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  To all scorekeepers: PLEASE try to make sure that correct info on scoring is called into the Score Service -- 215-854-4570. Generally, it's better when the winning team calls in the results. That way the papers receive info to explain HOW the game was won because representatives of the winning team will usually be in a better mood (just human nature) to provide extra details such as rebounds, assists, etc., or the identity of someone who maybe hit a winning shot. Thank you.


FEB. 23
In the second game of last night's CL semifinal doubleheader at the Palestra, Wood's Collin Gillespie (33) and Ryan's Izaiah Brockington (31), with 64, came close to the record for most total points by opponent duos. And since Brockington fouled out with 3:22 remaining, it's likely safe to assume he would have scored at least four more points to assure the record would have been broken. Below are all opponent-duo efforts (hopefully) of at least 50 points. If I missed any, PLEASE speak up. Thanks! tedtee307@yahoo.com

Highest Point Totals for Opponent Duos in Catholic League Playoffs
Year Round Name, Winner School Pts Name, Loser School Pts Total
1992 Final Kyle Locke Roman 39 *Cuttino Mobley Dougherty 28 67
2011 Qtr Juan'ya Green Carroll 39 Stephen Vasturia Prep 27 66
2017 Semi Collin Gillespie Wood 33 Izaiah Brockington Ryan 31 64
2003 Final Mark Zoller Prep 31 *Kyle Lowry Dougherty 29 60
1995 Pre Jack Horgan La Salle 32 Erik Henrysen Ryan 27 59
2017 Qtr Mat. Kulackovskis Ryan 25 Marc Rodriguez Judge 32 57
1979 Qtr Lonnie McFarlan Roman 24 Marty Campbell Neumann 32 56
1990 Final Bernard Jones Roman 30 Ernie Koschineg La Salle 24 54
1967 First Ron Kurtz North 25 Bob Atene Neumann 28 53
1971 Semi *Mo Howard Prep 27 Barry Brodzinski North 26 53
2006 Semi DJ Rivera N-G 24 Vinny Simpson Dougherty 29 53
1971 Final *Mo Howard Prep 29 Mike Arizin O'Hara 22 51
1992 Qtr *Adonal Foyle O'Hara 26 Scott Galloway West 25 51
1996 Qtr Martin Ingelsby Carroll 24 Mark Del Brocco Neumann 27 51
1998 Semi Jeff Randazzo O'Hara 29 Anthony Starace Ryan 22 51
2008 Qtr Jim Mower Prep 32 *Maalik Wayns Roman 19 51
1988 Qtr Alan Watkins Roman 23 Monroe Blakes West 27 50
2009 Final Tyreek Duren N-G 26 Rakeem Brookins Roman 24 50
2010 Semi Tony Chennault N-G 23 Joe Nardi Prep 27 50
*-advanced to NBA            

FEB. 22
Website loyalists take a shot at predicting tonight's winners and the total victory margin . . . These guesses were received by 6:30. Thanks to all participants!
UPDATED: Names in green highlights tied for best guess. 

  N-G Roman Wood Ryan Total
*-2016 champion          
Keith Hines yes   yes   35
Jon "Duck" Gray yes   yes   21
Joe Parisi yes   yes   23
Willie McGonigle yes   yes   20
Marty Weiss yes   yes   37
Bill "Not Speedy" Morris yes   yes   11
Colin Leach yes   yes   48
Joe Mason yes     yes 18
Craig Conlin yes   yes   18
*Ernie Gallagher yes   yes   29
Amauro "Amar" Austin yes   yes   16
Woody Burke yes   yes   26
Ed "Huck" Palmer yes   yes   23
Pat McLoone yes   yes   13
Chris McNesby   yes yes   10
Jerry Greenberg yes   yes   47
Michael Drumm yes   yes   33
Fran Costello yes   yes   29
Mark "Frog" Carfagno yes   yes   52
Blair Klumpp yes   yes   30
Matt Santoro yes   yes   19
Frank "5" McArdle yes     yes 16
Joe Dunn yes   yes   29
Matt "Cauls" McCauley yes   yes   20
Bill Cassidy Sr. yes     yes 17
Ken Woodring yes   yes   40
Bobby Hill   yes yes   17
Dan Solis-Cohen yes   yes   27
Mike Scola yes   yes   39
Mike Torres yes   yes   18
Dan Greenberg yes   yes   43
Keith Tyer yes     yes 29
Bill Wright yes   yes   30
Ted Rauch   yes yes   14
Mike Mack yes   yes   29
Brendan Dougherty yes   yes   35
Fred Clough yes   yes   41
George Orsino yes   yes   24
Gerry Sasse yes     yes 17
Mick Barrett yes   yes   12
Tom Moore yes   yes   20
Stephen Muni yes   yes   20
Kevin McLaughlin yes   yes   23
Tom Bachinger yes   yes   36
Kevin Lauer yes   yes   16
Mitch Cohen yes   yes   27
Matt McLaughlin yes   yes   21
Jim O'Connor yes   yes   38
Eric DiPentima yes     yes 28
Mike McLaughlin yes   yes   55
Bill Zeits yes     yes 19
Ed Barkowitz yes   yes   20
Bernie Rogers yes     yes 25

FEB. 22
If you're heading to the Palestra tonight, or planning to check out SFBN's webcasts here (I was given incorrect info; SFBN is NOT airing the games), you'll see something pretty uncommon . . . especially over the last three-plus decades. For just the fourth time since 1983, a team making a second consecutive semifinal appearance will be starting five different players. That team will be Roman, which last year started four seniors and a junior who wound up transferring. La Salle was involved in the Five New Guys scenario in the 2003 and 2004 seasons, as were Carroll in 1993 and 1994 and Roman in 1991 and 1992. Now for the shocker. The other four spots on the list, which covers seasons back to 1975, are owned by Judge. And the Crusaders of coach Bill Fox pulled off the feat in consecutive order. Yes, over four years, 20 different 'Saders were starters in semis! And the streak would have been five if not for forward Mike McIntyre. He was the only player to start for Judge's semifinalists in 1978 and '79.
  UPDATE: I missed one! Ugh. Sorry. Judge's 1998 and 1999 lineups are now on the list. Thanks to Mr. Anonymous for speaking up.

