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SEPT. 28
  In the 1992-93 school year, which turned out to be the final one for St. James High, in Chester, Michael Menichini filled the role of class president and basketball captain. In the Bulldogs' final game, a loss to Carroll on Feb. 28, he scored eight points. Six years later, he was fatally injured in a Jeep accident in Florida. Tomorrow, Michael will be inducted into the Saint James Wall of Honor. Nineteen years ago, a group of friends and family members started a scholarship fund to honor Michael's memory and, thanks primarily to the Michael Menichini Golf Classic, held each June at Paxon Hollow Country Club, in Broomall, more than $300,000 has been raised and distributed to high school and college scholar-athletes in the Delaware Valley. Jim Tucker, long a Catholic League football official, grew up with Michael's parents, Ralph and Helene, and their families have remained close to this day. Michael's sister, Lauren, was an All-Catholic basketball honoree at O'Hara and played in college at Mount Saint Mary. "Tuck" is heavily involved with the scholarship fund and we thank him for letting us know about this special honor for Michael. Congrats and best wishes to everyone involved.

A pic of Michael, as shown at the Wall of Honor ceremony. Provided by
Jim Tucker.

Here is a bio, as also provided by Tuck . . .

Michael Menichini
St. James High School
Class of 1993
St. James High School 1989 -1993

Academics and Scholastics
Michael was a 4-year honor student at St. James.

Extracurricular Activities
1993 Senior Class President – Student Council
Michael was elected Class President by his peers marking him as the last class president at St. James.

1993 St. James Student Transition Team Leader
At the announcement of the closing of St James, Michael was commissioned by then principal, Father Brugger, to lead a team of St. James student council representatives to discuss opportunities for St. James underclassmen at Cardinal O’Hara and Monsignor Bonner. These meetings allowed for the St. James team to learn about and discuss the cultures of these schools to determine “best possible fits” for the St. James student community. As a follow-up, Michael presented to the individual St. James underclasses the discovered information from these meetings with the objective being to assist them in making an informed decision about which school might best fit their needs.

1993 Organizer of the “Save St. James” Student Committee
Michael organized a group of students dedicated to “Saving St. James.” This group was organized to assist the Alumni Association in raising funds to keep the school open. The group spent many evenings telephone canvassing, stuffing envelopes, soliciting financial assistance from local businesses, and contacting alumni with the express objective of “Keeping St. James Open.” Michael worked with and through Bob McLaughlin among many other dedicated alumni who at the time were instrumental in the Alumni Association’s drive to raise the funds needed to keep the school open.

1993 The student face and voice to the local community to “Save St. James”
Father Brugger raised up Michael to represent St. James in numerous local television Interviews to explain the culture and rich history of St. James from a students’ perspective. He became the student face and voice of St. James during the closing year. He often conducted interviews on the steps of St. James with local media outlets. Michael was selected by the school administrators as the Student Representative to present the case to keep St. James open from a students’ perspective to then Philadelphia Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua at a meeting that was organized by the School Officials and the Alumni Association. It was estimated that there were between 1-2 thousand people in attendance.

Michael was awarded the Youth Merit Award presented by the Rotary Club of Chester, Pa. in recognition of outstanding qualities of Service, Dependability, and Leadership signed and executed by Frank Hashorva – President.

The 1993 Alumni Award
Given to the Senior who has contributed the most to the Student Council of the school.

The Principal’s Award
This is the highest honor the St. James High School can bestow. The Principal’s Award is given to those who have achieved extraordinary excellence or displayed outstanding service and dedication to St James

1990-1993 St. James Varsity Basketball – Captain – 1993 Team
Michael was the last captain of the St. James Varsity Basketball Team where he finished the 1993 Season as the leading scorer and 2nd leading rebounder.
Michael was a member of the 1990 Freshman Basketball Team. He was a member of the 1991 JV Team. He was a 2-year member of the Varsity Basketball Team playing under Coach Tom Stewart.

1991-1993 St. James Track Team – 2 year Varsity Letter Winner
Michael was a member of the Track Team competing in his Junior and Senior years in both the High Jump and Broad Jump Categories.

Catholic League Awards
Michael was selected Honorable-Mention in basketball by the Catholic League Coaches for the 1992-1993 Season. Michael was selected to play in the Annual Catholic League All-Star Game.

March, 1993 William H. Markward Memorial Basketball Club Weekly Award Winner
The Markward award is given to the most outstanding basketball player from the Catholic, Public, and Interacademic Basketball Leagues. During the course of the season, weekly awards are given. Michael was one of the weekly Catholic League selections of the Markward Basketball Club. The final award is given to 1 player chosen from the group of weekly winners.

Delaware County Awards
Michael was named Honorable Mention All-Delaware County. He was selected to play in the annual Delaware County Coaches Association All-Star Game.
Michael was a member of the Daily Times Athletic Honor Role awarded for outstanding achievement in Basketball during the 1992-1993 season as certified by Bob Tenant - Sports Editor – DC Daily Times

Post-St. James
1993 Received a Partial Basketball Scholarship - $10,000/year
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science – Philadelphia, PA
1995-1996 Michael transferred from PCPS to Penn St. Brandywine
1995-1996 Selected Captain of the Penn St. Brandywine College Basketball Team

Michael led his team in scoring (20.5 ppg) and rebounding (7 pg).

1995-1996 Selected 1st Team All-Conference – Commonwealth Athletic Conference
1995-1996 Philadelphia Area Small College Basketball Association - Samuel Cozens Award Winner

Awarded to best small college players in the Philadelphia Area

In addition to being named a Sam Cozens award winner, Michael was selected to the Philadelphia Area Small College Basketball Association All-Star Team and participated in their annual All-Star game.

Coaching Experience
1997-1998 Assistant Coach – Penn St. Brandywine Women’s Basketball Team.
Head Coach: Brian Donoghue Athletic Director: Tiz Griffith
1998-1999 Assistant Coach – Penn St Brandywine Men’s Basketball Team.

Head Coach: Bill Wiley Athletic Director: Tiz Griffith

Michael received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Penn St. University in 1997
Michael worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry from 1997 to 1999 as a sales representative.
Michael Menichini passed away on March 11, 1999 at the age of 24.

Michael Menichini Scholarship Fund
In 1999, in memory of Michael’s name, several friends and family members chaired and directed by Jim Tucker of West Chester incorporated the Michael Menichini Scholarship Fund. The fund was instituted to provide basketball scholarships to players with identified financial need chosen by the school’s financial aid department. During the course of the past 17 years, scholarships have been provided to players from both the men’s and women’s basketball programs at Cardinal O’Hara, Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast; Archbishop Carroll; Penn St. Brandywine; University of the Sciences and Calvary Baptist International School.

There were 2 sponsored outings each year. There was a 3-on-3 basketball tournament held in Avalon, NJ. The tourney was in operation for 7 years. There remains an annual golf tournament held at Paxon Hollow Country Club on the first Friday in June. 2016 marked the 17th year for the outing. The Fund is approaching awarding $300,000 in scholarships to deserving individuals.

