherty vs. Kenrick
1988 North Catholic vs. Judge

Catholic League Title Games
Year Teams

1990 Dougherty vs. Prendergast
1991 O'Hara vs. McDevitt
1992 O'Hara vs. St. Hubert
1993 O'Hara vs. McDevitt

Catholic League Title Matches
Year Teams

1991 North Catholic vs. Judge
1992 North Catholic vs. Wood
1994 North Catholic vs. Bonner
1995 North Catholic vs. SJ Prep
1996 North Catholic vs. La Salle
1997 North Catholic vs. Wood
Public League Title Matches
Year Teams

1998 Frankford vs. Central
2000 Frankford vs. Central

Catholic League Title Matches
Year Teams

1990 North Catholic vs. Bonner
1994 North Catholic vs. La Salle
1995 Ryan vs. La Salle
1996 Ryan vs. La Salle
1997 North Catholic vs. Roman
1998 North Catholic vs. Ryan
1999 North Catholic vs. Ryan
2000 Ryan vs. La Salle
2002 N. Cath. vs. SJ Prep (tie and replayed game)

Catholic League Title Match
Year Teams

1998 La Salle vs. Carroll
2002 La Salle vs. SJ Prep

Catholic League Title Match
Year Teams

1999 St. Hubert vs. Prendergast

















   This story about Joe Malizia (RIP) appeared in the Daily News in 1992.


      by Ted Silary, Daily News Sports Writer

   Joe Malizia has helped hundreds of high school football players earn scholarships or grants.
   But he's not a coach or recruiter or even a bird-dog scout. He's an elevated version of Cecil B. DeMille.
   Malizia, a teacher at North Catholic for 29 years, is in his 25th year of shooting game films or videotapes of city-league teams from scaffolds, press boxes, the top row of stands, etc.   By now, almost every college in the country has viewed Malizia's handiwork, or that of his assistants, while making decisions on prospects.
   Malizia got his start in 1968, when he was North's freshman coach. He also has been the baseball coach at North, Philadelphia Textile and St. Joseph's Prep.
   "Phil Looby, our athletic director then, said to me, 'Why don't you go out and buy a camera? I'll pay you $15 to shoot each varsity game,' " Malizia said. "I went to a pawn shop and bought a 16-millimeter camera, then to a photo store to buy a light meter . . . I don't know why he asked me.
   "The thing was, I told him, 'Fifteen dollars is probably too much. I'll do it for $10.' After the games, my wife (Patti) and I would go down to the Quick Photo place at 26th and Wharton in South Philly and wait until the film was processed. We'd go out, get some dinner. There'd go the $10.
   "The first game I did, it came out beautiful. The next game, I thought, 'It looks about the same today,' so I didn't use the light meter. It was all washed out . . . "
   Malizia now handles 14 teams, including one - Bishop Eustace - in South Jersey. He shot a few Frankford games last year with a super-8 camera, but all games are now shot on videotape. Early guidance for Malizia came from Ben Barretta, who remains his right- hand man, and Lou Tucker, who operates an even larger filming service for schools (most are in the suburbs) and colleges.
   Tom Haverluk, Steve McDermott and Len Grasso also work regularly for Malizia, who handles three to four games each weekend himself. Part-timers include Jackie Beck, Bill Saybolt, Marty Miller, Bob Clothier and Anthony DiFlorio.
   Having to contend with wind, rain and cold are part of the job.
   "And some of the scaffolds are not my favorite things," Malizia said. "I have to climb up first, then pull my equipment up with a rope. When Al Angelo was coaching at Frankford, I shot the games from the roof of the school across the street. Then the school board wouldn't let me go up there anymore.
   "Al said, 'We'll put up a scaffold.' So, they put it up (behind Frankford's bench), but there was nothing on the top (to connect the poles). Al said, 'We'll put some string around it.' I said, 'I'm supposed to feel safe with string?' They finally did it with some wire, so I went up there and shot."