Back-to-Back CL Semifinalists With
Different Starting Lineups, 1975-2017
1979 JUDGE 1980 JUDGE
  Mike McIntyre   George Dick
  Joe Petrone   Fran Walker
  Mike McCloskey   Art Comas
  Chris Farrell   Mike Gallagher
  Rick Marshall   Mike O'Donnell
1980 JUDGE 1981 JUDGE
  George Dick   John Luciano
  Fran Walker   Mark Singer
  Art Comas   Jerry Mayza
  Mike Gallagher   Paul Kubler
  Mike O'Donnell   Mike Tobin
1981 JUDGE 1982 JUDGE
  John Luciano   Tom Conroy
  Mark Singer   Paul McIntyre
  Jerry Mayza   Tom Feeney
  Paul Kubler   Keith Ditsche
  Mike Tobin   Bernie DiBello
1982 JUDGE 1983 JUDGE
  Tom Conroy   John Boyle
  Paul McIntyre   Bob Heck
  Tom Feeney   John Ginley
  Keith Ditsche   Don Rauchut
  Bernie DiBello   Dan Ingersoll
1991 ROMAN 1992 ROMAN
  Bernard Jones   Kyle Locke
  Jeremy Smith   Dennis Bohn
  Mike Watson   Marc Jackson
  Marvin Harrison   Dwayne Hill
  Josh Wagner   James Lewis
  Mike Roberts   Rafal Bigus
  Tom Tobin   Brian Dunn
  Bryan Brennan   Mike Dzik
  Aric Hines   Paul Romanczuk
  Osvaldur Knudsen   Kevin Leighton
1998 JUDGE 1999 JUDGE
  Jim Reeves   Mike Pidhirsky
  Brendan Ferns   Chris Roantree
  Kris Dufner   Brian Fox
  Matt McKeever   Dennis Hiller
  Josh Rorer   Brian Bond
  Will Furey   Colin Fitzgerald
  Chris Reedman   Ryan Kirk
  Brian Donohoe   Kevin Moll
  Doug Kelly   Joe Sobocinski
  Matt McGurkin   Mike Stanton
2016 ROMAN 2017 *ROMAN
  Tony Carr   Allen Betrand
  Nazeer Bostick   Da'kQuan Davis
  Lamar Stevens   Lynn Greer
  D'Andre Vilmar   Seth Lundy
  Paul Newman   Jon-Paul Sanders
*-projected, based on quarterfinals

FEB. 21
One thing about Cardinal Dougherty, which closed in 2010: It never went too long without producing a first team All-Catholic honoree. Its longest wait was three years, from 1997 to 2000 and again from '92 to '95. Below are details for all the Catholic League schools going back to 1941. The streaks for Lansdale, O'Hara and West are active. Egan/Conwell-Egan experienced the longest wait at 20 years.

Waits for Catholic League First-Teamers, School by School
School Year Year Wait Ended the Drought
Dougherty 1997 2000 3 Robert Carter/Jonathan Davenport
  Dougherty 1992 1995 3 Carlos Sanders
La Salle 1958 1963 5 Frank Gaidjunas/George Smith
Ryan 1982 1987 5 John Smedley
ST More 1944 1949 5 Joe Kelly
  ST More 1969 1974 5 Chub Edwards
Carroll 2003 2009 6 DJ Irving/Juan'ya Green
Judge 2011 2017 6 Marc Rodriguez
Neumann 1967 1974 7 Lloyd Ranson
SJ Prep 1955 1962 7 Tom Duff/Matt Guokas
Bonner/B-P 2009 2017 8 Ajiri Johnson
North 1977 1985 8 Mike Power
West 2009 2017 8 None  *Active*
Wood 1967 1975 8 Bob Spadafora
Lansdale 2009 2017 8 None *Active*
Roman 1951 1961 10 Tom "Ace" McCann
St. James 1942 1952 10 Bill Lynch
  St. James 1965 1975 10 Bill Kane
  St. James 1983 1993 10 None (Closed in '93)
McDevitt 1969 1980 11 Joe Smart
O'Hara 2001 2017 16 None *Active*
Kenrick/K-K 1992 2010 18 None (Closed in '10)
Egan/C-E 1990 2010 20 Ike Robinson

FEB. 20
Germantown Academy 68, Penn Charter 46

  The Quakers concluded their 13-13 season by giving their archrivals close to half a scare. That wording is used because the score was 25-25 roughly two minutes prior to intermission and PC was hanging tough despite having posted NO steals and having snatched just THREE rebounds. Pretty much every person in the just-short-of-packed house undoubtedly figured GA would slap together an impressive stretch at some point and . . . uh, oh, here it comes. Three-point field goal by sr. SF Kyle McCloskey. Three-point play (off a recovery of a loose ball) by sr. WG Evan-Eric Longino. Left-wing trey by sr. F Josh Brownstein off a feed from McCloskey. (We interrupt this avalanche to give you a PC free throw.) Right-corner trey by McCloskey off a dish from sr. PG Cole Storm. Just like that the score was 37-26 and GA was flexing its muscles. The second half featured little in the way of drama. GA enjoyed domination thanks to hundreds (seemed like it, anyway) of second- and even third-chance opportunities. Brownstein was the primary beneficiary and sometimes did not even have to work too hard to get the ball off the glass. Hustle to a spot. Look up. Hey, no one boxed me out. There's the ball. Why, thank you. PC's first steal did not occur until 7:35 remained in the game. Sr. PF-C Justus Sanders made it an instant after GA had posted a pilfer. Sanders had a nice fourth quarter, also taking a charge and making a block in addition to grabbing two rebounds. GA coach Jim Fenerty removed his starters with 2:08 left and the score at 67-46, right after McCloskey made a layup for his final points in the Patriots' gym. A short time beforehand, he'd made a steal and capped an aggressive rush to the hoop with -- pow! -- a vintage throwdown. Kyle finished with 23 points and Longino added 21. Brownstein also reached double figures with 15. The other starters, Storm and sr. WG Andrew Towne, halved six points and two triples. Jr. WG Mason Williams (12), sr. PG Adam Holland (11, some terrific bulldog drives in the first half) and sr. F Dylan Burnett (eight) led in scoring and soph SF Ryan "Zingy" Maloney drained two fourth quarter treys for six points. The decent start was fueled by a pair of treys -- by Williams and sr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky -- off passes from frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes. The PAISAA semis will be held Friday night at Malvern: GA vs. Westtown at 6:30, Episcopal vs. Hill School at 8. The final (same site) will be played at 6:45 on Saturday. Six seniors were part of PC's varsity this season: Burnett, Alex Cohen, James Gabor, Hnatkowsky, Holland and Sanders. Here's hoping they'll remember the good times. Take a few deep breaths, guys, before immersing yourself in the spring sports. MANY legends in attendance. Here we go, in alphabetical order: Bill Armstrong, Tom Bachinger, John Burkhart, Jon Cross, Bill Gallagher Sr. and Jr., Chip Greenberg, Jerry Greenberg, Joe Magarity, Mike McCloskey, Ed McGettigan, John McVeigh, John Przybylinski, Gerry Sasse, Brett Storm, Larry Storm, Billy Travers, Eddie Turner . . .