  Kevin Silary's report on a game from the 2008 season . . .
FEB. 2, 2008
Kevin Silary's FULL Report on the GAMP-Audubon game, which was played LAST Saturday
(He had exams this week. He did half earlier, then finished up today under pressure from Dad -- smile)
Audubon 74, GAMP 72 (3 OTs)
It's really hard to write game reports, and I don't like it, but it's all good!
Saturday I went to another GAMP vs. Audubon game, at Audubon. It was better than last year's. Very exciting, considering the triple overtime and all.  Anyway, I don't know much about basketball these days, but I'd have to say that despite the score GAMP was definitely the better team. Junior PG LaRon Byrd and senior WG Stefan Thompson led the team through great hardships and havoc.  Audubon's team was good, I'll give them that, but I just didn't really like them. They were like real stupid and stuff. But, uh, I guess I'll get to the actual game.
  The jump ball was in the air a really short time because neither team had tall starting centers! The first point was by GAMP at 6:43 by Foster McKoskey. Then, more than three minutes later, the Green Wave got their first point. And that's about all that happened! At the end of the first quarter, it was boring but I could already sense some tension between the two equal teams. The score was 15-7 GAMP
  W-A-V-E Audubon's Butt. I don't know why that's in my notes. I think that's what I thought their cheerleaders were saying, probably! ha, ha.
  Anyway GAMP was playing much better b-ball at this point. Byrd and Thompson were tearing up the Green Wave like they were on jet skis. Um, #10 from Audubon shouldn't make no-look passes because he messed up one too many. I don't think I took good notes at this point, so, um, the score was 21-15 at the half. Sorry 'bout that!
  OK, so the start of the second half was when it started getting good! The refs in the first half were good, but through the 3rd quarter they were getting real bogus! They were calling traveling on GAMP every other play, which really hindered their chances for a win.  Audubon got the lead by a missed and-1 rebound play. The quick play proved to be enough to boost up the score to an Audubon lead, 35-34 . . .
  I'll finish this later. My pop has been bugging me all week. I had midterm exams. He told me, "Do the report! Get your priorities straight!" Ha, ha, ha. First he said to do the rest of this "within a month." Then he changed it to "within a DAY." It's not easy being this guy's son, and stuff.
   The refs were still killing the game for my boys from GAMP, and it was starting to get everyone pretty upset. The score was flopping back and forth till the end of the 4th. With 33 second left it was 45-44 GAMP.  Audubon was getting restless and their coach was jumping around like a little leprechaun, which wasn't too intimidating. Some foul shots from each team made it 48-46 GAMP. Then #3 from Audubon drove in from the top of the key and made a layup to make it 48-48. GAMP got the ball and let the clock tick down.  It appeared Thompson thought they were still up by one (he was pointing like that right after) so he let the clock run down almost all the way, and unfortunately GAMP wasn't able to finish off the Green Wave (Byrd missed a buzzer-beater), so the game went into overtime.
    Overtime started off with a bang!  Unfortunately the bang was coming from Audubon, which made the score 55-49 at one point. But of course, the refs were favoring Audubon and still stinkin' big time and the guy sitting behind me (well, up behind my pops) was really creeeeepy. GAMP was pickin' it up now and things were getting crazy. It was 58-57 Audubon and their ball at the end line. Byrd forced the 5-second rule on Audubon when they failed to pass it in on time, and that gave GAMP the ball. It went back and forth now. Byrd then got fouled driving in and got two shots. He made both and before we all know it, it's 61-59, GAMP! But, then again, Audubon drove through the Pioneers' defense and tied it up at 61.
  Now double OT. GAMP started things off with Byrd and Thompson having their share of buckets and boost up the score to 66 points, but the verdant shaded wave is following in their footsteps, and they get 66 as well.  Both teams miss their chances for points at the foul line and it was 66-66 at the end of double OT.
  TRIPLE OVERTIME NOW. AND THINGS WERE GETTING INTENSE. Both teams scored 2 and it was 68-all! It was getting crazy in this tiny gym, and the Audubon coach and the guy sitting behind me were still buggin' me. Thompson rebounded a shot and made it 72-69! 44.6 seconds left and Byrd dropped a pass. The score was 74-72, Audubon. GAMP was driving. Byrd passed it to Christian Matticks and he missed a 3. Carl Guignard went after the rebound and forced a jump ball. It was GAMP ball, along the baseline. Thompson passed it to Guignard with less than 4 sec. left. He shot the ball, and missed. Audubon won, 74-72. =(
  You GAMP guys played great and you should've won. There were many obstacles you had to overcome and you cleared all except for one. Everyone was cool!! GAMP RULES!! Audubon does not!!
  Here are some stats from my Pop . . .

Stefan Thompson -- 34 points, 11 rebounds, had 3 threes.
LaRon Byrd -- 24 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists.
 (those two combined for all but 2 of GAMP's 24 OT points)
Foster McKoskey (6 pts, 5 rebs.)
Vershawn Thompson (4 and 4)
Clayton Graves (1 pt, 2 steals)
Christian Matticks (0 pts, 2 apiece of assists and steals)
Ron Malandro (3 pts)
V. Thompson, McKoskey and Graves fouled out

My report on a crazy game from the 2007 season . . . And make sure to check out the bonus tidbit, which focuses on the legendary Thomas "Hockey Puck" McKenna.
MARCH 24, 2007
Prep Charter 68, Aliquippa 66
Anyone have a Bible? Before writing this report, I should probably place my left hand on the Good Book and raise my right hand and then swear/affirm/whatever that everything will be the whole truth, etc. And even THEN you might not believe it. As mentioned in the Alerts section, this game featured circumstances for the ages and somehow, incredibly, PC wound up with a second consecutive state title. We'll list some now, in no special order . . .
  *With exactly 4:00 showing on the clock in the fourth quarter, PC trailed by 14 points, at 60-46.
  *PC committed 33 turnovers, with SEVENTEEN coming from the team's far-and-away best players, the Memphis-bound Morris twins, 6-9 Marcus (10) and 6-10 Markieff (seven).
  *PC used its last timeout with 5:31 left in the THIRD quarter.
  *Marcus posted one field goal for the GAME.
  *In the first 12-plus minutes of the game, the twins combined for FOUR points.
  *Just before the third quarter began, a PC fan seated right behind press row yelled to the players, "It's a long bus ride home, without a W!" He did not get the desired response. Aliquippa scored six consecutive points in 48 seconds to zoom further ahead, at 37-23.
  *Markieff was the only Husky with a field goal over an 11-minute period that spanned from late-first to early-third.
  *Markieff incurred his fourth foul with 35 seconds left in the third quarter (and never fouled out).
  *Sr. G Kevin Radford incurred HIS fourth foul with 8 seconds left in the same session (and never fouled out). Side note: the official box lists him with three fouls, but No. 4 was announced at the time. It's a mystery (smile).
   So, how did Prep Charter win? In wild and wacky fashion. As much as PC slit its own throat again and again in the first 28 minutes, that was exactly what Aliquippa did in the final four. The Quips rushed and lost their poise and suffered a big blow with 2:24 left when their franchise player, sr. F Herb Pope (New Mexico State), fouled out with the score at 62-57. From then on, Aliquippa unraveled and the Huskies said to themselves, in effect, "These guys are pooping their pants. This game is ours to WIN!" PC caught two big breaks to help make up for the absence of timeouts. There were delays for injured players with 5:41 (a Quip) and 5:06 left (a Husky) and PC had a chance to collect its breath and regroup. And then, late in the game, as he later admitted with a smile, Marcus untied his sneaker and then got to re-tie it with the referees' permission before shooting crucial free throws, again buying valuable collect-yourself time. Here are the major moments of the final minute: Q went ahead, 66-63, at 0:57 on the follow of a missed free throw (made possible in part because Markieff, with four fouls, shied away); PC turned it over at 49.1; Q missed a one-and-one at 42.7 (with Marcus rebounding); Markieff dunked on a feed from Marcus at 0:32; Q missed a double-bonus at 0:22 (with Marcus grabbing the rebound); Marcus got the ball on the left wing, backed his defender into the lane and was grabbed as he began to execute a move at 0:11; he missed the first freebie, but hit the second to create a 66-66 tie; Marcus stepped forward to help on defense and made a steal at 0:07 at close to three-quarters court; Marcus was fouled almost immediately at 0:06 and nailed two FTs to make it 68-66 for just the Huskies' third lead of the game (also 6-5 and 8-7); before he could launch a desperation shot, which would have come from a shade inside halfcourt, a Quip was called for traveling at 1.4. Phew, what an amazing turn of events! PC wound up putting four players in double figures in points: Markieff (16), Marcus (11, thanks to nine FTs), Radford (14, 4-for-5 on treys!) and soph PG Parrish Grant (13). Markieff (16) and Marcus (11) enabled PC to ring up a 47-43 rebounding edge. Radford's importance to this win cannot be minimized. Aside from the treys, he was EXTRA disruptive on defense. Frosh Shaquille Duncan also posted an effort to long remember by grabbing six rebounds in just eight minutes. Aside from its cheerleaders, PC had maybe 30-35 rooters. Aliquippa, almost the exact same distance from Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center (it's 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh), appeared to have a couple thousand
   Meanwhile, this was the most time I've spent in a car in one day in my LIFE. Just short of eight hours. Phew! The ride home featured a guest appearance by Puck, who was (by choice) in the back seat the whole time and spent part of the journey napping and snoring, big-time! We stopped at a rest stop near King of Prussia and got some Burger King food. Puck thought we were going to eat there. No way! So, we're heading for the door and Puck says, "'Hold on, I gotta take a cwap." Oh, baby. He puts his soda and bag of food on top of a trash can. I walk out to go get the car. I pull up in front of the door and wait and wait and wait . . . and finally, I see Puck bobbing and weaving inside the building, blurting out comments. People are looking at him . . . yeah, like he's nuts (brilliant deduction). He finally comes out and I say, "What the heck were you doing?" He plays dumb (not a stretch). "Whatcha mean? Nothin'." I say, "I know exactly what happened. You put your food and soda on top of that trash can, then couldn't remember where you put it. You were looking all over, asking people if they saw your food." He starts laughing. "How you know? I thought somebody stole my stuff." We drive a little more and I call the wife to let her know our locale and to provide entertainment with assorted Puck stories. She's been listening to them for almost 15 years now. She always loves them. After maybe 30 seconds, I tell her, "Here, say hi to Puck." I hand Puck the cell phone. He starts blabbing about all the day's crazy stuff and then says, "Yo, who winning the game?" I tell him, "Puck, she doesn't watch basketball on TV. Unless I force her to!" He says, "Yo, what you watchin'? Put the NCAA game on for me. Channel 3. I need to know who winnin' for my pool." Anne's place in heaven is sealed. She actually changed the channel and told Puck that UCLA was winning, 32-31. "Yeah!" Puck roared. He gave me back the phone and I said to Anne, "That was fun, eh?" She said, "Was that really him? I thought it was you, imitating him!"

