Randy's College List, '17

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    Randy Seidman is again giving out college honors to Philly Guys playing college baseball and below is his list of all players. Very cool!  Randy graduated from Washington, which his two sons also attended. Randy is an award-winning producer of televised sporting events and now works in The Comcast Network studio as a produce for pre- and post-game shows. His career highlight -- producing games, on back-to-back days, when Julius Erving scored his 30,000th point and Mike Schmidt slammed his 500th homer. He may be reached at rseidman9@aol.com.
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  College baseball players from the three Philly High School Leagues will once again be showcased. The 2017 Hometown Philly College Baseball Awards are devoted to the former players of the Philadelphia Inter-Academic, Catholic and Public Leagues who have taken their talents to the next level. They will be featured weekly on the popular Philly high school sports website, tedsilary.com.

  Colleges all around the country will have a "Philly Guy" on their roster this season, including Campbell (NC), Morehouse (GA), Western Kentucky, Earlham (IN), Johnson County (KS), UConn and the College of Charleston. Of course, the Big Five and other Delaware Valley universities and colleges, AND community colleges will be represented. For the first time in Hometown Philly history, there is a player on an international roster, Central High's Sam Greene (RHP) for McGill University in Montreal. 

  D-I schools start play on February 17, but a few players will start their season later in January, starting with Cal Tech, featuring sr Tim Menninger (Springside Chestnut Hill Academy). Look for weekly awards and a complete roster by mid February and early March.