FEB. 20
  The 2016-17 season for Penn Charter's girls basketball team is over and so is the high school career of sr. sub Mary Jane McGlinchey. And you know what that means . . . Time to update the hoops numbers for what we like to call the Greater Loughery Family. In this century, eight members have played basketball for PC as a secondary sport. But all have played through senior year and many have been primary contributors. John Loughery's dad, also named John, was a quarterback for Penn Charter and Boston College. Like Mary Jane, who finished her career with nine points (three as a junior, six this year) and provided terrific support for her teammates, the other members are children of John Lock's sisters. Matt Ryan is the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback and this year led his team to the Super Bowl while winning league MVP honors. Mike McGlinchey is a starting offensive lineman for Notre Dame. John Loughery was a backup QB at Temple in 2016 and spent this past season as a graduate assistant with the Owls. John Ryan played QB at Brown. Pat McCain is a sophomore at Dickinson, Frank McGlinchey is a freshman at Franklin & Marshall (after a post-grad year) and Jake McCain is a freshman at Ursinus; all play football. Together, the eight hoops-playing members of TGLF have scored 2,316 points overall and 886 in Inter-Ac play. (The oldest Ryan brother, Mike, was a QB at Malvern in the late '90s. Sam McCain, brother of Pat and Jake, played football at Archbishop Wood.) In this century, as noted in a football Tedbit first posted in October 2015, the seven PC members of TGLF (and Sam) have accounted for 14,777 yards and 124 TDs. . . So, where do we go from here? Matt McGlinchey is a PC freshman. He is a lineman in football and has spent the winter giving wrestling a try. Mary Jane reports that her cousin, Michael Hartman (also from the Loughery side), will enter PC next year as a ninth-grader. Will he play basketball? We'll see. Seamus McCain, a seventh grader, might be headed to PC along the way and ditto for MJ's brother, Tom McGlinchey, currently a fourth grader. Oh, and other relatives might join the PC family in time. Let the fun continue!          

Name I-A Over.
Matt Ryan    
2001 59 111
2002 115 287
2003 114 284
  288 682
John Ryan    
2008 11 15
2009 11 31
  22 46
John Loughery  
2010 25 80
2011 19 96
  44 176
Mike McGlinchey  
2010 46 81
2011 47 217
2012 104 289
2013 111 275
  308 862
Pat McCain    
2014 19 54
2015 105 237
  124 291
Frank McGlinchey
2014 2 2
2015 9 21
  11 23
Jake McCain    
2015 38 156
2016 42 71
  80 227
Mary Jane McGlinchey
2016 3 3
2017 6 6
  9 9
Totals 886 2,316


FEB. 19
With 32 points Friday night in a quarterfinal loss to Ryan, Judge sr. G Marc Rodriguez came within three points of breaking the school record for points in one game. That's a Catholic League record and Marc shares it with Carroll grad Juan'ya Green. In a 2011 quarterfinal vs. SJ Prep, Green racked up 39 points to tie the mark for most in a CL playoff (by Roman's Kyle Locke is the '92 final vs. Dougherty; click here for a combo pic) and three more would have enabled him to snap the school record belonging to Barry Bekkedam (41 in '86). I posted the regular version of this last year around this time and decided to alter it slightly by showing how close guys came to breaking overall records. Six of the schools listed below (Dougherty, Kenrick/K-K, North Catholic, Salesianum, St. James and St. Thomas More) are no longer with us. Four others (Camden Catholic, St. John's, Trenton Catholic and Villanova Prep) never made a playoff appearance. The factors involving Salesianum's Lex Gillespie deserve a special mention. In 1923, the Sallies lost to SJ Prep, 22-21, for the CL championship. Gillespie scored 17 of the Sallies' 21 points (81 percent) and shot 15-for-20 at the line. The Prep's John "Jocko" Collins, who went on to lead a wonderful life and remains one of the VERY best men with whom I have ever had interaction (during his time as a baseball scout), shot 12-for-17 at the line en route to 14 points. They were the ONLY guys in that game to shoot free throws. Why? That was the rule! One guy for each team shot all free throws. That was the last year for that rule. The 1968 game involving McDevitt (Bob Haas had 26 points) and North Catholic earned national attention. Click here to see why.

How Close Playoff School Records for Points Have Come to Breaking Overall Records
Year Name School Opponent Round Pts Within
2011 Juan'ya Green Carroll SJ Prep Quarter 39 3
2017 Marc Rodriguez Judge Ryan Quarter 32 3
1992 Kyle Locke Roman Dougherty Final 39 7
2000 Fran Grandieri O'Hara Carroll Pre 31 10
2011 Eric Fleming Ryan C-E Pre 29 10
1984 Rodney Blake Bonner/B-P West Quarter 30 12
1988 Brian Daly Bonner/B-P North Final 30  
1987 Eddie Scott Kenrick/K-K North Semi 26 13
1979 Marty Campbell SC/Neumann/N-G Roman Quarter 32 13
2008 Jim Mower SJ Prep Roman Quarter 32 14
1952 Bill Lynch St. James West Semi 26 17
1995 Jack Horgan La Salle Ryan Pre 32 18
1997 Joe Thompson Wood La Salle Quarter 25 18
2015 Luke Connaghan Wood Ryan Quarter 25  
2006 Chris Edwards North Dougherty Quarter 28 19
1964 Dave Frederick Egan/C-E Dougherty Final 22 21
2013 Andrew Riviello Lansdale C-E Pre 18 21
1968 Mike Jones ST More West Quarter 23 23
1956 John Driscoll West North Semi 25 23
1968 Bob Haas McDevitt North Quarter 26 27
1974 Paul Terrell Dougherty North Quarter 30 29
1923 Lex Gillespie Salesianum SJ Prep Final 17 *
*-overall scoring info for this school unavailable        

FEB. 18
Through 1988, 21 "main" Catholic League playoff games (quarters/semis/finals) had been decided by one points. Ever since, only six have been as close as possible and one of them happened last night as Roman nipped St. Joseph's Prep, 56-55. Details on all "main" one-pointers are below. The most legendary? Dougherty's 44-43 win over North Catholic in a 1974 quarterfinal deserves strong consideration. North had gone 16-0 in the Northern Division. Also, Paul Terrell scored 70 percent of his team's points (30 of 43). Dougherty's John Przybylinski, a co-high scorer in 1986 semi, is now a Catholic League ref. North's Doug Romanczuk, a co-high scorer in a 1972 semi, is the father of Carroll coach Paul Romanczuk. The late Jim Boyle became the coach at St. Joe's University. Herb Magee and Jimmy Lynam were his classmates on that '59 West Catholic team.