Now that our Inter-Ac scoring numbers go back to the 1949-50 season, we can offer this nugget . . . Over the last 68 seasons, just three I-A players have averaged at least 18 points in as many as three league seasons. Bill Soens, a 1963 Penn Charter grad, was first and his lowest average, was 19.6. The other two guys, Malvern's Charlie Floyd ('74) and Episcopal's Nick Alikakos ('17), had two averages lower than that. Also, his No. 1 total (24.6) was also the highest and 63 of those points were scored in a blowout of Germantown Academy. That's still the I-A's one-game record.

Name School Year G Pts Avg
Bill Soens PC '61 10 198 19.8
    '62 12 235 19.6
    '63 10 246 24.6
Charlie Floyd MP '72 10 194 19.4
    '73 10 192 19.2
    '74 10 204 20.4
Nick Alikakos EA '15 10 190 19.0
    '16 10 212 21.2
    '17 8 148 18.5

The guys with high scoring averages don't always play for championship teams. But these guys did. Wilt Chamberlain owns three of the top six efforts and I guess we shouldn't be surprised by that.

Stars for PL Champs With Highest Scoring Averages, 1950-2015
Name School Year G Pts Avg.
*Wilt Chamberlain Overbrook 1955 12 566 47.2
*Wilt Chamberlain Overbrook 1954 12 453 37.8
Maureece Rice Straw. Mansion 2002 13 485 37.3
*Larry Cannon Lincoln 1965 14 495 35.4
*Lionel Simmons Southern 1986 13 427 32.8
*Wilt Chamberlain Overbrook 1953 12 389 32.4
*Ray Scott West Phila. 1956 12 380 31.7
Freddie Stokes West Phila. 1968 14 403 28.8
Rasheed Brokenborough Univ. City 1995 11 313 28.5
Savon Goodman Constitution 2012 10 275 27.5
*Joe "Jelly Bean" Bryant Bartram 1972 14 383 27.4
Clarence "Eggy" Tillman West Phila. 1978 15 402 26.8
*Gene Banks West Phila. 1976 13 330 25.4
*Gene Banks West Phila. 1977 14 342 24.4
Mark Tyndale Gratz 2004 12 287 23.9
*Erv "Stu" Staggs Edison 1966 14 332 23.7
Marvin O'Connor Gratz 1997 16 379 23.7
*Marcus Morris Prep Charter 2007 10 237 23.7
Omar Thomas Straw. Mansion 2000 13 306 23.5
Scott Rodgers Central 2005 14 325 23.2
*Greg "Bo" Kimble Dobbins 1985 13 298 22.9
Andrew "Scootie" Randall Comm Tech 2008 15 338 22.5
Carlin Warley Frankford 1989 13 291 22.4
Alex Wesby Franklin  1998 13 285 21.9
Eric "Hank" Gathers Dobbins 1985 13 276 21.2
*Wayne Hightower Overbrook 1957 12 248 20.7
*Wayne Hightower Overbrook 1958 14 289 20.6
Tony Costner Overbrook 1980 14 286 20.4
*Andre McCarter Overbrook 1971 14 281 20.1
Will Scott Southern 1987 13 260 20.0
*-advanced to NBA/ABA          

Yesterday, a file featuring individual league/playoff scoring totals for all Public League champs from 1950 to 2015 was posted. While working on that, I noticed one unusual accomplishment for Edison's Mark Peterson in 1996 and then found two more -- for Gratz' Andre Griffin in '91 and Strawberry Mansion's Dawud Morris in 2002. From 1983 through 2006, the Pub playoffs included four rounds. Over those 24 years, Griffin, Peterson and Morris were the only guys whose scoring totals went up and up and up. Peterson had the most impressive climb, from five to 27. In the Owls' 74-48 overtime win over Gratz in the championship game, Mark shot 6-for-9 from the floor and 15-for-16 at the line. Also, he snagged a game-high 10 rebounds. If you're guessing he received major ink in the next day's Daily News, you're correct (smile).

Game-by-Game Scoring Climbs in Pub Playoffs, 1983-2006
Name Team 16 Qtr Semi Final
    UC Fkn Cent FLC
Andre Griffin Gratz '91 6 8 9 14
    King E&S FLC Gratz
Mark Peterson Edison '96 5 9 15 27
    Dobb King Bart NE
Dawud Morris Mansion '02 8 10 11 15

Over the 66 seasons from 1950 to 2015, 16 Public League champs finished the season with just one loss. The details are below. Three teams did not lose until they faced the Catholic League champ for the City Title. Overbrook's 1955 team, featuring Wilt Chamberlain, fell to host Farrell, a Western Pennsylvania power. Wilt's teammate and best friend was Vince Miller, who coached Frankford to Pub titles in '88 and '89. Vince told me several times that Farrell fans came into Overbrook's locker room after the loss to Farrell and apologized for the fact that suspect officiating had allowed Farrell to win . . . In the '78 season, Overbrook beat West Philadelphia, 62-61, to end the Speedboys' state-record, 68-game winning streak. In the next season, also in regular season play, West turned the tables by 58-55. 'Brook stormed to a 34-0 record in the 1980 season. So, if not for that loss in '79, the Panthers would have gone a combined 69-0.

Public League Champs With One Overall Loss, 1950-2015
Year School W-L Opponent Score Occasion
1955 Overbrook 18-1 Farrell  59-58 Tournament
1956 West Phila. 17-1 North Catholic 68-67 City Title
1957 Overbrook 20-1 Gratz 53-52 Regular Season
1959 Overbrook 23-1 Altoona 47-44 Tournament
1960 West Phila. 24-1 Bonner 55-44 City Title
1965 Lincoln 26-1 Neumann 75-66 City Title
1978 West Phila. 33-1 Overbrook 62-61 Regular Season
1979 Overbrook 34-1 West Phila. 58-55 Regular Season
1982 Mastbaum 27-1 Overbrook 58-48 Non-League
1984 Franklin 27-1 Dunbar (Md.) 84-57 Tournament
1986 Southern 25-1 Olney 83-82 Non-League
1987 Southern 25-1 Willingboro (NJ) 65-60 Tournament
1988 Frankford 24-1 West Phila. 77-61 Non-League
1989 Frankford 25-1 Chester 70-60 Tournament
1991 Gratz 27-1 Oak Hill (Va.) 67-59 Tournament
2009 Imhotep 32-1 Chester 56-39 Tournament

Folks of a certain age are likely aware that Wilt Chamberlain posted his 90-point performance against Roxborough. Some might even remember that he also racked up 74 vs. that same opponent and that BOTH outbursts occurred in the same season. In that season, 'Brook played 12 league games. It played 'Borough, West Philly and Dobbins twice apiece while facing six schools once apiece. Wilt averaged 47.2 points in those 12 games while the Hilltoppers averaged 94.4. Roughly, he averaged one and a half points per minute and his team averaged three PPM. In the PL playoffs he racked up 48 of 83 vs. Bok in a semi and 33 of 78 vs. West in the final.

Overbrook's 1954-55 Regular Season
Opponent Team Wilt
Lincoln 90 37
Dobbins 113 59
Roxborough 127 74
Gratz 89 26
Southern 90 38
West Phila. 78 44
Germantown 93 16
West Phila. 68 48
Dobbins 82 42
Olney 85 45
Roxborough 123 90
Franklin 95 47
  1133 566
  94.4 47.2

This list shows Top 10 "Our Guys" picks in the NBA draft. Territorial selections are not included. George Hauptfuhrer, a product of Penn Charter and Harvard, opted not to play. Instead, he attended Penn for law school. His son, Barnes, starred for PC in the '72 season and had a great career at Princeton. He was a third round draft choice. There have been no Top 10 guys since Roman's Eddie Griffin in 2001.

"Our Guys" Picked in the Top 10 in the NBA Draft
Year Name School College Team No.
1967 Earl "The Pearl" Monroe Bartram Winston-Salem Washington 2
1948 George Hauptfuhrer Penn Charter Harvard Boston 3
1961 Ray Scott West Phila. Portland Detroit 4
1995 Rasheed Wallace Gratz North Carolina Washington 4
1950 Larry Foust South Catholic La Salle Chicago 5
1962 Wayne Hightower Overbrook Kansas San Francisco 5
1969 Larry Cannon Lincoln La Salle Chicago 5
1959 John Richter Frankford N. Carolina St. Boston 6
1965 Jim Washington West Catholic Villanova St. Louis 6
2001 Eddie Griffin Roman Seton Hall New Jersey 7
1990 Lionel Simmons Southern La Salle Sacramento 7
1956 Hal Lear Overbrook Temple Philadelphia 8
1973 Mike Bantom Roman St. Joseph's Phoenix 8
1990 Greg "Bo" Kimble Dobbins Loyola Marymount LA Clippers 8
1980 Michael Brooks West Catholic La Salle San Diego 9
1966 Matt Guokas Jr. SJ Prep St. Joseph's Philadelphia 10
1974 Mike Sojourner Germantown Utah Atlanta 10
1989 Jerome "Pooh" Richardson Franklin UCLA Minnesota 10

  . . . And the drought continues. For the sixth consecutive year, no graduates of Public/Catholic/Inter-Ac schools were selected in the NBA draft. Because the draft includes 60 picks these days, here's a list that shows all "Our Guys" picked within the Top 60 since the first draft in 1948. The list is broken down by 10-year periods -- 1948-57, 1958-67, etc. -- and this last period produced just five draftees. That ties the span from 1978-87 for lowest number picked. And these last 20 years formed the most unproductive two-pack, by far. Just 12 guys were picked. Can we get back to the old days? Let's hope. . . . (Territorial picks can be found the main list. That rule bit the dust after 1965.)

NBA "Our Guys" Drafted Within the Top 60, Grouped by 10-Year Periods
Year Name School College Team No.
1948 George Hauptfuhrer Penn Charter Harvard Boston 3
1949 Nelson Bobb West Phila. Temple Philadelphia 28
1950 Larry Foust South Catholic La Salle Chicago 5
1953 Norm Grekin West Phila. La Salle Philadelphia 15
1953 Fred Iehle Olney La Salle Philadelphia 18
1954 Rudy D'Emilio Northeast Duke Philadelphia 39
1955 Bob Schafer Roman Villanova Philadelphia 19
1955 Jack Devine West Catholic Villanova Philadelphia 33
1955 Harry Silcox Lincoln Temple Philadelphia 46
1956 Hal Lear Overbrook Temple Philadelphia 8
1956 Joe Belmont Northeast Duke Philadelphia 50
1956 John "Misty" Fannon St. Thomas More Notre Dame Philadelphia 52
1957 Kurt Englebert Lincoln St. Joseph's Detroit 26
1958 Jay Norman Mastbaum Temple Philadelphia 52
1959 John Richter Frankford N. Carolina St. Boston 6
1959 Joe Spratt West Catholic St. Joseph's Philadelphia 41
1959 Joe Ryan SJ Prep Villanova Philadelphia 49
1960 Bill "Pickles" Kennedy Lincoln Temple Philadelphia 15
1960 Bobby McNeill North Catholic St. Joseph's New York 19
1961 Ray Scott West Phila. Portland Detroit 4
1962 Wayne Hightower Overbrook Kansas San Francisco 5
1962 Hubie White West Phila. Villanova Philadelphia 14
1964 Wali Jones Overbrook Villanova Detroit 18
1964 Steve Courtin St. James St. Joseph's Cincinnati 24
1964 Frank Corace Bonner La Salle Philadelphia 29
1965 Jim Washington West Catholic Villanova St. Louis 6
1965 Richie Moore Bartram Villanova Philadelphia 40
1966 Matt Guokas Jr. SJ Prep St. Joseph's Philadelphia 10
1966 Tom Duff SJ Prep St. Joseph's Philadelphia 49
1967 Earl "The Pearl" Monroe Bartram Winston-Salem Washington 2
1967 Richie Moore Bartram Hiram Scott San Diego 29
1967 Tom "Trooper" Washington Edison Cheyney Cincinnati 50
1967 Cliff Anderson Edison St. Joseph's LA Lakers 35
1969 Larry Cannon Lincoln La Salle Chicago 5
1969 John Baum West Phila. Temple Chicago 23
1969 Fred Carter Franklin Mount St. Mary's Washington 43
1971 Willie Sojourner Germantown Weber Chicago 20
1971 Isaiah "Bunny" Wilson Southern Baltimore Detroit 29
1971 Mike Gale Overbrook Elizabeth City  Chicago 47
1972 Ollie Johnson Southern Temple Portland 30
1972 Hank Siemiontkowski North Catholic Villanova Cleveland 50
1973 Mike Bantom Roman St. Joseph's Phoenix 8
1973 Tom Ingelsby O'Hara Villanova Atlanta 27
1974 Mike Sojourner Germantown Utah Atlanta 10
1974 Roland "Tree" Grant Southern New Mexico St. Detroit 51
1975 Joe "Jelly Bean" Bryant Bartram La Salle Golden State 14
1975 Jimmie Baker Olney Hawaii Philadelphia 39
1976 Maurice "Mo" Howard SJ Prep Maryland Cleveland 32
1976 Barnes Hauptfuhrer Penn Charter Princeton Houston 44
1977 Rich Laurel Overbrook Hofstra Portland 19
1977 Phil Walker Central Millersville Washington 39
1980 Michael Brooks West Catholic La Salle San Diego 9
1981 Gene Banks West Phila. Duke San Antonio 28
1984 Tony Costner Overbrook St. Joseph's Washington 34
1987 Dallas Comegys Roman DePaul Atlanta 21
1987 Nate "Day-Day" Blackwell Southern Temple San Antonio 27
1989 Jerome "Pooh" Richardson Franklin UCLA Minnesota 10
1990 Lionel Simmons Southern La Salle Sacramento 7
1990 Greg "Bo" Kimble Dobbins Loyola Marymount LA Clippers 8
1991 Doug Overton Dobbins La Salle Detroit 40
1992 Randy Woods Franklin La Salle LA Clippers 16
1994 Aaron McKie Gratz Temple Portland 17
1995 Rasheed Wallace Gratz North Carolina Washington 4
1995 Jerome Allen Episcopal Penn Minnesota 49
1996 Shawn Harvey West Phila. West Virginia St. Dallas 34
1996 Malik Rose Overbrook Drexel Charlotte 44
1997 Marc Jackson Roman Temple Golden State 37
1997 Jason Lawson Olney Villanova Denver 41
1997 Alvin Williams Gtn. Academy Villanova Portland 47
1998 Cuttino "Cat" Mobley Dougherty Rhode Island Houston 41
1999 Larry Ketner Roman Massachusetts Chicago 49
2001 Eddie Griffin Roman Seton Hall New Jersey 7
2002 Ronald "Flip" Murray Straw. Mansion Shaw Milwaukee 41
2002 Rasual Butler Roman La Salle Miami 52
2006 Kyle Lowry Dougherty Villanova Memphis 24
2006 Mardy Collins Gratz Temple New York 29
2008 Sean Singletary Penn Charter Virginia Sacramento 42
2009 Gerald Henderson Episcopal Duke Charlotte 12
2009 Wayne Ellington Episcopal North Carolina Minnesota 28
2011 Markieff Morris Prep Charter Kansas Phoenix 13
2011 Marcus Morris Prep Charter Kansas Houston 14