One-Point Games in "Main" Catholic League Playoffs (Quarters/Semis/Finals)
Year Round Winner Loser Score Winner's Leader Pts
2017 Quarter Roman SJ Prep 56-55 Allen Betrand 17
2016 Semi Roman Carroll 64-63 Tony Carr 24
2011 Semi Neum.-Goretti Roman 47-46 Lamin Fulton 14
2010 Quarter SJ Prep Roman 42-41 Joe Nardi 20
2001 Final Neumann Roman 60-59 Tabby Cunningham 19
1990 Quarter Judge Kenrick 50-49 Mike Conroy 17
1988 Semi North Catholic Judge 43-42 Marc Alicea 10
1988 Quarter Judge McDevitt 52-51 Chris Fagan 24
1986 Semi Dougherty North Catholic 42-41 *see below 12
1985 Quarter Neumann O'Hara 53-52 Frank Giunta 23
1984 Quarter Ryan Kenrick 42-41 Fran Ciliberti 17
1983 Semi Bonner Roman 43-42 Tom Gormley 15
1978 Quarter SJ Prep West Catholic 63-62 John Staudenmayer 20
1976 Quarter Kenrick La Salle 52-51 Tom Catagnus 16
1974 Quarter Dougherty North Catholic 44-43 Paul Terrell 30
1972 Semi North Catholic Ryan 66-65 #see below 17
1971 Quarter Dougherty Judge 66-65 Bill Magarity 25
1970 Final Dougherty North Catholic 45-44 Paul Tucker 16
1968 Final O'Hara Judge *53-52 Joe Hazinsky 15
1961 Final St. Thomas More Dougherty 48-47 Larry White 13
1959 Final West Catholic Judge 59-58 Jim Boyle 18
1959 Semi Judge St. James 61-60 John Andreoli 19
1957 Semi North Catholic West Catholic 58-57 Zeke Zawacki 15
1956 Final North Catholic La Salle 48-47 Josh Keenan 16
1953 Final West Catholic La Salle 53-52 Bill Lindsay 16
1951 Semi West Catholic South Catholic 41-40 Jack Devine 13
1923 Final SJ Prep Salesianum (DE) 22-21 Jocko Collins 14
*-John Przybylinski and Bob Coppolino scored 12 apiece
#-Doug Romanczuk and Barry Brodzinski scored 17 apiece

FEB. 17
So, do you enjoy witnessing history? Then you've seen it this week if you've checked out the all-star teams picked by the Catholic and Inter-Ac coaches. This is the first time the coaches have honored two freshmen apiece. In the CL, Carroll's AJ Hoggard and Roman's Lynn Greer were third-teamers. In the I-A, which always names just two teams, Malvern's Deuce Turner and Penn Charter's Ryan "Pooch" Holmes were second-teamers. In this century, just eight frosh total had been honored and a CL young-'un had not been part of the club since 2000. And, check this out, the guy MOST responsible for paving the way for Kashif Payne to get to Carroll was the legendary Thomas "Hockey Puck" McKenna! The Puckster is now an assistant at Roman, but in those days he worked for then-Carroll coach John "J.R." Roe and drove people crazy (in a good way -- ha ha) on the summer basketball trail. Puck saw Kashif, then an eighth grader, playing for an AAU team and told J.R., "Yo, you should bwing that Kashif kid to Cawwoll." Bingo, it happened. Payne scored 1,032 points in three seasons at Carroll, then transferred to a prep school in New England. He is not alone in the Didn't Finish Club. Four other guys on the list below also headed to other schools before completing their careers at Haverford School (three) or Penn Charter (one). In the good, ol' previous century, two I-A players earned first team honors as freshmen (and then for three more years) -- Germantown Academy's Paul Hutter in '67 and Malvern's Gordy Bryan in '75.

Frosh All-Cath/All-Int Honorees in This Century
Year Name School Team
2017 AJ Hoggard Carroll 3rd
  Lynn Greer Roman 3rd
  Deuce Turner Malvern 2nd
  Ryan "Pooch" Holmes Penn Charter 2nd
2015 *Cameron Reddish Haverford School 2nd
2014 Nick Alikakos Episcopal 2nd
2012 *Sammy Foreman Haverford School 2nd
2007 *Travis Robinson Penn Charter 2nd
  *Danny Stewart Haverford School 2nd
2003 Gerald Henderson Episcopal 2nd
2002 Zack Zeglinski Penn Charter 2nd
2000 *Kashif Payne Carroll 3rd
*did not complete career at that school

FEB. 16
First a disclaimer: Kyle McCloskey is not my nephew. He's not any kind of relation. Not even a sixth cousin (smile). But the dude keeps pulling off noteworthy feats that need to be acknowledged, so here we go again. Yesterday, in a first round game within the PAISAA Tournament, Germantown Academy beat Academy of the New Church, 66-49, and McCloskey, a sr. F who's bound for Villanova to play quarterback, scored 33 points. This is year No. 15 for postseason action for Inter-Ac teams and no one else has scored that many. GA's Nick Lindner, against the same opponent, had scored 31 in 2012. Patriots dominate the list below. From 2003 through '08, the Inter-Ac held a postseason, for-entertainment-purposes only tourney. Like always, the champions were determined by the results of the regular season. The I-A signed up for PAISAA Tourney in 2009. PAISAA stands for Pennsylvania Independent Schools Athletic Association. Julian McFadden is the first-year at what's now SCH Academy. Sammy Zeglinski is the brother of Ryan coach Joe Zeglinski.  

Top Point Performances by Inter-Ac Players in Postseason Tourneys, 2003-2017
Name Year School Opponent Pts W-L
#Kyle McCloskey 2017 Gtn. Academy Academy NC 33 Won
Nick Lindner 2012 Gtn. Academy Academy NC 31 Won
Cameron Ayers 2010 Gtn. Academy Abington Fds 30 Won
Cameron Ayers 2010 Gtn. Academy Chestnut Hill 30 Won
Andrew Ott 2006 Gtn. Academy Penn Charter 30 Won
*Sean Singletary 2003 Penn Charter Gtn. Academy 30 Won
Devon Goodman 2014 Gtn. Academy Kiski 29 Lost
Sean O'Brien 2014 Penn Charter Academy NC 29 Lost
Taylor Wright 2010 Episcopal Shipley 29 Won
Tim Guers 2014 Gtn. Academy Kiski 29 Lost
#Evan-Eric Longino 2016 Gtn. Academy Hill School 28 Won
Cameron Ayers 2010 Gtn. Academy Friends' Cent. 27 Lost
Jeff Holton 2009 Gtn. Academy Hill School 27 Won
Sammy Zeglinski 2007 Penn Charter Chestnut Hill 27 Won
*Wayne Ellington 2005 Episcopal Gtn. Academy 27 Won
Julian McFadden 2004 Chestnut Hill Malvern 27 Lost
Levan "Shawn" Alston 2015 Haver. School Phelps 26 Lost
#Guy Lawrence 2009 Chestnut Hill Hill School 26 Lost
Travis Robinson 2008 Penn Charter Gtn. Academy 26 Lost
*Sean Singletary 2004 Penn Charter Gtn. Academy 26 Won
*Sean Singletary 2003 Penn Charter Episcopal 26 Won
Devon Goodman 2016 Gtn. Academy Westtown 25 Lost
*Gerald Henderson 2006 Episcopal Gtn. Academy 25 Won
Brian Grimes 2005 Gtn. Academy Episcopal 25 Lost
Andrew Ott 2004 Gtn. Academy Malvern 25 Won
*-advanced to NBA          