Territorial Picks
Year Name High School College Team
1950 Paul Arizin La Salle Villanova Philadelphia
1952 Charles "Bud" Donnelly La Salle La Salle Syracuse
1953 Ernie Beck West Catholic Penn Philadelphia
1955 Tom Gola La Salle La Salle Philadelphia
1958 Guy Rodgers Northeast Temple Philadelphia
1959 Wilt "Dippy" Chamberlain Overbrook Kansas Philadelphia
1964 Walt Hazzard Overbrook UCLA LA Lakers

Back on June 11, we posted a list of the Inter-Ac's Top 15 scorers in league play for the 49 seasons from 1969 through 2017. Research conducted since then has fleshed out the scoring back to 1949-50, so the numbers on the list below include 68 seasons and Top 15 has been expanded to Top 25. The top two spots belong to Germantown Academy's Eric Minkin ('68) and Paul Hutter ('70). Both guys played five varsity seasons. The Inter-Ac had more teams for five of the seven seasons from '64 through '70, so the games played were 12 in '64 and 14 from '65 through '68. The I-A has played 10 games in every season since '69.
  UPDATE: Made a trip today to Temple's Paley Library in search of missing boxscores for I-A and CL games. Alas, only one that was NOT published in the Daily News or Inquirer WAS published in the ol' Philadelphia Bulletin. But it did involve GA during the Eric Minkin Era (vs. CHA in '65) so 15 points have been added to his total. The only missing game now was played 2/18/64, also vs. CHA. Minkin had only six points in that season -- don't hold it against him, he was only in the eighth grade -- so it's possible 930 IS his final total. 

Inter-Ac's Top 25 League Scorers, 1950-2017
Name Sch. Year Points
Eric Minkin GA 1968 930
Paul Hutter GA 1970 876
John Phillips EA 1998 738
Charlie Floyd MP 1974 712
Alvin Williams GA 1993 695
Billy Harris PC 1971 685
Hank Stringer HS 1966 682
Bill Soens PC 1963 680
Nick Alikakos EA 2017 665
Henry "Doug" Fairfax HS 1999 664
Drew Schaufler PC 1953 661
Brian Grandieri MP 2004 655
Gary Duda MP 1988 633
Mike Edelman HS 1978 619
Gerald Henderson EA 2006 617
Charles Hickman EA 1981 614
Eugene Burroughs EA 1988 610
Pat Purcell MP 1978 609
Tim Whitworth CH 1999 607
Sammy Zeglinski PC 2007 602
Joe Walters MP 1967 593
Brett Storm PC 2000 585
Julius Williams GA 1993 583
Gordy Bryan MP 1978 582
Wayne Ellington EA 2006 572

  Some nuggets discovered while researching Inter-Ac basketball from 1950 to 1968 . . .
  The 1949-50 season was Malvern's first in the Inter-Ac. Toward the end, Charles "Jerry" Kehoe scored 40, 31 and 25 points in consecutive games. His coach was Stan Jaworowski, who later changed his surname to Javie and served as the back judge in four Super Bowls. Stan's son, La Salle High product Steve Javie, was a long-time NBA ref . . . For whatever reason, I'd always believed Charlie Zoll had set Germantown Academy's still-standing school record for points in one game vs. Bryn Athyn, now known as Academy of the New Church. Innnnnncorrect. He dropped his 54-point bomb on Akiba Academy on Feb. 12, 1952, and did so while notching 21 field goals and 12 free throws. GA won, 97-23, and the score was 55-5 at halftime. Ouch. Zoll averaged 14.1 points in Inter-Ac games that season . . . On Jan. 13, 1956, Malvern's Don O'Neill, also the quarterback, scored 20 points in a 53-28 win over Haverford School. And he tallied just one field goal! He sniped 18-for-20 at the line . . . This has nothing to do with hoops, but it's interesting/sad. In the Inquirer on Feb. 11, 1956, there was a picture of an Ursinus senior named Virginia Stecker being wheeled by police out of the swimming pool area at Penn. During a meet vs. Drexel, she'd dislocated her shoulder while competing in the 50-yard backstroke . . . In 1959 Malvern had a player named Plater-Zybeck. In those times, can't imagine too many people had hyphenated surnames . . . The late Steve Sabol, of NFL Films fame, was a sub for Haverford School in 1960. He scored four points in league play, two apiece vs. Germantown Academy and Penn Charter . . . In 1962, Chestnut Hill fell to Friends' Central, 34-28, and just two players scored for the Hillers -- Al McCook (22) and Don Gehman (six) . . . In a 1967 game vs. Chestnut Hill, Malvern's Joe Walters and Rick Barone scored 32 points apiece.

A recent nugget pointed out that Bishop Kenrick's 1976 team won all three of its games in the Catholic League playoffs despite receiving no points from substitutes, and that NO other CL champ over the last 68 seasons has accomplished that feat. And now there's this: Over the last few days, I've been researching Inter-Ac League individual scoring back to the 1949-50 season and one of the focus campaigns last night was 1954-55. So, I'm jotting down the numbers for Germantown Academy and it hits me after five games. "Hey, only the starters have scored so far. How is THIS going to turn out?" Next game. Only the starters. Next game. Only the starters. By this point I'm thinking, "How cool would this be if they went through all 10 games with no points from the subs?" Next game. Ohhhhh! The boxscore for an 86-56 loss to Penn Charter showed one point for a guy named Holmes. Scott Holmes, it turned out. He scored two points apiece in the final two games and a guy named Walt Mayer had two in No. 9. So that was it. No points from subs in the first seven games and seven total over 10 games. The starters were Bob McCaughey, Dick Crawford, Jack Turner, Don Crawford (Dick's brother) and Jim Fraser. Bob, Don and Jim were seniors. In the next season, Dick and Jack were starters along with Holmes, Mayer and George Tattersfield. Two names should ring big bells for folks of a certain age. Jack Turner was GA's football coach for 23 seasons and won I-A championships in '66 and '73. Football was also the primary sport for Jim Fraser. A linebacker and punter, he played for six seasons in the AFL/NFL after starring at Wisconsin. As a rookie, he even did some kicking and went 2-for-2 on PAT. His career included 278 punts for 11,737 yards (42.2 average) along with three interceptions. Those stats were found on www.pro-football-reference.com. The scoring numbers for those 1954-55 GA Patriots (5-5 record) are below.
  UPDATE: Received an email this morning from Ted Rauch, who captained Haverford School's 1957 Inter-Ac champs and earned first team honors. Ted is a regular at the Fords' games and checks in every so often to discuss assorted HS/I-A matters. And guess what . . . He and Scott Holmes are fast friends. They attended Cornell together and served as each other's best man in wedding ceremonies. They even hung out for a short spell yesterday. Niiiice! Thanks for offering this info, Ted. All the best to you and Scott.

I-A Scoring Totals for GA's 1954-55 Team
Name GS Pts PPGS
Bob McCaughey 10 130 13.0
Dick Crawford 10 122 12.2
Jim Fraser 10 56 5.6
Don Crawford 10 85 8.5
Jack Turner 10 94 9.4
Scott Holmes 3 5 1.7
Walt Mayer 1 2 2.0
  10 494 49.4

  Can't imagine too many basketball/baseball combos in any state have experienced this kind of success, let alone in Pennsylvania. Since the Catholic League joined the PIAA for the 2008-09 school year, N-G has captured nine state titles (seven bask/two base) and racked up a record of 58-8 (.879). Plus, seven of the eight setbacks have featured deficits of no more than five points/runs. Plus, part two, the combined record over the last four years is 33-2 (.943). The breakdown is right below.

Details for N-G in Bask/Base State Playoffs
Year Bask Lost by Base Lost by
2009 2-1 5 pts 2-1  5 runs
2010 5-0   None  
2011 5-0   0-1 2 runs
2012 5-0   2-1 2 runs
2013 2-1 5 pts 0-1 4 runs
2014 5-0   2-1 1 run
2015 5-0   3-1 9 runs
2016 5-0   4-0  
2017 5-0   4-0  
  39-2 10 pts 17-6 23 runs
    58-8  33 total  

Because they were four-year starters for Neumann-Goretti's powerhouse program, we should not be surprised that the top two spots on the list below -- Top 20 scorers in Catholic League playoffs -- are occupied by Ja'Quan Newton and Quade Green. Four other Saints are also on the list and Roman, not surprisingly. is second with five players . . . (The list actually includes 21 players because La Salle's Craig Conlin (now Episcopal's coach) and Roman's Eddie Griffin are tied for the No. 20 spot.) 

Top 20 Scorers in Catholic League Playoffs
Name School Sr. Yr. Points
Ja'Quan Newton Neumann-Goretti 2014 211
Quade Green Neumann-Goretti 2017 194
Lonnie McFarlan Roman 1980 164
Tony Chennault Neumann-Goretti 2010 158
Juan'ya Green Carroll 2011 153
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 2013 137
Bernard Jones Roman 1991 135
Donnie Carr Roman 1996 132
Antonio "Scoop" Jardine Neumann-Goretti 2007 130
John Davis Neumann-Goretti 2013 129
Martin Ingelsby Carroll 1997 128
Alan Watkins Roman 1989 126
Rick Jackson Neumann-Goretti 2007 123
Derrick Jones Carroll 2015 122
Craig Conlin La Salle 1985 120
Eddie Griffin Roman 2000 120


Stats for Kenrick's Starters in 1976 Catholic League Playoffs
Tom Catagnus FG FT R A Pts
  La Salle 5-14 6-6 6 2 16
  Dougherty 6-11 6-6 3 3 18
  West Catholic 6-10 5-6 5 4 17
  17-35 17-18 14 9 51
Paul Mulholland FG FT R A Pts
  La Salle 5-12 4-5 12 0 14
  Dougherty 3-4 4-4 5 1 10
  West Catholic 9-14 3-4 3 0 21
  17-30 11-13 20 1 45
Butch Bontempo FG FT R A Pts
  La Salle 4-13 2-3 3 1 10
  Dougherty 6-8 3-3 2 1 15
  West Catholic 3-12 5-6 4 0 11
  13-33 10-12 9 2 36
Phil Eisenmann FG FT R A Pts
  La Salle 1-2 2-2 4 1 4
  Dougherty 6-9 2-3 5 3 14
  West Catholic 3-8 3-4 5 1 9
  10-19 7-9 14 5 27
Tony Salamone FG FT R A Pts
  La Salle 4-8 0-0 4 1 8
  Dougherty 1-4 4-4 3 7 6
  West Catholic 3-9 0-0 7 2 6
  8-21 4-4 14 10 20
  Totals 65-138 49-56 71 27 179
  Pct./Avg. 47.1 87.5 23.7 9.0 59.7

  Never know what cool nugget you'll uncover while doing research . . .
  In 1976, the starters scored all 179 points for Bishop Kenrick, the champ, in the Catholic League playoffs. The victories were posted, in order, against La Salle, Cardinal Dougherty and West Catholic (with superstar Michael Brooks) and the starters combined to shoot 65-for-138 from the floor (47.1 percent) and 49-for-56 at the line (87.5 percent). Over the last 68 seasons, NO other CL champ has received playoff points only from the starters. And from the mid-60s on back, some champs only needed to play just two games, not three. Once I determined that no champs have accomplished this feat since Kenrick, I decided to go back and see if any had done so beforehand back to 1950. Seven teams had won with just six scorers. That breakdown: Ira Brown, 2 for Roman in '74; Marcellus Pringle, 3 for Roman in '73; Lorenzo Hough, 2 for Roman in '69; Mike Regan, 6 for St. Thomas More in '72 (4 in one game, 2 in another); John Derham, 2 for STM in '66; Eric Ericson, 2 for Bonner in '60; and Richie Moore, 2 for West Catholic in '59. One of the stars for that '59 WC team was guard Jimmy Lynam (yes, THAT Jimmy Lynam -- smile) and his brother, Mike, was Kenrick's first-year coach in '76. The starters, all seniors, were guards Tom Catagnus and Robert "Butch" Bontempo and forwards Paul Mulholland, Phil Eisenmann and Tony Salamone. There was no true center and no one was taller than 6-3 (maybe even 6-2). Tom and Butch were in the 5-8/5-9 range. This team was VERY fun to watch and write about. All of the kids were personable, or even characters, and Mike Lynam was free and easy. Plus, the fans were always involved, at high volume. All three rounds were played at the Palestra in those days and before the quarterfinal vs. La Salle, about a dozen football players dribbled from Norristown all the way to the Palestra! The Knights pulled out that one by a 52-51 score after trailing by 11 early in the fourth quarter. Tom and Butch scored 10 points apiece in that session. In those '76 playoffs, subs Jim Fazio and Jerry Kilpatrick combined to go 0-for-6 from the floor. They attempted no free throws. The Knights fell to West Philadelphia, 71-61, in the City Title and the starters scored 53 points. Fazio, Kilpatrick, Joe Matteo and Tom Kehoe added two points apiece. Kehoe is Phil Martelli's brother-in-law and his son, R.C., a former Roman star, is the coach at Holy Family University. Tom coached Kenrick for eight seasons (1986-93) and his dad, Charles "Jerry" Kehoe, a former Malvern star (Inter-Ac MVP in 1950), was the Knights' coach for four seasons (1965-68). Kilpatrick's son, Brendan, thanks to his exploits for Malvern, was the Inter-Ac hoops MVP in 2012. Also on that '76 team were Joe Migliarese and Billy Conners. Joe's son, Joe, was a star receiver for La Salle in '06 and Billy's son, Billy, a QB-DB for a 10-0 Malvern team, was the Inter-Ac MVP in 2008. . . . Kenrick became Kennedy-Kenrick after the 1992-93 school year and closed in 2010.

The list below shows the Catholic League's Top 25 scorers in league play AND playoffs from 1950 through 2017. Bonner's Jeff Jones leads the way with 1,094 while Roman has the most players with six. In case you're scrambling for a calculator, relax. I've done the deed for you (smile). Those six Cahillites combined for 5,469 points!

Catholic's League Top 25 Scorers in League Play/Playoffs, 1950-2017
Name School Year Points
Jeff Jones Bonner 2007 1,094
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 2013 1,063
Ja'Quan Newton Neum.-Goretti 2014 1,042
Barry Brodzinski North 1973 1,039
Brian Leahy Kenrick 1984 1,019
Quade Green Neum.-Goretti 2017 1,003
Bernard Jones Roman 1991 971
Tony Chennault Neum.-Goretti 2010 948
Craig Conlin La Salle 1985 935
Joe Ryan SJ Prep 1955 933
Lonnie McFarlan Roman 1980 931
Charron Fisher Roman 2004 923
Reggie Jackson Roman 1978 913
Billy Hoy ST More 1959 909
Maurice "Mo" Howard SJ Prep 1972 902
Mike Jones ST More 1969 894
Ron Schott St. James 1972 888
Lawrence Reid Dougherty 1976 880
Eddie Griffin Roman 2000 871
Juan'ya Green Carroll 2011 869
Michael Brooks West 1976 867
Donnie Carr Roman 1996 860
Steve Benton Neumann  1985 849
Matt Comey North 1993 833
Joe Getz Wood 2011 830

The list below shows the Inter-Ac's Top 15 scorers in league play for the 49 seasons from 1969 through 2017. Episcopal's John Phillips leads the way with 738 and his school has the most players with five.