FEB. 15
First Round
Penn Charter 66, Shipley 54

  Let's start with some wacko and/or noteworthy nuggets: The teams' first meeting on Dec. 8, played at PC, yielded a 70-50 win for Shipley, so tonight's result produced a 32-point swing . . . PC led at halftime, 28-25, even though it owned NO steals . . . Sr. PF Justus Sanders wound up claiming 12 rebounds, the highest total this season by a PC player . . . The Quakers scored the final 14 points, in part because Shipley was hit with two techs . . . PC (13-12) is now assured of finishing with at least a .500 overall record . . . In the fourth quarter, the Gators scored all 15 of their points on three-pointers . . . Fifteen of the last 16 field goals notched by sr. WG Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky, a lefty, have been treys. He rained down three tonight . . . OK, on to the regular part of this report. One thing I absolutely knew heading into this game, played at Shipley with a 6 o'clock start: sr. PG Adam Holland would play VERY well. Going back decades, guys who miss out on all-league honors ALWAYS have something to prove in the playoffs and ALWAYS (well, almost -- smile) perform at a high level. I saw Adam yesterday at PC while the girls played Germantown Academy and happened to mention to him, with the all-league results in mind, "They sold you out." He responded with a smile, "It's all good." I said while wrapping up the quick exchange, "No, it was bad." Baseball is Adam's primary sport and he's bound for Rutgers to play it. But he's strong and aggressive and always BRINGS it in hoops and tonight he made the difference, finishing with 16 points (5-for-8, 6-for-9) and five assists. His pinpoint passes set up Neeko for two early treys and those buckets were part of a march to a 16-7 lead through eight minutes. He also contributed six points and two dimes in a 26-15 fourth quarter and made sure the ball was treasured. His basket came on an ever-hard drive that he capped with a lefthanded layup, handing PC a 52-51 lead with 2:40 left. Frosh G Khai Champion drained a right wing trey to put the Gators ahead, 54-52, but that would be it for their point total, folks. The first tech was called after Sanders made a steal near Shipley's basket. Jr. WG Mason Williams (20 points, four treys, 6-for-6 at line) hit both free throws and the Q's were on their way. The rest of the points also were posted from the charity stripe. Frosh WG Ryan "Pooch" Holmes finished with 11 points while sr. F Dylan Burnett mixed six points with five boards. There was one distressing moment. With three minutes left in the third quarter, PC jr. WG-SF Will Samuel made a dive for a loose ball in front of PC's bench. His body was flat on the floor, face down. Right after Will gained possession, a Shipley player fell on Will, butt first, on the upper part of his back. Will's forehead slammed into the floor. He was able to stand up, but he was in obvious agony and kept lightly tapping his forehead as if to indicate, "Man, something just happened in there. What's the deal?" Will then left the court area with PC trainer Jessica Rawlings and did not return until late in the fourth quarter. Not sure where things stand. Hang in there, Will. Best of luck! Jr. G Sam Sessoms (18), Champion (14) and sr. G Kiyon Hardy (13) scored in double digits for Shipley. Ray Somerville, a 6-9 soph (at least) and admittedly raw, took just two shots and hardly ever was offered an entry pass. Arcadia coach Justin Scott, scouting guru Allen Rubin and PA announcer Jake "The Voice" Schwartz topped the legends-in-attendance list. PC's quarterfinal opponent will be Germantown Academy. Details TBA. . . One last thing: This afternoon I went to PC to kill time by doing research on the boys lacrosse program in old student newspapers. Guess who won the 1980 Inter-Ac championship? EVERYBODY. There was a five-way tie for the crown. Only in the Int! Ha, ha.

FEB. 15
Germantown Academy's Evan-Eric Longino beat teammate Kyle McCloskey by two points for the Inter-Ac scoring title, then the latter edged out the former for league Most Outstanding Player honors. This is the ninth time in 50 years that one school has produced the top two vote-getters and the third time GA has pulled off the feat. Beyond that, this is the second time the double-dip combo has been part of a co-champion instead of an outright champ. In 1995, the top two guys were Malvern's Ben Davis, later a major league catcher, and Ryan Polley. Polley was also the first team All-Inter-Ac quarterback in 1994 and a lacrosse whiz. He starred in that sport at Merrimack and is now the head coach at Boston University. The Friars shared that title with GA. In '72, Penn Charter snared the top three spots thanks to Ed Enoch, Tim O'Rourke and Barnes Hauptfuhrer. That had happened only one other time. In '46, Friends' Central's Walt Armstrong, Jim Pooley and Don Huntzinger finished 1-2-3. Inter-Ac hoops began in the 1923-24 school year. 

1-2 Inter-Ac Sweeps by One School, 1968-2017
Year Name Sch. G Pts Avg.
2017 Kyle McCloskey GA 10 230 23.0
  Evan-Eric Longino GA 10 232 23.2
2012 Brendan Kilpatrick MP 10 155 15.5
  Steve Perpiglia MP 10 131 13.1
2009 Cameron Ayers GA 10 132 13.2
  Jeff Holton GA 10 121 12.1
2006 *Wayne Ellington EA 10 209 20.9
  *Gerald Henderson EA 10 206 20.6
2005 *Wayne Ellington EA 10 189 18.9
  *Gerald Henderson EA 10 154 15.4
1995 #Ben Davis MP 10 174 17.4
  Ryan Polley MP 10 141 14.1
1985 Rick Williams GA 10 160 16.0
  Otis Ellis GA 10 183 18.3
1973 Charlie Floyd MP 10 192 19.2
  Emmett Fitzgerald MP 10 130 13.0
1972 Ed Enoch PC 10 155 15.5
  Tim O'Rourke PC 10 148 14.8
  Barnes Hauptfuhrer PC 10 152 15.2
*advanced to NBA        
#advanced to MLB        

FEB. 14
Given his choice, Wood's Seth Pinkney, a 6-10 junior, probably would prefer to average 25 points per game and reach that number thanks to numerous entry passes leading to dunks. Well, this is the 2016-17 season, folks, and basketball is mostly a perimeter game. Plus, Pinkney is still feeling his way and his body is nowhere close to being finished. As a result, he averaged just 5.9 points in the just-completed Catholic League regular season . . . but, hey, in one way that turned out to be a good thing. Since at least 1950, Seth owns the third-lowest average (in a tie) for someone who earned All-Catholic honors. So it's nice that the coaches, who are often accused of caring only about points at selection time, made sure to recognize his importance to the regular season champs. Wood coach John Mosco said Seth is averaging about six rebounds and four blocks per game and I can only imagine how many shots he alters or how often he forces opponents to rethink whether taking a close-in shot would even make sense. Most of the guys on the list below were point guards. Only one player, Ryan PG Chris Kozole in 2002, earned first team honors. In 1999, in the Northern Division, all five guys on third team averaged 10 points per game. They were, in order of selection, La Salle's Steve Erfle (9.6), Judge's Chris Roantree (8.2), Wood's Brian Riling (9.6) and Dougherty's Greg Mayo (9.9) and Robert Carter (7.9). Know what Roantree does now? He's an assistant to Mosco and interacts with Pinkney every day.  

All-Catholic Honorees With Lowest Scoring Averages, 1950-2017
Name School Year Team G Pts Avg.
Hanif Sutton N-G 2013 3rd 11 52 4.7
Chris Farrell Judge 1979 3rd 15 74 4.9
Woody Redding North 2009 2nd 14 82 5.9
Seth Pickney Wood 2017 2nd 13 77 5.9
Hanif Edwards North 2005 3rd 14 88 6.3
Khavaughn Shannon Dougherty 2000 2nd 14 90 6.4
Robert Georges McDevitt 2000 3rd 14 94 6.7
Mike Kearney Prep 2004 3rd 13 87 6.7
Billy McDevitt West 1976 3rd 12 81 6.8
Fran Gavaghan Judge 1978 3rd 15 103 6.9
Joe Kilroy Bonner 1980 3rd 14 96 6.9
Ed Bongard La Salle 1998 3rd 14 96 6.9
Chris Kozole Ryan 2002 1st 14 96 6.9

FEB. 13
Wood sr. G Collin Gillespie, a Villanova commit, did not exactly come out of Nowhere to capture the Catholic League's 2017 scoring title. He did come out of Mediumwhere, though, because his point total in 2016 was 162 and this year's zoomed all the way up to 313. How common is such a rise? Wellllll . . . The list below shows all improvements of at least 100 points by senior overall scoring champs over the last 50 seasons. The No. 1 guy is Dougherty's Terry "Doc" Watson, who racked up 364 on the heels of 46. But look at the No. 2 guy, West Catholic's Kevin Smith. In 1988-89, he scored three points in a very early non-league game vs. La Salle and then became strictly a JV player (after getting cut from the JV as a soph). But in 1989-90, as a 6-1, 150-pound small forward, he exploded for 296 points in 14 Southern Division games for a 21.1 average. Keep in mind, some guys played in as many as 16 league games while others played in as few as 13. Boxscores don't list non-scorers, so that's why I went with total points for junior years instead of averages. . . Roman's Jim O'Brien, the overall Markward Club winner as the city's top senior in 1970, is now a 76ers assistant.     

Seniors Who Led CL in Scoring Thanks to a Big Jump From Junior Year, 1968-2017
Name School Year G Pts Avg. Jr. Pts Diff.
Terry "Doc" Watson Dougherty 1979 16 364 22.8 46 318
Kevin Smith West 1990 14 296 21.1 0 296
Mike O'Hara O'Hara 1987 14 297 21.2 13 284
Kenny Dailey Dougherty 1982 16 354 22.1 91 263
Don Hobson North 1974 16 306 19.1 47 259
Kevin Fitzpatrick Ryan 1977 16 365 22.8 165 200
Donnie Carr Roman 1996 14 380 27.1 193 187
Jim Bolger Kenrick 1981 16 353 22.1 168 185
Jim O'Brien Roman 1970 16 307 19.2 122 185
Neal McGee SJ Prep 1992 14 326 23.3 148 178
Ryan Daly Carroll 2016 13 288 22.2 133 155
Collin Gillespie Wood 2017 13 313 24.1 162 151
Monroe Blakes West 1988 14 385 27.5 246 139
Hank Siemiontkowski North 1968 16 361 22.6 225 136
*Rasual Butler Roman 1998 14 374 26.7 243 131
Barry Bekkedam Carroll 1986 14 330 23.6 200 130
Marshall Taylor West 2004 14 305 21.8 181 124
Tony Hayden SJ Prep 1995 14 244 17.4 127 117
*Marc Jackson Roman 1993 14 254 18.1 143 111
Jamal Nwaniemeka Conwell-Egan 2012 13 317 24.4 215 102
Ryan Presson McDevitt 1997 14 320 22.9 218 102
*-advanced to NBA              

FEB. 11
OK, Germantown Academy's baseball players. The pressure is on! (smile). Your school's football and basketball teams have claimed Inter-Ac League championships (shared) this school year. Will you do the same? Since the 1923-24 school year, when basketball became an official league sport, a hat trick in the three major sports has been posted seven times. Penn Charter owns the list below with six. Malvern did so in 2011-12. PC's 1963-64 squads stormed to a combined 28-1 mark (.966) and the combo mark in 1954-55 was 23-1 (.958).

Three Major Inter-Ac Sports Titles in Same School Year, 1924-2017
Year School Foot Bask Base
2016-17 Germantown Academy *4-1 *8-2 ??
2011-12 Malvern 5-0 8-2 10-0
1993-94 Penn Charter 4-0 *8-2 9-1
1985-86 Penn Charter *3-0-1 9-1 10-0
1963-64 Penn Charter 5-0 12-0 11-1
1962-63 Penn Charter *4-1 10-0 11-1
1955-56 Penn Charter 3-0-1 7-3 10-2
1954-55 Penn Charter 3-1 10-0 10-0

FEB. 10
Two days ago, we posted a list that detailed close battles for Inter-Ac League scoring titles going back to 1967-68. Today it's the Catholic League's turn and we're doing it BEFORE league play ends because the top two guys, N-G's Quade Green (23.9) and Wood's Collin Gillespie (23.8), are only one-tenth of a point apart. Fire away, guys! (Within reason. Ha, ha.) Like the Inter-Ac list, this one highlights only duels where both guys averaged at least 18 points. Unlike that list, this one includes seasons back to 1949-50 thanks to Tom Taylor's dogged research. In the '72 season, third place went to O'Hara's Mike Arizin, son of NBA all-time Paul Arizin, and he was only two-tenths behind the second place guy, North Catholic's Barry Brodzinski. Same deal in '14: N-G's Ja'Quan Newton, now at Miami, was two-tenths behind runnerup Chris Clover (SJ Prep, Hawk Hill).