Inter-Ac's Top 15 League Scorers, 1969-2017
Name Sch. Year Points
John Phillips EA 1998 738
Charlie Floyd MP 1974 712
Alvin Williams GA 1993 695
Billy Harris PC 1971 685
Nick Alikakos EA 2017 665
Henry "Doug" Fairfax HS 1999 664
Brian Grandieri MP 2004 655
Gary Duda MP 1988 633
Mike Edelman HS 1978 619
Gerald Henderson EA 2006 617
Charles Hickman EA 1981 614
Eugene Burroughs EA 1988 610
Pat Purcell MP 1978 609
Tim Whitworth CH 1999 607
Sammy Zeglinski PC 2007 602

When alumnus Bill "Speedy" Morris was hired as Roman Catholic's coach for the 1967-68 season, he was not exactly given a powerhouse. Over the previous 19 seasons, the Cahillites had gone 83-185 (.310) in Catholic League play while posting winning records just two times. Morris guided the Cahillites for 14 seasons, going 171-39 (.814) in CL play with six CL championships (1969, '73, '74, '78, '79 and '80), one City Title (1974 and playoff appearances in every season but '70. His combined record in CL playoffs and City Titles was 22-11. Well . . . Yesterday, while adding playoff points to Roman's individual scoring page, I noticed something rather unusual. A large number of those losses occurred in nail-biters. In fact, if the Cahillites had scored just 27 more total points in eight of those losses, and had spread them out the right way, wins would have resulted. To change all 11 losses into wins, 59 points would have turned the trick. That nine-point loss to Overbrook in the 1980 City Title was an overtime game. By the way, those '78 to '80 West Philly-Overbrook teams combined to go 101-2 (33-1, 34-1, 34-0). There was no CT in '73 due to a lengthy strike by Pub teachers.   

Speedy Morris' 11 Playoff Losses at Roman, 1968-81
Year Round Lost to . . . Score Margin
1968 Qtr O'Hara 57-55 2
1969 CT Edison 57-54 3
1971 Qtr O'Hara 55-47 8
1972 Qtr Bonner 39-37 2
1975 Final Judge 48-46 2
1976 Semi West 46-43 3
1977 Semi Bonner 40-38 2
1978 CT West Phila. 67-64 3
1979 CT Overbrook 61-49 12
1980 CT Overbrook 65-56 9
1981 Qtr St. James 58-56 2

. . . Speaking of prolific brothers, can't ignore the Zeglinskis. In just seven seasons from 2001 through '07, Zack, Joe and Sammy combined for 1,782 points in league play and 4,109 overall and that latter total would have sniffed 5,000 had Zack and Joe not suffered football injuries as seniors. Zack and Sammy played exclusively at Penn Charter. Joe played there as an eighth grader, then popped up at Archbishop Ryan. Their dad, John, starred there in football/baseball (he played both at Wake Forest) and was also a basketball sub. Zack earned first team All-Inter honors four times, twice in baseball and once apiece in football/basketball. Joe earned All-Catholic honors three times, twice in hoops (and even a third time on an honorary basis) and once in football (plus an honorary there, as well). Sammy was a three-timer in basketball (and also a baseball starter). Zack, incredibly, played three sports at three colleges -- football at Penn State, baseball at Temple and basketball at Hartford. Joe, now Ryan's coach, played hoops at Hartford and scored 2,016 career points. Sammy played at Virginia and scored 947 points. Zack had nine points at Hartford -- he and Joe were teammates in '10 -- so the trio's college total was 2,972. The high school and college total . . . 7,081!

League (1,782) & Overall Points (4,109) Scored by the Zeglinski Brothers
Name Year League Over. Name Year League Over. Name Year League Over.
Zack 2001 47 165 Joe *2002 91 148 Sammy 2004 44 199
(PC) 2002 147 300 (AR) 2003 141 277 (PC) 2005 171 432
  2003 135 353   2004 238 380   2006 180 180
  2004 110 324   2005 238 448   2007 207 207
  2005 14 25   2006 19 47     602 1,642
    453 1,167     727 1,300        
        *-played at PC in this season        

Shortly after yesterday's nugget on the Person brothers was posted, the head began to spin. Hmm, how about some other families? Probably because I'd also just posted Malvern's Inter-Ac scoring numbers, the Grandieri family was a natural. So, here we go . . . Four of the five players played high school hoops -- Fran and Chris at O'Hara, Brian and Tom at Malvern. For the first three, hoops was the major focus. For Tom, it was a "side job" because his primary focus was baseball. The breakdown is below and we're able to list overall totals because the guys mostly played during the website era and because great digging by Tom Taylor provided totals from the pre-website era. Fran and Chris played college ball at Widener and Gettysburg, respectively. In his senior season at O'Hara, Fran racked up a Catholic League average (14-325-23.2) that still ranks No. 1 in school history. Brian starred at Penn after Malvern and twice earned second team All-Ivy honors while once adding second team All-Big 5 laurels. Tom split between his college baseball career between Villanova (one year) and Penn (three). In his senior year, the outfielder was named the Ivy League Player of the Year. After assisting for a stretch at Episcopal, Tom just completed his first season as O'Hara's coach. The last brother, Dan, was a first team All-Inter-Ac DH at Malvern (Class of '14). He attends Saint Joseph's University and has retained a tie with his favorite sport by playing for the Hawks' club baseball team. Dan's basketball experience at Malvern was limited to the JV. Like the Person brothers, the Grandieris have one sister. Bernadette, who falls in line between Tom and Dan, attended O'Hara and played basketball/lacrosse. Tom said her athletic career was derailed by a major knee injury. . . So, the totals for Fran/Chris/Brian/Tom are 1,737 points in league play and 3,748 overall!      

League (1,737) & Overall Points (3,748) Scored by the Grandieri Brothers
Name Year CL Pts Ov. Pts Name Year CL Pts Ov. Pts
Fran 1998 2 21 Chris 1999 0 4
(O'Hara) 1999 131 280 (O'Hara) 2000 96 156
  2000 325 545   2001 194 345
    458 846   2002 209 358
            499 863
Name Year I-A Pts Ov. Pts Name Year I-A Pts Ov. Pts
Brian 2001 85 236 Tom 2004 11 45
(Malvern) 2002 157 342 (Malvern) 2005 55 144
  2003 191 490   2006 59 212
  2004 222 570     125 401
    655 1,638        

A few times through the years, we've mentioned the Persons and referred to them as the First Family of City Football. Reason: All six of the brothers wound up playing Division 1 football with Andy, Chris, Dan and Joe at Navy, Brian at Penn and Fran at South Carolina. Imagine, how many brother six-packs have played D-1 football? Can't be too many, even across the country. Now ask this question . . . How many members of D-1 football six-packs also played high school basketball? Go ahead, Person bros. Respond in unison, at full volume. "All of us!" (smile). Plus, all were starters or key subs. All six brothers graduated from Episcopal Academy, though Chris first attended Haverford School and the years he played there are noted with asterisks on the list below. Andy was a key sub for EA's Inter-Ac champs in 1990 and '91 while Chris was a first team All-Inter-Ac honoree in 1993. In all, the brothers combined to score 876 points in Inter-Ac play. There's one sister in the crew. Anne Marie also graduated from EA (in '05) and wound up playing lacrosse at American University. Like her brothers, she played hoops in high school. Here's hoping she scored at least 124 points in league play to give the family 1,000. . . Click here for a website page from 2006.

Inter-Ac League Basketball Points Scored by the Person Brothers (876 Total)
Name Year Points Name Year Points Name Year Points
Andy 1990 23 Chris *1990 31 Brian 1995 2
  1991 19   *1991 54   1996 54
    42   1992 96   1997 75
        1993 121     131
Dan 1996 1 Fran 1998 3 Joe 2001 40
  1997 62   1999 83   2002 43
  1998 59   2000 71     83
    122   2001 71      

MAY 26
Here are the Top 25 scorers in Catholic League regular season history (based on total points, not average). Five of the top eight guys played for schools that are no longer with us. Bonner's Jeff Jones leads the way with 1,058.