Close Battles for Catholic Scoring Crown, 1950-2017
Name School Year Marg. G Pts Avg
Quade Green N-G '17 .1 11 261 23.9
Collin Gillespie Wood '17   11 260 23.8
Bob DeFino Bonner '61 .2 14 287 20.5
George Sutor Judge '61   15 304 20.3
Kevin Fitzpatrick Ryan '77 .2 16 365 22.8
Joe Schoen North '77   16 361 22.6
Charron Fisher Roman '02 .3 14 295 21.1
Andrew Holland C-E '02   14 291 20.8
Amar Stukes La Salle '13 .3 13 264 20.3
Stephen Vasturia Prep '13   13 260 20.0
*Maur. "Mo" Howard Prep '72 .5 14 301 21.5
Barry Brodzinski North '72   15 315 21.0
Mike O'Hara O'Hara '87 .6 14 297 21.2
Tom Dunn Carroll '87   14 288 20.6
Neal McGee Prep '92 .9 14 326 23.3
*Cuttino "Cat" Mobley Dougherty '92   16 358 22.4
Kenny Dailey Dougherty '82 1.0 16 354 22.1
Chip Greenberg La Salle '82   15 318 21.1
Tyrell Long McDevitt '14 1.0 13 299 23.0
Chris Clover Prep '14   13 286 22.0
Charron Fisher Roman '03 1.0 14 295 21.1
DeSean White Dougherty '03   14 281 20.1
*-advanced to NBA            

FEB. 9
Craig Conlin, a 1985 grad, starred in basketball at La Salle High (second team All-City in a VERY strong year -- 1,202 career points) and was also a pitcher-first baseman in baseball. He also played college hoops at La Salle (1,159 career points) and was a three-year starter under coach Speedy Morris. Now, he has become the first guy in a LONG time to coach Inter-Ac teams to championships in two of the three major sports. Craig is in his sixth season as Episcopal Academy's basketball boss and on Tuesday the Churchmen earned a share of the I-A title at 8-2. In his previous coaching life (smile), Craig guided the baseball squad at GA for nine seasons (1999-2007) and captured I-A crowns in 2003, '04 and '07. His '04 team was an over-the-top all-timer. Those Patriots finished 32-2 overall (10-0 league) and reeled off 24 consecutive wins. Eight players earned honors on my Daily News All-City team: OF Sean Grieve (1st), P Joe Matteo (1st), INF Danny Overcash (2nd), P Matt Bruderek (2nd), OF Kevin "Windshield" Gordon (2nd), INF Andrew Hanson (3rd), OF Matt Brown (3rd) and P Pete "Paco" Vernon (3rd). In case you're wondering, I gave Gordon that nickname after he hit a foul ball that broke the windshield of a car that was driving past GA's former field (the left field line was parallel to Morris Road.) Luckily, no one was hurt. Craig stepped down as GA's baseball coach after the '07 season and accepted the EA hoops job in May 2010 -- he replaced the legendary Dan Dougherty -- after serving for many seasons as an assistant to GA coach Jim Fenerty. Congrats to Craig, who's part of one the top families in city-leagues sports history. Brothers Ken and Chris, a k a "Buck" (NFL), are McDevitt grads. Keith and Kevin, like Craig, attended La Salle High and, like Chris, played football at Penn State. Below is some info on other I-A coaches with championships in at least two of the "major" sports. Friends' Central's Doug Crate captured crowns in all three and twice won two in the same school year. Thanks to Mike Herron, the go-to guy for Episcopal sports, for providing the nudge to put together this nugget.
  UPDATE: Penn Charter's Henry "Dick" Merritt, Dr. Albert Sharpe and Samuel "Duke" Taylor have been added.    

Other Inter-Ac Coaches With Championships in Multiple "Major" Sports
(Historical Info on Baseball Is Incomplete)
Name School Sport Championships (*-Tie)
Doug Crate Friends' Central Football *1930, *1933
  Friends' Central Basketball 1931, 1939
  Friends' Central Baseball *1934
  Three-sport star at Camden (NJ) and Lafayette; won 31 consecutive basketball games
Bill Crowell Haver. School Football 1925, *1926
  Haver. School Basketball 1927
  Head referee in Army-Navy game
Frank Fitts Friends' Central Football *1946
  Friends' Central Basketball *1945, 1946-47
  Later head football coach at PMC (now Widener) and recreation director of city of Chester
Charlie Gault Haver. School Baseball 1931, 1932, *1934, *1935
  Haver. School Basketball *1935, 1937
  Gtn. Academy Baseball *1945, *1946
  Scout for Connie Mack's Phila. A's; Named coach of Penn's 150-pound team in '51
Ray Keegan Episcopal Football 1939, *1940, 1941-43
  Episcopal Baseball 1935, 1939-41, 1947-49
  Starred at Springfield (MA) High and Harvard
Ed Lawless Gtn. Academy Football *1950, 1952, 1956, *1959, 1960
  Gtn. Academy Baseball 1959
  Roman product; Penn's QB in '47; Marine lieutenant in Korea; head FB coach at PMC
Henry "Dick" Merritt Penn Charter Baseball *1913, *1914, 1916, *1917, 1918, 1924
  Penn Charter Football 1913-24, 1932
  Won 13 football titles and every one was outright; perfect in league play for 12 straight seasons!
Dr. Albert Sharpe Penn Charter Football 1901, 1905, 1906, *1907, 1909, 1910
  Penn Charter Baseball 1906, *1907, 1908, *1909, 1910-11
  Later coached football at Yale and Cornell; later a Red Cross administrator
Samuel "Duke" Taylor Penn Charter Baseball *1930, 1936
  Penn Charter Basketball *1932, 1934, *1935, 1936, 1938, 1940-44,
      *1945, 1948, *1951, 1952-53, *1961
  Won 336 basketball games and was undefeated in league play six times
Fred "Doc" Wallace St. Luke's Football *1926
  Haver. School Basketball 1928
  Haver. School Football 1931, 1935-37, *1938, *1940
      1944-45, *1946, 1951, *1953
  Spent 16 years as HS' track coach; named baseball coach in '44; prominent college FB ref

FEB. 8
How amazing was this? In an Inter-Ac finale yesterday, sr. F Kyle McCloskey poured in 44 points as Germantown Academy swept past Malvern, 87-80, to earn a share of the championship . . . and wound up losing the league scoring crown by two points to GA sr. G Evan-Eric Longino, who scored 25 points. Close finishes for the scoring crown are not that uncommon. In fact, over the last 50 seasons (1968-2017), four guys have won the average battle by one-tenth of a point. One was Aaron Carter, who now writes for the Daily News/Inquirer and is known by the nickname ("Ace") he picked up while playing for Bloomsburg. Aaron took the title as a junior at Penn Charter. His senior season was marred by an injury. Kyle and Evan-Eric are the second teammates to finish extra close to each other. In 2006, future NBAers Wayne Ellington (20.9) and Gerald Henderson (20.6) finished three-tenths apart. They evenly divided 44 points on the final day. Their respective highs over the 10 games: 30 for Wayne and 29 for Gerald. In 1992, future NBAer Alvin Williams (GA) edged Tim Krug (PC) by one point, 202-201, and right behind Tim was Chestnut Hill's Dave Miller at 200! He's now PC's baseball coach. Meanwhile, McCloskey broke his own record for most points by an Inter-Ac lefty. He'd recently scored 43 points in the Patriots' 100-98, five-OT win over Haverford School.     