Top 25 Scorers in CL Regular Season History
Name School Year Points
Jeff Jones Bonner 2007 1,058
Brian Leahy Kenrick 1984 938
Joe Ryan SJ Prep 1955 933
Stephen Vasturia SJ Prep 2013 926
Barry Brodzinski North 1973 921
Billy Hoy ST More 1959 892
Ron Schott St. James 1972 888
Mike Jones ST More 1969 871
Charron Fisher Roman 2004 862
Bernard Jones Roman 1991 836
Ja'Quan Newton N-G 2014 831
Reggie Jackson ST More/Roman 1978 818
Lawrence Reid Dougherty 1976 817
Craig Conlin La Salle 1985 815
Michael Brooks West 1976 814
Maurice "Mo" Howard SJ Prep 1972 814
Eric Ervin McDevitt 1984 812
Quade Green N-G 2017 809
Tony Chennault N-G 2010 790
Steve Benton Neumann 1985 780
Bob Haas McDevitt 1969 775
Lonnie McFarlan Roman 1980 767
Tim Whalen Wood 1998 767
Matt Comey North 1993 758
Eddie Malloy O'Hara 1989 758
  Note: Jackson scored 22 at ST More; school closed in 1975

MAY 24
As you likely know by now, I love it when guys play multiple sports and have strong faith in both the short-term and long-range benefits. With that in mind . . . Here are basketball scoring numbers in regular season league play (1950 on up) for Catholic League guys who advanced to the NFL. Check out the No. 1 guy on the list. Good, ol' Marvin Harrison, who last summer was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. No. 4 is John Cappelletti, who won the Heisman Trophy. In 2013, I posted an updated list of the best NFL-AFL players from high schools in Philadelphia's three city leagues (Public, Catholic, Inter-Ac). Five guys listed below -- Harrison, Jim Cooper, Frank Wycheck, Jim Katcavage and Rich Gannon -- were first-teamers and three others -- Anthony Becht, Cappelletti and Frank Gallagher -- were included on the Best of the Rest list. Not all players stayed with hoops through their senior year. GS means games in which the player scored.

CL Basketball Points Scored by NFL Players, 1950-
Name School Last Years GS Points
Marvin Harrison Roman 1991 3 42 587
Anthony Walters O'Hara 2006 3 40 323
Carmen Cavalli ST More 1955 2 28 265
John Cappelletti Bonner 1970 2 17 202
Mike McCloskey Judge 1979 2 23 193
Jim Cooper Dougherty 1973 2 24 166
Don Clune O'Hara 1970 2 23 162
Andy Nacrelli St. James 1951 2 23 158
Frank Gallagher St. James 1961 2 26 141
Frank Wycheck Ryan 1988 1 15 84
Jim Katcavage Roman 1952 1 6 42
Scott Paxson Roman 2001 2 15 37
Anthony Becht Bonner 1995 2 8 17
Tom Garlick Judge 1989 1 4 12
*LaMar Campbell St. James 1993 1 2 7
Brandon Moore Carroll 1987 1 2 4
Jim Gilmore North 1980 1 1 2
Rich Gannon SJ Prep 1982 1 1 2
*-St. James closed in '93; attended Strath Haven as a senior    

MAY 22
School by school, I've been posting individual scoring in regular season Catholic League games going back to the 1949-50 season and one nugget has stuck with me since May 10. Info for Archbishop Carroll was posted that day and this is pretty amazing: In the 1979-80 season, only seven guys scored. Five did so in all 14 games, six in 13 and one in four. Last night, I zipped through the other pages and could find no other sevens. Definitely some eights and St. Thomas More even had three in a row from 1953 through '55. The guys with very few points usually score in blowouts. I couldn't help but wonder if Carroll played only tight games in '80. The results and margins are right below and the individual scoring details are below that. Carroll lost seven games by no more than six points. That year I covered the Patriots' game vs. St. James on Feb. 11. They lost, 49-47. In the last moments, Paul Adelizzi inbounded to Doug Abbonizio and wound up missing about an 18-foot jumper -- it lipped the rim and kicked out -- after accepting a return pass. My scorebook lists 10 players for Carroll. Except for Paul Sullivan, all guys on the list below scored. John Rogers played a little and missed one shot. Other names in the book were Charlie Caruso and Kevin McClatchy. In the preview for that season, a guy named Don McGuigan was included in the thumbnails. Not sure what happened to him along the way. Here's hoping that members of the Non-Seven DID manage to score some points in non-league games. Dan Mostardi was a basketball-baseball star. His sons, Vince ('10) and Joe ('14), also played hoops for the Patriots. The trio combined for 750 points in CL regular season play.  

Carroll's Results for Catholic League Games, 1980
Opponent W-L Carr. Opp. Won by Lost by
SJ Prep Lost 43 48   5
Bonner Won 62 46 16  
O'Hara Lost 48 50   2
Roman Lost 46 66   20
St. James Lost 38 52   14
Neumann Lost 53 54   1
West Lost 52 61   9
SJ Prep Won 57 45 12  
Bonner Won 47 40 7  
O'Hara Lost 43 45   2
Roman Lost 53 67   6
St. James Lost 47 49   2
Neumann Lost 62 63   1
West Lost 51 71   10
Scorers in CL Play    
Player GS Points Avg.    
Dan Mostardi 14 202 14.4    
John Brophy 13 126 9.7    
Paul Adelizzi 14 103 7.4    
Stan Zawacki 14 91 6.5    
John Foley 14 89 6.4    
Doug Abbonizio 14 80 5.7    
Paul Sullivan 4 13 3.3    
  14 704 50.3    

MAY 17
Many former "Our Guys" stars (products of Catholic/Inter-Ac/Public schools) have wound up serving as head coaches at Catholic League schools. Yesterday, Will Chavis was hired to be McDevitt's next boss and he's No. 1 on the list below. Who's on it? -- CL "Our Guys" coaches who earned first team all-league honors and posted high scoring averages from 1950 on up. Most of the guys, as you might expect, played in the CL. Chavis did not. He starred at Engineering and Science ('98) and scored 340 points in 13 games for a 26.2 average. He then played at Texas Tech before enjoying a successful pro career overseas. His primary E&S teammate in '98 was John Cox. His dad, John "Chubby" Cox (Roxborough '73), played in the NBA and his cousin is none other than Kobe Bryant. The No. 2 guy on the list, St. Thomas More's Billy Hoy, is on it three times because he was an outrageous scorer and first-teamer even as a soph. North Catholic's Barry Brodzinski and Archbishop Ryan's Joe Zeglinski are on it twice, and "Ziggy" would have made a third appearance had he not missed most of his senior season due to injury. Other non-CL guys aside from Chavis: Malvern's Charles "Jerry" Kehoe (19.8 in 1950, the Friars' first season as an Inter-Ac member) and Penn Charter's Carl Arrigale (18.0 in 1984). Kehoe's sons, Terry and Tom, played at Bishop Kenrick, where Jerry coached, and Tom wound up coaching at Kenrick. His brother-in-law is Saint Joseph's University's long-time coach, Phil Martelli. Phil also coached at Kenrick and one of his assistants was the famed UConn women's coach, Geno Auriemma. If I missed someone who deserves a spot on the list, please email up. tedtee307@yahoo.com Thanks.  

Top 20 "Our Guys" Scorers Among Catholic League Coaches, 1950-2018
Name School Year G Pts PPG Coached at . . .
Will Chavis Eng. & Science 1998 13 340 26.2 McDevitt
Billy Hoy ST More 1959 14 350 25.0 ST More / West
Brian Daly Bonner 1988 14 315 22.5 Bonner 
Barry Brodzinski North Catholic 1973 16 353 22.1 Roman
Joe Heyer La Salle 1956 13 276 21.2 Dougherty
Barry Brodzinski North Catholic 1972 15 315 21.0 Roman
Billy Hoy ST More 1958 14 291 20.8 ST More / West
Chas. "Jerry" Kehoe Malvern 1950 12 237 19.8 Kenrick
Billy Hoy ST More 1957 13 251 19.3 ST More / West
Jim "Mo" Connolly Judge 1976 11 208 18.9 Wood
Steve Cloran O'Hara 1990 14 263 18.8 O'Hara
Carl Arrigale Penn Charter 1984 10 180 18.0 Neumann / N-G
David Neeld Kenrick 1992 16 287 17.9 Kenn.-Kenrick
Frank Sciolla