Close Battles for Inter-Ac Scoring Crown, 1968-2017
Name Team Year Marg. G Pts Avg.
Gateson Recko CH '88 .1 10 218 21.8
Gary Duda MP '88   10 217 21.7
*Alvin Williams GA '92 .1 10 202 20.2
Tim Krug PC '92   10 201 20.1
Aaron Carter PC '97 .1 10 196 19.6
Julius Williams GA '97   10 195 19.5
Lamar Stevens HS '15 .1 10 191 19.1
Nick Alikakos EA '15   10 190 19.0
Evan-Eric Longino GA '17 .2 10 232 23.2
Kyle McCloskey GA '17   10 230 23.0
*Wayne Ellington EA '06 .3 10 209 20.9
*Gerald Henderson EA '06   10 206 20.6
Rodney Duncan GA '75 .4 8 187 20.8
Mike Purcell HS '75   10 204 20.4
Steve Nesmith MP '81 .4 10 202 20.2
Charles Hickman EA '81   10 198 19.8
Sean O'Brien PC '14 .4 10 187 18.7
Tim Guers GA '14   10 183 18.3
Gerry Williams CH '84 .6 10 201 20.1
John Huver MP '84   9 176 19.5
*Matt Walsh GA '02 .6 9 222 24.7
Cameron Youngblood HS '02   10 241 24.1
Charlie Floyd MP '72 .7 10 194 19.4
Frank McCann HS '72   10 187 18.7
Brian Grandieri MP '03 .8 10 191 19.1
*Rob Kurz PC '03   10 183 18.3
Pat Purcell MP '77 .9 10 223 22.3
Mike Edelman HS '77   10 214 21.4
*-advanced to NBA            

FEB. 7
Haverford School 70, Penn Charter 50

  Especially for February, today was rather balmy. Quite fitting because this game resembled something you'd see in a summer league. Not the most intense contest ever. Not even close. To boot, the spectators were mostly uninvolved. Oh, well. Guess that's how things go when the league's meaningful games are being played elsewhere. Germantown Academy (over Malvern) and Episcopal (over SCH Academy) earned triumphs to tie for the championship at 8-2. PC did a flip-flop at 2-8 while the Fords finished 7-3. HS rolled to an 8-3 lead in the first 2:10 and, as things turned out, the game was pretty much over. Coach Bernie Rogers' squad wound up expanding its pad to 13-5 by hitting its first five shots (three treys) and the next bucket assured the fact that all five starters had already scored. At halftime the score was 35-22 and HS owned a from-the-floor shooting percentage of 65.0 thanks to a 13-for-20 performance. Overall, the Fords wound up shooting 27-for-41 (65.9, geeeeeezus!). Hard to believe this squad came into the contest with five losses in its last six games. The skid began with a 100-98, five-OT heartbreaker vs. GA. The other setbacks were suffered against Episcopal and Malvern in league play and St. Joseph's Prep and Peddie (NJ) in non-league play. The lone win (game No. 4 of the six) was notched against SCH Academy. Jr. G Kharon Randolph led the Fords with 20 points. He shot 7-for-9 from the floor (three treys) while showing the two desirable dribbling postures -- wide and very skinny. Both enabled him to get around/through guys. Soph WG-SF Christian Ray added 14 points and soph WG Gavin Burke hit two early triples en route to 12 points. Jr. G TJ Malone, a sub, had the best second-half moment. He got absolutely hammered on a drive but made the layup and added a free throw for his first-ever I-A points. Doubtful he'll ever forget the sequence. Congrats, kid. Only jr. WG Mason Williams (11), with major help from three treys in the second quarter, scored more than six points for PC. Sr. PG Adam Holland, who attempted just four shots from the floor, finished with five points. His final league total was 99, meaning he just missed averaging double figures. No one had more than four rebounds. Unless the Quakers (now 12-12) somehow earn two triumphs in the upcoming PAISAA tourney, they won't finish the season with a winning overall record. . . Had a brush with a celebrity about 75 minutes before the game only because I couldn't find a Wawa along Lancaster Avenue. Needing to get a sandwich for dinner (wolfed down in the car between the varsity/JV games), I stopped at a Sunoco station not far from Villanova. One of those places that offers gas on the outside and has a 7-11 type store on the inside. Walked through the door, looked around a little and heard someone behind me say, "Ted!" Turned around and it was . . . fellow PC grad ('83) Ruben Amaro! Ha, ha. Ruben, a former MLBer and the Phillies' general manager, is now a coach with the Boston Red Sox. We talked a little and he said, as requested, he'd say hello to brother David (PC '80) and mom Judy. He'll be headed to spring training soon. Great to see you, Ruben! Best of luck this season!

FEB. 7
Well, folks, just two games remain in the Catholic League regular season and a special achievement is still very possible. Going back to 1968, just four times have five guys finished with averages as high as 19.0. Right now the 2017 total is four and one more guy is on the doorstep. Below are details for all times over the last 50 seasons when at least three guys averaged at least 19. There is one father-son combo, Mo (played in NBA) and Ashley Howard (Villanova assistant). Some other nuggets: Martin Ingelsby is Delaware's coach. (His dad, O'Hara product Tom, played in the NBA and coached Martin at Carroll). Craig Conlin is Episcopal's coach. His brother, McDevitt product Chris "Buck", played in the NFL. Eddie Malloy refs in the NBA. Ryan Presson's dad, Ron Tyson, is a second-generation (but long-time) Temptation. The late John Rankin is the father of Houston Texans wideout Jaelen Strong. Mike Arizin is the son of NBA all-timer Paul Arizin. Matt Mihalich is the brother of Hofstra coach Joe Mihalich.

At Least Three CL Guys With 19-Point Averages, 1968-2017
Year Name School G Pts Avg.
2017 Quade Green N-G 11 263 23.9
  Collin Gillespie Wood 11 262 23.8
  Patrick Robinson C-E 11 220 20.0
  Marc Rodriguez Judge 11 216 19.6
  Jaye'lyn Peebles O'H 11 206 18.7
2014 Tyrell Long McDevitt 13 299 23.0
  Chris Clover Prep 13 286 22.0
  Ja'Quan Newton N-G 13 284 21.8
2011 Joe Getz Wood 13 263 20.2
  Juan'ya Green Carroll 13 255 19.6
  Eric Fleming Ryan 13 250 19.2
  Stephen Vasturia Prep 13 249 19.2
2002 Charron Fisher Roman 14 295 21.1
  Andrew Holland C-E 14 291 20.8
  Ryan Rich K-K 14 277 19.8
2000 *Eddie Griffin Roman 10 261 26.1
  Fran Grandieri O'Hara 14 325 23.2
  Nate Lewis West 13 261 20.1
  Jamar Stokes Prep 14 274 19.6
  Wayne Bishop McDevitt 14 269 19.2
1999 *Eddie Griffin Roman 14 359 25.6
  Kasim Holloman Prep 14 341 24.4
  Ashley Howard Bonn 14 333 23.8
1998 *Rasual Butler Roman 14 374 26.7
  Tim Whalen Wood 14 287 20.5